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Big Red Barn

Big Red Barn By Margaret Wise Brown Felicia Bond Big Red Barn Margaret Wise Brown s classic barnyard story is now available in this sturdy board book edition A lulling text and exquisite illustrations follow the animals day on the farm as they make their noises

  • Title: Big Red Barn
  • Author: Margaret Wise Brown Felicia Bond
  • ISBN: 9780694006243
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Board Book
  • Big Red Barn By Margaret Wise Brown Felicia Bond Margaret Wise Brown s classic barnyard story is now available in this sturdy board book edition A lulling text and exquisite illustrations follow the animals day on the farm as they make their noises, play in the grass, and return to the big red barn to fall sound asleep.
    Big Red Barn By Margaret Wise Brown Felicia Bond

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      387 Margaret Wise Brown Felicia Bond

    One thought on “Big Red Barn

    1. Karen on said:

      Another book has migrated downstairs for my review Before I wrote this review, I had to do a little research on the author I vaguely remembered that she had no children and died young I was right she never married, had no children and died of a post surgery blood clot in 1952 at the age of 42 Yet her work lives on in a big way Why Big Red Barn, like Goodnight Moon, reads like a lullaby It is about impossible to not lull your voice when reading it Its phrases end with a gentle rhyme, not forced f [...]

    2. Shanna Gonzalez on said:

      Big Red Barn is one of those baby books that provokes either charm or annoyance in adult readers, and delight in young listeners It is marked by Brown s soothingly rhythmic, repetitive text, sprinkled with farmyard animal noises that toddlers will love to imitate The story opens with a pink pig who was learning to squeal greeting the sunrise Other farm animals go about their activities throughout the day, and just as in Goodnight Moon the pictures become progressively darker as night falls on th [...]

    3. Pamela on said:

      Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown was a really good book, and my daughter enjoyed it immensely As a parent, I take great joy when I see my daughter really enjoying what I read and recognizing the pictures that she sees on the page She was able to identify all the animals, and even wanted to know Where they mama at The author did a really good job of displaying a lot of colors in this book too I think that really helps children as they are learning to read because all the bright colors catches [...]

    4. midnightfaerie on said:

      We got a themed box of books from the library about Farms and this was one of the books Nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe the pretty illustrations I loved the picture of the tiny pink pig My preschoolers liked it and enjoyed the pictures, pointing out various things as I read, and so it was still worth reading No real learning value except that it s a book It might be considered a level 1 reading book, but it s debatable on whether or not it has enough words to warrant that.

    5. Jason Wiseman on said:

      If you can get past the racy scene with the Scarecrow and his ho, this is a pretty solid story of some animals doing their thing on a farm While there is no central hero for whom to root, the overall character development is pretty solid I truly enjoyed counting all of the eggs SPOILER ALERT There are 10 in total.

    6. Rachel Herrington on said:

      This is a cute book about all the things that go on in a big red barn There are horses, cows, dogs, mice, a little pig, and many other animals It uses good descriptive words to explain each animal and what the animal is doing during the day I would use this book to explain adjectives to a young elementary class It has lots of great examples of good adjectives I would also like to use it for its pictures, because there are many little images that you can look for that help describe the story bett [...]

    7. Shari on said:

      I read this years ago, recently rediscovered it while looking for farm books It provides basic information about animal life in the barn throughout the day and into the night During this look back, I noticed that Felicia Bond illustrated it I probably didn t know who she was the first time I read it.

    8. Lara Lamb on said:

      The rhyming nature of this story is enjoyable for students and it talks about the different things that animals do on the farm as well what noises the animals make It would be a good book to read to kindergarteners when talking about the animals that live on the farm.

    9. Elizabeth on said:

      This is a very simple, straight forward story of barn animals on the farm There are opportunities for animal sounds to make with the kids.I did not like the flow of this book however It was awkward to read aloud and flip through I suppose

    10. Luisa Knight on said:

      A cute introduction to barnyard animals for the little ones that enjoy colors and sounds.Ages 1 3

    11. Jeanne on said:

      Lyrical account of all my grandpa s animals gone off to lala land Still enjoy the memories reading this to my children.

    12. Amanda on said:

      Not bad for an older book copyright 1956 Lots of rhyming, good read aloud I like how the images show the how the day is going by, from morning to night the sky goes from sunny to dusk.

