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The Land That Time Forgot Collection

The Land That Time Forgot Collection By Edgar Rice Burroughs J. Allen St. John Mike Resnick The Land That Time Forgot Collection Language EnglishInitials yesSeparate Chapters yesSuperior Kindle Formatting yesInteractive Table of Contents yesLending Allowed yesThe novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs in one collection with active tabl

  • Title: The Land That Time Forgot Collection
  • Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs J. Allen St. John Mike Resnick
  • ISBN: 9780803261549
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Land That Time Forgot Collection By Edgar Rice Burroughs J. Allen St. John Mike Resnick Language EnglishInitials yesSeparate Chapters yesSuperior Kindle Formatting yesInteractive Table of Contents yesLending Allowed yesThe novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs in one collection with active table of contents Works include The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot, Out of Time s Abyss
    The Land That Time Forgot Collection By Edgar Rice Burroughs J. Allen St. John Mike Resnick

    • Unlimited The Land That Time Forgot Collection - by Edgar Rice Burroughs J. Allen St. John Mike Resnick
      274 Edgar Rice Burroughs J. Allen St. John Mike Resnick

    One thought on “The Land That Time Forgot Collection

    1. The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) on said:

      This is the Omnibus Version of Edgar Rice Burrough s ERB Caspakian Novels Included here are The Land That Time ForgotThe People That Time ForgotOut of Time s AbyssThese are three novels of adventure told in a classic style similar to that of Jack London, Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G Wells This is a style of early in the last century and like the century before it It s a story that is narrated to us, rather than painted so that we can experience it And it s full of adventure, love, courage, wicken [...]

    2. Mark Goodwin on said:

      This is the 1st segment of the Caspak Trilogy.Edgar, my dear Sir you disappointed me I was expecting a much intense and thrilling adventure Still, I endured and found it somewhat satisfying and for that, I will award you 3 stars.

    3. KatHooper on said:

      Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.You gotta love Edgar Rice Burroughs He underperformed in life until, as a pencil sharpener salesman who spent his free time reading pulp magazines, he figured he could be paid to write rot at least as good as the rot he read in the pulps And thus started the illustrious career of the man who brought us Tarzan, John Carter, and David Innes And who inspired a generation of fantasy and science fiction writers.The Land that Time Forgot, a lost world story set [...]

    4. Kerian Halcyon on said:

      Normally I wouldn t count this as read seeing as I listened to it via Librivox s audio recordings, but I thought I d do a review of this nonetheless Though this rating is low compared to what I normally like to read or listen to, The Land That Time Forgot and its two sister novels are part of a dying genre of books that largely fascinate me to no end, and honestly to me mimics the sad truth of a dying interest in the mysteries of our planet and nearby solar system It s part of the American herit [...]

    5. Kathryn on said:

      The Caspak trilogy, comprising The Land that Time Forgot, The People that Time Forgot, and Out of Time s Abyss, is classic Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure The three stories trace the adventures of three typical Burroughs heroes two Americans and an Englishman, all three wondrously brave man s men who get tongue tied around pretty women in the land of Caspak, a Lost World teeming with primordial life.It is Burroughs, so you do have to turn off your 21st century sensibilities to some extent That ac [...]

    6. Karen on said:

      Edgar Rice Burroughs is quickly becoming a part of my Authors I Regularly Take Promenades With club His creations are the stuff dreams are made of if you re lucky and have awesome dreams This is the first book in the Caspak series, which made its appearance in three installments in the Blue Book Magazine in 1918 I seem to particularly enjoy novels that are stories within stories For instance, in Land , a man tells us about how he found a message in a bottle He proceeds to show us the manuscript [...]

    7. MB Taylor on said:

      Fun adventure from Edgar Rice Burroughs fairly early in his career 1918 It s really 3 adventures in one, and when Ace reprinted it them in the 60s, it was as three books The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot and Out of Time s Abyss.I m sure I read these sometime in the 70s I remember buying up almost any ERB books I could find and at that time Ace seemed like it was trying to get everything Burroughs wrote into print It was a good time to be a fan.The story is pretty typical Bur [...]

