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In the Wake

In the Wake By Per Petterson Anne Born In the Wake When Arvid Jansen comes to one morning in the doorway of a bookstore in Oslo Norway his grief comes back to him in devastating flashes His parents and his brothers are dead he has lost touch with h

  • Title: In the Wake
  • Author: Per Petterson Anne Born
  • ISBN: 9780312427047
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the Wake By Per Petterson Anne Born When Arvid Jansen comes to one morning in the doorway of a bookstore in Oslo, Norway, his grief comes back to him in devastating flashes His parents and his brothers are dead, he has lost touch with his wife and daughters, abandoned his career as a writer and bookseller His old life is gone.In the Wake is the story of Arvid s first steps toward resuming that life, of hisWhen Arvid Jansen comes to one morning in the doorway of a bookstore in Oslo, Norway, his grief comes back to him in devastating flashes His parents and his brothers are dead, he has lost touch with his wife and daughters, abandoned his career as a writer and bookseller His old life is gone.In the Wake is the story of Arvid s first steps toward resuming that life, of his gradual confrontation with everything he lost and ultimately with his own role in the disaster that killed his family.Told with the insight and moral force of his countryman Knut Hamsun, In the Wake is the American debut of a treasured European writer.
    In the Wake By Per Petterson Anne Born

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      259 Per Petterson Anne Born

    One thought on “In the Wake

    1. Dolors on said:

      There is a feeling of lethargy that slowly percolates under your skin as you surf the troubled waters of Arvid s grief and guilt A man of forty three who has spent the last six years of his life trying to get over the tragic events that took away his parents and younger siblings His older brother, who shares his disgust for the precariousness of life, is the only family he s got left Everybody else is gone.Arvid has forgotten the face of the mother of his two daughters, whom he can t look in the [...]

    2. M. Sarki on said:

      msarki.tumblr post 8654619I find nothing pretentious or false in a Per Petterson novel At least in the first two I have read thus far To handle grief in the most tragic sense of it and bring it off in a believable tale of circuitous events all a part of the greater whole is truly remarkable There is no development in this novel that is not understood and certainly applicable to a person with the character of Arvid Jansen From the awful lonely and severe grimacing of the opening pages, and the mo [...]

    3. Jim on said:

      When I first decided to buy this novel it was because I believed it dealt with loss It does but if loss is the disease then what are its symptoms One is guilt, in the case of the narrator of this novel, survivor guilt Arvid and his brother are the only surviving members of their family Six years on both of their lives are falling to pieces In fact, they ve both about hit rock bottom and then his brother attempts suicide How would this affect a man who acts as if he s lost everything already In m [...]

    4. William on said:

      In the Wake reads like a dream diary in which emotions, ideas, and relationships emerge and submerge, never fully formed, but living, in their way, distinct and ever present, haunting those who keep them close This is a novel in which Arvid Jansen comes to narrative consciousness with his face pressed against the window of a book store, as if waking from a coma It is, in fact, his brother who we find in a coma, while learning the rest of Jansen s family, appearing through flashbacks or via the a [...]

    5. Teresa on said:

      My first thought upon closing this book is that it was both sad and sweet, though I suppose the sweetness is really humor, certainly nothing saccharine And the sadness isn t really in the words either, but in what the reader takes from the words Understated, subtle book.Don t read this book if you need a plot or even something to happen not something I need at all and I ended up liking the book despite some passages that seemed pointless I realized these passages are important to the theme and t [...]

    6. Jeb on said:

      Excellent Moody Powerfully subtle Per Peterson is my new favorite I started In the Wake about six months ago and made it only 30 pages before giving up I m very impatient with books that don t have a clear narrative, and this one doesn t at least in the beginning It alternates between present tense action and dreams and memory, and at first it s hard to distinguish between the different threads At Mariah s insistence, I gave it another shot, and I came to appreciate the structure or lack thereof [...]

    7. Alan on said:

      enjoyed this a writer has many odd disconnected episodes, including strange sexual encounters with his neighbour in the flat opposite his, and banging on the doors of the shut bookshop he used to work in, while he is covered in blood and with two broken ribs We find out towards the end what has caused this dislocation, but in the meantime enjoy beautifully written passages where he sees his brother and daughter, visits hospitals and cafes, talks to refugees in his block of flats and reminisces a [...]

    8. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" on said:

      It s hard to say much about this book without giving away what there is to discover by reading it It s like a description by Arvid, the main character, in his own words, of the circuitous path he is taking in trying to reconcile his grief and survivor s guilt about the accidental deaths of his parents and two brothers He is by turns aimless, anxious, restless, and disoriented, looking for something absolution, maybe Hope He combines old memories with descriptions of what s happening in the prese [...]

    9. Patrick on said:

      I generally shy away from books about grief and grieving, but like Petterson s writing enough to give this one a shot It is not a light read, but neither is it depressing The writing and the observation of humanity are once again amazing There are some wonderful meditations on the power of narrative to connect, and to teach He also revisits one of his common themes that we do not understand our parents especially our fathers until years after they are gone, and are then left to wonder if our co [...]

    10. Doug Wells on said:

      This is a dark and disturbing book an amazing glimpse into pure grief and despair, all the difficult knowing that Petterson lived this grief That said, as I came towards the end of the book, I found myself slowing down so it wouldn t end Once again, I find Petterson s writing some of the best that I ve come across in quite some time.

