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Double Cross

Double Cross By Malorie Blackman Double Cross Tobey wants a better life for him and his girlfriend Callie Rose He wants nothing to do with the gangs that rule the world he lives in But when he s offered the chance to earn some money just for maki

  • Title: Double Cross
  • Author: Malorie Blackman
  • ISBN: 9780385615518
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Double Cross By Malorie Blackman Tobey wants a better life for him and his girlfriend Callie Rose He wants nothing to do with the gangs that rule the world he lives in But when he s offered the chance to earn some money just for making a few deliveries , just this once, would it hurt to say yes The captivating conclusion companion Novel of the Noughts and Crosses series.
    Double Cross By Malorie Blackman

    Double Cross TV Series May , Storyline Follows Erica and Eric Cross two siblings on a quest to save the women in their neighborhood from a sex trafficking ring that s taken over Dr Erica s hospital emergency room and shaken up the streets ran by The Heights Kingpin, Eric Haunted by their past, the twins set down a path of their unique brand of vigilante justice. Double cross Definition of Double cross by Merriam Webster Examples of double cross in a Sentence Noun politics is full of double crosses and backbiting Recent Examples on the Web Noun Instead, this Sky Atlantic series, which is set in with the shock waves of the financial crisis still rippling across southern Europe will have a viewer wondering where the next double cross Watch Double Cross Season Prime Video Double Cross Season X Ray TV MA Erica Eric Cross are the Wonder Twins that decide to take matters into their own hands after a sudden rise of sex trafficking in their neighborhood. Double Cross TV Movie Feb , Two women jokingly agree to kill each others husbands Then one really does and blackmails the other into killing her own. Double cross meaning and origin Phrasefinder What does It Mean to Double Cross Someone with pictures Double Cross UMC Double Cross Erica Eric Cross are the Wonder Twins that decide to take matters into their own hands after a sudden rise of sex trafficking in their neighborhood Haunted by their past, the twins set down a path of their unique brand of vigilante justice. Double Cross Darrin Dewitt Henson

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      152 Malorie Blackman

    One thought on “Double Cross

    1. Reading Corner on said:

      I enjoyed this book but I think the series should have ended on the last book as this one seemed pretty unnecessary and didn t add much to the overall series.Double Cross was definitely good but it was my least favourite out of the series as it follows a pretty irrelevant character,Callie s best friend,Tobey.I did enjoy the story but I feel it would have been better as a stand alone and not associated with the series.The book was still fantastic as Malorie creates an amazing story again while st [...]

    2. James on said:

      Set in a dystopian 21st century near future British society the Noughts Crosses award winning series of novels initially a trilogy, subsequently extended to a quadrilogy opens following a period of alternative history, a post slavery period where the white population Noughts have been enslaved by the ruling black elite Now post emancipation, it is the non black population who are distinctly disadvantaged and impoverished in this alternative future society which is ruled and controlled by the dom [...]

    3. Rosie on said:

      This is the best series I have ever read.I cried ok I CRIED WHEN I FINISHED IT.I loved all the characters, especially Callum and Tobey.So glad I marathoned it and I would recommend it to anyone It s so gripping, hard hitting, action packed and I became obsessed.Bye bye noughts and crosses 3

    4. Shakira on said:

      2.5This book took me the longest time to read and I stuck it out because I absolutely devoured the first three books in this quartet but as it seemed to me while I was reading this, it really was a waste of my time This book follows a character who is completely irrelevant in the rest of the books and his story was very uninteresting and didn t leave me with anything I hear this book was an afterthought anyway and this series was originally going to be the first three books which is how I choose [...]

    5. *danielle* on said:

      Having been a HUGE fan of the Noughts and Crosses series, I was somewhat anxious about this fourth novel The third book had drawn everything to a nice close, and to be honest, I couldn t really see where the characters could be taken now Luckily, my doubts were unfounded What was especially nice about this book was that it draw away from the Callum Sephy storyline and created a whole new story based on the relationship between Callie and Toby, whilst still referring back to the original and well [...]