    8. Brian Rogers on said:

      I had planned to read one book in this series one at a time with things in between but Burroughs is such a damn engaging storyteller that once I built up momentum in book 1, well, book 2 was just sitting there so I ll do a second review of the compiled set.The first book in the series, Land that Time Forgot , grew on me as I read the other two in the series they all tie together with different characters in overlapping frames in the timeline, and stuff from the first book pays off handsomely in [...]

    9. k.wing on said:

      Oh man, I love Burroughs Some terms and musings of Bowen are, regrettably, outdated, but I looked past those to enjoy this awesome adventure I love the concept of seeing man evolve from tribe to tribe Can t wait to read the second one Also this Major LOL Californians, as a rule, are familiar with ju jutsu, and I especially had made a study of it for several years, both at school and in the gym of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, while recently I had had, in my employ, a Jap who was a wonder at the [...]

    10. Elar on said:

      Three different stories bound together by same mystic land of strange human races and many action packed quests For me first thing what came to mind was that it is like Jules Verne writing Ringworld novel P and Burroughs likes the idea of human hatching.

    11. Tweety on said:

      3 1 2 The People that Time Forgot was the best of them, and the last page of Out Of Time s Abyss was also great But the entire time I read the book I kept seeing Plastic Dinosaurs Maybe because my copy has pictures from the movie that look super fake Anyway, in this case I can definitely say nostalgia didn t prove true and the cover was better that the book it s self The only one I d reread it the middle one On a whole not bad, but not Tarzan great either PG Some killing of beasts and people, th [...]

    12. Marts(Thinker) on said:

      This is actually the narrative of Bowen J Tyler and his adventures and mis adventures in the strange land of Caprona It starts with Tyler, an American being a passenger on a ship in the English Channel, this is during World War I and unfortunately the ship is torpedoed by a German submarine called U 33 After the ship is sunk Tyler and one other passenger Lys La Rue are rescued by a British tug boat alot occurs here, the tug boat is sunk, the crew captures the sub, the sub is overcome by a strang [...]

    13. Phillip on said:

      The Caspak books, now those bring back some memories Caspak is a lost world Our hero has stumbled onto it I think by submarine The concept is that the further the hero travels in a certain direction the or less evolved all of the creatures are The action is a fight for survival as the hero encounters dinosaurs and cavemen.This is everything a growing boy needed in the 1970s, possibly for current generations as well I don t know My son liked them.

    14. Kris on said:

      Burroughs s love of evolution shines through in this fast tale filled with constant danger, romantic deeds, and heroic escapes All the characters get out of all the scrapes just in the nick of time, and they sail away after coincidentally finding everything they need Even the timeline towards the end seemed a little dubious It s showy and flashy and exciting, but take away the setting, and what have you got Boring people Between the constant reminder of the dangerous, ferocious, huge animals hun [...]

    15. Courtney on said:

      The Land That Time Forgot felt so brief to me I expected it to be longer I feel like it was over in 10 minutes But, I really enjoyed it Caspak is so full of life, literally teeming, and the land is so curious I like the way that it is narrated, there is no dramatic irony, you learn things about the land at the same time as the narrator, Bowen, does This was nice, it encouraged curiosity and wonder and a feeling of camaraderie with Bowen I like the strange worldview of the people who live there a [...]

    16. bup on said:

      A second or third grader would love this there s non stop action, and not much thought behind the world Burroughs created here, except as was driven by the thought What would a second or third grader find exciting Make no mistake, I love me some prehistoric life, and I don t mind the cold blooded lizardy version of dinosaurs that ruled thought at the time Burroughs wrote, but there s like 25 big dinos per acre All carnivores The book isn t satisfying on its own, either it s so clearly setting up [...]

    17. Danna on said:

      There were all sorts and conditions of horrible things huge, hideous, grotesque monstersI had perhaps the fraction of a second longer to live when I heard an angry growl behind us mingle with a cry of pain and rage from the giant Classic pulp fiction What Land of the Lost aspired to be Hilariously fun Like an action adventure popcorn movie Mine is the 1924 Grosset Dunlap edition, stained and worn with the cover half falling off not the Commemorative Edition shown here There s something pleasing [...]

