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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh By Vincent van Gogh Ronald de Leeuw Mark Roskill Arnold J. Pomerans The Letters of Vincent van Gogh A new selection of post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gough s letters The Letters of Vincent van Gogh put a human face on one of the most haunting figures in modern Western culture In this Pengui

  • Title: The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
  • Author: Vincent van Gogh Ronald de Leeuw Mark Roskill Arnold J. Pomerans
  • ISBN: 9780140446746
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Letters of Vincent van Gogh By Vincent van Gogh Ronald de Leeuw Mark Roskill Arnold J. Pomerans A new selection of post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gough s letters, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh put a human face on one of the most haunting figures in modern Western culture In this Penguin Classics edition, the letters are selected and edited by Ronald de Leeuw, and translated by Arnold Pomerans in Penguin Classics.Few artists letters are as self revelatoryA new selection of post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gough s letters, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh put a human face on one of the most haunting figures in modern Western culture In this Penguin Classics edition, the letters are selected and edited by Ronald de Leeuw, and translated by Arnold Pomerans in Penguin Classics.Few artists letters are as self revelatory as Vincent van Gogh s, and this selection, spanning his artistic career, sheds light on every facet of the life and work of this complex and tortured man Engaging candidly and movingly with his religious struggles, his ill fated search for love, his attacks of mental illness and his relation with his brother Theo, the letters contradict the popular myth of van Gogh as an anti social madman and a martyr to art, showing instead a man of great emotional and spiritual depths Above all, they stand as an intense personal narrative of artistic development and a unique account of the process of creation.The letters are linked by explanatory biographical passages, revealing van Gogh s inner journey as well as the outer facts of his life This edition also includes the drawings that originally illustrated the letters.Vincent Willem van Gogh 1853 1890 was born in Holland In 1885 he painted his first masterpiece, The Potato Eaters, a haunting scene of domestic poverty A year later he began studying in Paris, where he met Gauguin, Toulouse Lautrec and S
    The Letters of Vincent van Gogh By Vincent van Gogh Ronald de Leeuw Mark Roskill Arnold J. Pomerans

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    • [PDF] Read ✓ The Letters of Vincent van Gogh : by Vincent van Gogh Ronald de Leeuw Mark Roskill Arnold J. Pomerans
      213 Vincent van Gogh Ronald de Leeuw Mark Roskill Arnold J. Pomerans

    One thought on “The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

    1. Kalliope on said:

      STARRY LETTERSIn my youth I felt saturated with Van Gogh s art Its popularity made it predictable As one of the greatest victims of the phenomenon that Walter Benjamin explores in his The work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, one could expect to see posters of Van Gogh s Sunflowers, or his Room, or Starry Night, in a third of the rooms of students I suspected that than this bright colours, always welcome in dingy lodgings, it was the legend grown out of the morbid aspect of his sup [...]

    2. Roy Lotz on said:

      For great things do not just happen by impulse but are a succession of small things linked together.The main problem when encountering Van Gogh is that his life has become the quintessential artistic myth of our age The obscure genius ahead of his time, toiling in solitude, tortured by personal demons, driven by a creativity that sometimes spilled over into madness and so on You ve heard it all before You have also seen it before His paintings suffer from the same overexposure as does his life s [...]

    3. Francisco on said:

      I want to be careful in writing this review because I want to do what I can to urge you to put this book in your list of Books I Should Read During my Lifetime You have such a list, don t you No Will you think about making one It consists of the books that a large majority of your fellow humans believe are representative of what is most significant about this gift you have received, which we call life Lots of the books that should go on that list are not necessarily ones you would pick from a bo [...]

    4. Luís C. on said:

      His letters enable us to know about Van Gogh s life and mentality than we do of any other artist The letters form a running commentary on his work, and a human document without parallel Source vggallery letters main

    5. Ammara Abid on said:

      This book is exceptional, thought provoking, painstakingly beautiful and soulful Not only literary letters but they encompassed whole life of a genius artist.I absolutely love this book It s worth reading What I find such a pleasant surprise about painting is that you can, with the same effect you put into a drawing, take something home with you that conveys the impression much better and is much pleasing to look at And at the same time accurate, too In a word, it is rewarding than drawing Bu [...]

