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Michelle & Debra

Michelle & Debra By Jack Weyland Michelle Debra Michelle and Debra Mormons and best friends see their lives diverging at the end of their teen years as Michelle meets and decides to marry a boy who follows the standards of their church while Deb

  • Title: Michelle & Debra
  • Author: Jack Weyland
  • ISBN: 9780875793696
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Michelle & Debra By Jack Weyland Michelle and Debra, Mormons and best friends, see their lives diverging at the end of their teen years, as Michelle meets and decides to marry a boy who follows the standards of their church while Debra must deal with the many times she has violated its teachings on chastity.
    Michelle & Debra By Jack Weyland

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      145 Jack Weyland

    One thought on “Michelle & Debra

    1. Katie on said:

      I really, really did not like this book It was intended to teach youth about the importance of staying morally clean by contrasting a good girl with a rough girl Well, turns out the rough girl has a lot interesting life than the good girl The good girl essentially doesn t go out with anyone until she meets the man she marries She s never tempted once because she never goes anywhere What kind of example is that That said, I probably would have loved this book when I was a teenager So maybe that [...]

    2. Danessa on said:

      Another one read as a teen Once again, so heavy handed Don t have sex before marriage If you do, it will ruin your life and every hope for positive future relationships However, if you wait, life will be perfect Blah blah.

    3. Melanie K. 5 King on said:

      Michelle and Debra written by Jack Weyland Michelle and Debra have been friends since before they can remember Michelle is the type of girl that follows directions first time given, and is very obedient Debra on the other hand, is a wild girl who likes to push the boundaries and is constantly in trouble While Michelle is mostly able to control her friend, some of Debra s personality is starting to rub off on her They both made decisions at young ages that changed their lives As the teen years ca [...]

    4. Annee on said:

      Well, that took awhile to read My health, tumblr, and a slow book are my reasons for that Honestly, I didn t get very interested in this book until Shane and Michelle met This book did teach some very important things that people in the church often question Normally, I enjoy books where the perspective changes, but I didn t like it in this book because the time also skipped and changed in a very confusing way for me Also since the book was in third person, changing people to focus on doesn t he [...]

    5. Heather on said:

      I have an appreciation for Weyland s novels They bring gospel principles to the forefront In this book, Debra struggles with the law of chasity before marriage I feel it is books like this one that could be gentle teachers for the youth in the LDS church Weyland does a nice job examining the pros and cons of virtuous decisions He leads the reader to form their own opinions I recommend this for the youth, as an alternative to a sermon from church leaders and parents I believe as a teenager, I wou [...]

    6. Elizabeth Crawford on said:

      I read this when I was 12 I loved it and wanted to be just like Michelle It was a little shocking at my age what the subject was, but I d already heard in school by then and some of the kids were sexually active so in that sense it wasn t new.And in real life as I grew up I saw this plot played out amongst people I knew So it isn t unrealistic.It can be a little dated no cell phones and internet and such but I think it still holds up well.

    7. Elsha on said:

      I read this as a young teenager and recall being completely traumatized and scarred for life in a good way I can remember coming upstairs one night from reading it in tears and sobbing to my mom about how I NEVER wanted to do drugs My mom said I didn t have to finish the book if it was upsetting me that bad There was no way I could not finish the book and skip on that feeling of closure Best anti drug alcohol prevention I could have ever hadd I willingly inflicted it upon myself.

    8. Meg on said:

      This book really made me think about what it means to be mormon, and what my plans for the future are Deborah was not even close to a good role model I loved how happy Michelle was, and the last scene was my favorite Note Does have some sexual content, not recomended for anyone under the age of 10 I was surprised my mom let me read it It got too hot one night, and I couldn t fall back to sleep, so I picked up this book and finished it in approxamitely 2 1 2 hours, starting at 2 AM.

    9. Dad on said:

      This was a book that I read then decided to give it to my two teenaged daughters It talks about standards and some of the happenings of dating girls that are teens It tries to build good behavior and I felt could give some insight to my daughters Jack Weyland is a very good author My daughters talked of these books I gave them in a humorous way I think they appreciated it but cautiously.

    10. Connie Williams on said:

      As I started reading this book I could tell that it was written for a younger audience but I kept reading it in anticipation of having my children reading it when they are 15 or so I thought it did a good job of demonstrating what happens when we cling to obedience in the gospel versus try to live on the edge and ultimately fall.

    11. Keira on said:

      My grandma bought me this book when I was about 12 It was my first Jack Weyland book and made such an impression on me as a young girl This book began my love of Jack Weyland I can t wait for my daughter to read his books and I hope that she will find the same strength that I did through these fictional stories that deal with real life situations.

    12. Brittany on said:

      I received this as a birthday gift when I was a teenager At that young age I was a little shocked and embarrassed about the subject matter chastity , but evidently so was my mom, so it was good to get some discussion about the topic from SOMEPLACE I went on to read several books by the same author, each about a different gospel standards topic.

    13. Alysia on said:

      I loved reading Jack Weyland novels when I was a teenager I particularly remember this one as being influential to me in my decisions of how I wanted to live my life He is not the best writer in the world, but his books were fun and uplifting and I always enjoyed them.

    14. Steph on said:

      I remember reading this book as a teenager because my mom bought it for me I had a friend that this book reminded me of and it made me realize the effect of good friends in my life and in making good decisions.

    15. Heidi-Marie on said:

      My 3rd and possibly favorite Weyland Perhas because it showed the two girls and how their different decisions had such different consequences It was also nice to see the guy s side of growing up and making good or bad decisions But this one definitely destroyed BYU reality for me Not good.

    16. Wachlin007 Hotmail on said:

      This book is about two friends who are Latter day Saints One follows her beliefs, one does not at first but eventually does and they live happily ever after Not really my cup of tea but I read it anyway.

    17. Leslie Lamb on said:

      One of the books Kasia and I went walking and reading with.

    18. Julianne Brewer on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book when I was a teenager It really made a difference in my life at that time.

    19. Summer Davis on said:

      Great book for teenage girls I read this book in 8th grade.

    20. Heidi on said:

      I read it with my daughter and it was good to way to talk about life s choices I thought it was a good book to share with my daughter She said she d give it a 3 or 4 out of five.

    21. Lynzee Buck on said:

      I was going to rate this better until I read the last, super cheesy, over the top, people never act that way, chapter.

    22. on said:

      Cute, fun, and fast read lds fiction novel Shows the lives of two girls and the different choices they make Weyland shows us the consequences of making positive and negative choices.

    23. Denise on said:

      It was your typical LDS book cheesy Easy read, I didn t have to really pay attention to it.

    24. Hilary on said:

      I know I read this in high school Can t remember much about it May have to read it again.

    25. Lisa on said:

      a book about best friends who want to be chaste but find it hard because they are such great friends and their feelings are so deep.

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