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Light a Penny Candle

Light a Penny Candle By Maeve Binchy Light a Penny Candle Evacuated from Blitz battered London shy and genteel Elizabeth White is sent to stay with the boisterous O Connors in Kilgarret Ireland It is the beginning of an unshakeable bond between Elizabeth a

  • Title: Light a Penny Candle
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780099498575
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Light a Penny Candle By Maeve Binchy Evacuated from Blitz battered London, shy and genteel Elizabeth White is sent to stay with the boisterous O Connors in Kilgarret, Ireland It is the beginning of an unshakeable bond between Elizabeth and Aisling O Connor, a friendship which will endure through twenty turbulent years of change and chaos, joy and sorrow, soaring dreams and searing betrayalsWriting with waEvacuated from Blitz battered London, shy and genteel Elizabeth White is sent to stay with the boisterous O Connors in Kilgarret, Ireland It is the beginning of an unshakeable bond between Elizabeth and Aisling O Connor, a friendship which will endure through twenty turbulent years of change and chaos, joy and sorrow, soaring dreams and searing betrayalsWriting with warmth, wit and great compassion, Maeve Binchy tells a magnificent story of the lives and loves of two women, bound together in a friendship that nothing could tear asunder not even the man who threatened to come between them forever.
    Light a Penny Candle By Maeve Binchy

    • Unlimited Light a Penny Candle - by Maeve Binchy
      115 Maeve Binchy

    One thought on “Light a Penny Candle

    1. Tea Jovanović on said:

      Ovo je prvi roman Mev Bin i a ujedno i prvi koji sam pro itala Ovom knjigom me je kupila i zadr ala do ivotno

    2. Sue Evans on said:

      This was my first Binchy and I absolutely loved it until the last couple of chapters.I felt perhaps since this was Binchy s first published book, maybe she struggled with how to end it The main characters seemed to be out of character in the last few chapters and a lot of the way it ended didn t fit with the rest of the story.

    3. Kathryn on said:

      Wow This was not what I expected from Maeve Binchy s debut novel I have read and enjoyed many Maeve Binchy s works before this I just counted looks like I ve read 15 , and I enjoyed most of this one, but was slightly disappointed by the ending It felt like a rather dark work than I was anticipating It was quite long over 800 pages but an easy read, chronicling the lives of 2 young girls as they grow up together during the war, turn into young women on opposite sides of the Irish Sea, while cont [...]

    4. Meghan on said:

      I find it hard to objectively review or even rate any of Maeve Binchy s books I don t pick up any of her novels with the intent of exploring some deep philosophical or cultural questions Instead, I approach each of her novels as an imaginary journey, a very long movie that plays out through words The characters she creates in all of her novels are both realistic and engaging and Light a Penny Candle is no exception Once again, I found myself breezing through the pages, so desperate to find out w [...]

    5. Carol on said:

      I know all kinds of women who read Maeve Binchy Friends and relatives all like her.Why I think its partly because she writes so well about the Irish She has a knack for showing what Irish Catholics do, believe in, think about etc Light a Penny Candle begins in the 1940 s and ends in 1959 It tells of a very different era from our own Now we counsel women to leave their alcoholic and violent husbands then, Irish Catholic mothers told their daughters that it was their duty to stay with such men bec [...]

    6. Nicholas During on said:

      I was pretty disappointed in this book overall It starts off well, and I was at first enjoying it a lot But though the writing has energy and drive, the themes never are really given their due, the characters are introduced and barely slip out of a form character for the rest of the novel which is meant to be 20 years of their lives , there isn t really any consequences to their actions, and I felt like the whole things was a bit shallow But rather than being totally negative I ll note the two t [...]

    7. Ann on said:

      I found this a very slow read and terribly predictable All the characters were one dimensional, either very good or very bad And there wasn t a single likable male character The ending was just ridiculous solving problems by killing off the source of the problem Most Maeve Binchy stories have much interesting plots than this one I am surprised that so many readers loved it.

    8. Lisa on said:

      Another excellent family drama from one of my favourite cosy authors We follow two girls growing up during and in the aftermath of World War II from girls to women in both Ireland and England.This was her first novel and it s a little darker than others I ve read but a very impressive first book with all her signature touches Strongly recommended to Binchy fans.

