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Flashman's Lady

Flashman's Lady By George MacDonald Fraser Flashman s Lady Flashy that lustful libertine takes a round the world adventure that would shock Don Juan and make swingers of today green with envy In an English mansion he s not just doodling in the drawing room

  • Title: Flashman's Lady
  • Author: George MacDonald Fraser
  • ISBN: 9780452264892
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flashman's Lady By George MacDonald Fraser Flashy, that lustful libertine, takes a round the world adventure that would shock Don Juan and make swingers of today green with envy In an English mansion, he s not just doodling in the drawing room with a blue blood s red hot blooded mistress in Africa, he s forced to serve a sultry queen who kills low endurance lovers.The irresistable antihero heads to China, where hFlashy, that lustful libertine, takes a round the world adventure that would shock Don Juan and make swingers of today green with envy In an English mansion, he s not just doodling in the drawing room with a blue blood s red hot blooded mistress in Africa, he s forced to serve a sultry queen who kills low endurance lovers.The irresistable antihero heads to China, where he gets between a pair of Chinese beauties who ll do anything to improve East West relations en route, he takes cover on warship under fire with an explosive Malay maiden A romp that will have lucky readers chortling with delight Publishers Weekly
    Flashman's Lady By George MacDonald Fraser

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      375 George MacDonald Fraser

    One thought on “Flashman's Lady

    1. Jane Jago on said:

      If there were six stars.This is naughty, laugh out loud funny, completely without rhyme or reason, and wholly brilliant.Flashy is just the perfect antihero and giving him a beautiful, amoral, and completely stupid wife just ups the ante.Go on I dare you

    2. Jamie Collins on said:

      Flashman plays cricket with Felix, Mynn and Pilch battles pirates with James Brooke, the White Rajah of Sarawak and is enslaved and ravished by scary Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar I d never heard of any of these people before this book, and it s always fun to look up the history behind Flashy s bizarre escapades.His wife Elspeth gets caught up in the adventure this time, and it was almost shocking to see Flashman worried about her In one moment of weakness he actually considers the idea of exch [...]

    3. Victor Bruneski on said:

      I loved the first Flashman, so decided to give this a try since it is supposedly the second in the chronology, even if it is 6.Any, at first I have to say I was pretty disappointed The book starts out with ol Flashy in England, playing cricket of all things It get pretty detailed about the game, which I found dry, especially since I am a Canadian and don t have a clue about it Flashman seems a bit toned down from the first book, even if he is having an affair with a duke s wife Of course while F [...]

    4. Rick Brindle on said:

      Flashman s wife is kidnapped by a pirate after Flash loses a game of cricket, and as a result he has to sail to the far east with the guy who beat him He then goes through all sorts of perils against Borneo pirates, then is enslaved, along with Elspeth on Madagascar.This is the fourth Flashman book I ve read, and I have to say, I actually like old Flashy Sure, he cheated at cricket, but didn t James Bond do the same in the Goldfinger golf match So he can t keep it in his pants, but nor could Ric [...]

    5. Ruediger Landmann on said:

      Probably my least favourite Flashman novel to date but that s likely because one of the three episodes depicted here revolves around cricket, a game that I understand little and care about less However, when the action shifts to battling pirates in Sarawak and then to trying to stay alive in the mad court of Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar, my enjoyment of the book improved enormously.This instalment also interleaves Flashman s own recollections with diary entries by his wife, Elspeth I didn t th [...]

    6. Deborah Pickstone on said:

      Read for the setting for the geocaching challenge, this was a re read after many years and it retains it s ability to entertain, though after a few Flashman books, you do start to get something of an ennui It s an occupational hazard of long running series and a very good marker for the notion that all good series should end somewhere Of those series I have had this response to, though, this is one of the marginals rather than a definitely should have ended years ago vote

    7. Raegan Butcher on said:

      Starts off a bit slow what with all the Cricket playing mystifies a yank like me, you see but once it gets going this proves to be an excellent entry in the Flashman series Especially enjoyable are the sections featuring that most amazing 19th century Englishman, James Brooke, the White Rajah, true life inspiration to Conrad s Lord Jim.

