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Evening Class

Evening Class By Maeve Binchy Evening Class Among the many evening classes starting all over Dublin is an Introduction to Italian On the surface it could be just one of hundreds in which some students will succeed and some will fall along the w

  • Title: Evening Class
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780752876825
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evening Class By Maeve Binchy Among the many evening classes starting all over Dublin is an Introduction to Italian On the surface it could be just one of hundreds in which some students will succeed and some will fall along the way the hopes and dreams of so many people are tied up in the twice weekly lessons they are ready to set off on the promised trip to Italy at the end of the year, everyoneAmong the many evening classes starting all over Dublin is an Introduction to Italian On the surface it could be just one of hundreds in which some students will succeed and some will fall along the way the hopes and dreams of so many people are tied up in the twice weekly lessons they are ready to set off on the promised trip to Italy at the end of the year, everyone s destiny has changed utterly.
    Evening Class By Maeve Binchy

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    One thought on “Evening Class

    1. Suzanne on said:

      This is a lovely book, Maeve is just the best I loved this so much as I haven t travelled, but I can say she took me there Maeve Binchy is an author that you think you know, kinship could be the word When she passed away I was incredibly sad, and surprised by it She writes the type of book to re read Actually, I think she may have been one of my first authors I read as an older teen, not Dolly Fiction etc My mum leant me her Maeve books and it became a thing of ours This is what is uber cool abo [...]

    2. deliabookworm on said:

      I read Evening Class one broiling summer at my grandparent s house in Balti It was 98 degrees every day with the humidity it felt hotter To make things even worse, I had my period that week I also hadn t brought enough books to read I finished and reread the six books I had taken, then proceeded to raid my grandmother s bookshelf The first book I borrowed was The Lord of the Flies, the second, Death of a Salesman It was with relief I picked up a book that looked remotely like chicklit, for which [...]

    3. Lisa on said:

      Awwww I didn t want this book to end This is Maeve at her best weaving together the stories of people attending an evening class in Italian.Such a cosy heart warming story and the audio version read by Kate Binchy is as always superb.I love these people and want them to be my friends I could listen to this family saga for hoursbliss.

    4. Kathryn on said:

      I really wish that this site had half stars because I would push this up to a 3.5 stars, but couldn t really give it the full 4 The format of this book was especially interesting because if followed different individual characters for a period and than brought all their stories together in the end I am definitely a Maeve Binchy fan now and would read anything written by her Her books make everyday type events and people interesting.

    5. Negin on said:

      Maeve Binchy has been a huge part of my reading life since I was 18, when a friend urged me to read Echoes Since that time, I had read almost everything by her One of my dreams in life was to meet her someday Sadly, she died a few years ago Her books are delightful comfort reads, and I ve decided that I would like to re read them I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first time that I read it The setting is Ireland, as are pretty much all of her books, where several different characters from [...]

    6. Prillia on said:

      It s a bad thing about Binchy s books Once I start reading, I couldn t stop myself The day before yesterday at midday I started to read Evening, I didn t do other things except reading it to the last It was about 2 o clock in the morning when my eyes couldn t recognise a single word My brain still on it, but the eyes stopped to cooperate.Once again, Evening Class was a sweet story about people who gathered in an Italian evening class People like Signora O Donoghue, Aidan Duenne, Katherine and Fr [...]

    7. Maureen Mullis on said:

      Just a breathtaking book Maeve Binchy is one of the best story tellers the world has known The layers, the depth, the richness of her books is unparalleled Evening Class, about people who come together two evenings a week to study Italian and the culture of Italy Each chapter covers the story of a student and how they wound up there So marvelous These characters will hang in your mind long after you turn the last page.

    8. Tina on said:

      SPOILERS BEWARE I found this read pretty interesting Each chapter is narrated by a different character all of the characters are intertwined in some way, other than their obvious attendance to the evening class This shouldn t have been a problem but by the time I got to the 6th character or so I d forgotten the first 5 had to seriously rack my brain to figure out how the characters were connected, who was who, and who did what Maybe it s my ever increasing old age YIKES And then it became work E [...]

    9. Christine on said:

      This is the first novel I have read by Binchy I am not sure why I avoided her in the past For some reason, her cover art screamed bad romance novel, I guess I was pleasantly surprised to find a character driven novel that was pleasant to read Certainly not great literature, but not a bad summer read for some fun Things I liked Characters were well developed, it is clear that the author knows that aspect well The way the story was told from numerous points of view in the format of each main chara [...]

    10. Tiffany on said:

      I think I m reading so many of these because they represent an escape from the absolute awfulness all around right now This book made me want to learn Italian or take a class for fun.

    11. Beth on said:

      A lovely feel good book packed with sympathetic and realistic characters to love and root for.

    12. Ghost of the Library on said:

      Ah the magic of the irish people and their story telling skillswitching they are rud to be, when a good teller of tales is found, and such i believe is the case with Maeve Binchy herself.Evening Class and its 8 characters is another fine, if not perfect, example of Ms Binchy s qualities and skills in drawing a reader to her story like you would be drawn into a talk with a friend you haven t seen in ages, but long to know how he she is doing You ll probably shed a tear or get angry over some wron [...]

    13. Loralee on said:

      Maeve Binchy is my new favorite author She takes ordinary characters, takes a long chapter to share their story, and then intertwines all their stories to make a satisfying book.Aiden Dunne is a hardworking Latin teacher in a working class neighborhood in Dublin, Ireland He has devoted his life to the school in the hope of becoming the principal someday The school leadership has other ideas, but to soften the blow, he is offered the chance to start an evening school.Nora O Donoghue, a Dublin nat [...]

