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Everyday Drinking

Everyday Drinking By Kingsley Amis Everyday Drinking A celebratory volume of writings by the late author of Lucky Jim includes favorite pieces on such topics as hangovers food and drink combinations and presumably how to avoid getting drunk in a coll

  • Title: Everyday Drinking
  • Author: Kingsley Amis
  • ISBN: 9780091547103
  • Page: 256
  • Format: None
  • Everyday Drinking By Kingsley Amis A celebratory volume of writings by the late author of Lucky Jim includes favorite pieces on such topics as hangovers, food and drink combinations, and presumably how to avoid getting drunk, in a collection complemented by cocktail recipes 30,0Title The Everyday DrinkingAuthor Amis, Kingsley Hitchens, Christopher INT Publisher St Martins PrPublication Date 2008 05A celebratory volume of writings by the late author of Lucky Jim includes favorite pieces on such topics as hangovers, food and drink combinations, and presumably how to avoid getting drunk, in a collection complemented by cocktail recipes 30,0Title The Everyday DrinkingAuthor Amis, Kingsley Hitchens, Christopher INT Publisher St Martins PrPublication Date 2008 05 13Number of Pages 302Binding Type HARDCOVERLibrary of Congress bl2008015465
    Everyday Drinking By Kingsley Amis

    Everyday Drinking The Distilled Kingsley Amis Amis Everyday Drinking is a collection of three of Kingsley Amis s previously published works On Drink , Everyday Drinking and How s Your Glass The How s Your Glass Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis Sep , Everyday Drinking is a collection of three Amis books on drink that are nicely collected with a great introduction by Christopher Hitchens For the collection, I would lean towards stars The middle book of the collection is titled Everyday Drinking and is a collection of newspaper columns that Amis wrote in the early s. What Are The Effects of Drinking Every Day Alcohol and Daily alcohol consumption requires extra work from the liver The liver makes metabolic enzymes that digest and break up toxins like alcohol and is the second place alcohol goes after landing in the GI tract Daily alcohol use can cause fibrosis or scarring of the liver tissue. Drinking alcohol every day How unhealthy really is it Jun , Binge drinking usually means drinking than units in a single session for women or units for men But, the doctor points out The liver processes alcohol at Effects of Alcohol What Drinking Every Day Does to Your Well, hard liquor is about percent alcohol, while wine is around percent and beer is to percent alcohol The recommendation for drinking alcohol has long been no than one drink per day for women and two for men on days you imbibe However, this advice may be changing. What Happens to Your Body If You Drink Every Day During Apr , It s been well documented through research that the consumption of alcohol has the ability to lower your immune defenses, which is why we asked the experts what exactly happens to you overall, and Mayo Clinic Q and A Is daily drinking problem drinking For men, it is no than four drinks a day and no than drinks per week Those guidelines are based on standard size drinks, which contain about grams of pure alcohol That equals ounces of wine, ounces of beer, to ounces of malt liquor

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      256 Kingsley Amis

    One thought on “Everyday Drinking

    1. Eric on said:

      Note You really have to use bourbon The Rye Old Fashioned is not too bad the Irish version just tolerable the Scotch one not worth while Exactly And never mind the rye snobs suddenly all about, I was once twitted by my best friend s wife for not specifying brandy because that s how the Old Fashioned was made in 1890s New Orleans, you see She has a meaty ass, big long toed feet, and she paints I loathe her in an amiable, intermittently lustful, sitcom like way There s not much to do but quote him [...]

    2. Manny on said:

      A very nice birthday present from Jordan The first half of the book is a hilarious manual on how to spend your life drunk I couldn t wait to get started Amis s technical knowledge, especially when it comes to spirits and mixed drinks, is impressive Also his ability to avoid bullshit.____________________________________________We got our courage together and tried making Ernest Hemingway s signature cocktail, the fabulous Death in the Afternoon It s very simple put one measure of absinthe in a ch [...]

    3. Andrew on said:

      This cute recollection of Kingsley Amis newspaper columns on the life of a professional drunk is edited by Christopher Hitchens friend of son Martin and resident avatar of English alcoholism in American letters The writing is gin saturated themes recurring in their wet wit seem half remembered the prose seems dictated, with the loose, conversational imprecision of a drunk and self satisfied autodidact But what else would you want, let alone expect, from a collection of brief High English epistle [...]

    4. Ann on said:

      I truly believe you need only two drinks books in your life one that tells you about every drink you could possibly make, and one that tells you about what you would want to drink The first is useful in the case that an honored guest asks for a Detroit Motor City or something I live in fear of moments like this the second, while narrower in scope, is infinitely practical because everything in it is actually good.Everyday Drinking has captured a permanent spot as my second category book This is [...]

    5. Brendan Koerner on said:

      Had I been sentient and British during the 1970s, I m sure I would have been a huge admirer of Amis s weekly newspaper musings on the art and science of drinking I can definitely see how the constituent parts of this book would work well as columns.But they fall flat in the anthology format, in large part because Amis is so darn repetitious We hear the same bon mots re Scotch time and again, for example And the first third of the book contains nothing save for wittily phrased drink recipes, none [...]