    8. Sarbjit on said:

      Hilarious Some of the language is a bit dodgy but it still worth a read.

    9. Card on said:

      how does he do it can t keep his pants on still one of the best anti heroes ever what a creep I love him.

    10. Rob Kitchin on said:

      Flashman s Lady is the sixth book in the Harry Flashman series, but the second in chronological order, set in 1843 45 As usual, Fraser interweaves Flashman into real world events and places from the time in this case, cricket in London, James Brooke s battles with pirates in Borneo, and the tyrannical reign of Queen Ranavalona in Madagascar, a deadly place for Europeans to visit To a large degree these are three separate adventures just about held together by Flashman s global chaperoning and pu [...]

    11. Andrew Weitzel on said:

      When Flashman s beautiful and exceedingly stupid wife is kidnapped by a dashing Malay corsair, he finds himself unwillingly risking life and limb to get her back With the help of James Brooke, the White Raj of Sarawak, a complete madman with no sense of danger, Flashy finds himself cowering from pirates in the then unexplored East Indies to toadying his way up the the Malagassy cultural circles under the brutal Queen Ranavalona I Meanwhile, Mrs Flashman is none the wiser, thinking she s on a ple [...]

    12. Popup-ch on said:

      The Victorian coward and hero, gentleman and womanizer, honorable cheat Harry Flashman is back He first cheats at cricket, and when his suspected match fixing is about to be exposed he flees to Singapore When his wife is kidnapped he is pressured into pursuit After fighting pirates alongside with James Brooke in Sarawak he ends up in captivity in Madagascar, under the cruel tyrant queen Ranavalona Despite his constant cowardice he manages to get involved in a plot, and flees when it is foiled Fl [...]

    13. Richard Barnes on said:

      Another ripping yarn, with a healthy dose of satire thrown in.Once again, much of the fun of a Flashman escapade is the depth of detail about the times that Flashman is roistering through In this one we get early Victorian cricket, steamy colonial Singapore, pirate ridden Borneo and the wild, bloodthirsty lands of Madagascar.And once again, Flash hits them for six and keeps the English end up in so many ways and manages to weasel his cowardly way towards his own legendary hero status.God save th [...]

    14. Matthew Dambro on said:

      It has been many years since I read one of Fraser s Flashman series They are still absolutely delicious I must read all of them and then start on the MacAuslan series.

    15. david on said:

      Two thumbs upGreat fun, great character, great antihero Another successful jaunt amongst remarkable events in the company of a coward Two thumbs up.

    16. Becky on said:

      Flashman really is the perfect antihero, you spend a lot of time imagining how he might get his comeuppance The book is wonderfully funny, vividly descriptive and with a plot that moves apace.

    17. Colleen on said:

      One of my favorites of this series written 6th, but 2nd chronologically though except for maybe starting with the first book, I don t think it s really that necessary to read them in order Flashman is good about filling in back information I love the messed up relationship between Flash Elspeth both of them horrible people, but so perfect for each other Flashman as we know is a man with many flaws and with 3 virtues which are mentioned in each book He is remarkably talented in horses, women, and [...]

    18. Ardee-El on said:

      I can__t help but think of the old saying, Better to be lucky than good, when reading a Flashman novel Good in that context is usually taken to mean Good at something, such as a lucky general rather than a superior general In Flashy__s case good can taken to mean its other definition, of decent and upright For all the fixes Flashman finds himself in, even the frankly self destructive behavior he indulges in, he always survives, usually for the better, through providence If he were a real person, [...]

    19. Myfanwy on said:

      Another entry into the great Flashman series which explores one ne er do well s glorious career through all the disasters of the 19th century.Unfortunately this story the third chronologically, but the sixth published revolves around pirates in Borneo and tyrants in Madagascar which just don t have the same cache as Custer s Last Stand or the British retreat from Afghanistan Nonetheless, it won t stop me from picking up the next in the series.

