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The Rats

The Rats By James Herbert The Rats For millions of years man and rats had been natural enemies But now for the first time suddenly shockingly horribly the balance of power had shifted and the rats began to prey on the human populatio

  • Title: The Rats
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780333761182
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Rats By James Herbert For millions of years man and rats had been natural enemies But now for the first time suddenly, shockingly, horribly the balance of power had shifted and the rats began to prey on the human population.
    The Rats By James Herbert

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      411 James Herbert

    One thought on “The Rats

    1. Hannah Greendale on said:

      Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Gory, shocking, and moderately offensive, The Rats reads like a campy B movie train wreck one doesn t want to watch but cannot look away from.

    2. Jeffrey Keeten on said:

      By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation.Edmund BurkeThere are rats and then there are RATS.A scientist has brought back an oversized rat from a radioactive island, and he begins breeding it with the local London rats These rats are famous in their own right for bringing down London than once with plague in the long, distant past Obviously, we all need bigger rats, right That would be a negatory Rats do what rats do best which is out rabbit rabbits in the area of fornication and [...]

    3. Sr3yas on said:

      Pack up your bags and run, my friend, because oversized Rats are here And they are really hungry.Welcome to London, the ground zero of a terrible rat infestation Nope, Ratatouille rat infestation was almost cute This is much worse Let me put it this way If you are on the streets, You d have a better chance surviving a Zombie apocalypse than this rat invasion Not only they can devour you in minutes, a bite from these mutant bastards will infect and kill you within 24 hours This is a bloody fun cr [...]

    4. Paul Nelson on said:

      OMFG this is about rats, lots of fucking rats, not just your average normal run of the mill rats but super big fucking rats that have taken a liking to human flesh I listened to this on audio and have to say it s pretty entertaining, in an upper class, hoighty toighty kind of narration, we get to know various characters some very quickly as they get, well, eaten and a few others that are in it for the long run Decent story, enjoyable horror, plenty of cringing and I have to say, where would we b [...]

    5. Andrei Bădică on said:

      Pitoresc Era i sta un fel de a o descrie La treizeci i doi de ani se ntorsese i preda unor copii care erau replicile lui fidele din tinere e La nceput, nemernicii ia mici ncercaser s i dea b taie de cap, pentru c desenul reprezenta pentru ei o or de joac i oricine l ar fi predat era considerat un ciudat ns le aplicase propriul tratament i luase at t de tare, nc t le era team s i opteasc n prezen a lui nchise u a i se ndrept repede spre sc ri ntredeschise u a i privi n untru Totul p rea lini tit [...]

    6. Johann (jobis89) on said:

      The rats had had their fill of his body, but were still hungry So they searched Searched for food of the same kind They had tasted their first human blood There s a new breed of rat in London, England, and they re bigger, intelligent and vicious than their predecessors These rats are thirsty for human blood and as they feed, their bloodlust becomes and rampant As the rats wreck havoc on those living in London, the question becomes how do you eliminate hordes of rats as big as dogs that are [...]

    7. Kirstin on said:

      The Rats is pure horror goodness Unrelenting, unapologetic horror Babies, puppies, giraffes, nothing is safe from the teeming mass of mutant rats that are terrorizing London 5 squirming stars.

    8. Mark on said:

      This is a old fashioned Horror book and just having revisited in perhaps 30 years time makes me realise how weel it is written and how good a scribe James Herbert actually is There is this little house in a lane that gets forgotten and overgrown and after some time people forget about the house and that it ever was there The last person who lived there was taken away and put in home for the insane.Years later London finds out what probably has driven her insane when the attacks start by a new un [...]

    9. Char on said:

      Old school horror fun This was the kind of book that I read as a teen in the early 80s that caused me to become a life long fan of horror A rollicking good time.

    10. Joe on said:

      This is the fourth book by James Herbert I ve read and it s easily my favourite.The premise couldn t be simple in setup A new breed of rat, which is larger, intelligent and far vicious, starts to appear in London, England These new rats start their killing from the very start of the book to the end It s a cast of characters trying to figure out where the rats are coming from and trying to eliminate them Easier said than done however.The book is dark and brutal all the way through with the men [...]

    11. Adam Light on said:

      Good old fashioned mutant animals run amok horror The writing was somewhat thin, but the story was fun, and there are two sequels to look forward to As far as Herbert goes, this is only the fourth or fofth of his sizeable canon I have read I enjoyed The Fog was similar in construct and plot, and I liked it a little better.

    12. Ceegee on said:

      First a bit of background to my penchant for Herbert s novels Back in the days of my youth, when I was about thirteen years old circa 1984 or thereabouts , I had to do a book review for my English class A year or two previously I had found a copy of Herbert s The Jonah at a jumble sale, and attracted by its freaky cover, I bought it It languished on a shelf for the next couple of years, until I decided it would make an excellent book to review My English teacher took exception to this idea and t [...]

    13. Vivianne on said:

      In this horror story by James Herbert rats have mutated to the size of dogs and kill off humans It follows multiple characters living in London trying to survive the attacks from these super rats I read the special 40th anniversary addition which is absolutely gorgeous I like that it starts with the first kill, that means you are with the story from the start and see how these rats evolve It also shows very many aspects off the story, the people who are attacked, the bystanders, the scientists e [...]

    14. Michael on said:

      My rating is based upon the general effect this book had on me as a child I shouldn t really have read it so young and upon my subsequent reading habits, and not upon the book s literary merits, assuming it has any.Summer, 1974 possibly 1975 I went to the park to see if any of my mates were there, and they weren t So, I went to the caf to get an ice cream, but being a 10 year old bookworm decided to look at the novels in the rotary racks they had just inside the door I would have been looking fo [...]

