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Karlsson on the Roof

Karlsson on the Roof By Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Patricia Crampton Karlsson on the Roof Imagine Smidge s delight when one day a little man with a propeller on his back appears hovering at the window It s Karlson and he lives in a house on the roof Soon Smidge and Karlson are sharing al

  • Title: Karlsson on the Roof
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Patricia Crampton
  • ISBN: 9780749710378
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Karlsson on the Roof By Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Patricia Crampton Imagine Smidge s delight when, one day, a little man with a propeller on his back appears hovering at the window It s Karlson and he lives in a house on the roof Soon Smidge and Karlson are sharing all sorts of adventures, from tackling thieves and playing tricks to looping the loop and running across the rooftops Fun and chaos burst from these charming, classic storiesImagine Smidge s delight when, one day, a little man with a propeller on his back appears hovering at the window It s Karlson and he lives in a house on the roof Soon Smidge and Karlson are sharing all sorts of adventures, from tackling thieves and playing tricks to looping the loop and running across the rooftops Fun and chaos burst from these charming, classic stories.
    Karlsson on the Roof By Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Patricia Crampton

    Karlsson on the Roof Karlson on the Roof Astrid Karlson on the Roof is the first book about Karlson by world famous Astrid Lindgren It is the must of children and adult who did not forget their childhood classics Karlsson on the Roof by Astrid Lindgren Karlsson is a trickster and a bit of a fibber, with quite the inflated ego My year old didn t quite appreciate the humor of the book, and it might be fun to revisit it when he s the same age as Eric in the book, which is going on . Vrldens bsta Karlsson Karlsson on the Roof Karlsson is a little thick man in his best years and he can fly, with the help of a propeller on his back The film is about a little boy, Svante, but called for Lillebror, and he is quite alone

    • [PDF] Karlsson on the Roof | by ↠ Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Patricia Crampton
      414 Astrid Lindgren Ilon Wikland Patricia Crampton

    One thought on “Karlsson on the Roof

    1. Manny on said:

      The Great Karlsson ExperimentHaving read the Swedish original and the English and German translations, I had to get the French one too I wish I could read it in Russian, but my command of the language is insufficient Out of the four I can appreciate, it seems to me the relative quality is pretty clear In Swedish, it s a masterpiece In German, it s nearly as good In French, it s okay but not really anything special And in English, it s disappointing.Not, who s read it in English, pours scorn on m [...]

    2. Manny on said:

      Our Russian friend K, like me a hardcore Karlsson fan, came round for dinner tonight As it inevitably does these days, the conversation turned to the dismal subject of Lyin Crooked Donald Trump It appeared that we were going to rehearse the same tired old arguments yet again, but K suddenly had a blinding flash of insight TRUMP IS KARLSSON Of course as soon as you see it, nothing could be obvious The incessant boasting The naked greed and manipulativeness The shameless, almost psychotic lying A [...]

    3. Manny on said:

      The early Astrid Lindgren books are hysterically funny, and work equally well for both child and adult readers The problem is that the two audiences don t find the same things amusing My Swedish wife said that her grandmother sometimes read this book aloud to her when she was a very small girl Every now and then, Grandma would have to stop, she was laughing too much Elisabeth tells me she d glare at her and say Shut up and READ In this book, Lillebror literally, little brother , is about seven y [...]

    4. lita on said:

      Pasti ada hal yang memancing tawa saat membaca buku anak anak Kepolosan mereka dalam memandang sebuah hal, yang sering kali luput dari perhatian orang dewasa, sering tercetus dalam celetukan dan pertanyaan mereka yang sulit untuk dijawab.Lillebror, misalnya Bocah berusia tujuh tahun yang bernama asli Svante Svantesson punya pertanyaan dan pernyataan yang membuat saya tertawa terbahak bahak saat membacanya Misalnya ini Boleh tidak aku menikah dengan Ibu saja tanya Lillebror Rasanya tidak bisa deh [...]

