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Under the North Star

Under the North Star By Väinö Linna Richard Impola Under the North Star Linna s Under the North Star widely considered the most significant work of Finnish literature published during Finland s independence is the first volume of an epic trilogy of the same title This f

  • Title: Under the North Star
  • Author: Väinö Linna Richard Impola
  • ISBN: 9780968588161
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Under the North Star By Väinö Linna Richard Impola Linna s Under the North Star, widely considered the most significant work of Finnish literature published during Finland s independence, is the first volume of an epic trilogy of the same title.This first part of this historical work, which encompasses Finnish history from the 1880s to the 1950s, depicts the turn of the 20th century 1884 1907 It gives a voice to hithertLinna s Under the North Star, widely considered the most significant work of Finnish literature published during Finland s independence, is the first volume of an epic trilogy of the same title.This first part of this historical work, which encompasses Finnish history from the 1880s to the 1950s, depicts the turn of the 20th century 1884 1907 It gives a voice to hitherto silent actors on the stage of history as it offers a comprehensive account of the social and economic realities reflected in the hopes, dreams, and experiences of Jussi and Alma Koskela and their children in the rural village of Pentti s Corners in south central Finland.
    Under the North Star By Väinö Linna Richard Impola

    • ☆ Under the North Star ☆ Väinö Linna Richard Impola
      359 Väinö Linna Richard Impola

    One thought on “Under the North Star

    1. Tesa Fiona on said:

      Things the book and I are agree about Finns and Finland 1 Thou shall not show your emotions Happines is the most dangerous display of all.2 Thou shall not boast about your success nor your grandiose future plan If one wants to boast, let that thing happen only in your head and bed conversation and throughout your hardworking result.3 A finn does not simply welcome a strange visitor warmly Because everyone are strangers, even your neighbors Tips be annoyed when you re being visited, and make sure [...]

    2. Annasnova on said:

      This one was an uphill battle and I would have given up the book half way if it wasn t this month s bookclub pick The narrative is slow and dreary Though I enjoyed reading about Halme s transformation and Akseli s coming of age story It reminded me of Tolstoy s novels we had to read in high school, with their detailed descriptions of peasant life and struggle At the same time, reading classics like this does make you feel aware of a country s history and culture especially when it s Finland s 1 [...]

    3. Toma on said:

      A great classic The trilogy is easy to read and flows great Portrayal of the life in a small village in Finland in the end of 19th century really brings the characters to life Reader goes through a rollercoaster of emotions from anger to shame to sadness to joy living the events with the main characters The trilogy captures the Finnish mentality very well and if one for some weird reason wishes to understand Finns, reading this trilogy is a good start.I read the original Finnish version.

    4. Chris on said:

      Really captures not only the essence of Finnishness the culture but also the politics of the place as played out in one village during what was essentially feudalism, and the political socialist union revolution that occurred at the turn of the 20th century The characters were note perfect in their eccentricities and what they illustrated What got short shrift was the greater role working class women played universal suffrage resulted in several women members of parliament That is in part due to [...]

    5. Natalia on said:

      I have never been a fan of historical novels I did not really expect much from this book Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try and to my amazement I found myself consumed by it Despite the political and historical background, the book is interesting and easy to read The characters are realized splendidly They are real, believable At one point Akseli Koskela said to himself Darned childish man Letting people know his feeling Finnish people do not show their emotion, but the book is soaked in t [...]

    6. Calzean on said:

      A book about life in South Central Finland, 1880 1907, at a time when Finland was ruled by Russia This is not a book with a plot, dramatic turns or sensations It is a book about life in a small village The characters are mostly tenant farmers with few rights The gentry keenly protect their rights of property and control But things are slowly changing Socialism and tenant rights are being debated.The characters are good hard working, dour Finns Humour and alcohol are used sparingly The main chara [...]

    7. Elina on said:

      Odotukset olivat ehk hieman turhan korkealla, sill petyin heti kirjan alkumetreill , mik latisti lukukokemusta Pidin kuitenkin paljon kirjan loppupuolesta, ja se tulikin luettua yhdelt istumalta Onneksi minulla on jo seuraava osa valmiina odottamassa

    8. Peony on said:

      I have to join the choir of praise I loved it, it was magnificent Times of big social change turn of the century in Russian ruled Finland, presented in everyday life of the microcosmos of Pentinkulma village, full of great authentic characters I especially loved Linna s clear carefully composed sentences full of meaning, no gimmicks.

