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Turtle Moon

Turtle Moon By Alice Hoffman Turtle Moon When teenager Keith Rosen runs away from his Florida home inexplicably taking along a motherless baby his divorced mother is perplexed and terrified she takes off on her own journey to find him Turtle

  • Title: Turtle Moon
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780099429166
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Turtle Moon By Alice Hoffman When teenager Keith Rosen runs away from his Florida home inexplicably taking along a motherless baby his divorced mother is perplexed and terrified she takes off on her own journey to find him Turtle Moon follows their path in a suspenseful, beautifully written story that confirms once again the exquisite talent of Alice Hoffman.
    Turtle Moon By Alice Hoffman

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      300 Alice Hoffman

    One thought on “Turtle Moon

    1. elissa on said:

      The first Hoffman book that I ever read it was recommended to me by another librarian Karlan Sick It started me on a frenzy of reading her books I read everything of hers that had been published up to then, and I ve read most of her books since She s one of my very favorite authors.

    2. Rick Bylina on said:

      It took ten years, but I finally finished Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman, an off beat magical, romantic, mystery journey that several characters embark on after a runaway wife is murdered and her baby taken Some reviewers called this novel suspenseful and thrilling, but its beat sways to the lazy, hot weather in Verity, Florida, where emotions drip like the sap from a gumbo tree and relationships are as messy as the squashed turtles on the road in May One must wade through a muddled beginning, but [...]

    3. Emily on said:

      I bought this book today for a long subway ride to Morningside Heights I thought I d read a chapter or two I finished it a few minutes ago I tried to do other things but I just couldn t put this book down Like a lot of Alice Hoffman s work, it has a magical realistic touch And unlike a lot of magical realism, it feels very realistic its details evocative of a real life somewhere Yet, there is still magic I think this is why I love Alice Hoffman s work She creates worlds where magic is entirely c [...]

    4. Jane Stewart on said:

      I loved the unique and odd characters I hated the ending which left me grieving for daysORY BRIEF Karen is divorced with a baby She is on the run from her ex husband and moves to Verity, Florida Twelve year old Keith is the meanest boy in town and lives with his divorced mother Lucy Julian is a policeman who uses dogs for police work Julian rarely uses words and believes that bees and mosquitoes don t sting or bite him because he is too ugly There is a murder Keith runs off and may be a witnessV [...]

    5. Heidi Larew on said:

      I often pick a favorite quotation from a book and keep it in my own personal list of books I ve read Here s my favorite from this one The book was written poetically and had a sad and accepting feel to it He was waiting to see if his mother would come back for him, even after it became clear that she never would With every night he spent at the window, his heart closed up a little , and it would have stayed that way if Bobby hadn t come looking for him He remembers exactly the way it felt, sitti [...]

    6. ~☆~Autumn♥♥ on said:

      I don t think I finished this as she just rambled on and on and on the strangest most pointless fashion A couple of her books are excellent but this is NOT one of them I got very bored.

    7. Melanti on said:

      I really do like Alice Hoffman, I promise But for some reason the last 3 or 4 books I ve read by her were all rather flawed The writing style is there, but the plots are not This particular book seems really lacking in solid motivations Why did Keith take the infant Why did the police let Keith s mother investigate How likely is it that Keith s mother and the infant s mother would have come from the same area of the country and that the infant s mother would have admitted to that And what commer [...]

    8. Davis Aujourd'hui on said:

      Take another journey into the heart That is what all of Alice Hoffman s books will do for you She is an old soul who knows how to spin a fantastic tale ripe with the beingness of the human experience This book is no exception.Turtle Moon was actually the first of her books which I read I became an avid fan following this first experience Ms Hoffman delves into the richness of human relationships while exploring the mystical dimensions which we can all experience if we open ourselves to them This [...]

    9. Michele Harrod on said:

      This was my first Alice Hoffman novel and she immediately became my absolute favourite author I can only describe Alice s writing as poetry in the novel form I often have to stop at the end of a sentence and close my eyes, so I can imagine it, smell it, or feel it brush past my skin Her writing is so vivid I sometimes think I just absorb her words rather than just read them Quirky, raw, heartbreaking and lovely Treat yourself to every single one.