    6. Matt on said:

      Robert Hughes writes in one of his essays on Van Gogh that the myth s around Van Gogh run exactly opposite to the truth He recommends delving into Van Gogh s letters as a way to get beyond the myths and better understand both the artist and his work Van Gogh is often given an aura of a mad genius, whose hallucinations and fits gave rise to the intense colors and patterning of his paintings and drawings In fact, his fits most likely due to epilepsy were debilitating, and often kept him out of com [...]

    7. M. Sarki on said:

      I first began my reading of these letters as a way to learn about the art process, the way to creation coming from the mind of such a gifted artist such as Vincent Van Gogh I also was interested in his life, his story, and how he got to this end Personal letters seem to be so much profitable to me as a reader than fiction, or even a biography Throughout the entire book I came to feel, and inhabit, his struggle, his pain, his lack of recognition for what he deemed so important in total to his l [...]

    8. Gregory Hunt on said:

      Reading Van Gogh s letters is rewarding to any artist who s interested in the creative process As a musician, I found these letters inspiring in parts Be warned, most of what you ll read is about money, painting supplies, and what he happened to be working on at the moment and when he expected to finish, but he will occasionally talk about his philosophies on art and his personal thoughts and troubles Make no mistake, he was indeed a tortured individual, but he was highly read and hyper aware of [...]

    9. lauren kellie on said:

      How much sadness there is in life Still, it won t do to become depressed, one should turn to other things, and the right thing is work, but there are times when one can only find peace of mind in the realization I, too, shall not be spared by unhappiness.

    10. Jason on said:

      if i had to choose just 2 books on a desert island it would be the bible and van gogh s letters

    11. S.J. Pettersson on said:

      I wasn t aware that Gauguin was at Vincent s bedside when he passed and when I read the letter G wrote describing what happened I began to cry so hard Not out of sadness but out of love for his dignity, passions and unwavering commitment, both artistic, social and in hindsight, political, to the infinite possibilities of art of which he humble only considered himself a forbearer paving the way for important artists to come who would truly be able to paint the essence of all people, not poses, a [...]

    12. Marko on said:

      Vec 10 minuta pokusavam da napisem neki rivju koji ce biti dovoljno dobar i dostojan ovog predivnog bica, koji je voleo ljude i prirodu sa retko vidjenom strascu, ali ne mogu Osecao sam se prelepo i inspirisano Osecao sam sewell, osetio sam sve, ono undefinable sve Jeste da nema na srpskom, ali je treba svakako kupiti i nikad ne skidati s police, da bude vecni podsetnik da je nekad on hodao istim svetom kao i mi.

    13. Joaco on said:

      The habit of reading whatever I feel like from the stack of books it keeps piling in my bedroom led me to these beautiful Letters of Vincent van Gogh.I was not expecting much from them, maybe some insight into van Gogh depressive character or perhaps some everyday experiences from the time he lived, maybe getting a better idea of what it means to be an artist Vincent, however, delivered much than expected.The letters are separated in periods of his life which coincide to where he was living Thi [...]

    14. Taymara Jagmohan on said:

      Quite pleasant.I read the few lines concerning himself, and his most favored brother, Theo, but I couldn t muster the courage to read between the lines of his personal letters.His letters weren t just conventional, but they were meant for his brother Clearly if he had preferred for the entirety of the World to honorably view read the letters, then he would have granted the dispensation I didn t like how his letters were just published This is a man of secrecy One with true talent, not just your [...]

    15. Tammy Marie Jacintho on said:

      I felt the full impact of Vincent s loneliness, despair, and rebounding hopefulness I felt the weight of what it means to be an artist, what it means to strive for your own voice, to know the strengths and weaknesses of your own hands I experienced, through Vincent, a true representation of monastic isolation Vincent s isolation allowed him to deepen his dialogue with his beneficiaries And, his most steadfast Muse was Theo Theo and God In many ways they were interchangeable, as Vincent idolized [...]

    16. Jose on said:

      I m smitten It is impossible to think Van Gogh without being aware of the well known irony of his elevation to the very highest altars of ART and commerce after a life cut short by despair and scarcity In this letters Van Gogh makes his case Vehemently, honestly and without much embellishments beyond their raw directness, he appeals to his patient brother Theo often for money but even often for understanding And even though he might have been difficult and stubborn, he makes all kinds of sense [...]