    9. Mark Patton on said:

      I picked this up in order to get a taste of Finnish literature before we travel to Finland this summer Reading Under the North Star is certainly a painless way to learn some Finnish history while enjoying an engaging story I will likely pick up the two subsequent books in the trilogy.

    10. Tiia on said:

      Aivan vallattoman hyv nikirja, kun lukijana on Veikko Sinisalo Mies hykerteli, lauloi ja kirosi hahmojen mukana Niin todentuntuinen ja mielenkiintoinen kuva Suomesta 1900 luvun alussa, ett min kin ensimm ist kertaa sis ist n jotain kotimaani historiasta.

    11. Annamariah on said:

      The first part of V in Linna s trilogy begins the tale of a Finnish village from the 1880s to the 1950s It is an exemplary historical novel in the sense that it tells about all the major events of the Finnish history during that time from the point of view of the people experiencing them Even though I have read about all those things at school, I understand them better after reading this book.The main characters of the trilogy are Jussi Koskela and his family, who are crofters or tenant farmers [...]

    12. Arja on said:

      Kiitos et p ivien sill innostuin niiden avulla j lleen harrastamaan lukemista eli pakkolukuolo helpotti kun ty kirjoja ei ollut koko ajan s ngyn vieress stressaamassa N in p sin lukemisen makuun ja viime kes n Alastalon sali sitten osoitti ett kyll min kin lukea jaksan ja haluan T n kes n huomattavasti tutumpi teos sill t m h n on elokuvana tuttu Yll tt v n paljon elokuvassa kirjan tyyli eli kirja tuntui heti tutulta kun tarina niin tuttu Loistavaa luettavaa lomalla Taidan jatko osat j tt seuraa [...]

    13. Alex on said:

      Very earthy account of the life of a Finnish family inside the microcosm of their village around the year 1900s Completely human characters, with individual foibles, worries, obsessions, hatreds and politics are just part of the charm of this gem of a book The village scheming, marital dynamics, love stories and the outrageous peasant humour make for top notch reading And it s all so FINNISH Hint Reading up on Finnish history 1880 1910 strongly recommended.

    14. Clwaddoups on said:

      A very accessible window into the shaping of Finland from the 1880 s to 1907 Using the historical fiction device, political and cultural movement is shown through the lives of the various characters that shape a typical village Overly romanticised, the writing is nonetheless well crafted and translated well However, it was a bit of a slog and I will need a break before attempting to tackle Book 2.

    15. Tuatara on said:

      Odottamattoman mielenkiintoista seurata kyl n asukkien vaiheita Pid n kerrontatyylist , joka n ytt henkil t inhimillisin hahmoina Ja mit nikirjatoteutukseen tulee, nautin yleens aika neutraalin oloisesta luennasta, mutta jos nin ytteleminen tehd n n in hyvin, ei auta kuin my nt ett poikkeuksiakin on Olihan t st pakko tyk t.

    16. Anna Eränen on said:

      Linna kirjoittaa rikasta vaihtelevaa kielt Lukuinto k rsi liiallisesta paikallaan junnaamisen tunteesta, joka vallitsi koko teoksen ajan Eih n el m voi koko ajan pelkk toimintaa olla, mutta jotkin tapahtumat olisi voinut k sitell nopeammin ja tai pinnallisemmin Jatkan silti kakkososaan.

    17. Irene Piipponen on said:

      Aivan ihana Muistan elokuvan olleen lempi elokuvani lapsena Nyt vasta tartuin ekaa kertaa kirjaan Ja miten ihanan tuttu se olikaan Kirja kulkee mukavasti eteenp in, huumoria riitt.

    18. mrt on said:

      just finished this, and keen to start on the second of the trilogy the blurb says it operates on three levels events and action, philosophy of society and history, and of ethics and metaphysics pretty plausible, and impressive, too, although I m not sure about the metaphysics another blurb, which is much apt, points out that he s a social realist, an expert in documenting speech and an author sensitive to conflicts the last of these is particularly trueide from just quoting the blurbs I think t [...]

    19. Anna-Maija Tähkävuori on said:

      T ll Pohjant hden alla on yhteiskunnallinen monumentti talonpoikaisesta vapaustaistelusta, kansalaissodasta, tasa arvon oikeutuksesta, ihmiskohtaloista itsen isyytt n etsiv ss , kehittyv ss Suomessa V in Linnan laatima lyhyt oppim r Suomen historiasta kertoo novellein my s olennaisen arktisessa maassa, kahden valtion valtapyrkimysten v liss , kehittyneest hiljaisesta kansanluonteesta Ehk ulkomaalainen n kee viel suomalaisuudessa Koskelan Jussin alistuneisuutta ja j yhyytt suolla kuokkineen Mutta [...]

