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Iceberg By Clive Cussler Iceberg Frozen inside a million ton mass of ice the charred remains of a long missing luxury yacht vanished en route to a secret White House rendezvous The only clue to the ship s priceless and missing cargo

  • Title: Iceberg
  • Author: Clive Cussler
  • ISBN: 9780425197387
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Iceberg By Clive Cussler Frozen inside a million ton mass of ice the charred remains of a long missing luxury yacht, vanished en route to a secret White House rendezvous The only clue to the ship s priceless and missing cargo nine ornately carved rings and the horribly burned bodies of its crew.
    Iceberg By Clive Cussler

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      194 Clive Cussler

    One thought on “Iceberg

    1. Josh on said:

      That Clive Cussler is the greatest homophobic, perverse, women loathing writer of our time

    2. Graham on said:

      dirk pitt books are my guilty pleasure terribly written, totally unbelievable, but non stop action This however pushes me over the edge A totally nonsense, aimless story, even for me the blatant sexism and homophobia dirk pitt spends half the book pretending to be gay by mincing around in Danny la rue outfits is a bridge too far My guilty pleasure may be at an end after at least 10 books Sad.

    3. Bob Milne on said:

      With my reading habits thrown off by a broken e reader, I ve been forced to delve into the towering stacks of paperbacks that clutter my shelves It s not nearly as convenient, and has certainly put me a bit behind with those titles I ve been sent for review, but it s kind of nice to catch up on some of my pleasure reading That s not to say the arrival of a replacement e reader wouldn t be a HUGE relief, but I m coping.Plucked from the dusty depths this weekend was Iceberg, a very early Dirk Pitt [...]

    4. Anna on said:

      So far I have not found even one Cussler book I haven t liked.Just perfect for any grown up fan of the Hardy Boys, with a hero that s a hint of James Bond action, adventure, exotic locations, good food and drinks and women and with a lot of science all over While this book isn t my most favorite of the series, it was still fun This one was first published in 1975 Everyone not having a mobile phone around them all the time is one thing that was different, and another that seems to generate a lot [...]

    5. Daniel on said:

      Easily the worst Cussler novel Homophobic, misogynistic, and just plain awful Reading this came as a shock after having read so many of his later books I d really recommend giving this a pass It s just not worth suffering through.

    6. Ashley Arthur on said:

      Cussler s books in the Dirk Pitt series tend to be either a hit or a miss with me This is the second book in the series, and it wasn t my favorite, but I enjoyed it The pace is quick, with lots of chase scenes and close encounters Many reviewers will complain that the plot is not believable I would remind them that, in the same way that you don t watch a James Bond movie to see something realistic, you don t pick up a Dirk Pitt book expecting a predictable storyline You have to suspend disbelief [...]

    7. Michael on said:

      There are some books you read for their great literary merits And then there are some you read just to have a good time and not think too much about them.So far, it appears Clive Cussler novels fit into the latter category Iceberg appears to be no exception Dirk Pitt is back, this time racing against time to find a ship frozen inside an iceberg Before you know it, there s a far reaching conspiracy and Pitt is firmly at the center of unraveling it I ve heard the first two Pitt books are to this s [...]

    8. James Hayward on said:

      Really enjoyed reading this I like the character Dirk Pitt tough cookie and a bit of a womanizer This book has a very interesting and surprising twist with one of the characters at the end of the book in the epilogue Got to check see if the next book in the series is available from the library.

    9. Mark Harrison on said:

      Mysterious ship locked within an iceberg and Dirk Pitt is off to Iceland tracking down tyrannical killers plotting a major coup Lots of very good action and a great fight at the end in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with our hero dressed as the Big Bad Wolf Big improvement on previous books but the depiction of women characters is dreadful still getting there bums slapped and being told to stop crying all the time He does not write women like that in the Isaac Bell series and it takes away fr [...]