    17. Keith Michael on said:

      so great such a rare and impassioned human being, van gogh he was one of the last virtuous men i listened to don mclean s song vincent after i read this and cried undignified blubbery tears the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you why vincent, why Just slap anything on when you see a blank canvas staring you in the face like some imbecile You don t know how paralyzing that is, that stare of a blank canvas is, which says to the painter, You can t do a thing The canvas has an idiotic [...]

    18. Francis Coco on said:

      Once I house sat for a man I worked with while he was on vacation and as a thank you, he gave me a Cookie Jar with Van Gogh s Starry Night At the time, I wasn t so crazy about Van Gogh because I felt his art was so commercialized Starry Night seemed to be everywhere But, a few years later I saw a Van Gogh piece in person and that changed everything Brilliant I just fell in love with Van Gogh So, I read these letters and found them fascinating, even the mundane stuff about what supplies he needed [...]

    19. Aman Mittal on said:

      Admire as much as you can Most people do not admire enough.I can t stop admiring his art work Sometimes I just want to drown myself in them Anyone familiar with the drawings and paintings Van Gogh produced will certainly observe that he just not created any beauty with his art work, but the beauty that would give people something to think about During his short, intense life, one will discover that The Letters of Vincent van Gogh highlight many facets of his personality that are suggested by his [...]

    20. lavinia on said:

      Van Gogh s letters are clearly the best way to know the artist, to understand his life, but not to get into his mind and understand his work Throughout his life, van Gogh depended a lot on his brother Theo for financial support, and their letters are most of the time about lack of money It s very interesting to read about the artists that he admired, and understand how he was influenced at first by Millet when he started painting peasants, potatoes, peasants and potatoes, and then by the french [...]

    21. Chris Lugo on said:

      This is literally the best book describing the experience of being an artist that I have ever read Not only was Van Gogh a profound and deeply symbolic painter, he was also an excellent writer who understood how to use words in the same fashion that he used paint in order to express his profound pathos and admiration of the natural world A true artist is someone who not only observes the beauty of nature but also lives it within their experience Van Gogh was an example of the artist as experienc [...]

    22. Jill on said:

      Next to An American Master De kooning, this is my favorite book about by an artist There are so few actual written documents left from any artist, and van Gogh was as good a writer as he was a painter His relationship and love for his brother Theo is amazing He is one of the few master s we can really understand because of his beautiful correspondence with Theo I have read these letters over and over.

    23. Edward on said:

      About This EditionTranslator s NoteIntroductionBiographical Outline Early Letters Ramsgate and Isleworth Dordrecht Amsterdam The Borinage Etten The Hague The Hague, Drenthe and Nuenen From Nuenen to Antwerp Paris Arles Saint R my Auvers sur OiseBibliographyIndex

    24. Madhav on said:

      This is literally the best book describing the experience of an artist.What I enjoyed most about his letter are his humanity joy for life.

    25. Cristina Chițu on said:

      Do go on doing a lot of walking keep up your love of nature, for that is the right way to understand art better better Painters understand nature love her teach us to see It is good to love as many things as one can, for therein lies true strength, and those who love much, do much and accomplish much, and whatever is done in love is done well.And not being too troubled by our weaknesses, for even he who has none, has one weakness, namely that he has none, and anyone who believes himself to be co [...]

    26. Simay on said:

      Loving Vincent filminden yola karak hayat hakk nda daha fazla ey renme amac yla okumaya ba lad m bu kitapta g rd m ey adanm l k ve kendine olan inan t Bir ressam n ve kendi zaman i erisinde ele al rsak g rece ba ar s z bir ressam n i ini i ine s d rmayan resim tutkusu yle b y leyici ki Resme ilk ba lad zamanlardan itibaren Van Gogh yaln z ve yaln zca al maya odakl Resimlerinin iyi ya da k t olaca endi esinden ok al may ayn istekle s rd r p s rd remeyece i endi esini ta yan biri, ki beni en ok et [...]

    27. Oliver Kim on said:

      Unique among modern artists, Van Gogh s life story is better known than his paintings Ask a person off the street about Monet at Giverny, or Gauguin in Tahiti, and you will likely get a blank stare But most will have heard of Vincent Van Gogh, the crazy sunflower guy who cut off his ear In our culture, Van Gogh has become a byword for Tortured Artist so that, in the popular imagination, the romanticism of his brief life threatens to overshadow his art.I confess that I had this romantic image of [...]

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