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Presumed Innocent

Presumed Innocent By Scott Turow Presumed Innocent Rusty Sabich is chief deputy prosecuting attorney in a large mid western city His boss is in the midst of a bitter campaign for re election A fellow prosecuting attorney Carolyn Polhemus has been br

  • Title: Presumed Innocent
  • Author: Scott Turow
  • ISBN: 9780446350983
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Presumed Innocent By Scott Turow Rusty Sabich is chief deputy prosecuting attorney in a large mid western city His boss is in the midst of a bitter campaign for re election A fellow prosecuting attorney, Carolyn Polhemus, has been brutally murdered Rusty is handling the investigation and he needs results Before election day Before his illicit affair with Carolyn is uncovered Election day brings aRusty Sabich is chief deputy prosecuting attorney in a large mid western city His boss is in the midst of a bitter campaign for re election A fellow prosecuting attorney, Carolyn Polhemus, has been brutally murdered Rusty is handling the investigation and he needs results Before election day Before his illicit affair with Carolyn is uncovered Election day brings a new prosecuting attorney into office A political enemy who wants Rusty out A man whose own secret investigation has revealed Rusty s relationship with Carolyn A man who takes Rusty off the case and charges him with murder Rusty now faces a long battle in court Each side will twist the evidence to win its case, and try any procedural ploy, any courtroom trick that might ensure victory Rusty s ordeal will uncover corruption, deceit, depravity and incompetence and keep you spellbound Who did kill Carolyn Polhemus
    Presumed Innocent By Scott Turow

    Presumed Innocent Jul , Directed by Alan J Pakula With Harrison Ford, Raul Julia, Greta Scacchi, Brian Dennehy As a lawyer investigates the murder of a colleague, he finds himself connected to Presumed Innocent film Presumed Innocent Rotten Tomatoes Aug , Presumed Innocent was a brilliantly scripted courtroom drama that grabs the audience s attention from the opening scene where Harrison Ford narrates Let Presumed Innocent Turow Scott Turow is the author of many bestselling works of fiction, including Testimony, Identical, Innocent, Presumed Innocent, and The Burden of Proof, and two nonfiction books, including One L, about his experience as a law student. Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow Dec , Presumed Innocent brings to life our worst nightmare that of an ordinary citizen facing conviction for the most terrible of all crimes It s the stunning portrayal of one man s all too human, all consuming fatal attraction for a passionate woman who is not Presumption of innocence Presumed Innocent Full Cast Crew Presumed Innocent cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

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      235 Scott Turow

    One thought on “Presumed Innocent

    1. Supratim on said:

      This is one of the best books that I have read recently It is a great legal thriller cum murder mystery No wonder the book finds mention in both the top 100 mystery crime novel lists published by the Britain based Crime Writers Association and by the Mystery Writers of America Both the lists were published in the nineties and feature some of the finest specimens of crime writing The lists can be found here LinkThe story is narrated by Rozat K Sabich aka Rusty, chief deputy prosecutor of Kindle c [...]

    2. Manny on said:

      I had this weird dream last night I was at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and here, let me give you my reconstructionHILLARY CLINTON on podium, in front of huge crowd And now, our prosecutor is going to read out a list of indictments against my opponent, Donald Trump I want you all to say whether you think he s innocent or GUILTY PROSECUTOR Thank you Hillary Let s get started Indictment one sexual assault Jill Harth recently accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulti [...]

    3. Richard on said:

      7 10An enjoyable legal thriller that really hits it stride in the courtroom and less so in the bits outside of the courtroom I thought it was an interesting, and quite novel, idea to set the first pages after the murder has occurred and then fill in the blanks as you go along A lot of back story was needed to get the reader up to speed and this is when things were a little slow and sometimes less interesting with the political campaign less absorbing but we know what is just around the corner.Wh [...]

    4. Laura on said:

      4.5 stars It was just a little too long Otherwise, this was a stellar reading experience.I m doing a bunch of challenges this year And a couple led me to reading this book, to reading Turow for the first time And I mso grateful for that I might not have gotten around to this otherwise, that would be a shame.This book has been out for over 30 years, made into a movie So there isn t much I can add to the conversation around it I ll just say it s as much a character study as it is a procedural crim [...]

