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The Groovy Greeks

The Groovy Greeks By Terry Deary MartinBrown The Groovy Greeks The Groovy Greeks is full of fab facts about the hip and happening Greeks who hung out all over years ago This book tells you who had the world s first flushing toilet and why dedicated doctors t

  • Title: The Groovy Greeks
  • Author: Terry Deary MartinBrown
  • ISBN: 9780590132473
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Groovy Greeks By Terry Deary MartinBrown The Groovy Greeks is full of fab facts about the hip and happening Greeks who hung out all over 2000 years ago This book tells you who had the world s first flushing toilet and why dedicated doctors tasted their patients ear wax.
    The Groovy Greeks By Terry Deary MartinBrown

    The Groovy Greeks Horrible Histories Deary, Terry As any Horrible Historie book written by this witty British author, Groovy Greeks comprises of an introduction, a timeline stretching from the Myceneans to the Roman Invasion and the ban of the Olympic Games, facts about gods, war, theatre and epic poems, Greek life in Athens and Sparta, superstitions, Greek inventions, Olympic Games, food, a surprising epilogue and other interesting information to The Groovy Greeks by Terry Deary The Groovy Greeks is a factual book about ancient Greek history, but delivers facts in a humorous way, making it easier for children, and even adults to remember The whacky way Greeks did certain things, their culture, and gods all come across in this book. The Groovy Greeks And The Rotten Romans Two Horrible The Groovy Greeks is full of fab facts about the hip n happenin Greeks who used to hang out over , years ago Find out about horrible heroes, phoolish philosophers and suffering slaves. Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks TV Episode Feb , Directed by Gordon Langley, Andrew Young With Jess Harnell, Stephen Rea, Cree Summer, Billy West Wrestling with the possibility of a wrestling match with Darren Dongle leads our heroes to the original Olympic Games for a few tips and an appreciation of the many contributions of the ancient Greeks to modern culture. The Groovy Greek San Diego San Diego, CA Yelp Specialties Greek cuisine with California flair The Groovy Greek Located in San Diego, The Groovy Greek is a purveyor of Cali Greek cuisine curated by Kostas Thalassinos Our menu is made only with local California produce in combination with imported Greek ingredients, and other locally sourced products. Buy Groovy Greeks Horrible Histories Book Online at Low Feb , Buy Groovy Greeks Horrible Histories book online at best prices in India on Read Groovy Greeks Horrible Histories book reviews author details and at Free delivery on qualified orders. Groovy Greeks Horrible Histories TV thoughts on Groovy Greeks Claire Jan , at pm Groovy Greeks Reply Jeff Dykee Oct , at pm Hello, I was looking to show a clip in my World History class of the Spartan Athenian parent teacher conference It seems to have been removed Can you

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    One thought on “The Groovy Greeks

    1. Amy Mckee on said:

      I m a 17 year old classics student and not ashamed to say that I bought this at groovy Greeks live where I also met Terry Deary As a child I remember starting this book and not really liking it because of all the complicated Greek names, I couldn t really understand a lot of it but this time around I enjoyed looking at the ancient Greeks from a child s perspective and seeing how actually ridiculous they often were Wasn t really a fan of all the quizzes and games but it s a kids book, I m not rea [...]

    2. Clare on said:

      An imaginative, humorous, fact filed book on the ancient Greeks The book is filled with wonderful facts that are put into context, made relevant and are exciting to learn about.The humour is corny yet catching which is a fantastic way for children to remember facts The book would be suitable for KS2 and would make for a fantastic cross curricular resource in both English and History The book could be a great tool to be used also in drama where children could use the facts to create role plays, f [...]

    3. Cat (Witch Plus Cat) on said:

      Next book in the Horrible Histories box set is all about the Greeks It was quiet fascinating to learn about their gods and their way of living.I was definitely fascinated in the story of Troy, as I ve heard a lot about it Is it true or not Who really knows.But I also learned a lot of other things.The great thing about these books, when you are learning about a particular group of people, the Greeks for this instance, you learn about the beginning of the Greek empire to the end Not bits and piece [...]