    10. WORDMAN on said:

      Every May, when the sea turtles begin their migration across West Main Street, mistaking the glow of the street lights for the moon, people go a little bit crazy This is a novel about loners dogs vagabond spirits angels and the magical words that swirl around them Once you enter Verity, you will not want to leave Even with heat so hot you could fry an egg on the concrete And once you meet Julian Cash and Keith Rosen, you ll know You just will Since Verity is the most humid spot in eastern Florid [...]

    11. Alyssa Oppelt on said:

      ugh I absolutely do not like to read books after just reading a really good one Everything pales in comparison That s what happened here with Turtle Moon After reading Skylight Confessions, I decided I wanted to read books by Alice Hoffman, so I made a list of the ones I wanted to read and figured I d buy any of them that I saw in the thrift stores I frequent Well, I saw Turtle Moon and Here On Earth both at a Goodwill in La Crosse and was pretty torn between which one looked better didn t want [...]

    12. LeAnn on said:

      Alice Hoffman leaves the temperate Northeast and heads south to Verity, a fictional town that is home to divorced women from New York than any other town in the state of Florida As with other Hoffman books, it s difficult to pin down a protagonist, but the action revolves around a divorcee named Lucy, a K 9 cop with a nasty scar named Julian, and Lucy s 12 year old son Keith, the meanest boy in Verity Turtle Moon is the magical, maddening month of May when the heat ratchets up and the locals sl [...]

    13. Amanda on said:

      Recent rants about Alice Hoffman books obviously didn t hold me back from trying another one In this case, I m glad I did While it still took me a little while to get used to the drawn out descriptions, Turtle Moon turned out to be a great read In a small town called Verity, divorced women walk around with green hair, Diet Dr Pepper addictions, and children who are generally unhappy, wanting their no longer present fathers One woman chooses Verity as an escape from in laws bent on taking her lit [...]

    14. Bark on said:

      This book centers on a small town in Florida that seems to draw single mom s running from their past They know each other in a superficial way but they keep their secrets to themselves Until one of them is murdered Lucy s young, troubled son Keith 12 going on 18 turns up missing, along with the murdered woman s baby This brings her closer to officer Julian who is a bit of an enigma He believes he s ugly and relates better to his canine companions than to people If this were written by another au [...]

    15. LJ on said:

      TURTLE MOON OkayHoffman, Alice standaloneWelcome to Verity, Florida a bizarre mysterious place where transplanted New Yorker Lucy Rosen and her son are determined to start a new life.This was not really a mystery It was okay, but didn t do a lot for me.

    16. Karen on said:

      Alice Hoffman is, without a doubt, one of my most favorite authors Her ability to make ordinary situations magical, is something I truly enjoy This book, was not a favorite It was a lot like some of her other books in the way that as she is describing a hot, summer day you can feel yourself there The romance that popped up mid story, was in bad timing for me The other problem I had with this book was that it was very repetitive I still love her, and am dying to zip through my collection of her b [...]

    17. Linda DiMeo Lowman on said:

      Turtle Moon s main character is Verity, Florida I don t know when I ve read a book with such a strong sense of place I felt I was there and could see it, feel it, smell it, touch it Most of the other characters are well developed and the writing is fluid The novel has a murder, a kidnapping, a coming of age, and lots of divorcees all in this small Florida town I ve read four other of Alice Hoffman s books and this is an early one, hence a four out of five rating Her two best which I rated 5 star [...]

    18. Jennifer on said:

      I loved this book From the moment I started reading it I was drawn into her magical, melancholy characters and their lives.

    19. PuPilla on said:

      Im dom Alice Hoffmant, de ez a k nyve sajnos csal d st okozott, s el is adtam gyorsan A nyomott, poros kisv rosi hangulat megvan, de a k nyv nem t bb n h ny alig t rt n sn l, csupa rdektelen szerepl vel Nekem valahogy nem j tt be, s vagy 2 h napig tartott mire tr gtam magam rajta.