    15. Alexander on said:

      Read this for Genre Lacking in horror and excitement Lackluster descriptions of the rats, to say the least Harris, main protagonist, is dull and drawn into saving London for no valid reason it seems The book is incredibly sexist His girlfriend is nothing than a cutout that the main character has sex with and cooks him meals Twice on the book he commands her to make him a meal, rest of the time he just tells her about the amazing dangers he experienced fighting the rats Every other female charac [...]

    16. Alan Toner on said:

      The Rats is, without doubt, the BEST horror novel I have ever read in my whole life I first read this classic novel by James Herbert way back in 1975, and just could not put it down I honestly cannot voice enough superlatives to describe this truly fantastic shocker of a book It was just one big roller coaster ride of sheer, unbridled, entertaining horror, from start to finish I enjoyed it that much that I actually finished it in one whole day The Rats is truly the horror novel template which EV [...]

    17. Oscar on said:

      La historia empieza con diversas escenas donde los personajes van siendo liquidados por una sanguinarias ratas negras de un tama o mayor al habitual, y que adem s parecen poseer inteligencia Si hay un protagonista, este es el joven profesor Harris, que se ver envuelto en situaciones de los m s peligrosas El panorama no pinta bien, ya que las ratas van proliferando, as como sus masacres Adem s, cualquiera que sea mordido, muere a las 24 horas Las ratas The Rats, 1974 , primera novela del brit nic [...]

    18. Lisa on said:

      Rats by James herbert is horror at its very best i loved this book sent chills down my spine i hate rodents reading this i hate RATS even .well written no wonder this book sent Herbert career sky rocketing blood sucking rats devour everything in their wake even a baby that made me sick what else can i say BLOODY BRILLIANT 5 big stars

    19. Chris on said:

      James Herbert s debut horror novel about killer mutant rats terrorizing London may sound somewhat corny, but this slim novel shows an early work but one of the true masters of modern horror fiction Haven t heard of him Pity, because until untimely passing last year, Herbert was Britain s top chiller author think UK s Stephen King and one of the best ever, period.The time is the mid 70 s and a schoolteacher becomes embroiled in a desperate search by authorities to find and exterminate these large [...]

    20. Karl on said:

      The first of the Rats trilogy, A special 40th anniversary edition of the classic, bestselling novel that launched James Herbert s career.I read this book many years ago in some form of paperback and quite enjoyed it This is a beautiful hard cover edition with a die cut cover published by Pan Macmillan, so how could I pass it up.6 1 15 Update.I purchased the Centipede Press set also which are a set of 3 Herbert books.This is number 40 of 300 signed numbered copies, signed by James HerbertJason C, [...]

    21. Randolph Carter on said:

      Classic old school 1970s creature horror served up in a simple and direct style Pure entertainment London is menaced by giant intelligent rats Whatcha gonna do about it You don t have to apologize for liking it but you do have to wonder about those who look down on you for reading it What s wrong with them

    22. Marjolein on said:

      3.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I found this book at a large book sale recently, and my edition has a cover that looks like rats ate half of it Immediately intrigued by this, I just had to buy it.While I m not a big fan of rats, they do not really terrify me Or at least, they didn t use to The story features an infestation with very large rats that are working together to slaughter humans This is the stuff of nightmares.My edition features an introduction by Neil Gaiman, a [...]

    23. John on said:

      Good, but dated I guess being eaten alive by rats just doesn t cut it these days.

    24. Siobhan on said:

      My mother grew up reading all the big horror writers, leading to my appreciation of the greats James Herbert is a shining example of my mother s teenage years influencing my reading For countless years I listened to her rant and rave about James Herbert s books, telling me how wonderful they are Thus, I dove in with eagerness I started with the David Ash books, and loved them From there, I have gone on to read a couple of other books Portent, Fluke, and Creed Other books have spent a while on my [...]

    25. Courtnie on said:

      Let s see if I can get a good pictorial reference here for The RatsObviously not even close Remy just wants to make you a meal, not make you the meal.Closerbut still, Jenner was really just evil all on his own.We ve got the size going for us herebut comparatively to Herbert s rats, this guy is just down right adorable.Ah Here we go.The Rats is about big friggin rats Really big rats Dog sized rats that eat people And they don t discriminate like some horror books They don t JUST eat the well endo [...]

    26. Baal Of on said:

      It s been a long time since I ve read a book in one sitting, or in this case, actually lying down in bed, and it is for this fact that I give it four stars rather than the three stars that would be a objective rating But then, I don t really think it is possible for a person to give an objective rating for a piece of fiction Which is all beside the point When I started this book just after 10 PM, I figured I would do my usual read for about 30 to 45 minutes before getting too sleepy to continue [...]

    27. Jakey Gee on said:

      Hey, this was just for fun and out of nostalgic curiosity he lived in the village next to ours when I was a child And I liked JH whenever I read him being interviewed Kiiiiiiind of interesting as a 1970s museum piece at a superficial level Socially, it s a point in history where East London still spells WW2 bomb damage, Ronan Point high rises and docks There s a level of opportunistic sleeze about the relationships that feels very Jimmy Savile era And a gay man gets a pretty progressive for then [...]

    28. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      This book is really great, from the cover I bought the 1980 edition with the giant rat on the front it looks kind of like a cheesy cult horror movie poster but this book has a lot of action, the story moves quickly but makes you want to read , it s fact based and well researched there were never giant killer rats but it does provide some credible info on the times when rats were spreading the plague back in the middle ages , the characters are likeable, there is never a dull moment in this book, [...]

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