    4. Jack on said:

      The groovy Greeks are so much interesting than I first thought Well when you leave the gore in, at least They had very clever tactics about war They were very smart to build that humongous wooden horse But the Trojans were quite silly to fall for it But did you know they actually fell for it twice Yep, so this book taught me lots including that and that is why I recommend this book for everyone

    5. Siobhan on said:

      As a child history was one of my favourite school subjects thus making Horrible Histories the perfect books for me.Nowadays children have the television series yet I belong to the older group that had the books Personally, I believe any child who has an interest in history should give these books a go They re truly gripping and so many topics are covered Honestly, Horrible Histories are well worth a read.

    6. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore on said:

      Very entertaining like the others in the series and there was quite a bit that I didn t know before I love how these books use things like cartoon strips, imagined diary entries and newspaper reports to get the info across Great fun.

    7. Taylor on said:

      I you hate this history stuff read this I m currently reading Who are you calling a wooly mammoth FUNNY Lead by Mel Roach a cockroach making it even funnier A great series boy did I use a lot of exclamations there I go again

    8. Carolina on said:

      A melhor maneira de aprender mais sobre os gregos antigos de uma forma super divertida

    9. Hazel on said:

      OMG I loved these books I had all of them from scholastic book orders when I was younger They are a perfect way to get kids to learn some history Fun and informative at the same time

    10. Guguk on said:

      Mixing histories with jokes purrrfectly You can still see the line between, of course

    11. Emily Murphy on said:

      Note All of these ratings are based on a scale of 1 10, 10 being the best.Quality of Writing 4Keeping in mind that it s a children s book, the writing wasn t bad Straightforward and uncomplicated However, the attempts at humor were often missing the mark Perhaps it s because I m American and the very dry British humor wasn t my style But I usually like subtle humor I suppose this was like subtle humor for kids not too complicated so you get used to reading undercurrents Still, I felt like I shou [...]

    12. Hyun Young Jeong on said:

      Groovy GreeksThe book Groovy Greeks from the Horrible History Series is a fun book that explains the history of Ancient Greece The books starts with explaining how Zeus was born Zeus s father, Cronos, was the highest god at his time However, he got a prophecy saying that his son will kill him and take his place Cronos was scared, so he ate his babies just after they were born Rea, Cronos s wife did not like her sons and daughters getting eaten, so for Zeus, she gave Cronos a rock of a size of a [...]

    13. Jenette on said:

      Just a bit of light reading that I could pick up now and then I m most familiar with Greek mythology so this one had a few bits and pieces obviously altered for young minds.

    14. Alessandro Giuliani on said:

      Carino, ma sinceramente mi aspettavo di pi Ci avevo sperato Intendiamoci, non rimprovero all autore l impostazione aneddotica, dal taglio umoristico e irriverente, che privilegia i particolari coloriti anzi, questa potrebbe essere proprio la forza del libro Non mi indispone nemmeno pi di tanto la presenza di vari errori pi o meno grossolani per esempio i Giochi Istmici, che si svolgevano a Corinto, sull istmo omonimo, vengono trasferiti nell inesistente citt di Istmia se gli Olympic Games si ten [...]

    15. Nanda Wanninayaka on said:

      Groovy Greeks is not a big history book But you can learn a lot than from a big book with this It is just a kids book It is part of the Horrible Histories series Horrible Histories is a series of illustrated books published in the UK by This book is quite old But can be found in It is a book about the Greeks in a very funny way I don t think you will enjoy the history in any other book than this This is such a powerful small booklet It is full of corny jokes.Some facts are decontextualized to pr [...]

    16. Veronica on said:

      I m obsessed with Greek mythology And I love history Well, perhaps not so crazy about memorizing what happened in what BC But the thing is, I just love reading about these weird, or should I say, groovy Greeks And this book is so awesome Where the hell was it when I was a kid Groovy Greeks is one of the books from Horrible Histories series and I would be thrilled to read the rest of the series Sure, mostly it s fun facts It covered a lot of topics from the story of Troy to the Olympics Being Anc [...]

    17. Kathleen on said:

      Okay let s talk about the Horrible Histories.You may be aware of them as a TV show, which I highly, highly recommend, but you may not be aware that they are also books Which I also recommend It s hard to talk about the Horrible Histories specifically They re hysterical short nonfiction books consisting of maybe 120 pages tops Aimed at children, they set out to tell you all about the really nasty side of history, which I am always down for They re smart and funny with great illustrations, and I w [...]