    10. Carl on said:

      I ve been a huge fan of Clive Cussler for years I probably started reading him in the early 90 s and kept going up until he franchised his name and stopped doing the writing I thought I d go back and re read Iceberg, as I love the Dirk Pitt series and I hadn t read the early ones in ages I was stunned at how poorly the book holds up It s early in the Pitt series so I knew that Pitt would be a little rougher and the other characters not as developed as I was used to, but I was surprised at the sh [...]

    11. Greg Strandberg on said:

      I thought this was a great Cussler novel This is probably the first where you really start to see some of the outrageous plots start The whole series is great and I personally think you can t go wrong with a good Dirk Pitt novel.

    12. Mike Crate on said:

      Iceberg is perhaps the first of the Dirk Pitt novels that feels like it s built on a solid foundation, that s not to say the first two are weak but they feel in comparison less complex and structured Iceberg once again provides the reader with an adventure undertaken by Dirk Pitt, this time pulled off a beach to ferry a NUMA scientist to investigate a mysterious ship locked within an iceberg It turns out that NUMA are just one organisation trying to obtain a revolutionary mineral probe designed [...]

    13. Christina on said:

      A fun read A great quick action tale Easy to like the main character and all of his friends The writing was clear and easy to follow I enjoyed my first Dirk Pitt novel, but I don t need to rush out for the next one.

    14. 3omar on said:

      The main characters in the story are Dirk Pitt and he s the hero Dr Bill Hunwell helps Pitt in he s mission Admiral James Sandecker and has the one that assigns Pitt to this mission.Krisiti Fyre sister of the guy they were looking for but in the end she holds a big secret.The story starts out when a coast guard finds a ship stuck inside an iceberg so they report it back to base and they mark it by red dye Admiral Sandecker gives Pitt and dr Hunnwell the job to research the ship On the way they t [...]

    15. Doughgirl5562 on said:

      I m very torn about Clive Cussler and his books When I started listening to audios about ten years ago, I started with Cussler s recent adventure novels and loved them His hero, Dirk Pitt, is pretty macho, but in a charming way And Cussler writes great stories with a sense of history and fantasy My favorite has been Saraha, with its tie in to the Civil War I also thoroughly enjoyed The Sea Hunters, which is the non fiction book he wrote about his hobby of hunting for old shipwrecks That book wa [...]

    16. Jo on said:

      Although Mr Cussler s writing has gotten better in each book, ICEBURG is my favorite When it first came out, I was in my late teens and had just been to Disneyland s Pirates of the Carribean ride, so I guess that is what made me identify with the book first, but I also love the ending where Pitt exacts revenge or Justice on Rondheim for all of the people he hurt or killed I know it s not necessarily the right thing to have done, but I as the reader wanted Pitt to do it, and he did I have read th [...]

    17. Amanda on said:

      The plot of this thriller was good, I was engaged and curious to find out what happened It was a nice blend of action and mystery The downfall of this book was the way Cussler depicted woman I am not sure if this was intentional or not, but the woman in his book were appalling They are weak, unintelligent, and all around pathetic The way the men treated the woman in the book was also appalling, there was no respect Dirk himself is a misogynist but I can write that off as part of his character, b [...]

    18. John Shumway on said:

      This is the same comment for all the Dirk Pitt books Great set of books, I had to stagger these books into my reading rotation since they are so similar Dirk Series Book in less then 50 words introduction to bad guy, introduction to hot chick, introduction to Dirk, Dirk gets in impossible dangerous situations to stop the bad guy, Dirk wins, Dirk gets the hot chick.

    19. Peter Charleston on said:

      Dirk Pitt does a fine job as he stumbles through numerous near death adventures An enjoyable read.

    20. Elizabeth on said:

      I never get tired of reading books by Clive Cuddler, no matter how long it s been since I ve read it,

    21. Roopkumar Balachandran on said:

      My Sixth outing with Dirk Pitt adventuresUnited States Coast Guard plane on a routine survey mission for icebergs notices an abnormal iceberg with a ship imbedded They mark the iceberg with a red dye NUMA sends Dirk Pitt and Dr.Hunnewell to survey They find out that the ship inside the iceberg is the lost ship, Lax owned by Fyrie.Admiral Sandecker reveals that Kristjan Fyrie s scientist have successfully designed and constructed a nuclear undersea probe that could identify fifteen to twenty diff [...]

