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Let Us Compare Mythologies

Let Us Compare Mythologies By Leonard Cohen Freda Guttman Let Us Compare Mythologies Published in when he was twenty two years old Let Us Compare Mythologies is Leonard Cohen s first book Long out of print it is now available exactly as it appeared fifty years ago as one of the

  • Title: Let Us Compare Mythologies
  • Author: Leonard Cohen Freda Guttman
  • ISBN: 9780061173752
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Let Us Compare Mythologies By Leonard Cohen Freda Guttman Published in 1956 when he was twenty two years old, Let Us Compare Mythologies is Leonard Cohen s first book Long out of print, it is now available exactly as it appeared fifty years ago as one of the four hundred copies published by the McGill Poetry Series in Canada, with its original cover and illustrations by Canadian artist Freda Guttman.
    Let Us Compare Mythologies By Leonard Cohen Freda Guttman

    • [PDF] Let Us Compare Mythologies | by ↠ Leonard Cohen Freda Guttman
      389 Leonard Cohen Freda Guttman

    One thought on “Let Us Compare Mythologies

    1. Anthony Vacca on said:

      Let Us Compare Mythologies is definitely the work of a young man Published when he was only 22 that s twelve years before the release of his first LP of moody and emotionally battering tunes, Songs of Leonard Cohen Cohen tries to inhabit the voice of the weary prophet who has abandoned the world so that he may better brood over all his losses in love Every one of these poems comes armed with biblical imagery plucked from Judaism and Christianity , references to Homer, quaint notions of Eastern m [...]

    2. Estella on said:

      Definitely the lush, romantic images of human demoralization I expected from Leonard Cohen and loved This is the first of his I ve read, as I know him primarily as a songwriter And because this is his first published book, I expect it is not his most developed work However, throughout the poems, the theme of disenchantment with religion present day mythology interestingly contrasts with the beauty, hope, and generosity that comes from the possibility and hope of something greater than ourselves [...]

    3. Ffiamma on said:

      questi versi eroici se avessi una testa scintillante e la gente si voltasse a guardarmi nei tram se potessi distendere il mio corpo nell acqua limpida e nuotare a fianco dei pesci e dei serpenti marini se potessi rovinarmi le piume volando davanti al sole credi che me ne rimarrei in questa stanza, a recitarti poesie, e a fare sogni sconci al pi insignificante movimento della tua bocca

    4. McLean on said:

      It s interesting to contrast this with Cohen s later work It has a lot in common so far as sensibilities and moods go, but is also drastically different in execution A large part of the appeal of Cohen for me is how communicative he is Here, he feels very insular and inaccessible a lot of the time The poems are well written and intellectually engaging without making me feel in any way connected to them.

    5. Martina Montagnani on said:

      Rabbia e pianto sono rimasti sulla strada d un tempo.Ora ciascuno sul suo sacro collei giorni della gloria e della ferita sono pressocch compiuti.E confrontiamo allora i nostri miti Confrontiamo allora i nostri miti rappresenta l esordio letterario di Leonard Norman Cohen, pubblicato nel 1956, quando aveva soltanto 22 anni Minimum Fax ripropone la sua opera da tempo introvabile anche in lingua originale nella collana Sotteranei , dandoci l opportunit di scoprire le poesie manifesto di quello che [...]

    6. Rebecca Rebecca on said:

      Leonard Cohen s first book of poems has a number of striking pieces The rhythms and range span most of the major concerns he would develop at the height of his composing powers Recommended for Cohen acolytes.

    7. Mary Ladisa on said:

      This was pure poetry Leonard was extrenely discriptive in each passage

    8. Shari Almond on said:

      Do not look for him In brittle mountain streams They are too cold for any god And do not examine the angry riversFor shreds of his soft bodyOr turn the shore stones for his blood Leonard Cohen has really created a very sensual and almost aphotic atmosphere throughout this entire book I really love how beautiful and seemingly effortless the way this was written also really enjoyed the inclusion of the quirky illustrations that were put throughout the book, great artistic flavour and a good reflec [...]

    9. G.D. Master on said:

      Born in a Jewish household, Leonard Cohen would graduate from Mc Gill University at the age of 22 He was a young academic with a broad artistic intellectual sense that moved through classic literature, history, and religion Fresh out of college, Cohen s first book, Let Us Compare Mythologies, explores subjects suited for experienced anthropologists and clergymen This is not to say he is na ve, but his writing in many of his poems in this collection pushes the boundaries of artistic liberty and [...]

    10. Andrea on said:

      This book of poetry that Leonard Cohen had published at the age of twenty two certainly shows how he became one of the phenomenal poets of our country He was and is still amazing Even from the first poem in the book I was drawn in and could easily follow the narrative of Cohen s work Elegy Do not look for himIn brittle mountain streams They are too cold for any god These are only the opening lines of the first poem in this collection and I was hooked from there On page 45 we find the poem Twilig [...]