    5. Jim on said:

      I m surprised I didn t like this The reader was pretty good, but I just didn t like the way the author wrote There was too much back story dumping irrelevant data that detracted from the main story I might have stuck with it longer, except I didn t like the main character enough.

    6. Sheri on said:

      A renowned attorney in the DA s office is having an affair with a sex crimes attorney When she turns up dead and it looks like rape, he is pinned as the murderer The majority of the book takes place in the courtroom but it is by no means dull You ll never guess who was the real killer At first, the book starts out as brash, crude and offensive at times because of the cop talk banter It was too explicit for my tastes and I nearly put the book down for good I am glad I hung in there because this b [...]

    7. Scott Rhee on said:

      I met Scott Turow when he came to visit my college to promote Presumed Innocent , which I thought was a great book at the time I haven t read it in almost 20 years Christ, has it been that long since I was in college , but I remember some of the details in his writing that made him stand out from all the other best selling thriller writers out there, most notably John Grisham Both of them were inevitably compared to each other because of their courtroom settings and knowledge of the legal profes [...]

    8. Michael on said:

      I recently re read this, and it s still wonderful The writing is sharp and brooding, and the plotting is superb.

    9. Jane Stewart on said:

      3 stars Some parts very good, I was eager to know what would happen Other parts averageORY BRIEF Married prosecutor Rusty is accused of murdering his former lover The first third of the book is what happens prior to the indictment The last two thirds is primarily the trial It s told in first person by RustyVIEWER S OPINION This did not have the typical bad guy killer I liked the unusual plot and motivations I saw the movie several years ago and I remembered who did it, which was the same as in t [...]

    10. B the BookAddict on said:

      I must admit that I saw the movie first, then read the book But the book is so much better I love the fact that Turow is a lawyer writing about the law he knows his stuff Even taking that into account, Turow does not weigh the reader down with too much legalese, something that adds to the book s success This novel was the first that I read of this author but definitely not my last 4

    11. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore on said:

      Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Rozat Rusty Sabich finds himself investigating the murder of co worker Carolyn Polhemus with whom he had an affair amidst a heated election campaign in which his boss Raymond Horgan is seeking re election He isn t making much headway, at least not as fast as is needed, and soon finds tables turned, and himself in the docks charged with Carolyn s murder Narrated in first person, the book takes us through Rusty s indictment and trial, where he has to deal for the [...]

    12. Michaela on said:

      What a mess It was unnecessarily racist, and unjustifiably long I opened this book expecting to be gripped, suprised, and excited Instead, I was disppointed.It was a far too long blow by blow account of unimportant details I guess who the killer was halfway through the book, and it somehow managed to further disappoint me, in the process of revealing the killer to me at the end.I m not even sure whether or not I should go into the mess of a sub plot Becuase the killer is, suprise surpise, his wi [...]

    13. Gaby on said:

      I first read Presumed Innocent almost fifteen years ago I d been thinking of going to law school and Presumed Innocent is on the list of books that many law schools send you the summer before you begin studying I remember thinking that the book spent time on legal technicalities than the other thrillers that I d read Reading Presumed Innocent with an eye to joining the profession gave it a certain air as well.Now after years as an entirely different sort of lawyer, the detective work, legal tec [...]

    14. Ned Hayes on said:

      Presumed Innocent is one of those landmark books that really demonstrated to readers what a legal story, a law novel was actually capable of doing Turow s work in this debut novel is so far above John Grisham s or Steve Martini s popular entertainments of legal thrillers In this first novel, Turow really demonstrates the full reach and complexity of the human soul under duress I admire the hell out of Turow for creating this complex story as his first breakthrough novel, and I so wish that his o [...]

    15. Grant on said:

      Some lawyers should become writers, others should not Scott Turow falls squarely in the latter category Once you realize that half this novel can be skipped, as it is useless exposition about characters the author fails to make sympathetic in the first place, it becomes a much shorter read Combine that with the fact that half the character descriptions border on, if not delve fully into, racism, it may not be worth reading at all I m sure Turow would say it s the character speaking and not the a [...]

    16. Helen aka Pyewacket on said:

      This was a great read There were a couple of issues that made me cringe and wish I had fast forwarded view spoiler the little boy abused by his mother and the CPA who went to prison hide spoiler , but I was engrossed for most of the book I listened to it via Overdrive and I think the narrator was very good, especially as Sandy I look forward to the next book in this series it is about Sandy and his family.