    20. Olga on said:

      The second Hoffman s book for me, and another wonderful read.As it was with The River King , as soon as I opened this book, I wasn t able to put it down It has this kind of special magic, that grips on you and holds on I went into the story not really knowing what it was about, and was discovering unique and amazing thing as went further on I liked how the book was told from many different prospectives As if by switching the storyteller yo can almost change the story itself, but amazingly the st [...]

    21. Rissa Flores on said:

      Turtle Moon is about a town named Verity where all kinds of mysterious things happen during the inauspicious month of May When Lucy first moved to Verity following her divorce from her ex husband, she never expected that raising his troublesome son Keith on her own, would end up with her chasing the trails of a dead woman with a fake identity But now that Keith was found missing along with the dead woman s baby, Lucy is forced to find out the truth of who murdered her neighbor, in order to clear [...]

    22. Sasha on said:

      It starts very good Hoffman s prose is delightful, witty and completely seductive Take for instance this example Charles Verity swore he would live forever Every night he drank a bitter tea made from the bark of the paradise tree to ensure his good health, but as it turned out he was eaten by an alligator up by the pond where the municipal golf course was later built How delightful and what a quirky sense of humour There is also a typically Hoffmanesque long winded descriptions of nature, mother [...]

    23. Sarah Sammis on said:

      There is something about Florida that inspires a subset of American literature that is both tragic and comedic in the same breath It s probably the closest that American literature comes to magical realism.Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman is a perfect example of a Floridian novel It is set in the month of May when girls run away from home, babies cry all night, and ficus hedges explode into flame p 3 Set against the oppressive heat and humidity of May in Verity, Florida, Bethany Lee is murdered and [...]

    24. Paige on said:

      3.75 Why I picked it up I was visiting my mom a few months back I think for my birthday and I didn t bring any reading materials because I never have time to read when I m visiting my parents But this time I did So I selected this book from the shelf because, despite my critiques of Practical Magic, I really did like the writing style and magical realist vibe I was in the mood for something like that.What it s about A single mom to a troubledish child lives in super hot Florida and then somethin [...]

    25. Kathleen Valentine on said:

      I recently re read this book and liked it even better the second time In Verity, Florida there seems to be a lot of women who are running away from ex husbands and unhappy lives One of these is the mysterious Karen and her sweet, happy baby Another is Lucy who has left an unfulfilling marriage in New York and brought with her a 12 year old son, Keith, who is perfectly miserable But everything changes when Karen is mysteriously murdered and Keith runs away with the baby in an attempt to protect h [...]

    26. Marianne on said:

      Turtle Moon is the tenth stand alone novel by American author, Alice Hoffman Verity, Florida is a town that is home to an unusual number of divorced women, and Lucy Rosen is just one of them It is also a place where the heat in May causes a sort of madness that makes people do things they may later regret When Lucy s neighbour, Karen Wright is found murdered in her apartment, Lucy soon finds herself involved in the investigation her twelve year old son Keith is missing, along with Karen s fourte [...]

    27. Louise on said:

      What a captivating novel I definitely enjoyed this one Welcome to Verity home of divorced women from New York than any other town in the state of Florida Where Lucy Rosen has moved to get away from her ex Where Officer Julian Cash watches over the town with a fierce German shepherd and an even fiercer expression Where Lucy s son Keith hates everything the heat, the school, and sometimes his mother He can t wait to get away And then he does, when a woman is murdered and her baby is left behind K [...]

    28. Dolly on said:

      This is a strange, haunting tale that features a lot of misery, while at the same time depicts love and kindness The story is considered a mystery tale, but I think it s of a suspenseful storyeresting quotes Maybe it was simply impossible to sleep once you had children You had to use that time to worry You had to do it for the rest of your life p 44 Once you bring a child back from the dead, nothing he does can distress you After that, everyone else seems easy p 130

    29. Michelle on said:

      Verity is Pretty Prose.The author has a unique way of combining words together, stringing vowels and consonants next to each other in a manner that takes you into the past and the future yet buries your feet deep in the soil of the present All the while you, as the reader, can t distinguish the differences, just a deep appreciation of adjectives and nouns It is wonderful prose.

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