    6. brian on said:

      let s allow a great 20th century dandy and wit to review this book better than i ever could Here is a story about a sinner,He used to be a winner, who enjoyed a life of prominence and position.But the pressures at the office and his socialite engagements,And his selfish wife s fanatical ambition,It turned him to the booze,And he got mixed up with a floosieAnd she led him to a life of indecision.The floosie made him spend his doughShe left him lying on skid rowA drunken lag in some salvation army [...]

    7. Harold on said:

      Written with an abundance of style and dry wit, this is a very entertaining and informative book Everything and you ever wanted to know about liquor, beer and wine is probably in here along with some good laughs One caveat don t read this on a kindle There is a long quiz section which would require flipping back and forth between sections If anybody knows how to do this on a Kindle please let me know When I got my Kindle a month or two ago I knew there had to be some drawbacks This is the first [...]

    8. Annie on said:

      A moderately amusing and informative collection of newspaper columns written by a jaunty, hail fellow well met type of chap I would like to go drinking with this guy, he knows everything about every kind of liquor and includes some cocktail recipes I m dying to try out.Analyzes Kafka s Metamorphosis as a metaphor for a hangover you wake up feeling looking like hell, and everyone hates you Made my day.

    9. Mark Desrosiers on said:

      This is a reprint of three of Kingsley Amis s classic gin soaked volumes On Drink, How s Your Glass a quiz book , and Every Day Drinking a title that boy Martin found clever if not hilarious, and which remains a source of confusion here on GoodReads as it s apparently merged with this here collection Amis appears here in three boozy guises mixologist, advice columnist, and know it all All are witty and fascinating even when he s phoning it in, his prose is taut and immaculate The various drinks [...]

    10. Cindy on said:

      Kingsley Amis was notorious for liking a good drink He was a Scotch man, but found ways to appreciate all drink Except maybe wine He was self admittedly clueless about wine Shame This book is a collection of his boozy writings, and even a pub style trivia quiz section Of most interest to my bookish friends is the section Hangover Reading Seriously, this book is worth it just for his literature rundown To whet your appetite, he mentions Paradise Lost and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.Any [...]

    11. Adam on said:

      Kingsley Amis is grumpy, curmudgeonly, unapologetically British, and wonderful in this book These qualities, together with a combination of the two things about which he is most passionate drink, and the English language specifically, the correct use of the English language make it a pleasure to read He is dry and hilarious, knows his subject well but will dismiss any shortcomings of knowledge as unimportant or boring matters, anyway , and writes in a way that makes you feel like you re talking [...]

    12. Kevin Kizer on said:

      Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I d heard about this book for years and finally got down to reading it It s easy to see where Martin Amis got his wit Kingsley intersperses hilarious alcohol related short stories, along with his own well tested recipes some named after his famous novels, like Lucky Jim, and others named after friends, like Evelyn Waugh s Noonday Reviver and rather helpful musings on subjects like The Hangover a piece of selfless research, undertaken by a pioneer , The Boozing Man [...]

    13. Elly Zupko on said:

      I don t often laugh out loud at books Perhaps it s because I don t typically read funny books But Amis Everyday Drinking had me giggling like a kid, almost often than I m comfortable bragging about, and annoying my partner by reading passages aloud and frequently quoting my new knowledge about both alcohol and Britishisms, both of which we both enjoy To extend a metaphor, Everyday Drinking contains both long drinks and short drinks, and its not suitable for consuming all in one long stretch Com [...]

    14. Ilse Wouters on said:

      The problem with collecting 3 short books on the same topic by the same author in the same work, especially when the books are actually collections of newspaper columns, is that it can become very repetitive, as is the case here Moreover, the topic being alcoholic beverages, seen by a huge fan in his British context of the 1970 1980s, a lot of the information given is outdated and even a bit shortsighted On the other hand, Kingsley Amis is witty, not afraid to say what he wants to say pre politi [...]

    15. Viivi on said:

      Kirja on sulosointuinen alkoholin ylistyslaulu sanoi Ilta Sanomat ja t ytynee yhty t h n Valitettavasti vain tuntui silt , ett kehno ja huolimaton suomennos toimitus pilasi puolet nautinnosta Siisp suosittelen, ett se joka lasin lis ksi tarttuu t h n kirjaan, etsii k siins alkuper isen englanninkielisen teoksen ja nautinto on taattu Cheers

    16. Marie Bouteille on said:

      This is quite an entertaining little book, full of trivia, some a little out of date, a lot still up to date I work in the wine business and to me, wine has always been something fascinating, you could always learn new things about and most importantly something to share with your close ones And I ve always been appalled by those people who think they know everything when it comes to wine especially in France, where I live and especially men and wine becomes something through which they acquire [...]

    17. John Hubbard on said:

      This is really two different books and two different ratings Everyday Drinking is a collection of three Amis books on drink that are nicely collected with a great introduction by Christopher Hitchens For the collection, I would lean towards 4 stars.The middle book of the collection is titled Everyday Drinking and is a collection of newspaper columns that Amis wrote in the early 1980s There are good moments in this but much of it is dated It is not so funny as the first book in the collection.