    6. Anne Osterlund on said:

      Toby is in love with his best friend, Callie Which is than enough to deal with for your average hot blooded teenage guy But in Meadowbrook, there s a lot in the picture Like the racial turf war being fought by the two kingpins who are busy holding everyone down And the corrupt cops who no one can trust, especially when you re a nought like Toby And like Dan, Toby s childhood friend who asks for help delivering a package An assignment Toby knows he shouldn t accept.What he has no clue about is [...]

    7. c a t h e y on said:

      Not really sure what I expected from this book Tobey was a great character in all except his weakness for Callie, who was as annoying as ever She suffers from a horrible disease which has symptoms of bitchiness, moodiness and erratic behavior Diagnosis insecurity Sephy was also annoying you would think that she wouldn t be so quick to judge and separate Callie and Tobias after her own experiences with Callie Speaking of which, did anyone else see the parallels Or was that supposed to be a cutesy [...]

    8. Suzanne (winterscribbler) Cole on said:

      Ok so SPOILERS obviouslyAvert eyes now I miss him that s all I really have to say, you know who I mean or maybe you don t and every time his name was mentioned it was like the wound was opened again So I think his death at the end of the last book was perfect, devastating but perfect for the character and clearly the end he was always running towards But in the early stages of Double Cross I began to have a small feeling of doubt, could he have survived, somehow I couldn t completely put it past [...]

    9. Josie on said:

      When I heard about this book coming out I went crazy I looked everywhere for spoilers something I am telling you NEVER DO , and all I found out was that it was going to involve drugs and gangs I waited months for it to come out, and read it in two days which involved my English teacher threatening to convincate it because I stayed up to midnight reading XD And it didn t disappoint It was as fantastic as all the rest.In many ways it was like Noughts and Crosses than Checkmate and KnifeEdge were [...]

    10. Jess on said:

      Double Cross gave me the teen romance I d been missing on in Knife Edge and Checkmate Tobey and Callie, now grown up, have to deal with the same hardships Callum and Sephy had to deal with back in Noughts and Crosses And Callie still has to deal from the fact that she isn t one sided, a Nought or a Cross, she is somewhere in the middle Tobey, who I loved since we first met him, gets pulled into the world he vowed he would never be involved him He fights to prove that he will find a way out and m [...]

    11. Sarah on said:

      I still found this book gripping but feel it lacked the whole theme running through the other books It didn t have the same focus on noughts and crosses and the fight for equality as the others did It barely mentioned it in some cases Still thrilling but I don t feel like it should have ended the way that it did.

    12. CarolynStorer on said:

      This is the fourth installment in the Noughts Crosses series which focuses mainly on Tobey and his relationship with Callie and how he gets mixed up with the wrong people without really wanting to There is no Liberation Militia in this book, only two rival gangs with Tobey in the middle It shows how money, or the lack of it, can be the motivation for good kids to do bad things.Most of it is written through the eyes of Tobey and although we do get to hear Callie Rose at the very beginning and the [...]

    13. Chrissi on said:

      This book finalises the Noughts and Crosses series I think many people don t realise that this book does have four instalments and that s because Checkmate seemingly wraps up the story I don t think it s an essential read to finish the Noughts and Crosses series, but I think it is an excellent addition to a very well written series.You won t come across Callum and Sephy s relationship in this story Sephy is included, of course, but Double Cross follows Tobey and Callie Rose Tobey dives into the [...]

    14. Samuel.L on said:

      Not as exciting as the original trilogy but it s still a great fast paced action book.

    15. Char on said:

      If this had been a stand alone novel I d have given it four stars I m taking away a star because it s an unnecessary part of the series Full review in the next few days.FULL REVIEWTo read my pre read thoughts and reasons for rating please visit my blogFrom the Shadows I Review Well, this is a hard one to review Partly because I feel that this book is good and partly because I feel that being part of the Noughts and Crosses series ruins it I mean ruins because it didn t have to be, this book coul [...]

    16. Mina on said:

      This is the worst yet Completely off topic, it hasn t got to do with anything it now drones on a bit, clever boy but boring almost definitely This book is like an over dose of sleeping beauty The main character is sleeping the whole entire book and the prince is left to save her, only the fairies have left him locked up for a couple of years, leaving him to sit there doing nothing.