    20. Philip on said:

      Another corking adventure with our anti hero, this time at home and in the far east.I hate cricket, being the most boring game ever devised, but this just adds to the authentic feel of the period Must check some of those names that Flashman throws out every now and then, to see if they were real or just made up.You just never know who will pop up next Boys own adventures for adults.I tell you what, it s a breath of fresh air to hear all those non PC words and attitudes being spouted by Flashman [...]

    21. Tom Owens on said:

      Verdict 3.5 stars out of 5The ongoing adventures of the titular Harry Flashman him of Tom Brown s School Days fame see him take on Bornean pirates, an unhinged monarch and than a tricky googly or two.What starts as a relatively sedate game of cricket at Lord s quickly turns into a race against time as his beloved Elspeth falls under the control of the deadly pirate Sulieman Usman Teaming up with the renowned and real life historical pirate hunter James Brooke, Flashman determines to rescue Elsp [...]

    22. David on said:

      Flashman s Lady, by George MacDonald Fraser, book 6 in the Flashman series is for the most part a great romp If you are a reader from one of the many cricket loving nations then the whole book will be enjoyable However, for those readers who do not love or understand the fascination with cricket the first part of the book may seem incomprehensible and, occasionally, tedious Not to worry, once Flashy has taken to the high seas with his ditzy wife and dour father in law in tow the adventure perks [...]

    23. Ensiform on said:

      Flashy after, incidentally, pulling a hat trick on the three most celebrated cricketers of his time accepts a friendly wager in a single wicket match against Don Solomon, a half breed Etonian socialite The tie score results in he and Elspeth accompanying Solomon on a cruise to the Far East, where Solomon s true colors are revealed, and he absconds with Elspeth Flashman must fight, however unwillingly, to get her back until they both end up in the hands of the bloodthirsty queen of Madagascar, Ra [...]

    24. Michele on said:

      What a relief after the appalling horror of Flashman in the Great Game Beautiful but feather brained Elspeth, wife of the unquenchable Harry Flashman, is kidnapped by Malay pirates and ravished off to Borneo and Madagascar Flash reluctantly goes to her rescue, dragged along in the wake of James Brooke, White Raja of Sarawak, and his motley crew Along the way he manages to survive at least three battles with pirates and becomes a sex slave to Queen Ranavalona who boils people alive for fun .This [...]

    25. Jeff on said:

      History s most incourigible scoundrel rides again Flashman s Lady finds our Flashy in trouble of his own making once , dodging robbers in back alleys for the initiated, I need not explain why he was there in the first place , unheroically battling Malaysian pirates, and in the middle of Madagascar s Queen Ranavalona s hellish twilight zone of 19th century genocide Hell and damnation and his introduction to the queen had me laughing out loud This is the way history should be consumed I may not be [...]

    26. Philip on said:

      Thank goodness I d already read the original Flashman so I knew what was coming, or else I might have given up on this early on The first 80 pages are all about cricket, which may be fascinating to a Brit, but to an American was like reading a foreign and boring language However, I knew enough about Flashy to keep reading, and it was well worth it What followed were two great if disjointed stories of Flashman in Singapore Borneo and then a totally bizarre Madagascar that reads like a missing sec [...]

    27. Olethros on said:

      Nuevas aventuras de un antih roe gracioso y ahora con una esposa a su altura G nero Novela y en cierto modo, hasta novela hist rica a veces.Lo que nos cuenta Publicaci n del manuscrito de importancia hist rica que trae luz a un hueco en las aventuras de Flashmanentre su encuentro con Bismarck en Londres y su participaci n en el asunto de Schleswig Holstein, que seg n algunos expertos ha sido manipulado por la suegra de Flashman pero quiz s s lo para eliminar sus juramentos y palabras malsonantes [...]

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