    13. Cecily V on said:

      This book makes me feel all cuddly my Auntie Lacey got it for me I like the pretty pictures Mommy likes the picture of the baby mouse in a field of corn best.

    14. Dana on said:

      This book, written in prose, teaches life on the farm for animals A treasure for all young readers.

    15. Ashraks on said:

      The story covers all the farm animals but the pictures aren t big enough to catch a baby s attention I dunno if this is meant for toddlers.

    16. Kate Johnson on said:

      Picture BookThis book would be great to teach phonological awareness it has lots of rhyming It also would be good to teach how to use the pictures to know what the word is, since the pictures clearly represent what is happening.

    17. Carli Erickson on said:

      Big Red Barn is a book about life on the farm, and has a simple, easy going feel to it I like this book because the illustrations are really cute, and because it gives you an idea of what life is like on the farm This book would be good to use in a Kindergarten classroom in an animal or farm unit.

    18. Miranda Jones on said:

      I thought that this book was adorable for young readers The playful language and rhyming makes it very appealing for the intended audience of young children The rhyming teaches phonemic awareness, which helps prepare students to become better readers The beautiful illustrations also provide useful depictions of what the text says, so it makes this book easier for beginner readers to follow along with the pictures I personally loved the adorable pictures of the baby farm animals I ve always had a [...]

    19. Romanus Elangwe on said:

      Big Red Barn Author Margaret wise Brown 1910 1952 OVERVIEW OF AUTHOR Margaret Wise Brown was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1910 Aprolific American writer of children s book She graduated from Hollins University, Roanake, Virginia in 1932 with a B.A degree in English She worked as a teacher and studied art Her first book When the Wind Blew, was published in 1937.Book Overview The book attempts to show the life of animals in the barn It describes the barn as big and red The location of barn is in [...]

    20. Jenny on said:

      My toddler s all time favorite book It s a sweet portrait of a pastoral farm that takes you to meet the animals and back to meet them again in different contexts, told in lovely irregular rhyming verse la Goodnight Moon With a simple vocabulary and virtually no story, it s easy for her to grasp what s going on in a way she can t with many of her books There are plenty of pictures of familiar animals she can name and make the sounds of, and the quiet rhythm of it and the fact that it ends with ev [...]

    21. Dolly on said:

      This is a short, entertaining book featuring farm animals The narrative is simple and repetitive and the illustrations by Felicia Bond are colorful and cartoonish, so this book is perfect for younger children I never knew that she had collaborated with Margaret Wise Brown, and while this book could never take the place of Goodnight Moon or The Runaway Bunny in my heart, it was fun to read.

    22. Meagan Harris on said:

      I bought this book based on the good reviews, but the first time I read through it I thought to myself, No way my kid is going to like this Too long, too many words he ll think it s boring I was surprised when he seemed to enjoy it the first time we read it together Then he sat still again and enjoyed it the second timew, at 18 months old, this is the only book that he will sit still for I don t know if it s the animal sounds or pictures, or the gentle cadence of the verses, or the fact that mos [...]

    23. Rita Date on said:

      Big Red Barn is all about life on a farm It introduces many different farm animals that might live in a barn This book is great to read to young children because some of the students might relate to living on the farm The teacher of the class could read this book then read a book that relates to the city The students could compare the two environments as a class and make a chart on how they compare and differ from one another I liked this book because I grew up with some of these animals so it w [...]

    24. Mrswash on said:

      In the Big Red Barn farm animals have the run of the barn this day The children are gone, so they are free to mingle on the farm until it is time to sleep The exception is the lonely field mouse that was born in the corn field The story reminds me of a community All of the farm animals, with the exception of the mouse, are going about their business doing whatever it is they do, with one exception The mouse is left all alone, and doesn t have the connection with the others One feels kind of sorr [...]

    25. Chris Aldrich on said:

      Margaret Wise Brown has certainly done better There wasn t much plot and I generally wasn t much of a fan of the illustrations by Felicia Bond until the end On the penultimate page about mice playing in the hay, there was a surreptitious upside down picture of Snoopy hiding on a bucket And in one of the best parts of the book for reasons beyond my understanding along with the line While the moon sailed high Bond had a wonderful reflection of the moon in the water bin in which a small sail boat f [...]

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