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Forests of the Night

Forests of the Night By S. Andrew Swann Forests of the Night Set in Cleveland years in the future this debut novel is the story of Nohar Rajasthan Private Eye who s a au descended from genetically manipulated tiger stock When Nohar is hired by a being il

  • Title: Forests of the Night
  • Author: S. Andrew Swann
  • ISBN: 9780886775650
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forests of the Night By S. Andrew Swann Set in Cleveland 100 years in the future, this debut novel is the story of Nohar Rajasthan, Private Eye, who s a au descended from genetically manipulated tiger stock When Nohar is hired by a being illegally created from human stock to look into a murder, he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy of awesome proportions.
    Forests of the Night By S. Andrew Swann

    • Forests of the Night Best Read || [S. Andrew Swann]
      399 S. Andrew Swann

    One thought on “Forests of the Night

    1. David Cowan on said:

      S.A Swann s first novel the beginning of a thematic trilogy is set in a by now near future America It s a 1990s cyberpunk ish future, actually, where future tech is still wired and location based, the nation s cities are in decline, and a world war involving nuclear weapons don t necessarily mean the end of civilization as we know it Japan and India are wastelands now, and the soldiers who were genetically engineered to fight in these wars have settled into an uneasy peace time where they re sec [...]

    2. Alan on said:

      Like many genre authors Swann appears to have wanted to take a swipe at a Chandleresque mystery The initial problems with that are he does not have Chandler s way with words, or the ability to make his characters sound witty At the same time a relatively complex mystery does not hit its stride until about 2 3rds of the through the title.This is not a bad read, and I think Swann would have better served his reader if some of the small exposition dumps about this world had been spread evenly thro [...]

    3. LadyCroft86 on said:

      I enjoyed this different style of private detective story in a unique setting The sci fi take of the story is subtle but it doesn t take away from the story There are unique creatures, ys and franks to be unique and keep things very interesting.Nohar is an interesting character, being a tiger y with a spotty background He meets up with other characters along the way, Angel the bunny y and Stephie the human As well as an FBI agent who is also a frank The characters were very interesting if not ve [...]

    4. Candace | Evianrei on said:

      Picked up this book when my husband recommended it Absolutely loved it The writing created a gritty, however futuristic world I loved it I m actually going to start reading the next book right now Forests of the Night tells the story of Nohar a humanoid tiger stock anthropomorphic creature, typically referred to as a au leading his run down life until he is given the dangerous job of investigating a human murder The struggle of species rights creates barriers for Nohar and his au friends, as wel [...]

    5. Sean Silva on said:

      It may not be a fandom book, but Forests of the Night by S Andrew Swann is a great read for any fan of anthropomorphic characters The first novel in his Moreau series, it s the story of Nohar Rajasthan, a genetically engineered human tiger hybrid working as a private investigator But when he is asked to look into the murder of a congressman s campaign manager, Nohar is thrust into the human world he has spent so many years trying to avoid Before long, he is faced with dangers from both sides, in [...]

    6. Kyle on said:

      I loved this book when I discovered it at, of all places, my scout troop s garage sale The premise is admittedly unusual the world is populated with humans and genetically engineered animals with human like intellects The main character is a tiger private investigator, his friend is a mongoose surgeon and another pivotal character is a rabbit gangbanger The cover alone is enoough to grab your attention and say, what the Nevertheless, it s a good story and Swann paints a very rich picture of his [...]

    7. Timothy Pitkin on said:

      The book had a great world but it just didn t know where to focus the story on The racial message, the sins of the father story, the murder mystery, the political stuff, the inner beast story, the racial romance, or the romance crisis It has all of these plot lines and it never chooses one and it does get a annoying and the story would have been much better if they chose only a few of the arcs to focus on instead of juggling all of the Great world but not the greatest execution.

    8. Kevin on said:

      If any picture is truly worth a thousand words, it must be that cover, with a hot girl and a tiger holding a shotgun.This was kind of fun, though even when I read it the writing did seem very dry I guess livelier writing might make the reader ask why someone would genetically engineer Siberian tiger soldiers Or rat workers Or bunny rabbit junkies.Maybe I ll reread this someday But its worrying how I can t recall the plots of the other books in the series So maybe not.

    9. Eran on said:

      Probably the thing I like the most about this book is anthropomorphised animals as characters but in an adult manner, a bit reminiscent to childish cartoons but without being childish about it.The book starts off in a film noir style, about half way through gets into gear of an action type plot, and ends with proper sci fi aliens and conspiracy Non of it feels great or amazing, but it all feels well done and enjoyable.

    10. Joerg Grau on said:

      The book that started the excellent Moreau series Absolutely first rate, near future detective noir with a twist And a tailt to be missed The Moreau series is one of my favorite SF series of all time The only one that rivals it is the Expanse by James S.A Corey, and the Carlucci series by Richard Paul Russo.Highly recommended

    11. Jay Sprenkle on said:

      A great little book with enough twist to it that I didn t guess the solution until very nearly the end The author keeps the plot moving, creates an interesting world, and has characters I can sympathise with If you like unusual detective mashup novels I highly recommend this one.

    12. Brian Mccamey on said:

      good book review from memory,as I was just reminded of it very intriguing enough so that i am going to read the series again

    13. Michael Kerwin on said:

      Bio engineered Moreaus , Franks , and corporate and political conspiracies, what s not to like

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