    14. Suzanne on said:

      This is not one of Maeve s better books Circle of Friends and Tara Road are better but is a fun read and enjoyable The plot centers around an Evening Class held in a small town in Ireland teaching the Italian language and its culture to a group of Irish adults who need something new to jumpstart their engines and break up the monotony of their lives Each student has his story and Binchy brings them all together and sews up every loose end using her superb easy style in a thoroughly entertaining [...]

    15. Sonia on said:

      I admit I read this out of guilt, because my mom gifted it to me a few years ago it s about a Latin teacher with Italophilia Plus I needed something to pass the night in PDX But the book was LOUSY The characters had all the depth of a jello parfait I do not understand the appeal of this writing at all.

    16. Sarah on said:

      I ve read many of Maeve Binchy s books, but this one is still my favorite Nora, a young Irish girl from a loveless home, falls hopelessly in love with Mario and follows him back to Sicily, even though he intends to marry the girl his family has picked out for him She stays there for twenty five years, sitting in a room across the square from where Mario and his family live, watching their comings and goings But that s all backstory The real story begins when Nora, now known as Signora, finally r [...]

    17. Kerry on said:

      Evening Class is an enjoyable piece of chick lit which tells the story of how an evening class at a rundown high school, changes various individuals lives It s long, but worth the effort, in that it has that feel good factor, and makes for an enjoyable story that you can read anywhere Nevertheless, I had quite a few complaints with the book I found the main character of Signora utterly detestable and pathetic, and therefore very difficult to warm to, and I felt that with many of the characters, [...]

    18. Beth on said:

      For some time now I ve been thinking about creative formats for novels, and one of my best ideas was to introduce an extremely unlikely to have anything to do with each other set of characters and tell their various stories until they all twine into one Maeve Binchy did something very similar to that in Evening Class, and that was what made this book shine for me Her plot, as usual, had a fair amount of angst and marital affairs, but I guess I m getting used to that She waited to tell many of th [...]

    19. Mary on said:

      Characters The characters and their evolution are lovely Some grow and discover themselves Some like Mrs.Dunne are sidelined once they serve their purpose There are characters who find love, acceptance, adventure There s a little something for everyone to relate to.Story The individual stories are woven separately and combined until it all comes together in the end to make a full picture The pace does not lag and the use of language and history make you want to travel to Italy or atleast learn t [...]

    20. Rebecca Elswick on said:

      Evening Class is a beautiful book filled with true to life characters, like only Maeve Binchy can create Binchy explores each person s hopes and dreams, successes and failures, while weaving them into the central story of an evening Italian class started by Aidan Dune and taught by Signora, who is the mysterious one A good read

    21. Catie on said:

      This was the first Maeve Binchy book that I ever read I was hooked I love how she interweaves her characters and their lives within the novel and even between other novels It s like meeting up with old friends again A wonderful storyteller

    22. Cammie on said:

      I love Maeve Binchy stories, but this is my all time favorite of hers It is the story of how to make the best out of your lot in life and actually enriching that life through positive steps such as learning a foreign language Aiden Dunne is a middle aged married man, father of two daughters He is taken for granted by his daughters and ignored by his wife He has just suffered a major setback in that the promotion he was expecting at his school was given to a much younger, less experienced man Man [...]

    23. jacky on said:

      I never would have thought to pick this up on my own It was one of the thousands of books that line the library and book store that I ve never heard of and don t think to pick up because there are so many other books I m intent on reading My on line book club chose to read this one I wasn t sure I was going to like it at first, and wasn t thrilled about the length, but I enjoyed it right from the first few pages What I particularly enjoyed about this book was that each section follows a new char [...]

    24. Maggie on said:

      Maeve Binchy is my new favorite author She takes ordinary characters, takes a long chapter to share their story, and then intertwines all their stories to make a satisfying book.I thought this was a delightful read I loved getting to know the main characters of the story and see how the lives of those who signed up for the Evening Class became intertwined with each other It was funny, sad, poignant, happy, and a good read It was really hard to put it down each night and go to sleep Can t wait to [...]

    25. Krista on said:

      Really great, dynamic characters You just cheer for them all the way as they learn Italian and figure out how to shape their lives Each chapter is from the point of view of a different character, and having them intertwine is fun in the way that seeing a character show up in cameo in another tv series is fun Pretty confusing, though, as there are a couple dozen characters at least, and several of them have second, Italian names Pretty quick and easy to read, and has a few really good chuckles.

    26. Kellie on said:

      This was a very enjoyable read I love the format Binchy devotes a chapter each to 8 main characters and they are all affiliated with an adult Italian class The characters are young, old, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers They all have their own conflict they are trying to work through I was very drawn in to the story and the characters Binchy s unique style sets her apart from mainstream writers I have liked every book I ve read by her and I am looking forward to I highly recommend this au [...]

    27. Cheryl on said:

      It was a delightful read I felt like living inside each of the character s own dreams and wishful thinking It was noteworthy to think that Maeve Binchy is very much concerned with every character s right to a private and distinguishable life It was also marvelous how she can prove through one single read how small the world really is The plot of the novel had me guessing all throughout whether who was and who is It was an enjoying classy tale of love and friendship.

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