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Quentins By Maeve Binchy Quentins Is it possible to tell the story of a generation and a city through the history of a restaurant Ella Brady thinks so She wants to film a documentary about Quentins that will capture the spirit of Dubl

  • Title: Quentins
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780752849522
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quentins By Maeve Binchy Is it possible to tell the story of a generation and a city through the history of a restaurant Ella Brady thinks so She wants to film a documentary about Quentins that will capture the spirit of Dublin from the 1970s to the present day And Quentins has a thousand stories to tell tales of love, of betrayal, of revenge of times when it looked ready for success and timeIs it possible to tell the story of a generation and a city through the history of a restaurant Ella Brady thinks so She wants to film a documentary about Quentins that will capture the spirit of Dublin from the 1970s to the present day And Quentins has a thousand stories to tell tales of love, of betrayal, of revenge of times when it looked ready for success and times when it seemed as if it must close in failure But as Ella uncovers of what has gone on at Quentins, she begins to wonder whether some secrets should be kept that way With Quentins, Maeve Binchy follows her bestselling Scarlet Feather with a new book that delivers the hallmark storytelling that has kept millions of her readers happy for than twenty years.
    Quentins By Maeve Binchy

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      239 Maeve Binchy

    One thought on “Quentins

    1. Lauren on said:

      I have mixed feelings about this one There is a huge array of characters here, most of which are terrific Unfortunately, though, the one whose story frames the rest is a complete nit If only we could avoid her, this book would be beautiful

    2. Hania on said:

      My first ever BunchyvelI think I m in love.I thought it would be a bit of a light read when i started the ebook, it had me hooked till the last page

    3. Gina on said:

      To be honest, I can t believe I even finished this book The plot and sub plots were merely ok Elle, the protagonist, drove me crazy She was such a baby She just whined and cried until she got what she wanted And for her to think that her love was still in love with her was just a sad joke If he loved her so much why did he up and leave taking every bit of money leaving her penniless I have decided that I have so many books that if I don t like a book by page150 200 I am giving up on it even thou [...]

    4. Nigham on said:

      This book is all about the daily life of a restaurant, Quentin , about its staff and customers And well it was an utterly boring read A guy in his late 70 s, single divorced, living alone would certainly enjoy this read I can t believe, I even finished this book.

    5. Martha☀ on said:

      2.5 stars This month s challenge was to read something light and fluffy by an author you haven t read before Maeve Binchy s Quentins fit the bill on every level Light and Fluffy is not my usual genre, nor will it become so, but I sort of enjoyed my fictional visit to Dublin through Binchy s eyes It passed the time during a few long flights and long layovers this summer.Ella is the perfect child, teenager and adult She has every career option open to her She is liked and admired by everyone She f [...]

    6. Susan Decker on said:

      I can not believe I finished this book The sub plots were okay, but the main plot was almost unbearable Ella, the main character is a disgrace to all women She proved herself to be a weak, vulnerable character, and everyone babied her when she finally got what she deserved I screamed in frustration every time she pulled the He still loves me stunt Come on He fled the country with every penny of savings your family and friends had, Yeah He still loves you, and he s SO worth waiting for The only r [...]

    7. Anne L. on said:

      I ve read other Maeve Binchy books and enjoyed them, so I kept giving this book chances to redeem itself it never did The story revolves around Ella Brady, a seemingly intelligent young woman with certain standards and values, who in chapter two starts doing stupid and illogical things It was incredibly annoying For example spoiler alert , she sees nothing wrong with having an affair with a married man after lambasting her friend for a similar indiscretion and lying to her parents about it, yet [...]

    8. Laurie on said:

      This is my first Maeve Binchy book and I was pretty pleased for the most part I was finally drawn to her because of my affinity for all things Irish There are enough stories and fully fleshed out characters to keep one entertained throughout However, the main character, Ella, does such a disservice to womankind as I have ever met in literature Trust me though, the larger story that unfolds most of which she doesn t appear in is a real gem I definitely would read another Binchy book that stays aw [...]

    9. Lisa on said:

      Another fab book from Maeve Binchy If you love Maeve then you ll love this it has stories from EVERYONE in Dublin lol including loads of characters from other books It s maybe a bit disjointed but it s split into different parts so you can know who s speaking.Yes, it s a bit dated and Maeve had several themes she liked to do in every book so it is pretty repetitive but I don t care about that Pure comfort read.

    10. rachid on said:

      Wonderful characters and Maeve Binchy s inimitable storytelling talent thank you meave to introduce our food to all people around the world I ll make sure Patrick has something from our poor imitation of Moroccan cuisine when you come, she promised we do a nice orange and cinnamon salad with a chicken tajine, but it s not quite exotic enough Probably quite exotic enough for Dublin Quentin laughed you have been away for a long time she said She talked to Patrick about it that night you should hav [...]

    11. Sarah on said:

      Set in contemporary Dublin, Quentins tells the story of Ella Brady, a young woman who has fallen for The Wrong Man The tale is both universal and timeless, but this time around there is the added elements of tax fraud, hiding out in Spain and The Mystery of the Laptop Computer While great parts of this book are highly improbable, unrealistic and unnecessary, this book was a really great read It isn t the main characters that make it work, but the side characters there are many, and some from Bin [...]

    12. Penny on said:

      Lovely story as usual from Maeve Binchy, always a good feel factor.Ella Brady is the perfect child, no bother to her parents, until she meets Don Richardson, who takes her and everyone else he is in contact with for a ride.