    17. Asghar Abbas on said:

      Excellent, excellent, excellent Even if it was saddled with a typical denouement Still excellent.

    18. Aravind on said:

      A famous novel I had been meaning to read since long, Presumed Innocent didn t disappointment me It is a complex, multi layered murder mystery cum court room drama that hooked me from the start to finish Though I had some trouble with the meandering narration, especially that dealing with the narrator s thoughts and feelings, in the end, I felt the satisfaction of having read something good.

    19. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      Well, here we go Not a book I hate but a book that I couldn t get into I would ordinarily go with 2 stars on a I don t love and I don t hate it book but for a couple of reasons I lift this one to 3 First the book did interest me at first and the author s writing is good The voice of the story telling character was at least at first interesting Secondly there was a problem that might not effect other readers.Now what didn t I care forwhat killed my interest I think there were a couple of problems [...]

    20. Donna on said:

      Read Again 07 03 16 for Maze mystery book group I always remember whodunit, but here I forgot most of the surrounding facts Truly some of the best courtroom scenes ever This book came out in 1987 At that time and since I was keeping track of my reading, however this does not appear on any list I have But I remembered who dun it.I have been a fan of Scott Turow s writing since 1981 when, just before entering law school, I read his One L a fantastic book As a former federal prosecutor of corruptio [...]

    21. Kurt on said:

      I have heard Scott Turow described as the thinking man s John Grisham, and to the extent that the expression is a compliment, this debut novel justifies the praise I had read two minor Turow novels before this one, so I was familiar with one of the minor characters Turow sets his stories in the fictional Kindle County, and familiar faces pop up from book to book and Turow s intriguing writing style outside the courtroom, he tends to narrate in a poetic voice that employs an educated and precise [...]

    22. Debra on said:

      The brutal murder of coworker, Carolyn Polhemus, has unnerved chief deputy prosecuting attorney, Rusty Sabich Carolyn was a former lover, a woman who still preoccupied his thoughts, much to his shame Rusty had confessed his adultery to his wife, and is trying hard to keep the marriage together for the sake of their son His boss, Raymond Horgan, is in the midst of a campaign and wants Rusty in charge of Carolyn s case, which puts him in an awkward position But things go from awkward to shocking w [...]

    23. Lucca on said:

      There are times when I read a paragraph again, not because I didn t understand it but because the author uses language so beautifully Scott Turow obviously delights in the use of the English language Such delight would be wasted if he didn t also come up aces in the plot and character department He captured my attention from the start although not so much with the plot, at first, as with his acerbic descriptions of the characters By the time I needed to figure out who did what, I knew who was wh [...]

    24. Bill on said:

      Brilliant A classic Read it The movie was very faithful to the novel, so if you ve seen it, the ending s blown for you If you haven t seen the movie you re very lucky to have one of the best mysteries ever written waiting for you.

    25. Tom Bierdz on said:

      I recently re read this favorite book because it is so well written and expertly plotted It has also been made into a terrific movie, starring Harrison Ford, that I have watched a number of times It is one of those books that I try to emulate in my writing.

    26. Joseph Finder on said:

      An amazing first novel melancholy, atmospheric, a first person unreliable narrator, a plot that unspools masterfully.

    27. Emily on said:

      I can t write a detailed review for this book since I read it long ago, but I remember loving it It came up on my recommended list, so I figured I d better mark it read Just guessing at the year I read it.

    28. Larry Bassett on said:

      Presumed Innocent was published in 1987 This is another one of those twenty five year old books that I seem to read frequently and some say is quite dated I remember those days pretty well I was in graduate school at SUNY at Stony Brook on Long Island It was after computers but before cell phones In my mind I can be living in the 1980s What happens when a top lawyer in the office of the prosecuting attorney is charged with murder Presumed Innocentis about an experienced lawyer being prosecuted a [...]

    29. Shom Biswas on said:

      Almost all successful legal mystery writers, John Grisham and Richard North Patterson for example, bear a debt of gratitude to Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow The book has been made into a movie by Alan J Pakula, starring Harrison Ford Pakula used to make movies from the best of books All The President s Men and To Kill a Mockingbird are cases in point But it was only after I started writing this column that I picked this book up from near the top of my to read list.I am a jaded reader of thril [...]

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