    11. Bettie☯ on said:

      Exquisitely written, bleak in texture, and hauntingly realistic

    12. Susan Beecher on said:

      Beautifully written almost stream of consciousness novel about a man living with the grief of losing his parents and two brothers in a ferry accident in Norway Per Petterson is a very fine writer.

    13. James on said:

      In the Wake is the third of Per Petterson s novels that I have read, yet it is the first of his novels translated into English I previously read Out Stealing Horses and I Curse the River of Time Each of these books has increased my esteem for this award winning Norwegian author.In the Wake tells the story of Arvid, a writer in his early forties It is a Proustian tale in the sense that the bulk of the story is built on Arvid s memories of events that have shaped his life The actual timespan of th [...]

    14. yb on said:

      It cannot be a good sign that I brought this book on vacation, apparently forgetting that I read it six months ago After reading Out Stealing Horses , I was so enad of Petterson that I immediately purchased this novel, which contained relatively few of the charms of Horses that I had to read a few pages to remember that I took this on my previous trip In the Wake follows Arvid in the aftermath of a number of person tragedies He is struggling with the day to day tasks of surviving the grippling g [...]

    15. Tony on said:

      Arvid, the protagonist in In the Wake, scuttles somnambulistically through life years after the deaths of his parents and two youngest brothers in a ferry fire based on a real event Flashbacks inform us that he didn t have much gumption before the accident either So the author has us follow him When he goes for a walk we learn what he is wearing, how cold it is, whether he is happy or sad about the weather, which tune is going through his head When he drives, we are assured of the route, the col [...]

    16. Azma on said:

      Really enjoyed this story about a forty ish Norwegian man, Arvid Jansen, who bounces back from being emotionally distraught after a boat tragedy takes the lives of his father, his mother, and two of his three brothers on April 7, 1990 Throughout the story, he slowly comes back to life over six years of bereavement, reminiscing and dreaming about his father s life and their relationship, recounting his surviving brothers reactions, and making new social connections in his block of housing near Os [...]

    17. Camilla on said:

      I don t know, this book left me cold I loved Out Stealing Horses, so imagined I would like this one as wellMaybe I would like it if I read it another time, but this month I just don t seem to have wanted to follow Arvid s careening emotions and memories and car drives Cold, right The only parts I really felt something for were his tender feelings towards Mrs Grunde though his feelings towards her son were another matter , but then, I suppose it was the only time Arvid really felt anything like h [...]

    18. Nigel on said:

      A short but intense read that is downbeat and emotionally draining Told mostly in flashback it s the story of a broken man who has lost his parents and two brothers in an accident, become estranged from his wife and children and struggles to work out his relationship with his late father.It s vividly told in the first person by a man fast losing his marbles but is not totally without humour There are some longeurs however and the writing is at times a little too self conciously knowing.

    19. Peter on said:

      A quietly powerful story of a man slowly coming to grips with tragedy, the dissolution of his marriage and the disappointments of his past This book hasn t gotten the acclaim enjoyed by the author s Out Stealing Horses, but I expect that the sad but somehow hopeful story of Arvid Jansen s life will stay with me much longer than that acclaimed novel has.

    20. Lisa P on said:

      I had trouble holding on to the minimalist style and dreariness Even though it was brief, it was somehow a little rambling and overly introspective.

    21. Bill on said:

      I read this book mainly based on my very high opinions of his recent offering, Out Stealing Horses It s a decent meditation on loss, but still felt mediocre.

    22. Krocht Ehlundovič on said:

      When I bought this book, my wife almost killed me because I bought another five books along So maybe it has been charged by fear and amazementI was immensely looking forward to read this book, something was calling me, my attention, I was re reading its captions and into And then it has come Since the very first sentence, I knew it is going to be extraordinary in style The sentence took me into another, completely new universe made of words, letters and sentences which orchestrated an blossoming [...]

    23. D. T. on said:

      Out Stealing Horses was one of my favorite reads last year The unassuming Norwegian novel rather crept into me its mood, the characters, the setting, the way the story fluidly slips between the present and fifty years ago by the end, I would have happily read another hundred pages to stay with those characters It went all too quickly.In the Wake is a quick read too, but wasn t nearly as involving as Horses The first person telling waxes between what s happening to the narrator and the confusing [...]

    24. H Gibson on said:

      This is the first Per Petterson novel I ve read, and I own another I must say, based on this one, I m not looking forward to reading it I usually enjoy stream of consciousness novels, but this one rambled on about the most mundane topics I didn t feel any connection with the characters Even if I ended up loathing one, at least I could say the book prompted an emotion Basically, it was about a whole lot of nothing I had high hopes based on the jacket flap synopsis This book never came close to de [...]

    25. Ferris on said:

      Reading this novel about life in the wake of loss was a viscerally painful experience Having lost parents and two young siblings in a ferry disaster 6 years prior to the start of the story, two brothers are trying to survive the seemingly never ending ripples of grief from destroying their lives Patterson evokes the soul deep experience of grief so magnificently that the reader aches along with the brothers Watch out, folks This is an intense read

    26. Jonas on said:

      The story jumps back and forth in time, between Arvid s present and his memories of grief and guilt A book about losses and being lost And I was lost throughout most of it, but in the end I got to a point where the book s form, plan and purpose emerges from its initial chaos.

    27. Maria Teresa on said:

      Un uomo di 43 anni non riesce a superare il trauma della morte dei genitori in un tragico incidente La storia un continuo alternarsi di flashback e di eventi successi al tempo del racconto Troppe domande rimangono senza risposta Non brutto ma appena sufficiente.

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