    17. Maria on said:

      As much as I adored the previous books in this series, I have to admit that, sadly, I found Double Cross somewhat underwhelming.The other three books were nothing less than addicting I couldn t and didn t want to put them down I wanted to keep reading, to get through chapters, to uncover what happens next and dive deeper and deeper into the rush and excitement of falling in love with a book and its characters With Double Cross , however, I was disappointed to realize that the main reason I want [...]

    18. Graceann on said:

      This review assumes that you have read all the previous books in the series, and thus will contain spoilers with regard to those stories This fourth book in the slightly misnamed trilogy picks up shortly after the explosion that ended Checkmate, and Callie Rose is working through the trauma and guilt based on that Unfortunately, I didn t find that to be quite enough to hang the novel on, and my attention drifted between annoyance at the stupid choices one of the characters made, and impatience w [...]

    19. Emma on said:

      A very good book I wasn t too sure whether I actually liked this book because up until 3 4 of the way through, the events were dramatic but you didn t necessarily need to read the book I was mostly confused as to why I needed to read this as the ending for Checkmate left everything on good terms however, I now regret thinkin this and I am very glad that I have read it I stood corrected at the end as the ending was imperfectly perfect with a dramatic ending which could well lead into another book [...]

    20. Tasfia Rahman on said:

      A magnificent finale I thought that Double Cross will be quite like Noughts Crosses, Tobey Callie s story will be like Callum Sephy s, but it wasn t It has it s own twist to it, and best of all it didn t end in despair Tobey Callie s love story was successful, it didn t end in a tragic note like how Callum Sephy s did, and I salute Malorie Blackman for that Readers were very unhappy with the tragic events that had happened in the first 3 books, then Callie getting shot broke the readers hearts e [...]

    21. Aimee Bates on said:

      3.5 StarsI started reading this series a couple of years ago and only in the last month or so decided to pick the last 2 books up and actually finish a series for once And I m really really glad that I did.Although the last 2 books to this series probably aren t my favourites, I feel that the conclusion to them was everything I wanted and definitely made me realise I was connected to the characters than I thought.I think that if I d carried on reading the books in a closer concession I probably [...]

    22. 15HillG on said:

      The book wasn t actually very good in my opinion I mean I enjoyed the series but I felt it dragged on a lot and included irrelevant characters Although Malorie is an incredible writing I couldn t seem to get into this book and found it harder to read compared to the first 3.

    23. Amandine on said:

      J ai un peu de mal comprendre ce tel engouement pour cette saga D accord, le contexte de l histoire est tr s int ressant mais c est tout Ce sont des livres durs, c est peut tre pour a que je n ai pas tellement accroch Les personnages ne sont pas attachants et sont nervants au plus haut point, surtout Sephy C est bien la premi re fois que je n aime aucun personnage d un livre Bref, j avais vraiment h te d en finir et de pouvoir passer autre chose.

    24. Lisbeth on said:

      So, Blackman should have ended as she had planned, and left it at Checkmate This one was completely out of character with the rest and came off sort of weak.In the first three books, no one was safe, and that got worse along the way until some sort of peace was found In this, Blackman succumbed to the ways of Hollywood and their happy ever after loving endings.Can t say that I m not disappointed.

    25. Taylor on said:

      I can t believe one of my favourite series of books are over However I am slightly disappointed with the last book I personally believe that Blackman had a fantastic end to the third book and that the fourth book was simply unnecessary I can t say I didn t enjoy it but sometimes authors need to know to stop whilst you re ahead Did I love it as much as the others No Did it ruin the series for me No Was it really needed No again.

    26. Kushnuma on said:

      I read this book years ago and had it on , but for some reason isn t showing it.

    27. L'Amour de Livres on said:

      Was that all love did for you Made you give up and give in Left you open to pain and hurt It was a bleak October and I had been in search of something that could satisfy my needs for a good, engaging book series It was during that month that I found the Noughts Crosses quartet lined up neatly on the shelves of my local library Ah, to be young and in love That was how I felt reading this series Opening the front cover of the book revealed that I was the first to have borrowed the series, and I fe [...]

    28. Alice Doherty on said:

      Loved the Noughts and Crosses series You really feel like you re inside the storyline and I feel like the concepts in this collection of books will resonate in my mind.

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