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Burglars Can't Be Choosers

Burglars Can't Be Choosers By Lawrence Block Burglars Can t Be Choosers Bernie Rhodenbarr is a personable chap a good neighbor a passable poker player His chosen profession however might not sit well with some Bernie is a burglar a good one effortlessly lifting valu

  • Title: Burglars Can't Be Choosers
  • Author: Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9780060582555
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Burglars Can't Be Choosers By Lawrence Block Bernie Rhodenbarr is a personable chap, a good neighbor, a passable poker player His chosen profession, however, might not sit well with some Bernie is a burglar, a good one, effortlessly lifting valuables from the not so well protected abodes of well to do New Yorkers like a modern day Robin Hood The poor, as Bernie would be the first to tell you, alas, have nothing wBernie Rhodenbarr is a personable chap, a good neighbor, a passable poker player His chosen profession, however, might not sit well with some Bernie is a burglar, a good one, effortlessly lifting valuables from the not so well protected abodes of well to do New Yorkers like a modern day Robin Hood The poor, as Bernie would be the first to tell you, alas, have nothing worth stealing He s not perfect, however he occasionally makes mistakes Like accepting a paid assignment from a total stranger to retrieve a particular item from a rich man s apartment Like still being there when the cops arrive Like having a freshly slain corpse lying in the next room, and no proof that Bernie isn t the killer.Now he s really got his hands full, having to locate the true perpetrator while somehow eluding the police a dirty job indeed, but if Bernie doesn t do it, who will
    Burglars Can't Be Choosers By Lawrence Block

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    One thought on “Burglars Can't Be Choosers

    1. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* on said:

      Imaginative persons could probably find interesting things to do with handcuffs and a nightstick Cozies are fun, but every genre needs variety to stay interesting for the reader The same old can get well, old after awhile This book delivers that twist by having the main character be an unapologetic cat burglar who opens the book breaking into an apartment, enjoying it, and then getting caught up in a far worse crime It may be morally wrong, but the quirk works, especially since Bernie is fun He [...]

    2. Kemper on said:

      Professional burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr gets hired to steal a blue box from an apartment, but the police bust in and catch him just after he breaks in The good news is that one of the cops is crooked, and it looks like he ll be able to buy his way out of the arrest The bad news is that the cops find the apartment owner s body in the bedroom so the bribing option just went bye bye Bernie flees and manages to hide out in the apartment of a friend he knows is out of town, but he s a wanted man with [...]

    3. Greg on said:

      I almost gave this two stars But it wasn t bad like most of the books I give two stars It just wasn t a very good Lawrence Block book I can easily imagine, and I m sure I ve really enjoyed some books in this genre But my last two forays into it have been less than satisfying, and both times by writers that I expect a whole lot of satisfaction from I guess I should say what the genre is An innocent man is wrongly suspected of a crime and he has to remedy the situation Or maybe the sub genre I don [...]

    4. Tfitoby on said:

      Block s dialogue crackles like an overheard conversation in a New York bar in this lighthearted debut outing for gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr.Lawrence Block has been a revelation to me this year, his work have been some of the highlights of my reading experience in 2012 but nothing prepared me for Bernie Rhodenbarr I ve become accustomed to the darker side of Block through Matt Scudder and the incredibly bleak Grifter s Game but Bernie lets his lighter side shine, always ready with a witt [...]

    5. Dan Schwent on said:

      Bernie Rhodenbarr breaks into an apartment while the owner is out to steal a blue leather box and make a quick five large Only the apartment owner is home and quite dead, and the cops burst in while Bernie is there Bernie goes on the run and sets out to clear his name with the help of an oddly helpful girl named Ruth Can Bernie clear his name before he is apprehended for murder Lawrence Block put together an interesting mystery in this one, one involving actors, actresses, blackmail, and dirty c [...]

    6. Andrew Smith on said:

      This is the first book in the series, but it s the last book I ve read I seem to have read the whole series in a totally random order There are, I think, ten books in all, plus a few short stories They all have basically the same plot Boring No, far from it I love the characters in this series, it s light and funny and in Bernie Rhodenbarr I think he s created one of the very best About time for an addition to the series I think, LB.

