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Man, Woman, and Child

Man, Woman, and Child By Erich Segal Man Woman and Child From Eric Segal comes an unforgettable story of lovee drama of a father and the son he never knew And a marriage that must stand the greatest test of all Man Woman And Child Bob and Sheila Beckwith h

  • Title: Man, Woman, and Child
  • Author: Erich Segal
  • ISBN: 9780553562354
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Man, Woman, and Child By Erich Segal From Eric Segal comes an unforgettable story of lovee drama of a father and the son he never knew And a marriage that must stand the greatest test of all Man, Woman And Child Bob and Sheila Beckwith had everything rewarding careers, two wonderful daughters, and a perfect marriage almost perfect for what Sheila didn t know was that Bob has once been uFrom Eric Segal comes an unforgettable story of lovee drama of a father and the son he never knew And a marriage that must stand the greatest test of all Man, Woman And Child Bob and Sheila Beckwith had everything rewarding careers, two wonderful daughters, and a perfect marriage almost perfect for what Sheila didn t know was that Bob has once been unfaithful only once, ten years ago during a business trip to France What Bob didn t know was that his brief affair produced a son Now a tragic accident and one fateful phone call will change Bob and Sheila s life forever
    Man, Woman, and Child By Erich Segal

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    • [PDF] Man, Woman, and Child | by ☆ Erich Segal
      412 Erich Segal

    One thought on “Man, Woman, and Child

    1. Corinne on said:

      In this book, it s neither the man, nor the woman, but the child Jean Claude who grabbed me the most, by his robustness and resilience, and by his dignity.After his mother s accidental death in France, Jean Claude arrives in Boston, to meet his biological father Robert Beckwith, who has his own happy family, but met Jean Claude s mother on an academic trip to Montpellier in France He is still a child, but he knows his place in his father s life, and does everything he can not to perturb his fami [...]

    2. Seemita on said:

      The reason of picking this book was the movie I had watched based on this work I finished it in about 4 hours which was rather good Like the movie, this book too pulled the strings of my heart However, it fell a tad short in making me cry Ermm That s my yardstick to declare a book in drama genre, 5 star worthy

    3. Akshay on said:

      Man, Woman and Child by Erich Segal has a very powerful story with varying emotions such as love, compassion, jealousy, betrayal and hurt between a man, woman and a child Simply put, it is a triangle of emotion that is formed here through the book Life can take unexpected turns at various points, but how the turn is endured forms the core premise in the book Each individual has their own ways of living and showing the world that they are not dependent on anybody This is shown best by this little [...]

    4. Jennifer on said:

      Great storywonder if he based this on someone he knew, the story was what I imagined his life was like Academics, and universities, and middle aged marriagesd the things we do in life.

    5. Shonali on said:

      Erich Segal is one of my fav authors and never fails to impress me This book of his, goes straight to my All Time Favorite list If there is any author who knows how to bring out emotions and make you bawl like a baby then it is Segal.Fidelity is something that is becoming a rare virtue in today s fast pacing world May be in the next century Infidelity might be in fashion Who knows But this cannot be generalized Nonetheless a strong marriage needs strong commitments from both partners The vows ta [...]

    6. Dolceluna on said:

      Nei romanzi di Erich Segal, nonostante la prosa colloquiale e lo stile scorrevole, c quella profondit , nelle tematiche, nei profili dei personaggi, nelle riflessioni che ne scaturiscono, che a mio avviso costituisce il pregio dei grandi scrittori di ieri E che lo contraddistingue da quelli di oggi, i quali non tutti, chiaramente nei loro romanzi super letti e super venduti, scrivono in maniera altrettanto semplice ma dietro questa semplicit c la banalit , il nulla E invece anche la semplicit pu [...]

    7. Naomi on said:

      Pese a que s lo he le do dos obras del autor, comienzo a creer que su estilo es bastante predecible El ser humano reacciona s lo ante las tragedias S que es as , sin embargo la manera en la que lo aborda Segal no me convence del todo.Adem s el final me dej algo perpleja Qu se supone que significa Dejando de lado lo emocional alguien quiere pensar en los gastos No tienen ni idea de lo mal que me cayeron el par de hijas malcriadas de Bob y lo impresionada que qued con el gran contraste respecto a [...]

    8. Nicky2910 on said:

      Man, Woman and Child by Erich Segal Sheila and Bob lead the perfect life, successful in their jobs, 2 daughters, an epitome of a marriage but Bob has kept a secret for 10 years, a secret that comes back to haunt him when he takes a call from France Years ago, I read Segal s Doctors 3 times, I read Acts of Faith, Love Story, Oliver s Story and Prizes and I remember them all, especially Doctors, very fondly Maybe that s why this book ultimately disappointed me First of all, the prose seemed incred [...]

    9. Sarah on said:

      This book was cheezy The plot was intriguing, but the characters were so lame In particular, there are three children that are supposed to be 9, 10, and 12, but speak like immature 30 year olds After reading the book, I read the About the Author section, and discovered that Erich Segal actually has a 9 year old daughter Lame.Further, not to spoil anything, but the ending left a lot to be desired The only positive thing I can say about this book is that I think he did a nice job portraying some o [...]

    10. Lyra on said:

      I first read this when I was seventeen Surprisingly, I took a different perspective the second time I read this ten years later.A favorite.

    11. Ayushi on said:

      Reminded me of the hindi movie Maasoom starring Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi This one s a tear jerker.

    12. Akash Tripathi on said:

      A story of forgiveness, helplessness, innocence,ignorance delivered in different amounts which were just right A nice one time read.

