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The Girl In Times Square

The Girl In Times Square By Paullina Simons The Girl In Times Square A stunning and powerful contemporary love story from one of the best storytellers this century Lily s life is turned upside down with the disappearance of her flat mate incredible revelations about h

  • Title: The Girl In Times Square
  • Author: Paullina Simons
  • ISBN: 9780007118922
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Girl In Times Square By Paullina Simons A stunning and powerful contemporary love story from one of the best storytellers this century Lily s life is turned upside down with the disappearance of her flat mate, incredible revelations about her family and a personal discovery, all of which will affect her forever What if everything you believed about your life was a lie Meet Lily Quinn She is broke, strugglingA stunning and powerful contemporary love story from one of the best storytellers this century Lily s life is turned upside down with the disappearance of her flat mate, incredible revelations about her family and a personal discovery, all of which will affect her forever What if everything you believed about your life was a lie Meet Lily Quinn She is broke, struggling to finish college, pay her rent, find love Adrift in bustling New York City, the most interesting things in Lily s life happen to the people around her But Lily loves her aimless life until her best friend and roommate Amy disappears That s when Spencer Patrick O Malley, a cynical, past his prime NYPD detective with demons of his own, enters Lily s world And a sudden financial windfall which should bring Lily joy instead becomes an ominous portent of the dark forces gathering around her But fate isn t finished with Lily She finds herself fighting for her life as Spencer s search for the missing Amy intensifies, leading Lily to question everything she knew about her friend and family Startling revelations about the people she loves force her to confront truths that will leave her changed forever From a master storyteller comes a new heart wrenching, magnificent and un putdownable novel This is the odyssey of two young women, Lily and Amy, roommates and friends on the verge of the rest of their lives.
    The Girl In Times Square By Paullina Simons

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    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Girl In Times Square : by Paullina Simons
      152 Paullina Simons

    One thought on “The Girl In Times Square

    1. Diane S ☔ on said:

      An author new to me, plus I usually avoid books over 500 pages, at least for the most part Wasn t at all sure what to expect, but I won the book so I thought I may as well open it and see how I felt Could always quit reading if it didn t appeal I loved it A missing person case, that turns into a whole new something else Enticing and well rounded characters, the mixing of many different fictional elements, a medical story, a survivor story that again turns into something Shouldn t have worked Sh [...]

    2. Maylin on said:

      I can honestly say this book changed my life In fact it was instrumental in saving my son s life.Above and beyond the excellent story human interest, mystery, romance, Ms Simon s habitual excellent writing this has a personal memory for me.The day after I finished reading it I had a phone call from my son who was run down Besides being tired he had bleeding gums and was bruising The doctor said he was stressed and to take it easy However, this was so close to the symptoms of the heroine in the b [...]

    3. Natalie on said:

      Paullina Simons has done it again What a beautiful, beautiful book Poor poor Lily Quinn She leads a hard life She is in her early twenties and is poor as a church rat, she barly makes rent to her crappy and smaller then smaller appartment and hasn t even enough money for food She is in collage, but never seems to get enough points to graduate And her whole familly treats her as a doormat Literally And if that is not enough, she is now finding herself without a bed, since her cheating boyfriend t [...]

    4. Fiona on said:

      Hmmmm.You create a character You murder her best friend You bring in a sexy police detective.You want people to have sympathy for your protagonist So you give her cancer Leukaemia.That s what it s about Lily s best friend is murdered, a storyline which is left in the background whilst she falls for the copper and sells her artwork Her family is selfish Her mother s a cow.There isn t anything remotely interesting The cancer storyline is a cop out you can t fail but to feel sympathy towards her Gi [...]

    5. Dana Moison on said:

      I ll start by saying I haven t read The Bronze Horseman series written by this author, which made me feel like a Tabula Rasa , without good or bad prejudice.This is a very long book, packed with details, with a pretty miserable and not very appealing beginning, and only because there are so many pages down the road and you wonder to yourself, What the hell can she write about in all those pages you keep reading, half intrigued and half despaired.This book entails a wide range of emotions despair [...]

    6. Judi Anne on said:

      Even though Paullina Simon s novels are usually over wordy she still has the writing ability to pull me into the story until the end because her characters and the situations are involved, multilayered and almost always surprising Girl in Times Square formally written under the title Lily is just one of those novels Lily, a happy go lucky but lacking in self confidence, is a 25 year old woman that is barely making ends meet when her room mate, Amy, turns up missing Shortly after that she wins an [...]