    7. Arun Divakar on said:

      There are many a variant of detective fiction that any bibliophile will come across in their journeys across the landscapes of mystery and thrills There is the much adored closed room mystery of the Brits, the police procedural of the Americans, the haunted detective of theof themof the somewhere and so on and so forth Some of the ones that I have read have tended to put me off reading these genre for repeated use makes them stale I think there are some which tend to dilute the core of the story [...]

    8. Lance Charnes on said:

      Readers wanting to follow the exploits of a bad boy lead character usually have to choose between hit men, fixers, or other hard cases who generally seek to solve problems through the application of force Back in the late 1970s, however, Lawrence Block introduced a less bad bad boy gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, who debuted in this novel just a year after Block s other best known series character, alcoholic ex cop Matthew Scudder.In this story, Bernie accepts a job burgling an Upper East S [...]

    9. Jim on said:

      Block has a very low key voice in his books this audio was well done by Adams Morgan the voice fits Bernie Rhodenbarr perfectly Bernie is a nice guy who is just trying to get by in NYC like everyone else His profession is as a burglar he s a pretty good one, well liked by his neighbors Who cares if you take from the rich east side You don t steal around here the cops, who know he is reasonable about splitting profits He has a good thing going until his job is connected to a murder Then Bernie ha [...]

    10. Robert on said:

      So Block has three major series Scudder the alcoholic detective, Keller the professional killer and Rhodenberry the burglar who solves murders The impression I have is that I ve written them out in order of decreasing popularity, which turns out to be the inverse of how much I like them.It was a bit of a surprise, then, for me to re read this and discover that Bernard Rhodenberry isn t all that likeable a guy He s sexist, mildly homophobic and a thief Block makes him sympathetic or at least trie [...]

    11. Richard White on said:

      Call me crazy but I ve decided to re read the entire burglar series Started this one at 9 00 A.M this morning, finished at 4 00 P.M this afternoon Trust me, Block is that good If you read my profile I make no apologies for promoting Lawrence Block If you haven t read him yet you really should.

    12. Kathy on said:

      I got one of those Deals emails pitching a good price on the second Rhodenbarr book of the gentleman burglar series by Lawrence Block, so I bit But then I wanted to read the first in the series where Bernie is introduced to the reader so I bought that one as well, also a good price I appreciate being able to find books written in the 70 s that may be hard to find otherwise This kindle book also has the Author s story of writing the book on a road trip from NYC to California with stops on the way [...]

    13. Ensiform on said:

      Bernie Rhodenbarr, a dapper and skilled burglar with a taste for fine things and no propensity for violence, is found by the police in a Manhattan apartment which is not his own, with the legal occupant in the next room bludgeoned to death He flees the scene and hides out in a friend s building, where he meets a suspiciously helpful girl who urges him to find the real killer Tracking down the man who apparently framed him, Bernie gets caught up in a scheme involving blackmail, kinky sex, and lot [...]

    14. Eric on said:

      I m glad I read Block s Burglar in the Library, an adventure of Bernie Rhodenbarr s that happens later in the series, first If I had read this book, which is the first in the series, first, I likely never would have picked up any others in it So now I m torn, because this book was okay at best, but I really liked the later other one Guess I ll have to read the second in the series and see if it is the refined Rhodenbarr that I met later in the series, instead of this rough around the edges prot [...]

    15. Michael on said:

      Sometimes some lightweight reading is required and Block s pleasant and personable gentleman thief seemed like just the right guy for the job Some snappy clever lines doesn t really make up for the sheer weight of all the interminable exposition What action there is takes place in various apartments and doesn t quite take me away to a exciting life, as I sit alone in a similar apartment endeavouring to entertain myself without resorting to alphabetizing my tinned soup.

    16. Mac on said:

      Bernie Rhodenbarr is a burglar who is good enough at his trade to make a living and who is able to stay out of trouble, except when Lawrence Block calls him into action in the Rhodenbarr mystery series Bernie is a quirky, wisecracking guy who can t resist picking a difficult lock or telling a lame joke He is a mostly honorable person as long as he adheres to his idiosycratic honor code Since Bernie s story, as he tells it, is all in good fun, I couldn t help rooting for him and hoping he stays o [...]

    17. Jeff Dickison on said:

      The very first of Bernie Rhodenbarr s adventures holds up quite well Light and casual with bright Bernie figuring everything out in the end Recommended to all Rhodenbarr fans.