    9. Annie Kaye on said:

      3.5 stars.I won t go into the details of the book itself other reviewers have done so This is the first Maeve Binchy book I ve read where I finished it and felt rather unsatisfied I have become accustomed to and a fan of the way she spins a tale, weaves together the details, and above all exercises the patience to do the story justice However, the wheels seemed to come off the story, so to speak, in the middle of the final chapter It felt like she got tired of writing it and wasn t sure how to w [...]

    10. Hannie on said:

      Hoewel dit boek wel iets anders is dan de andere boeken van Maeve Binchy die ik tot nu toe heb gelezen, heb ik er wel van genoten en vind ik het jammer dat het uit is Het boek is iets minder vrolijk dan haar andere Nu zat ik zelf ook in een wat minder vrolijke periode vanwege een overlijden Dus wellicht paste het boek daarom wel bij mijn stemming Het verhaal draait om Elizabeth Je volgt haar leven, dat begint als een jong meisje dat vanwege de Tweede Wereldoorlog naar een gezin in Ierland wordt [...]

    11. Diana on said:

      It s 1940s Hitler is planning his war on England To protect their 10 year old daughter Elizabeth, George White and his wife send her to Kilgarret, Ireland Taken in by her mother s old school friend, Eileen O Connor, her husband Sean, Elizabeth quickly becomes inseparable from their vivacious daughter Aisling It is Aisling who teaches Elizabeth to have faith in life and convinces her that if you light a penny candle at church, your most sacred wish will come true Five years later, Elizabeth retur [...]

    12. Cheryl on said:

      The first time I read a Bnchy novel, I was like, Is this her best novel yet Oh, right This is just one out of many Reading another of her novel has not ruined my expectations of finding her words as moving and her characters as lively and real as those in the first I ve read.Really, it s like, the people in the novel are not mere icons of fiction but they actually seem like you re personally hearing their conversations Every word the characters say is breaking my heart for the innate geniuses th [...]

    13. Maria Elmvang on said:

      Maeve Binchy s debut novel, and unfortunately it really shows She hasn t found her own voice at all, and I kept thinking I was reading a Rosamunde Pilcher novel instead Not that there s anything wrong with RP, I just missed the charm of Maeve Binchy s later books.The thing I love about Maeve Binchy s books is that they re generally speaking comfort reads There are exceptions of course, but as a rule people tend to be in a better place at the end of the book than they were at the beginning That i [...]

    14. Rowena on said:

      This is the story of Elizabeth White and Aisling O Connor Elizabeth is sent to stay with Aisling s family in Ireland during the Blitz in London The two of them grow to be best friends despite of, or perhaps because of the events that occur over the next two decades I can t really explain why I enjoy Maeve Binchy s books so much The writing isn t particularly profound and her plots tend to veer toward extreme soap opera iness However, each and every one of her characters are so well developed and [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      O Maeve BinchyIreland s own Jodi Picoult If you prefer to not think too hard while reading if you are amused by all things Irish or if you ve never experienced the Binchy formula, then you would probably enjoy any number of her books Binchy, like Picoult, is best enjoyed in isolation of any of her other writings I believe this is one of her better books, but I am probably influenced by the fact that it was the first of hers that I read It chronicles a couple of decades of friendship between an I [...]

    16. Sarah on said:

      Light a Penny Candle was one of those novels whose ending wrecked what came before, so I liked it until the ending I liked the characters distinct personalities and lives, and I ve always liked books that change perspective every so often Some parts were told from the point of view of the main character Elizabeth, and others were told from the point of view of her friend, Aisling I don t necessarily recommend this book, but I wouldn t discourage someone from reading it, either, although I would [...]

    17. Cmgodfrey on said:

      I read this book in the Christmas break of 1983 and loved the warmth that flowed from the page IN 1994 I saw Maeve speak here in Melbourne and her warmth and interest in her fellow human is as alive and real as her characters She believes we each have a story that we should write Her stories of her mother and father were truly hilarious She usually publishes a novel every two years and I have them all I reread them when I just feel the need to retreat away with something lovely.