    18. sabisteb on said:

      Die Horrible Histories erfreuen sich in den angels chsischen L ndern, vor allem UK, einer gro en Beliebtheit In dieser Serie wird die Geschichte von ihrer unangenehmen, ekligen Seite betrachtet Die B cher sind meist eine Mischung aus Comics, lehrreichen Texten und R tseln Analog hierzu produzierte die BBC eine Fernsehserie und auch H rspiele Hier wird in kleinen Spielszenen mit typisch britischem, schwarzem Humor, ber die Highlights und Lowlights der griechischen Geschichte hergezogen Welche K r [...]

    19. Venus Blancia on said:

      I love every single thing about HISTORY This book has reminded me of my seven year old self who had memorized her history textbook for reading and rereading it every single day Maybe that would explain why I love everything vintage and very sentimental over things Well, going back to the Groovy Greeks, how I wish history teachers were like dragons who could make History lessons as exciting as their fire But this book has again answered the questions, Why is everybody so interested with the Greek [...]

    20. Keely on said:

      I read all of the horrible histories book when I was younger and I even collected the magazines I picked this up because I felt a bit nostalgic and I m glad I did because it still had the ability to force a smile out of me, just like it did all those years ago I would recommend these books to children and even adults, while it is written to engage and be understood by children and presented through various means such as quizzes, sketch story boards etc, it will probably make you smile at least o [...]

    21. Rachel on said:

      When I was a child, I read this book dozens and dozens of times I recall studying the Ancient Greeks in Year 3 7 8 years old and using this book to beat the teacher at knowledge of the Greeks It came in handy when watching Disney s Hercules and its subsequent tv series It was the only Horrible Histories book I read or owned It went missing along with most of my childhood books and is probably in a bag in the loft I did find a copy though which was just as well used as my own copy Reading it was [...]

    22. surge99 on said:

      Three things I learned from this book In 520BC Alcmaeon of Croton found out about the human body by cutting up dead corpses In 400BC the Greek army invented the stomach bow the first type of cross bow In 213Bc Archimedes set mirrors along the harbour walls they dazzle the Romans and set fire to their boats.I would recommend this book to children nine years old and above It s good because this book gives you detail than other history books It is also very, very funny This non fiction is set out [...]

    23. Liza on said:

      I m actually reading this book for the third time when I write this, and it occurred to me that I like it just as much as the first time It s a perfect mixture of humor, facts and awfully interesting stories It may not be the ideal book if you want to know a lot about one specific person or happening, but if you want a sort of deeper overview of who the ancient Greeks were and what they did then this is a book fit for your purpose.You don t have to be a child to like it, because, unless you re a [...]

    24. Taylor Church on said:

      These little Horrible Histories are all good little brushes of knowledge, not unlike watching the history channel You are given a lot of surface information that can intrigue and inspire you to learn I wish these books would relax on the puns and comics, alas I understand their audience is not history majors and erudite scholars But I can t complain, I read these little 120 ish page books when I need something light to get through quickly that also happens to be educational non fiction.

    25. Dylan on said:

      I totally LOVED this book This is the best ancient greek history book EVER It is packed with heaps of facts and corny jokes that your teacher would say, oh, I m nt really sure about that one Jimmy He he weird teacher laugh or,.OH really , now 15,000,000 LINES L.O.L I do also reckon that the myths and legends could be described in a LITTLE depth Summing it all up, way awesome, but pretty cool, flaws aside These guys are way cooler than the Romans BOOOOO

    26. Alison Durbin on said:

      What a cool way to introduce a part of history I thought this book was a blast to read, and I want to know where these books were in my childhood Each story had humor in it, and that is a genius way to keep kids engaged in what could easily be perceived as a boring part of history for young children I also thought the cartoons were hilarious I think children would love this series of books, and I would love to add this book to my classroom library

    27. Almira Monica on said:

      If you hate history because it s so boring and dull, well, you should try reading this I actually wished that real history school books were asgroovyas this one It covers the history of government, politics, warfare, sports and arts of the Greeks, with an addition of interesting trivia and games It is really great that I learned and I had fun at the same time while reading this book.

    28. Shana on said:

      Love Percy Jackson Then you ll love this history of ancient Greece by Terry Deary If you re looking for a history book full of hilarious humor, this is the book for you On the other hand, if you want a serious history book, this is the wrong book for you Terry Deary makes history fun If you like this book, you ll like his other books too They re all very similar in style Personally, I love Terry Deary s books, so give them a try and see what you think.

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