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Haunted By James Herbert Haunted Three nights of terror in a house called Edbrook Three nights in which David Ash there to investigate a haunting will be the victim of horrifying and maleficent games Three nights in which he will f

  • Title: Haunted
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780330451574
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Haunted By James Herbert Three nights of terror in a house called Edbrook Three nights in which David Ash, there to investigate a haunting, will be the victim of horrifying and maleficent games Three nights in which he will face the enigma of his own past Three nights before Edbrook s dreadful secret will be revealed and the true nightmare will begin.
    Haunted By James Herbert

    Haunted definition of haunted by The Free Dictionary possessed, ghostly, cursed, eerie, spooky informal , jinxed a haunted castle preoccupied, worried, troubled, plagued, obsessed, tormented She looked so haunted, I almost didn t recognise her Collins Thesaurus of the English Language Complete and Unabridged nd Edition HarperCollins Publishers , Haunted TV Series Oct , A chilling glimpse into the first person accounts from people who have witnessed horrifying, peculiar, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomena that continue to haunt Haunted Netflix Official Site The most haunted places in the United States Haunted Definition of Haunted at Dictionary Haunted definition, inhabited or frequented by ghosts a haunted castle See . Haunted Oct , A skeptical professor visits a remote British estate to debunk allegations of psychic phenomena, but soon finds himself haunted by a ghost from his own past. Haunt Definition of Haunt at Dictionary Often haunts a place frequently visited to return to one s old haunts Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S and North England a ghost.

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      301 James Herbert

    One thought on “Haunted

    1. TK421 on said:

      Stephen King gushes over James Herbert I don t see why Herbert is a decent writer and storyteller, to be sure but, I found nothing fascinating about HAUNTED For a haunted house story, it was pretty clear from the beginning that Herbert never intended to do anything different from the already established sub genre of horror fiction how can a writer expect to top THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE With that said, it does have an interesting protagonist, an anti hero named David who is battling his own per [...]

    2. Werner on said:

      Our complacency is shaken we thought the universe was a tidy, locked room, but there seems to be a scratching outside the door For a moment, we pretend to know everything and pridefully assert, There is no such thing Something out there seems to respond, Oh, really Lint Hatcher, The Truth That Is Out There, Rutherford, 1995.The above quote could well serve as an epigraph for this novel for the author has very clearly set up a conflict here between two opposite views of the world Hard drinking, e [...]

    3. Adam Light on said:

      David Ash is sent to a remote village to investigate a haunting at the Edbrook house Ash is renowned for debunking supernatural phenomenon, and he dives into this assignment ready to do just that.Too bad the place is really haunted.Well executed, but fairly predictable ghost story with some genuinely hair raising scenes.I will certainly read the rest of the series.

    4. Nancy Oakes on said:

      can t think of a star rating I m happy with right off the top of my head right now Back when I initially read Haunted which was probably in the 90s , for some reason I thought it was one of the best haunted house stories I d ever read now rereading it, I think that it had its moments, it was fun, but in the end, it s really only the ending that saved this story from being just another ho hum haunted house story Before anyone who is a huge James Herbert fan starts mentally pelting me with rotten [...]

    5. Dreadlocksmile on said:

      First published back in 1988, Haunted was Herbert s fourteenth full length novel to be published Haunted was the first novel to introduce the anti hero character of David Ash, who later returned in Herbert s 1994 novel The Ghosts Of Sleath , which takes on the role of a loose sequel to Haunted From the very beginning the reader soon becomes accustomed to Ash s bad habits, cynical view on life and overall downbeat traits, of which followers of Herbert s work will recognise as a somewhat recurring [...]

    6. Kevin Lucia on said:

      I ve already read Ghosts of Sleath the sequel to this, didn t know it existed and The Shrine, and it s very clear I need to read of James Herbert s work.

    7. Dark-Draco on said:

      I ve read this book than once and still enjoy it David Ash is a paranormal investigator, but with a cynical outlook that has him continually unmasking fakes, frauds and con artists The Merriel haunting should be just another case, but the three siblings and their old Aunt seem to be delighted to tease him and play games even put his life in danger But it is the links to his own past that cause the biggest scares.I think I like this because there is no nonsense it gets right on with the story, s [...]