    13. Sanja Knezovic on said:

      I prefered her other books I don t know whyThis one just did not have any magic for me.

    14. May on said:

      Just finished reading this for the nth time This is one of the books I take off my shelf and dust off every couple of years I always considered this book as the sequel from Scarlett Feather which I also reread every couple of years for the same reason.Rereading them is like meeting old friends and though we talked about the same old familiar things, we still found them funny, adorable or sad We would laughed at the same jokes, shook our heads at the same stupid stories and moaned at the same peo [...]

    15. Diana on said:

      Is it possible to tell the story of a generation and a city through the history of a restaurant Ella Brady thinks so She wants to film a documentary abuot Quentins that will capture the spirit of Dublin from the 1970s to the present day After all the restaurant saw the people of a city become confident in everything from their lifestyles to the food that they chose to eat And Quentins has a thousand stories to tell tales of love, of betrayal, of revenge, of times when it looked ready for succes [...]

    16. Kim on said:

      At first I did not like Quentins The characters didn t seem to have much depth and the story was a little boring I have a really hard time relating to main characters that enter into extramarital affairs Maybe that was my main issue But then around page 150 it picked up and I started to love hate characters where appropriate I finally began to like and care about the main character, Ella, whom I hated at the beginning of the novel.For the most part I enjoyed the short stories offered between the [...]

    17. Grace J Reviewerlady on said:

      This was a re read for me Like going to reunion with friends, you are no sooner there than you feel as if you ve never been apart I love Maeve Binchy s writing and would heartily recommend her books to readers of contemporary fiction.

    18. Icewineanne on said:

      If you haven t read Scarlet Feather, read that one first, as this is the sequel Fun read 3.5 stars

    19. Candice on said:

      Enjoyable read about a group of friends in Dublin all interacting one way or another through the restaurant Quentins Got a nice sense of the Irish personalities.

    20. Kristy on said:

      Finally finished this book I had so many issues with the main character of the book the ending sigh I would not recommend this book in fact the only reason it s not 1 star is because I reserve those got books I don t finish Others may like it there were parts that were ok but at the end it just seemed pointless to me.

    21. Kelli on said:

      Maeve Binchy makes you feel right at home with her books She burrows in a softness and coziness right as the first chapter opens But while I like this one much better than circle of friends , I do have a hard time with Maeve Binchy s stories For what they are, I think they are too long I love the Irish culture that is written in and the array of characters Except, for a novel, its much to long For short stories, Maeve Binchy would be stellar But its just really difficult for me to keep reading a [...]

    22. Cecelia Hightower on said:

      I picked up this book after Maeve Binchy s death and after hearing that she was considered the JK Rowlingof Ireland Kaylen and Bill were vacationing in Ireland so it seemed like good karma Maeve wrote many books like Debbie Macomber so there were many titles to choose from Quentins sounded interesting a story of generations told through the history of a restaurant this book was not my cup of tea After muddling through girl is swept off her feet by a handsome, rich man that turns out not to be wh [...]

    23. Kathleen Dixon on said:

      How delightful These characters have connections or several of them with the characters in Evening Class, which I read earlier this year It took me a while to click, but I did eventually, even before the really obvious Signora.I ve enjoyed this novel just as much as I enjoyed the other I love her people and I love the way she winds their stories around This one revolves round a busy restaurant called Quentins, bringing our key character, Ella Brady, into its environs really beautifully as a chil [...]

    24. J on said:

      This book killed my unqualified love of Binchy books.Stopped reading at page 37, the story was going the way of Circle of Friends Ella is the good one because she has only slept with a few men by her early 20 s and she begins a major romance with a married man Her parents have a disfunctional relationship with her and each other and offer no moral guidance Her best friend constantly has one night stands Becoming a nun referenced as the worst thing that could happen to a woman no sex This book do [...]

    25. Beth on said:

      Typically Binchy For the most part, I ve always liked her stories I love that there are always so many characters to follow, and I like how their storylines are woven together Quentins was no different it was also nice to see names pop up from some of her other books Tara Road, Scarlet Feather That being said this was definitely her most predictable novel, and there were a lot of aspects that I just didn t think were believable Oh, and the last 5 sentences of the book were some of the cheesiest [...]

    26. Autumn Doughton on said:

      This book was okay Just okay It was the first Maeve Binchy novel that I ve read since Circle of Friends back when I was in high school Maeve Binchy has a huge fan base and I can see why the two books that I ve read are entertaining, sweet, happy ending books perfect for cozying up to a fire with But, honestly, I never felt that the main character, Ella Brady, was very REAL I just didn t connect to her in a human way so the book only made it surface deep for me if that makes any sense.

    27. Julia on said:

      It s a sequel to three of Maeve s books without really being a sequel at all It also serves as a prologue to the formation of the best restaurant in Maeve Binchy s Dublin.Pros True to Maeve, it was an absolute joy to read Cons I wanted less Ella, and stories I honestly didn t care much for any of the new main characters I wanted Brenda, I wanted backstories, to see how Quentins affected people That being said, I still loved it.

    28. Barb Lawrence on said:

      The audiobook is fantastic lots of lovely brogues It s a unique way of telling a story characters are introduced separately, then they come together I really enjoyed it, as it s a little slice of life I wish it would have continued on.

    29. Sandy on said:

      Love Maeve Binchy s style of story telling, have now read this book 4 times and still love it

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