    18. David Lever on said:

      Some of my fondest memories as a youth are those I spent reading Edgar Rice Burroughs This was the first book of his I read I think I went on to read his entire collection.

    19. Patrick Nichol on said:

      This is a wonderful story i finally got round to reading it and it is certainly much better than the Doug McLure movie from the 70s Talk about high action and excellent writing.

    20. Diana Iozzia on said:

      The Land That Time Forgot Review written by Diana IozziaI hadn t known much about this trilogy before I had picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble a year ago I decided to read it this past week, because I absolutely love science fiction, but I don t read it often enough I was much impressed with this than I thought With this being a series of three stories from the 1910s decade, I expected verbose, beautiful imagery and descriptive narratives I did not realize I would be able to read such a wonde [...]

    21. Michael Battaglia on said:

      Because part of me is perpetually ten years old, I will always be a sucker for Lost World type novels, all those stories of people winding up on remote islands or lost continents or hidden sections of the Arctic and finding a land full of extinct creatures, especially dinosaurs, who make everything better simply by being large and scaly and awesome in a way that mythological creatures so rarely are.For me, the better examples of this sub genre of pseudo science adventure are the ones written in [...]

    22. Quicksilver Quill on said:

      The Caspak trilogy is a wonderful work by Edgar Rice Burroughs comprised of three short novels, all set on an unforgettable island called Caprona, also known as Caspak These tales overlap with each other and have interconnecting characters and threads, but are also somewhat distinct, each told in its own style and from its own unique perspective.The Land That Time Forgot The Land That Time Forgot, the first book in the trilogy, is an Edgar Rice Burroughs masterpiece In this extraordinary adventu [...]

    23. John on said:

      THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT Surprisingly, this novel works best in its initial chapters, before the characters reach dinosaur island Once they finally do, things take an abrupt turn for the campy Charles Darwin certainly didn t do this book any favors, as evolution is the driving force behind what makes much of this story both silly an inherently racist Burroughs obviously believed that whites were the most evolved people on the planet, while blacks had barely come down from the trees I normally w [...]

    24. Julie Davis on said:

      I m listening to The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs podcast readings by David Stifel Truly marvelous narration, I must say The book is somewhat less marvelous, being rather simple with a protagonist who can t read people worth a darn.However, I am sure that in its day this book was very exciting and I myself was somewhat intrigued by the evolutionary setup of human development that seemed to be played out in front of us once our heroes were stranded on the island of dinos Unfortunately [...]

    25. Avital Gertner-Samet on said:

      Torpedoed by the Germans during ww1 Bowen had been stranded together w some of his men, Alyssa and a few imprisoned Germans on a submarine Bowen had designed and built After experiencing many adventures at sea they finally reach an hidden continent, in which, as the name suggests, time seemed to have ceased In this lush and prolific land there are dinosaurs, apes and other Neanderthals in different stages of evolution How would this unconventional group if people cope with the challenges of this [...]

    26. Ali Mandala on said:

      The Land that Time Forgot I really enjoyed this book It was surreal and yet told in such a way that I was able to suspend my disbelief Although in the beginning there were a few difficult moments where it just seemed like the character had the worst luck in history That being said, it did serve a purpose and get us to this lost world I really enjoyed the characters especially the main character He had a wonderful voice and presence and was able to bring the other characters and the scenery to li [...]

    27. Jsmith1000 on said:

      I downloaded this book onto my iPhone via the iBooks app because there is a boatload of stuff that is free on there, and that s my favorite price Anyway GREAT book, incredible story, and very fast enthralling.I hadn t realized what a compelling writer Burroughs was I found this book in my favorite way which is to just have one sorta fall on you I opened it and could not put it down Scenario takes place in the ocean, mid WWI activity Without divulging too much of the story, group of folks gets sh [...]

    28. Darrell Nelson on said:

      Absolutely loved this book Although the characters struggle to become two dimensional, the pacing, action and ideas drive this book and make it hard to put down.One thing I found slightly offputting was the 1920s racism that ran through the book I had to remind myself that it was written at a different time.Other than that, it holds by well for being 90 years old.

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