    8. Cheryl on said:

      Interesting haunted house tale First in a series starring paranormal investigator David Ash The plot had some genuine chills and unexpected turns Spooky fun

    9. Becky on said:

      This was another of the BOGO Audible selections I picked up last month, and to be honest, I wasn t sure what to expect I listened to the sample probably 4 times before taking the plunge and going for it anyway, because the reader didn t really do much for me, but it was one of those scenarios where I wasn t completely in NOPE mode either I was just undecided which way it would go whether I d end up enjoying the reader or whether I d regret it I m rather picky about audiobook readers, and general [...]

    10. Miloš on said:

      Uhh Chill peace of work.For a moment, I had felt my heart bounced like a hammer from the stonewall.I do not know why I have waited so long to finish this book, but, life has a strange waysI gave it only four stars only because the first part of the book was a little slow and did make me unexpectedly dull But, as the story goes on it become better and better, until the end It was very, very good At last, I would recommended it to anyone who do not have a weak heart and do like a horror stories.By [...]

    11. Daria on said:

      Naszym g wny bohaterem jest Dawid Ash, kt ry pracuje w specjalnym Instytucie, zajmuj cym si wszelkimi nietypowymi zjawiskami, uznanymi cz sto przez zwyk ych ludzi za nadprzyrodzone Sam Dawid uchodzi za mistrza udowadniania, e to jedynie wymys y Poznajemy go, gdy wyrusza na kolejne zlecenie do pani Webb do Edbrook.W kwestiach technicznych prawd m wi c, ksi ka nie stoi j zykowo na zbyt wysokim poziomie Dalej jest ju znacznie lepiej, ale na pocz tku powt rzenia mog razi Ci ko powiedzie czy zawini t [...]

    12. F.R. on said:

      David Ash, a cynical and jaded investigator of the paranormal or irregular normal heads out to a country house to investigate and disprove a tale of a haunting It s a nice set up, as in this disbelieving ghost hunter figure, there s both a great knowledge of the supernatural and an immense scepticism As such he can spout of all the ghostly rules that a book like this needs, while at the same time being totally shocked when things start to get out of hand Indeed the world weary man with a scarred [...]

    13. Bandit on said:

      James Herbert continues to impress me This book was so much better than an average haunted house fare, it was dark, well written, atmospheric and really kept the reader guessing as to what was going on The characters were interesting and well developed and the pacing kept me turning the pages and finishing the book pretty quickly Years ago before I read any Herbert I watched a movie this book was based on, I couldn t remeber much of the plot, but I remembered some of the cast and so while readin [...]

    14. Sam on said:

      While this was a good read and was well set in a creepy and creaking old house where the walls seemed to have a life of their own, this felt like of a psychological mystery than a horror it could be that I m just hardened against such things The story follows David Ash, a paranormal investigator sent to Edbrook to look into the haunting that the family have been subjected to over the years In doing so he is forced to face his own past and his own ghosts, something that he has tried to avoid sin [...]

    15. Siobhan on said:

      Deciding to jump headfirst into the world of David Ash is one of the best choices that a person can make David Ash is one of the best characters I have found in a very long time, being easy to understand as well as being much fun to read developing so much across the three books.In this first instalment of the parapsychologist we re thrown into a classic ghost story It s a relatively short story compared to the other books in the series but it works to set the scene for the following books, givi [...]

    16. Vicki Willis on said:

      This was not the book for me I listened to it on audible and found it very difficult to pay attention to the story Then I found that it didn t matter that I wasn t paying attention because very little was happening The last hour of the book was definitely the best part, but basically I was happy it was short and now over.

    17. Ignacio Senao f on said:

      Parapsic logo va a una mansi n en la que perturbadores acontecimientos joden la convivencia de 3 hermanos y su t a Este especialista tuvo una juventud diferente al ver cosas que no deber a As que llega muy chulo l diciendo a estos habitantes que no le digan nada, el solo descubrir que pasa.Yo tambi n hare lo mismo, y no os dir nada m s.

    18. Terry on said:

      I enjoyed the audiobook well enough, but probably would have enjoyed reading it .