    20. Vanda on said:

      Trochu jin p b h ne jsem ekala, chv li jsem byla nadm ru zavalena socialismem, proletari tem a bur oazi , ale co se d d lat, tohle je Finsko na po tku 20 stolet Norm ln bych na tu p em ru reagovala jako b k na ervenou, ale Linna pohl na v t inu sv ch postav s tak laskavou ironi , e t m socialistick m hran m ohlazuje ost To je pros m, mo n pocitov , tak dobr polovina knihy Politick proslovy, debaty, l nky, sch ze No a p edt m a potom je ta st, kter m u rom nu nejen udr ela, ale prost m plnila rad [...]

    21. Mikael Kuoppala on said:

      No niin L hes 30 vuoden i ss uskalsin viimein tarttua t h n kotimaisen kirjallisuuden klassikkoon, joka on tehnyt suuren vaikutuksen moneen tuttuun lukijaan Pelkoni j hme st ja vaikeasta j rk leest osoittautuivat v riksi V in Linnan T ll pohjant hden alla todellakin kiehtoo heti alusta alkaen.Kirjan tapahtumia on varmaankin turha yksityiskohtaisesti luetella, niin tuttuja ne ovat kaikille suomalaisille 1880 luvulta alkava torppariel m n kuvaus imaisee mukaansa heti ensimm isist kuuluisista sanoi [...]

    22. Ruth Bonetti on said:

      I looked for this as part of my Swedish Finnish research It covers the turn of the 20th century 1884 1907 , the era and history of my grandfather s emigration from Finland Perhaps I hoped for political slant about General Bobrikov s Russification of Finns, but I gather the next books may cover this it does show life and struggles in rural communities Perhaps some clarity was lost in the translation as the reader well, moi is confused by the plethora of characters especially when referred to as [...]

    23. Alzy on said:

      This book reminded me of the novels about socio political life in the 19th and early 20th century Poland that I had to read for school like Reymont s The Peasants But it was about Finland, a country I don t know that much about, which made it interesting what stroke me was the difference in how Finland and Poland were ruled by Russia at the time The characters felt very real and even the socialist aspect kept me interested, even though it used to bore me when I was at school And there was quite [...]

    24. Simon Duffy on said:

      This book explores Finnish history, politics and economics and human nature by examining life in a tiny Finnish community This first volume in the trilogy is centred on pre independence Finland and the struggle of one family to win independence for themselves from the Vicar who controls the Church land One of the many strengths of this book is the way in which the characters are viewed with great sympathy, but also with no romantic gloss Great and petty motives are intermingled, daily trials hel [...]

    25. Riku Ranta on said:

      Once you get pass the building of the Koskela roof you are pretty close to ending up reading the whole trilogy What i liked was the way Linna builds a web between the society he describes and the most important time of Finnish history I m a finn and have my roots in the country side peasants in the same time but only after reading this trilogy it put it all in the form of clear narrative how to understand where we have come from and why we are what we are This will be eternal classic in Finnish [...]

    26. Jeremy on said:

      This book is an amazing read As someone who knows very little about Finnish history and culture, I was blown away by its incredibly realistic and moving depiction of the people living in a small farming community over time, and the social changes that affect their lives I highly recommend it, and am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

    27. Dorothy Caimano on said:

      Amazing book about the time just before Finland s independence There are so many characters, yet they are individuals, clearly drawn, all with their own reactions to the changing times I can t wait to read the second book in the series

    28. Tuija on said:

      Olen katsonut elokuvan usean kerran, mutta vasta nyt olen saanut aloitettua kirjojen lukemisen kirjat ovat olleet hyllyss kauan Ensimm inen osa avasi ja selvensi monta asiaa, vaikka elokuva onkin varsin orjallinen kirjojen suhteen.

    29. Emanuel Landeholm on said:

      A good book Read it in swedish The swedish translation is called H gt bland Saari J rvis moar , which is from a line in a poem called Saarij rven Paavo by Johan Ludvig Runeberg.

    30. Leaflet on said:

      Close to 5 stars on this one Enjoyed it so much that I m ordering the entire trilogy.

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