    13. Chaitalee Ghosalkar on said:

      The problem with Erich Segal novels is that you ought to read them before you ve read any other books As I have experienced through Man, Woman and Child and his other immensely popular Love Story, the author explores topics that have been run down over the years So the element of novelty is lost although you must admit that the treatment meted out by Segal to these topics is far superior.Man, Woman and Child is based on the subject of infidelity and its repercussions on a perfect family What sh [...]

    14. Selva Subramanian on said:

      It is a lot like Erich Segal s Love story light weight, endearing story, a bittersweet ending etc It is an old book and I thought I should read it only because 2 famous movies have been made based on this book and the copy came cheap Not bad Nothing great either It is kind of the perfect story for a movie When I read Love story, I was a very young reader and it made quite an impression on me But now with this novel, I was able to see the mistakes outright It kind of had 3 story threads going and [...]

    15. Beata Gotwald on said:

      Fascinating story which leads you through tough life of an adopted child and his parents Thoughtful and well written.

    16. Patsy Tindell on said:

      A man who has a perfect family learns that he has a son about 10 years old from a brief affair This news comes because the mother of the child died and the child has no where to go The man, his wife, and his two daughters are shocked and angry, but they eventually accept the child into their lives His wife is the true heroine in this story.

    17. Sakshi Narang on said:

      Review Man, Woman and Child.I have heard a lot of Erich Segal, about his immense way of blending the emotions Man, Woman and Child, shows it well It s a story of a couple, enjoying a successful and almost perfect married life, until a child, Jean Claude, who happens to be, this man s child, from the lady with whom he had an affair, in France, while he was on his academic trip More than, man and woman, it was the child Jean Claude who grabbed my attention the most, throughout the novel, with his [...]

    18. sari on said:

      Ceritanya benar benar memilin emosi, sangat manusiawiJean Claude seorang anak yg berpikiran dewasa dan cerdas, tidak seperti anak anak seumuran denganya Sebatang kara, setelah kematian Ibunya, terancam bakal diambil pemerintah, akhirnya sahabat ibunya memutuskan sementara menyelamatkan masa depannya dg mencarikan sekolah asrama menitipkan kepada sahabat ibunya yg lain di Massachusetts, yaitu Bob Menghabiskan liburan musim panas di cape town bersama keluarga Bob, Jane merasa senang, dengan rasa p [...]

    19. Chrissy on said:

      Another good quick read by Erich Segal I will be reading from this author for sure The author shows the husband Bob and the wife Sheila as having the perfect marriage with two daughters That is, until Bob receives a call from his friend in France informing him of the death of a woman he had an affair with She had his son, Jean Claude and had not told the son who the father was With no family for him to go to, the boy would end up an orphan and his friend asked if he would take the boy Bob event [...]

    20. Cynthia on said:

      Un libro entretenido No voy a mentir, esperaba m s Sobre todo luego de leer The Class del mismo autor, y ni hablar de Love Story, pero no llen mis expectativas Este libro perteneci a mi mam en su juventud y ahora que lo leo puedo decir que fue una historia ligera y entretenida a lo Hollywood Un final un poco predecible, para m gusto Me gust que se enfrentara el conflicto desde los tres puntos de vista el de Bob el hombre que ha cometido una infidelidad pero que a n desea preservar su hogar porqu [...]

    21. Mary on said:

      In another unforgettable story of love by the author of Love Story comes the story of a father and the son he never knewAnd a marriage that must withstand the greatest test of all.Robert and Sheila Beckwith had everything rewarding careers Robert as a statistics professor and Sheila as an editor for a distinguished publishing house two wonderful, precocious daughters twelve year old Jessica and nine year old Paula and a marriage that was almostrfect For there was one thing thing that Sheila didn [...]

    22. Kris on said:

      Erich Segal menampilkan ide yang segar dan bermakna tentang cinta dan perselingkuhan Buku yang hangat dinikmati dengan alur yang cerdas.Perselingkuhan Bob yang hanya dilakukannya sekali sepanjang hidupnya nyatanya menimbulkan bayang bayang yang panjang ketika sebuah telpon dari negeri seberangnya, Paris menyatakan bahwa Dia telah memiliki seorang anak lelaki dari Nicolle,selingkuhannya yang baru saja wafat.Kenyataan ini kemudian direspons dengan rasa shock yang luar biasa mengguncang bagi Sheila [...]

    23. Shema on said:

      Brief pacifying novel.ople make mistakes, it gets better once you own up.

    24. Jessica Huwae on said:

      From every characters from the book, it is Jean Claude that caught my attention the most It s a tragedy when a child raised with a single parent and when something terrible happens, he has no one to turn to His vulnerability, loss and despair pretty much reminded me of Theo Decker from Donna Tartt s The Goldfinch Even they live a different story, still they re the product of infidelity and the absence of father s figure But I think it s going to be my least fave book from Erich Segal, because ev [...]

    25. Michelle victoria on said:

      believe it or not, i found this book after almost 6 years Man, Woman and Child menceritakan tentang perselingkuhan sang tokoh utamanya yang terjadi bertahun tahun lalu One night stand yang dia pikir tidak ada artinya, tiba tiba menghadirkan seorang anak dalam kehidupan barunya sekarang ini, saat dia bahkan sudah beristri dan mempunyai 2 anak Apakah kehadiran sang anak haram menghancurkan pernikahannya Siapkah sang tokoh utama, istri, anak anak, serta si anak yang tidak diinginkan ini menghadapi [...]

    26. Faith Ann on said:

      Marriages are made in heaven, but they should be lived here on earth It is heartwarming how something so tragic could test the love of a woman for a man who does the same but goes against his promised loyalty Love has a way of making us transcend our nature With all the hurts, we learn to forgive Above all, we love again This time, better Sheila and Bob were a superb couple Perhaps even better after Bob s son s brief episode in their lives Sheila s fear of loosing Bob over the mistake of his pas [...]

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