    22. Bob on said:

      Story wise, this was a very over the top Bond villan style plot It was far fetched and the story just didn t really feel very tight there were tons of leaps in the plot that got told to you instead of showing you some of the clues for you to try to figure out on your own It was still a fun read for the story.On the social aspects, Iceberg is slightly better in its portrayal of women compared to Mediterranean Caper , but it s still not terrific They re still basically disposible playthings for Pi [...]

    23. Mevlüt Ceylan on said:

      Buz da n n sadece g r nen k sm bu AHAHAHAHAHAHBir kli edir bu s z Ama siz g lmediniz muhtemelen Neyse d nelim kitaba Tamam buz da n n g r nmeyen k sm vard r biliyoruz ama bu g r nmeyen k s m n onun i i olabilece i akl m za gelmezdi Clive amca bize bunu g steriyor i te ini yani Ne var i inde Bir gemi.Clive Cussler varsa tabi ki k ede bir yerlerde bir gemi muhakkak vard r Sonra bir gizem Ve k t adamlar Buz da n n i inde ke fedilen bir gemi bizi farkl maceralara s r kl yor Olay de i iyor Sonra tekr [...]

    24. Geoff Battle on said:

      This early Cussler novel is certainly light on real story The plot is driven by volumes of narrative which describes the plot and it used as a vehicle to progress it This is lazy writing, and fortunately Cussler gets better as the Dirk Pitt novels progress The characters are also somewhat shallow, which adds to the overall simplicity of the writing The final issue is that there are some leaps of faith required in terms of character s behaviours throughout the book However, the intrigue and Pitt [...]

    25. Nick on said:

      The second published Dirk Pitt novel was a fascinating read This is also my second Clive Cussler novel and I don t foresee myself slowing up Pitt tries to locate a missing yacht in the North Atlantic and it turns up being found encased in an iceberg That mystery is solved within the first few chapters and a massive web of conspiracy is spun until the very end My only complaint is how easily Pitt thought of exactly what the enemy was thinking and planning Some of it was so far fetched, but Pitt s [...]

    26. Tim Seabrook on said:

      This book quickly follows on the heels of book 2, The Mediteranean Caper and has Pitt being flung in the deep end straight away, helicopter battles, trapped in the wilderness of Iceland and a corporate ring with loads of villains thrown in.Clive Cussler doesn t fail to entertain again, the action is fast paced with a few breathers to give you a chance to assimilate what has happened before the next chase or set of events A nice couple of extra twists in the story just to keep you off balance and [...]

    27. William on said:

      I have enjoyed reading the Dirk Pitt series but was pleased that I didn t read them in series order Iceberg certainly has a complex plot with twists and turns and in all honesty somewhat rather too much of a stretch corporate takeover of Latin America the absence of Al, Dirks right hand man and for some reason a strong homophobic and sexist approach to women, doesn t make for an overall read that is enjoyable I won t be re reading or recommending this, but am pleased that CC sorted his style out [...]

    28. Ollie James on said:

      My first experience with Clive Cussler and it won t be my last A Bond esque adventure with the hero Major Pitt investigating a ship buried in an iceberg that takes him from Iceland to Disneyland I was hooked through out and though its view on the topics of homosexuality and feminism has not aged well with many books of that era and the writing wasn t A Quality it was still a highly entertaining read, can t wait to continue my adventures in the Cussler collection.

    29. Stefano Menchetti on said:

      Classico romanzo d avventura con protagonista il buon Dirk Pitt che, tra i ghiacciai dell Artico e la splendida Islanda, dovr scoprire il mistero che ha serrato all interno di un iceberg una nave con tutto il suo equipaggio Un classico di C.Cussler, piacevole ma niente di pi.

    30. Ken on said:

      It s important to remember that this book was written in the 70 s and was the second Dirk Pitt novel to be published, so the attitudes are slightly jarring to a modern audience and the series is still in its infancy.That aside, I found this to be a entertaining read.

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