    11. Gary Patella on said:

      This book of poems was very enjoyable I typically don t enjoy poems that don t rhyme, but these were different Rather than the artsy random non rhyming words strung together, Cohen s non rhyming poems had a story telling quality to them In fact, a select few I would consider extremely short stories rather than poems.Some of the poems did rhyme, but for the first time, I found myself enjoying the non rhyming poems They seemed to have substance Perhaps this is due to the fact that when you are n [...]

    12. Julia on said:

      safkjdfhjks i just have lots of feelings about this book you guys, it was just SO GOOD ugh also, this being leonard cohen s first book of poetry, apparently most of the poetry in here was written between the ages of fifteen and twenty kill me now and i m pretty sure i had a eloquent review in my head but it slipped away because it didn t matter, i guess this is the sort of book of poetry that you would give to a girlfriend or boyfriend, i think, or which you would maybe be too frightened to giv [...]

    13. M.K. on said:

      This is very much what you would expect from the first collection of poetry from Leonard Cohen The bare bones of what make him great are evident here, but it doesn t seem quite there.He touches on many of his later themes in these writings, centering around Abrahamic religious plot devices taken from Christianity and Judaism Being the first Cohen that I ve read as opposed to listened to, I was left wanting I m interested to continue reading through the development of his poetry and his novels.

    14. Monty on said:

      I m just not that good at reading and connecting with poetry, so many of the poems just didn t grab me Putting those comments aside, I certainly appreciated the ways the young Leonard Cohen addressed themes about being Jewish in a Christian setting, about eroticism without being pornographic, and the darkness that oozed from whatever he was writing about I thought that the way he addressed death, dying and grief was quite deep and sensitive, all the setting him apart other 22 year olds in 1956 [...]

    15. Jon on said:

      A fine debut collection All the raw material that Cohen would draw upon throughout his career is present and seeing this early iteration of those themes is special to read Out of these early poems would come remarkable things There are some very fine moments in this collection, and others that are just nice and okay But all of it shows where Cohen was headed Glad we could follow along through his journey.

    16. Amber Tucker on said:

      I will review this as well as one CAN review a book of poetry, which I feel is a treacherous business after I ve read Book of Longing, as soon as I can bring myself to absorb Leonard Cohen Right now, I d give this at least four stars, but I ll suspend my full judgement until later.

    17. Dane Cobain on said:

      You shouldn t judge a book by its cover, but my copy of this is a facsimile edition that s designed to look how it did when it was first published, which is awesome Cohen s poetry is average here, and while I ve read better it s still well worth reading the Canadian singer songwriter s refined, linguistic work.

    18. Jeffrey on said:

      Cohen s first collection published in 1956 much satisfying to me than Book of Mercy or Energy of Slaves these poems are lyrical, defiant and, often, a powerful political punch or a wry sense of humour still very contemporary feeling looking forward to continuing my exploration of Cohen s poetry

    19. Paul Bond on said:

      Not a great collection There are moments where the quiet, deadly provocateur that Cohen will become peeks through, but these are the exception I don t blame Cohen at all who would want to be judged by their output between 15 and 20 What would become his profound moral voice is here changing and pipsqueaky.

    20. Gabrielle on said:

      Je t aime Leonard.A concert at GM Place with the 70 something Leonard Cohen confirmed it, he s the coolest Canadian writer musician He is so giving, so perceptive, so emotional, so affecting.I hate that he was 22 when he wrote this book, mostly because it makes me feel shitty about myself, not to mention old.

    21. Matt on said:

      Cohen s ability to create poignant and bittersweet poetry should be familiar to anyone who s listened to his music This collection includes a number of beautiful poems, particularly Exodus As the title might suggest, the poems create the sense of having a conversation with Cohen, the kind of conversation that one has at four in the morning.

    22. Troy VanGundy on said:

      Meh There was nothing new or exciting here, and most of the poetry was hard to follow There were some nice poems and language.I am unsure of what he was trying to do with this volume, but I honestly couldn t wait for it to be over.

    23. Hamish on said:

      If I was reviewing this book when it first came out 1956 , I would probably say that it s promising You can see hints of the genius to come, but he s still pretty rough around the edges Good for a first book, though.

    24. Alan on said:

      Really good book of poetry full of allusions to Jewish, Christian and Hellenistic history and culture Cohen wrote this when he was a very young man and unfortunately it kind of shows in his style of writing Regardless this debut collection of poetry has some real gems and is worth reading.

    25. Ken on said:

      Contrived angst Mixed metaphors, arcane references This is a collection of coffee house poetry meant to be delivered in a monotone for a silent head nodding audience of the great unwashed generation.

    26. David on said:

      A precocious debut, combining symbols and myths from many sources As with all Cohen s work, there are moments of pretentiousness and over indulgence, but they far from overwhelm the sheer intelligence, imaginative power and humanity.

    27. Kent Winward on said:

      Cohen esque themes of his own iconic sacred heart of Christianity Judaism Love lost show the origins of his poetry and lyrics in this original collection written over 50 years ago Amazing for a 22 year old poet and fun as an artifact on a long career.

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