    5. notgettingenough on said:

      In 1942, Crockett Johnson created the cartoon Barnaby, in which we see Mr O Malley through the eyes of a boy who wishes for a fairy Godmother, but instead is presented with a short, fat, flying, conceited and not altogether competent fairy Godfather.The cartoon was a big hit within the Left intelligentia in the US Dorothy Parker adored it, Duke Ellington was chuffed to be part of one of the strips He even wrote a letter to the editor of PM to say so The Roosevelts were avid followers It was synd [...]

    6. Matt on said:

      Eine entz ckende Geschichte von der gro en Astrid Lindgren Irgendwie ist es mir gelungen Karlsson in meiner eigenen Kindheit zu verpassen Vermutlich flog er gerade woanders herum Karlsson ist nach eigenem Bekunden der beste Kunstflieger, Dampfmaschinenaufpasser, Motorenaufpasser, Gockelhahnmaler, Schnellaufr umer, Fleischkl emacher, Baumeister, Ausdenker, Schnell ufer, Streichemacher, Kinderaufpasser, Feuerl schmann, Hundeaufpasser, Zaubereimacher, Tortenesser, und au erdem der Guteste der Welt [...]

    7. Katerina on said:

      My co worker bought it recently for her 6 years old daughter and we started to reread it out loud in the middle of the office, laughing and cheering like kids Our boss portrayed Karllson and our office manager managed to be Freken Bok Just 20 pages of this book and bunch of so called adults returned to their childhood Brilliant, kind and humorous book.

    8. Klinta on said:

      This was the first time I read this book in English and I certainly did think that the translation changed it It didn t make Karlson s personality as charming and cute as I knew him to be It seemed clumsy and sometimes awkward I used to like Karlson than Pippi, but now, once I have read it I feel like in the English versions I like Pippi This book made me think about stuff though A lot of the story shows the value adults and children sometimes give to things, while they are nothing of importan [...]

    9. Alina on said:

      This has been my favorite growing up, and I will definitely read it to my children It s a shame that it s virtually unknown to American audience.

    10. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer on said:

      I read this a number of years ago and hated it What bothered me appalled me, really was that this young boy is being encouraged to disobey his parents and sneak out with a strange man who is his neighbor Granted, this book was written in a innocent era, and what is allowed in European children s books seems to be rather different from what is allowed in children s books here in the U.S I notice that in the new illustrations Karlson is depicted as younger, rather than as a little old man with a [...]

    11. Belinda on said:

      Heerlijk boek een mannetje met een propeller op zijn rug Echt een boek om je fantasie te laten gaan Een avontuur om met hem mee te reizen Ook een personage waar je meerdere verhalen bij kunt verzinnen Ik had namelijk dit boek bij mij op een vakantie met mijn kinderen Omdat het toen meerdere keren regende hebben we nadat dit boek was uitgelezen gewoon zelf een verhaal verzonnen met karlsson in de hoofdrol.

    12. Cheryl on said:

      Stupid in English Reading reviews of those who have read it in other languages, I can tell that the original has word play, heart, humor and probably episodes.Just one example In Swedish the boy is iiuc Lillebor Little Brother Elsewhere he s apparently Smidge, which also means little In English he s just plain Eric.

    13. Kungkang Kangkung on said:

      Awalnya saya ingin sekali membuang buku ini di bab bab awal Bagaimana tidak Ini buku anak anak dan saya mempunyai pemikiran sebagai berikut.Kalau saya punya anak dan membaca buku ini kemudian dia mengikuti jejak kenakalan Karlsson, saya takkan habis pikir Semisal pada saat anak saya merusak mainannya atau hampir membakar seluruh rumah, anak saya akan beralasan yang melakukan adalah Karlsson atau bisa saja kelak bernama lain, tergantung khayalan anak anak saya kelak , atau menjawab seperti Karlss [...]

    14. Radostina on said:

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    15. Anna on said:

      it might be bad taste to bring up a cartoon when reviewing a book I feel sorry for anyone who hasn t read this why is it so rare in English This book is just soo AWESOME Forget a lame imaginary friend this kid has a chubby lil troublemaker glutton who has a lil propeller on his back and start button on his tummy inner 8 year old is filling up with glee from only looking at that line

    16. Alex on said:

      My mother used to read this to me Russian translation before bed when I was a kid The amount of times I laughed hysterically with her This is such a great children s book, as much as I love Disney and fairy tales, if you ever wanna read something to your kids before bed I seriously recommend this story Not only will your kids laugh, but your stomach will be sore as well And everyone will go to bed in a good mood Astrid will always be one of my favorite childhood authors.

