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Stephanie By Jack Weyland Stephanie Reluctant to admit her addiction to alcohol and drugs sixteen year old Stephanie finds it impossible to give up drinking and pills until she faces her problems in a hospital treatment program

  • Title: Stephanie
  • Author: Jack Weyland
  • ISBN: 9780875792033
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stephanie By Jack Weyland Reluctant to admit her addiction to alcohol and drugs, sixteen year old Stephanie finds it impossible to give up drinking and pills until she faces her problems in a hospital treatment program.
    Stephanie By Jack Weyland

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      311 Jack Weyland

    One thought on “Stephanie

    1. Melanie K. 5 King on said:

      Stephanie by Jack Weyland is a book that tells about a rebellious young girl who finds how bad drugs and alcohol can be Stephanie is a beautiful sixteen year old Mormon girl but Stephanie is living a double life She is obedient, kind, and a good student in front of her parents Stephanie s other life must be kept a secret She drinks and parties with her friends and sometimes skips school to drink and use drugs Stephanie must learn that what she s been doing is slowly killing her, hopefully she wi [...]

    2. Emily on said:

      I thought that this book had a good moral I did not really connect to this book because i am not doing drugs and i don t have to go through rehab I think that all teens should read this so they know the trouble they could get into and know that it is not easy to get back your life after you do try drugs I thought it interesting that no one caught her for at least 4 or 5 years I think that she would have been caught smoking pot in her house years before.

    3. Alyssa on said:

      Stephanie is a good kid she always gets straight A s and she is really good at listening to her mom and dad Until she took the first drink, she went from being a good listener to a good liar she lied to her parents all the time She went to parties when her mom and dad thought she was at a friends watching TV She was the reason her life went from normal to upside down, and there was only one way to fix it, rehab.Stephanie turned into this goofy drunk person who only wanted to party She was always [...]

    4. Lynette ~ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time ~ on said:

      I love how all of Jack Weyland s books have a moral, a serious issue that they specifically address Many authors write to tell a story, and if they get a few morals in as well great But Brother Weyland is different He writes to bring a serious issue to light, and to address and help to solve that issue, while still telling an amazing and enthralling story In Stephanie that issue is drug alcohol abuse and addiction, and it was fantastically written A full review is to come, so let it suffice for [...]

    5. Alysha Speer on said:

      This book is a good story to read if you know someone who has been on drugs, or was Or if you were or are.It s spiritual in places, and very hard to stop reading.I was up late reading it than one night Stephanie starts drinking when she s 12, then becomes a heavy drinker, and all the while lying to her parents, and still going to church Later she starts in crack and other drugs, and becomes a drug dealer herself.Then her parents send her to a drug use place, and she stops using drugs.Except she [...]

    6. Stephanne Stacey on said:

      Again, I read this when I was the target group, but I do remember that I like it a great deal because she isn t the normal Mormon Neither was I Not that I m admitting to having these same problems, but that I didn t feel that I fit in and Stephanie helped me in that aspect Same as Charly did in another of Jack Weyland s books.There is still the great flaw in writing where the characters are missing individuality They are seem to have the same voice, but say different things Unless you are famili [...]

    7. Megan Alton on said:

      A few years ago my dad said he thought every teenage girl should read this book, I was surprised because my dad doesn t really read I finally got around to it and I find that I agree with him While this book is somewhat dated now, I did find it realistic and eye opening I feel it could be a useful tool for parents will My only complaint is that it seemed to lack some emotion especially since it deals with a girl going through such a big struggle.

    8. Greg on said:

      An OK attempt to draw attention to the very real challenges of a family member with drug or alcohol addictions, but really should be read for its entertainment value There is little of any real substance in it that might be of actual help to someone, and the characters are written without much depth Nonetheless, it may serve to raise awareness, and to prompt discussion in LDS families, and for that reason alone it is worth reading.