    19. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      Haunted was incredibly eerie and suspenseful, really a fantastic novel.

    20. Manda on said:

      So great to read this haunted house gem set back in the late 80s in the days before mobile phones when you had to put silver coins into a public phone box to make a call So of course back then it wasn t so easy to call for help whilst being haunted by mysterious, unexplained, ghostly events as it would be nowThe first of the David Ash Trilogy and an easy to become absorbed into horror read I m straight into the Second in the trilogy on the strength of this first.

    21. Deirdre on said:

      I was right Thought so That was creepy, disturbing and strange I read it as 80s Horror and could have used it for ghosts and haunted houses This is the story of a man working for a psychic research institute who mostly debunks psychics and haunted house stories finding himself in a house that the occupants claim is haunted There s a lot of strange stuff happening when he arrives and his usual crutch of alcohol may not work this time There s no phone and it s the 80s Oh man, that was twisted I m [...]

    22. Son Agia on said:

      Belakangan saya lagi demen nyari buku buku lebih tepatnya download ilegal yang dulu sewaktu kecil SD SMP pernah saya tonton adaptasi filmnya.Di antaranya Haunted.Sebagaimana judulnya, novel karangan penulis yang sering disebut sebagai Stephen King dari Inggris ini mengangkat satu tema yang paling tidak asing dalam genre horor, yaitu rumah angker Menceritakan petualangan David Ash, seorang parapsikolog yang cenderung skeptis dengan segala hal yang berhubungan dengan makhluk halus.Jujur aja, dulu [...]

    23. Andrea on said:

      After being hired by the Mariell siblings, David Ash sets out to a remote village to investigate the haunting of Edbrook house The haunting should be just another cut and dry case, but the siblings and their aunt are as creepy as the house They seem intent upon playing games with him they re not taking the haunting seriously at all.So why did they hire him David Ash is a classic anti hero He is cynical and downbeat, tortured by a dark past, and he investigates by trying to debunk the existence o [...]

    24. Deb Atwood on said:

      David Ash, a paranormal investigator for the Psychical Research Institute, has taken a case in rural England where he meets the siblings Simon, Christina, and Robert and their aunt, Nanny Tess They live in a decaying mansion full of mysterious noises and drafts and fires that disappear To complicate matters, David is an alcoholic, latent psychic who is haunted by a past that includes the drowning death of his young sister David insists ghosts are either natural phenomena or the result of charlat [...]

    25. E L A H on said:

      I was a bit disappointed it wasn t because it s a short story, but it wasn t that scary at all.I m a bit ashamed, I didn t know that this is part of a series and I just found out when I joined I already read the second and third series a long time ago which I did like a lot It was scarier than this one However, this book was creepy The story is quite disturbing, but again it wasn t my cup of tea.I can t really say much about the book The writing was good, but it didn t scare me at all It wasn t [...]

    26. Ubiquitousbastard on said:

      I was actually surprised at how much I liked this book I expected it to be much slower, but stuff started right away, which is one way to raise a book in my opinion And it really just got better as it went, I m pretty sure my heart rate sped up Any book that gets a physical reaction is also just plain awesome I really love it when books are better than expected.There were some actually creepy parts, and I thought I might get annoyed at view spoiler the seemingly tossed in romance, but not, this [...]

    27. Christopher Riley on said:

      Haven t read any James Herbert for about 20 years, but I had this on the shelf for a while and wanted to read something not too heavy.It s a page turner, not many characters, not loads of depth to them, but it kept me reading and the pulse racing at times.I guess Haunted is less in the outright Horror mode of say The Dark or the Rats trilogy, dealing with suspense and the supernatural.A couple of minor points where the reader is encouraged to suspend disbelief a little too much and one poor cha [...]

    28. Matthew Bielawa on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, a classic haunted house story with all the prerequisites It reminds me of how I felt when reading ghost stories when I was younger Staying up late at night under the covers, getting completely enveloped in the story, turning the pages as fast as I can, thinking about the story from time to time during the day, and really just having fun James Herbert makes it easy Even though the storyline wasn t complex, and the characters weren t deep I want to know about Kate and [...]

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