    7. Trace on said:

      I had read the Bronze Horseman by the same author a few years ago It was amazing I m looking forward to reading another of her novels UPDATE DONE Absolutely riveting I could not put it down Read it in 3 days despite it being exactly 599 pages long and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it This author is gifted at creating real, authentic characters and is VERY gifted in particular in creating love stories that tug at the heartstrings In my books, this is one author who could give Diana Gabal [...]

    8. Paula Reis on said:

      Este livro enterneceu me e derrubou me Lindo e horr vel, amor e dio, doen a e cura, fundamentalismo, gan ncia, pais e filhos, amigos e inimigos Este livro fant stico

    9. AJ on said:

      And again Paullina Simons rips out my heart, chews it up and spits it out Every single time The Bronze Horseman remains my favourite book of all time, but this has become another Simons favourite Our heroine Lily defines bad luck I mean, how much can one girl go through as Spencer says in the book the hits just keep on coming so true When we meet her she is a struggling student in New York, her boyfriend has just left her, she has no money and no purpose There s all sorts of stuff going on with [...]

    10. La Mala ✌ on said:

      EDIT Mayo, 2015 3.5La novela era perfecta incluso, me atrevo a decir, la MEJOR de esta autora hasta que view spoiler el final, la GRAN resoluci n del misterio lo cag todo hide spoiler Rese a original Agosto, 2012I loved Lilly view spoiler Note.Read the next excerpt with the following soundtrack.The Lonely Island I just had sexLily could not believe the dizzying waves of happiness washing over her She was having sex again She was having SEX She wanted to shout it from the rooftops, wanted to tell [...]

    11. Sue on said:

      This is my first Paullina Simmons book but it certainly won t be my last This is a roller coaster ride of a book with love, mystery, health problems and family issues and lots of surprises for the reader Once you got started in this book, you won t want to put it down.Lily is just drifting through life She has been in college for over 4 years but doesn t have enough credits to graduate, she has friends and parties but can t seem to find a boyfriend She lives in a small flat that she shares with [...]

    12. Discoverylover on said:

      A stunning and powerful contemporary love story from one of the best storytellers this century Lily s life is turned upside down with the disappearance of her flat mate, incredible revelations about her family and a personal discovery, all of which will affect her forever What if everything you believed about your life was a lie Meet Lily Quinn She is broke, struggling to finish college, pay her rent, find love Adrift in bustling New York City, the most interesting things in Lily s life happen t [...]

    13. Meagan on said:

      My copy is actually called Lily I have not had the brainpower required to write a decent review over the past 8 weeks although Cooper is starting to sleep through the night so hopefully it will return soon and so I am going to keep this simple I really enjoyed this book and liked it even when I realized a large part of the book was a mystery Just like Simon s other books, I would not recommend to my conservative friends She definitely favors the F word in her writing In The Bronze Horseman tri [...]

    14. Renae on said:

      This author has the ability to take me to a place no other can The character development in her stories is amazing I felt Lily s pain I felt Spencer s pain and addiction This author is not for the light hearted It s actually quite depressing Fortunately, the ending was satisfying to me She writes a fabulous mystery too Although I rate this a 5 star, I wouldn t recommend it to everyone.

    15. DJ Sakata on said:

      Favorite Quotes He was seeing a social worker now, Mary He quite liked her they had been together a year but couldn t help feeling that he was really just another one of her complicated cases Once she fixed him she would go Spencer couldn t wait for that day He just wasn t sure to be fixed or for her to go He s not a politician if he doesn t have an affair That s how you recognize them, their pants are around their ankles What are you going to do prosecute each and every one And watch out for t [...]

    16. Sheziss on said:

      Para empezar, reconozco que he hecho trampa, el protagonista de este libro aparece ya en otra novela de la autora, pero era tan irresistible la tentaci n de leer ste que no pude evitar saltarme el anterior Y no s si arrepentirme, cuando lea Red leaves lo sabr.A estas alturas ya conocer is mi obsesi n por esta autora, y a los que no lo sab an, lo digo ahora ME ENCANTA ESTA AUTORA As no queda nadie sin aviso La verdad es que nunca s por d nde me va a salir, son tan distintos los libros que ha escr [...]

    17. Sanaz on said:

      Why I decided to read this book I was looking for a book that no one had recommend to me or I had herd of so I decided to go to the library and chose a random book, the book was on display facing backwards, so I had a quick skim of the synopsis and decided to give it chance.Which category on the bingo board this book completes This book completes the A book with a female main character on my bingo board I find the category very easy to review about as most books have a female main character, I w [...]