    17. Христо Блажев on said:

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    18. The Twins on said:

      Funny what you remember from your own childhoodI wanted to read this book to my boys as I remembered reading and hearing it as a child Somehow I remembered it differently with Karlson being kinder and less self obsessed but once I started reading it to them it all came back especially his little sayings The boys really enjoyed the story

    19. Lote L. on said:

      Vienk r a, sa pasaka par joc gu v reli, kur dara palaidn bas un iegr Br l ti nepatik an s Sava jaun amata kontekst k b rnud rza audzin t ja gan par visiem iem nedarbiem milz g saj sm nebiju, un tr ka ar kaut k da dzi uma tam visam apak B rn b gar oja lab k.

    20. Yi on said:

      Really really enjoyed the copy I read in Grade 6, translated into Chinese with absolutely wonderful illustrations Now, after finally finding a copy in English, and so many years later, I started reading it and didn t share the same feeling.

    21. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) on said:

      Lately I ve run across new translations of several non English children s classics so I am giving this one two stars As another reviewer has said, a lot of how good a text is depends on the language used There are things you simply can t do in the target language, sometimes As a former translator, I know this.That s why KOTR is getting two stars instead of just one Because, as that revewier said, the English version is disappointing Lillebror literally little brother has become Eric, so who know [...]

    22. Mery on said:

      Ya ampun baca ini bikin geli geli gitu haha Sebel banget ama si Karlsson yang narsisnya ga ketulungan OMG hahaha Tiap dia ngomong aku selalu rolling eyeslah satunya hal 24 Mereka akan senang sekali bertemu denganku karena aku begitu tampan dan cerdas Berat badanku pas Orangtuamu beruntung sekali bertemu denganku ngakak kasihan banget Lillebror Jadi sasaran kejailan Karlsson DLillebror ini polos banget deh hihihi dasar masih 7 tahun kali yah DPaling ngakak pas dia bilang ke Ibunya Ibu tutup matam [...]

    23. Kammy on said:

      I despised Karlson when I grew up hearing his story an obnoxious, flying, pudgy man who wrecks this kid s room, steam engine, takes his candy He s so greedy and petulant As an adult, my husband read the book and thought it was fantastic to have a quasi adult figure who breaks all stereotypes of who should be well behaved Plus, he points out that Eric is so happy to see Karlson, no matter what kind of mess awaits It s a little like The Cat in the Hat That book also made me uncomfortable as a chil [...]

    24. Thanh Nguyen on said:

      C c con ph i l m sao b c c i th i quen nh nhau i ch , m n i Thay v o h y c ng em m i chuy n ra b n b c Nh c Con, con bi t kh ng, ch ng c g m kh ng gi i quy t c, n u ra bi t c ch a ra b n b c t t y l m t ng th th i, c u n i v cau c nh n m Krister n i v i con l tao s cho m y n m n, n n i th , v con tr l i c th i Chuy n y th l m sao em ra b n b c c t nh c l c M gi i th ch cho con nghe xem n o

    25. Masha on said:

      This book is a children s classic for Soviet offspring of a certain age, yet oddly completely unknown to most American fans of Lindgren s other works, such as the Pippi series Involves a short, fat, meatball loving male fairy esque character that lives on the roof of an apartment building in Stockholm and wreaks havoc with Mme Freckenbock, the nanny What s not to love

    26. Suvi on said:

      Again one of those gems in my grandmother s shelf I kind of disliked Karlsson when I was a child but at the same time he was a hilarious character and I always looked forward to him appearing through the window The book made me look up on our roof just in case if we had a chubby little man living in there.

    27. lazycalm on said:

      If you really love this book, you should also check out its animated short film adaptation called Malysh i Karlson, directed by Boris Stepantsev.

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