    9. Danessa on said:

      Ugh Don t do drugs or your life will be terrible There Now you have read the book So Heavy Handed I am all about books that teach moral truths, and encourage positive lifestyle choices I have a drug addicted brother, believe me I understand However, this felt so much like a lecture I hated it.

    10. Marcie on said:

      I was so bored when I read this book I m surprised I even finished it with the small attention span I had at 13 Stephanie wasn t a very relatable character In retrospect I don t think Jack has a clue what it s like to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, only what it s like to be on the outside of addiction so he struggled to give the main character any real personality.

    11. Kendyl on said:

      This book taught me a lot about self respect and confidence Stephanie is a girl who gets into drugs and has to go to a rehab center and eventually stops with the drugs then she starts to go to church and learns about the gosple and finds a boy and learns from him and teaches him about the gosple.

    12. Chelsea on said:

      Jack Weyland is known for writing books on subjects that some teens may feel uncomfortable talking to their parents or adults about, especially when it comes to admitting they have done something wrong This is just another example of one of those books, and it gives an understanding perspective to those who struggle with addictions, and how they may be able to overcome them.

    13. Heidi-Marie on said:

      I felt this was one of Weyland s darker books, at least because of the subject matter While reading it, I felt so weighed down and hopeless concerning the characters and their trials Certainly a lesson in never getting involved with that part of life.

    14. Siera on said:

      I loved this book I loved that no one gives up on Stephanie except for the people who were encouraging her to do the bad things in the first place A wonderful, realistic story of healing and overcoming your past.

    15. Christy on said:

      I loved this book when I first read it as a teenager I felt a kinship with the main character and I actually tried to get my parents to read it in the hopes that maybe they would understand what I was going through a little better

    16. Jerica on said:

      This book is about an LDS girl that is going behind her parents back by doing all kinds of bad drugs and drinks She has been dating a guy that is now interested in her religion She ends up in a rehab This is an LDS romance fiction.

    17. Sheralyn on said:

      I read this one as a young woman I remember at the time that I was willing to pick up anything that would not be depressing, my book options were minimal I am not willing to post my opinion since I was pretty mindless until High School.

    18. Pam on said:

      This was a fabulous book about a teenage girl who had rebelled against the teachings of the church and her parents It tells of her struggles through drug addiction and her return to the church This was an eye opener on what it takes to come back to the church after making mistakes in life.

    19. Maddie.Spendlove on said:

      This is a way good book because it teaches how desperate teenagers can get when they get into the bad crowd, and get hooked on drugs and many other bad notie things It made me see what NOT to do, so i can stay off the path of badness D

    20. Dawnetta on said:

      Most Weyland books tend to be written to the purpose of some teen hardship Because of this he usually deals with very real and very hard topics for teens Teens need these issues discussed, some earlier then others Stephanie deals with alcohol and drugs.

    21. Kay on said:

      It was hard for me to finish this book but once i got to the end i flat that reading Stephanie was a great remember there is always a chance for EVERYONE and to keep on hoping for the best no mater how dark life may get some one I know or for me.

    22. Mandy on said:

      I am writing one review for all of the Jack Weyland reviews Good church books for teenage girls I am sure they are totally out dated now and most girls today would laugh at these stories BUt I loved these romantic stories that incorporated the gospel.

    23. Heather on said:

      I enjoyed reading about the parental challenges in this book and the coping strategies of dealing with a child s addictions.

    24. Nellie on said:

      It was definately Weyland style I was glad for a happy ending, but it was very abrupt I don t read for reality, and Weyland is all about real life, but I like a little fairy tale.

    25. Maurisa Walker on said:

      I have read this book so much that the pages are falling apart

    26. Dawn Wells on said:

      Book was just okay But the use of coping strategies in all aspects of life are good to learn.

    27. Melissa Thomson on said:

      This was my first Jack Weyland book I read as a teenager I loved his books.

    28. Marissa on said:

      This was my favorite book for the longest time I m not sure what I find so captivating about it, but I own it and out of all of Jack Weyland s books s my favorite.

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