    18. Mark on said:

      I liked the set up for this novel, which introduces us to Bernie Rhodenbarr, a mild mannered burglar minding his own business generally speaking in NYC Bernie is another bad guy protagonist created by Lawrence Block, who seems to have a knack for generating likable lead character criminals In this debut, Bernie goes against his instincts and takes on a contract burglary he s paid 5,000 by a stranger who happens to know his profession to steal a blue velvet box contents unknown from a rich man s [...]

    19. Olga Godim on said:

      Bernie is a burglar, and he doesn t hide the fact, although he doesn t advertise it either In this novel, he tells his story with close attention to details, dry humor, and panache worthy of the best of mystery writers Usually, Bernie works alone, but this time he took a job offered by a vaguely menacing, pear shaped stranger Stealing a blue box out of an empty apartment for 5K seemed like easy money, especially for an experienced thief, but when Bernie gets into the apartment, all his plans go [...]

    20. Gabriel on said:

      So I heard Lawrence Block s book on writing, Telling Lies For Fun and Profit was good it is and picked it up and started reading Almost at the same time, my school library had withdrawn THREE of the Bernie Rhodenbarr books so I thought, why not read some of the fiction written by this man And I have.This is Bernie 1 a nice place to start, though the others I have are 3 and 5 and we are introduced to the nice, young man as he is in the process of robbing someone Of course the police intrude and, [...]

    21. Mike on said:

      A 3 Star quickie, throwback to the 70 s when you needed a phone book to find out how to call someone Bernie is a professional burglar and takes pride in it No violence, only hit up the folks who can afford to lose Much fun, some good twists and some clean, off the stage sex You know, back when romantic trysts were hinted at, had to use your imagination, no full frontal exposure Take a few hours off and pick this one up.

    22. William on said:

      6 disc audioFor me, I am not a fan of New York City and the colloquial dialect Two thirds of this presentation was useless grade C dialogue This should have been a short story in a mystery anthology, which is where I met Lawrence Block.

    23. Leon Aldrich on said:

      I won t know how much I like this series from Block until I read second one or possibly third in this group.Maybe because its mystery than thriller I lean towards the faster paced, edgy fiction And this one was a slow boil to a delightful ending.

    24. Heather Codename: ♕Dutchess♕ on said:

      Not sure if I m continuing with this series or not If I do, they ll definitely be borrowed from the library instead of on audio The narrator is boring and dull The story itself started out good, but lacked any sort of decent development, same with the characters.

    25. Maureen DeLuca on said:

      This is the first in the Bernie Rhodenbarr series and I really liked it From 1977 so reading it it is a tad bit outdated so I am sure most of you has read this book and or the full series Either way I am reading the series, in order and loving it

    26. Matt on said:

      A clever story that manages to create a lot of twists with a small cast Rhodenbarr himself isn t as engaging as either Scudder or Keller, so far, but I enjoyed this enough to give him a least one chance to grow on me.

    27. Sandie on said:

      I have long been a fan of Lawrence Block One of his creations, Bernie Rhodenbarr, is my personal favorite Bernie is a New York City based book store owner and part time thief who excels in lock picking and breaking and entering, and who loves the thrill it provides He served time in prison in his youth, and since then has resolved to avoid getting caught again BURGLERS CAN T BE CHOOSERS is the first of eleven comic mystery adventures featuring this protagonist, a man with a nimble wit that keeps [...]

    28. Scott on said:

      what just happened I m tempted to spoiler this entire review so as to warn interested readers, but I will try to work around it as I had major problems story starts off pleasantly enough I love the voice of the first person narrative it s so witty and clever that you really root for the bad guy then it happens a couple chapters in we are introduced to a character that just shows up with little to no background no motivation of why they are so intertwined in the story that is until the final chap [...]

    29. Mike on said:

      A fun lighthearted mystery with a bit of an edge This is the first book in Lawrence Block s Burglar series which feature the criminal activities and subsequent misadventures of gentleman burglar Bernard G Rhodenbarr Bernie the Burglar.It all starts when Bernie s hired by an odd little man he doesn t know but who knows him to retrieve an item from someone s apartment while they aren t home Simple enough task for someone with Bernie s skills Except when the police catch him in the act except when [...]

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