    18. Sara on said:

      I REALLY loved this book There are enough plot summaries, so I won t add mine This book has everything murder mystery, suspense, family skeletons, great plot character development, and a tender love story Lily is just such a lovable character She remains loyal to her dysfunctional shady family all the while battling cancer As much as I was captivated by all the subplots, it was the love story between Spencer and Lily that had me turning pages until the wee hours of the night It will capture your [...]

    19. Happy2read on said:

      Although most people s favourite Paullina Simons novel is The Bronze Horseman, it was The Girl in Times Square that captivated me the most A completely absorbing tale of Lily, a broke, struggling college student who discovers everything in her life is a lie.She battles physically and emotionally through the revelations that shock her and those around her and she grabs hold of those precious moments in life that give her hope.I devoured this novel in 3 days and upon completion wished it would nev [...]

    20. Kate on said:

      Poor Far too much emotion and bad luck The murder is kind of incidental to the unfortunate life of the main character, and I just really didn t care.And I loved the character of Spencer O Malley in Red Leaves, buin this he was just pathetic.I was sorely disappointed by this book, and felt I had really wasted my 5.99

    21. katnissbraid. on said:

      and effing Paullina Simons did it again She broke my heart too many times.

    22. Asheley on said:

      I feel like I m in a unique position going into The Girl In Times Square because this is my first book by this author Sometimes I feel like I m literally the only person left in the world that hasn t read The Bronze Horseman or any of her other books because I see people talking about them so often After finishing this book, I can absolutely see what everyone is talking about when they mention Simons great character development and engrossing plot lines I did not want to put this book down for o [...]

    23. Melinda Elizabeth on said:

      Lily seems to be particularly ambivalent about a lot of things in her life Her boyfriend, her studies, her flatmates, her life in general The one thing she appears to be passionate about is her art, but throughout the book we only ever experience her painting in extreme joy or sadness.A number of events occur simultaneously in the book, as Lily experiences hardship, health issues, and some strange truths about her family None of it seems to phase her much The middle half of the book is the most [...]

    24. Lidia Craveiro on said:

      Confesso que h algum tempo que andava para comprar um livro desta autora e como gosto de livros grandes demora mais a ficar de ressaca liter ria escolhi este S o 556 p ginas de uma hist ria que vale a pena ler Ao inicio achei um pouco mon tono, mas como raramente desisto de um livro, persisti Valeu a pena Lily e Spencer formam um par amoroso, inusitado e que demonstra bem como o amor curioso nas suas escolhas O livro aborda duas problem ticas sens veis cancro e alcoolismo e a jun o das duas trab [...]

    25. Ana Paula on said:

      Well, I was hoping for something else The relationship between Lily and Spencer was so slow to develop that I gave hope they d ever get together I d read about INTENSE sexual tension on a review, but there was no such thing I skipped a lot The plot was also slow, I was curious to find out what had happened to Amy, but sometimes it faded into the background Lily s family was really irritating to read, and the ending didn t please me very much I liked Spencer, though.

    26. Diane on said:

      Since this past week the eyes of the world were on Times Square for the New Year s Eve ball drop, it s a perfect time to read Paullina Simon s novel The Girl in Times Square It s quite a large book at almost 600 pages, and since the arctic air is keeping people inside, it s a good read for those snuggling up inside.The book starts with Lily s boyfriend Josh moving out of their apartment and taking all of his stuff with him, including their bed Since he pays one third of the rent and Lily s econo [...]

    27. Mollie on said:

      I knew this would happen eventually I have finally met a PS book I didn t love I m grateful for the writing, but the story didn t blow my mind I felt like the characters ruined Spencer for me He wasn t able to shine in his role as detective with the runaround he had to endure with this entire horrible family I don t like the light he was painted in, and honestly he had a change in character from Red Leaves to this The Spencer I thought I knew would have turned the world upside down for justice I [...]

    28. Vicki on said:

      It started out well, a mystery, great characters it kept me wanting and finding it hard to put down The most difficult chapters to read followed the life of Lily s extremely emotionally stunted and unlikeable parents The mystery surrounding Amy s disappearance gave way and was taken over by the blossoming love story which was lovely to read, however the focus on this seemed to make the solving of what happened to Amy extremely rushed You always knew that Amy was dead, you always knew who killed [...]

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