    18. Michael Boykin on said:

      A very practical and informative book about making and consuming drinks You ll come across a whole host of drinks you ve never heard of, read some amazing stories related to the aftereffects of alcohol, and find yourself laughing quite a bit than you probably would expect I m certain I ll find myself reading this book at least one time.

    19. Don Gillette on said:

      Pretty funny The edition I read had 3 books in it the first was Everyday Drinking, the second was a guide on mixing drinks, and the third was sort of a quiz to see how much you know about alcohol This is the first Kingsley Amis I ve read, but I m going to start The Green Man soon because I enjoyed his style.

    20. Aaron on said:

      Some nicely witty writing, but much of the alcohol market has changed since Amis wrote these articles and it causes his opinions to often be unusable or out of date.

    21. Mika Auramo on said:

      Kingsley Amisin teokset On Drink 1972 ja Every Day Drinking 1983 on suomennoksessa pantu yksiin kansiin Kirja on antoisa viinanjuonnin kulttuurihistoriaan perehtyville viskisiepoille ja viininmaistelijoille Valitettavasti monelta osin t ker suomennos ks lopussa pilaa lukukokemuksen.Kirjailija oli siis itsekin varsin viinaanmenev ja nautti alkoholin suomista riemuista yli nelisenkymment vuotta Esikoisteoksessaan Onnellinen Jim oli juopotteleva opettaja Booker palkinto irtosi romaanista Vanhat pir [...]

    22. A on said:

      I wouldn t use this book as toilet paper if I had volcanically explosive habanero curry diarrhea and this was the last absorbent substance left on earth.This is the worst book I have ever read Of course, book is a strong word to use in describing it because the last 150pp of its 350pp consist of a quiz That s right, a multiple choice test Are you fucking KIDDING me Now, when there s a book that I end up loathing but also unfortunately have purchased for myself, I put it in a special refuse shelf [...]

    23. James M. on said:

      I became acquainted with Kingsley Amis while reading an article by Dick Cavett in the NY Times Mr Amis is an avowed drinker Is there too much Scotch Never, while I m alive and, after reading his book, I believe that this would qualify as a binge This book is actually a compilation of three books, but, for me, its joy is in his advice on acoholic beverages, his personal accounts of imbibing and his trashing of certain drinks Amis deals with the detrimenttal effects of alcohol He divides the hango [...]

    24. Glen Engel-Cox on said:

      I joked with a family member who asked what I was going to read next that I hoped this was going to be a how to book While it could conceivably be followed in some instances, Everyday Drinking is actually a collection of three smaller books that themselves were collections of the newspaper writings on alcohol by Kingsley Amis, famous as the author of such novels as Lucky Jim and The Green Man, although it is pretty apparent from this book that he was than familiar with the artistic merits of a [...]

    25. Jack Wolfe on said:

      Drinking is one of the best things a person can do with life, and it s important that we have books that celebrate alcohol Especially as our culture turns against it in favor of what Video games I m getting pretty sick of reading Facebook articles about alcohol reinforcing the patriarchy giving you cancer being incompatible with adult life Dude alcohol FACILITATES CATALYZES ENCOURAGES adult life I m not talking about frat shit beer pong etc though that stuff can be pretty fun too I m talking abo [...]

    26. Jukka Särkijärvi on said:

      Everyday Drinking is actually a compilation of three works On Drink, Every Day Drinking and How s Your Glass The first is a short book on, well, drink, the second a collection of columns he wrote for a paper, and the third a quiz book The introduction to this compilation is written by the inimitable Christopher Hitchens, which itself qualifies as a selling point.On these pages, Kingsley Amis opines on beer, booze and wine, on drinking habits and everything else related His style is erudite and e [...]

    27. Tripp on said:

      No doubt due to the vaguely illicit nature, there are far good books about eating than there are about drinking So I was quite happy to stumble upon Kingsley Amis s Everyday Drinking at the library It s not everyday that we get musings on drinking by major literary figures It reads like a serious, if still funny, version of Modern Drunkard This is the sort of book you flip through and immediately fall upon a gem, like his description of the metaphysical hangover, which I quote below When that i [...]

    28. Mark on said:

      Kingsley Amis cut a controversial figure, certainly later in life, when the copious quantities of booze he imbibed in the course of that life got to him They were people who loved him, and many who did not On the basis of this volume, a collection of three flimsy books on drinks and drinking he wrote during his fifties and sixties, count me in with the many.He had the reputation of being a connoisseur , and a wit Why, I haven t the foggiest To me, he sounds like a bluffing Know Nothing, and prou [...]

    29. Paula Dembeck on said:

      I am not sure how this book ended up on my to read list I believe it came as a recommendation from Christopher Hitchens whose writing I really enjoy And as I picked up the book I see Christopher wrote the introduction.Kingsley Amis is accomplished not only as a writer but also as a drinker But he is an informed one.Amis starts out explaining to us his general principles of drinking He then moves on to several tried and true recipes for mixed drinks He explains how to determine a good sommelier, [...]

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