    18. Jennifer Somers on said:

      My opinion of this book is all over the place At times, when I was reading it, I thought it was so engaging and truly excellent However, there were also times toward then end, when I threw the book across the bed, because I was so frustrated with the plot twist It s set mainly in the 1950s, but doesn t really delve into the war Instead it focuses on the friendship of two girls growing up in Ireland and London and also examines their family relationships It made me very grateful I wasn t a woman [...]

    19. Evelyn on said:

      I found the enduring friendship in this story heart warming These two lived in different countries and had their own separate lives, yet when the chips were down, they were there for each other, instantly and with no questions asked What could one ask for

    20. Lisa on said:

      This was my first Maeve Binchy novel and the story was completely lovely until the huge plot twist in the final chapter that made it seem like an entirely different book It was such a strange change in tone that I can t really recommend it, even though I ll still try other titles by this author Weird So weird.

    21. Arlene on said:

      It s been quite a while since I read a Maeve Binchy book I ve forgotten how she describes the beauty of Ireland Such an engrossing read.

    22. Megan Odonoghue on said:

      Evacuated from Blitz battered London, shy and genteel Elizabeth White is sent to stay with the boisterous O Connors in Kilgarret, Ireland It is the beginning of an unshakeable bond between Elizabeth and Aisling O Connor, a friendship that will endure through twenty turbulent years of change and chaos, joy and sorrow, soaring dreams and searing betrayals Through those years of friendship Aisling and Elizabeth wind in and out of each other s lives As they grow, fall in love, through happy times an [...]

    23. Lee Ann on said:

      This book truly captures the essence of friendship and love The characters are real and their experiences are relatable and familiar, especially for any woman who has had a best friend that has been a part of their life through childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood through the good and bad Although the characters, Aisling and Elizabeth, are very very different from each other, they complement each other well and support one another in the most perfect and beautiful way I found myself hopin [...]

    24. Elisha Condie on said:

      In addition to being on a Liane Moriarty spree I ve been mixing it up a little with a Maeve Binchy spree And I ve come to accept that fact that if there is something good to be had I am going to want all of it At once Books or Trader Joe s desserts, it s all the same.I ve loved all the Binchy books I ve read except this one I started out loving it it s about Elizabeth who is sent to live with her mother s school friend in Ireland to get away from the Blitz in London It changes Elizabeth s life a [...]

    25. Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas on said:

      The author, Maeve Binchy, is my new most wonderful discovery Unfortunately she is deceased, but fortunately she wrote some 15 books in her lifetime Light a Penny Candle is a saga of two women who meet as children during WWII when 10 year old Elizabeth is evacuated from London to live in safety with an Irish family, thereby meeting Aisling who becomes a life long friend The author takes us through affairs, marriages and births of children and the characters are so real and endearing, I was depres [...]

    26. Alexis Villery on said:

      Elizabeth and Aisling were childhood friends Where Aisling was bold, Elizabeth was enclosed in a proper shell Later, Aisling s support brought her Elizabeth through the painful end of her parents chilly marriage In return, Elizabeth s friendship helped Aisling endure her own unsatisfying marriage to a raging alcoholic This is a story of two girls growing up, drifting apart, and coming back together It takes us from their childhood to their early thirties While the concept may appear simple, and [...]

    27. Oolookitty on said:

      When my mother handed me this book, I scoffed I didn t read books like this it looked like some kind of wifty romance to me But I was getting on a plane, so, okay, I took it Started reading it as the plane took off from LAX and then, suddenly, we were landing at JFK and I had no idea where the time had gone Thus began my love affair with Maeve Binchy.This book is the story of British Elizabeth and Irish Aisling, who meet when Elizabeth is sent to live in Ireland during the London Blitz The rest [...]

    28. Cb on said:

      I first read this book almost 20 years ago and loved it then as a teenager So when I saw a copy in a second hand bookshop for 1 I had to buy it Often when you return to an old favourite they have somehow shrunk with time but not this MB is like putting on a comfortable cardie on a cold day and reminds me of hours spent reading in an armchair in our house which was tucked away out of site and where I could lose myself in a book for hours on end This was one of her first and although her books are [...]

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