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Bailey's Cafe

Bailey's Cafe By Gloria Naylor Bailey s Cafe Set in a diner where the food isn t very good and the ambience veers between heaven and hell this bestselling novel from the author of Mama Day and The Women of Brewster Place is a feast for the sens

  • Title: Bailey's Cafe
  • Author: Gloria Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780679748212
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bailey's Cafe By Gloria Naylor Set in a diner where the food isn t very good and the ambience veers between heaven and hell, this bestselling novel from the author of Mama Day and The Women of Brewster Place is a feast for the senses and the spirit.
    Bailey's Cafe By Gloria Naylor

    Bailey s Caf Connecting Generations to Make a Better World Bailey s Caf is a space of community healing and belonging a secular church, a home, a kitchen table Bailey s welcomes all with an open heart, compassion and love, generating a culture of belongingness, non judgment, acceptance, community, and space to be your full self This is Bailey Bailey s Saratoga Bailey s Cafe Saratoga Springs, NY WELCOME TO BAILEY S SARATOGA Please call or Order Online through Door Dash or Mealeo We look forward to serving you DUE TO COVID OUR DINING RESTRICTIONS INCLUDE NO MORE THAN PARTIES OF AND A MANDATORY MASK WHEN NOT SEATED ORDER ONLINE Join us at Bailey s Saratoga Curious See our menu. Bailey s Cafe Bailey s Caf by Gloria Naylor Bailey s Cafe by Gloria Naylor is a novel by award winning American author Gloria Naylor The novel consists of a loosely intertwined group of stories, all told in first person, about the owners and patrons of Bailey s Cafe, an apparently supernatural establishment, About Bailey s Caf Bailey s Caf is a space of community healing and belonging a secular church, a home, a kitchen table Bailey s welcomes all with an open heart, compassion and love, generating a culture of belongingness, non judgment, acceptance, community, and space to be your full self This is Bailey s Online Menu of Baileys Cafe Restaurant, Ennis, Texas View the online menu of Baileys Cafe and other restaurants in Ennis, Texas Due to Covid , restaurant open hours and service may differ Please check with the restaurant directly Baileys Cafe Back To Ennis, TX Closed . mi Cafes, Breakfast Brunch S

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      486 Gloria Naylor

    One thought on “Bailey's Cafe

    1. Debbie on said:

      An artistic, intricately woven band of characters well spoken, alive and jumping off of each page.This is an outstanding book Ms Naylor s art for storytelling is remarkable As soon as I started reading I was engrossed from the first page I technically do not know why I haven t read of her books and actually want to kick myself for not reading of her sooner Gloria Naylor has this writing style that s really vocal It s as if she s not an author telling you these phenomenal stories, it s the very [...]

    2. Ariel on said:

      Though packed with graphic tales of prostitutes, drug addicts, and criminals this book was REALLY well written The cafe acts as a kind of emotional limbo, maybe even a Christ like place of redemption The concept is intriguing, and the stories heartbreaking rather than horrifying.

    3. Ananya Ghosh on said:

      Gloria Naylor is one of my absolute favourites now, so much that I ll eat whatever story she feeds me without even asking what ingredients she put in to cook them I had begun with Women of Brewster Place, but I fell for her writing and the amazing way of storytelling with Men of Brewster Place and Mama Day Baliey s Cafe is a book set in a magical plane and yet in the heart of New York The magical plane stretches to a single street with a Pawnshop that never opens for business owned by an old Jew [...]

    4. India on said:

      I love this author Her use of language is beautiful and she creates really interesting characters She deals with pretty serious topics which can be overwhelming at times However, people actually do experience tragedy those sorts of tragedies She gives a voice to the sadness and traumas in life.

    5. Jessica on said:

      I guess my favourite word for reviews now is bizarre , because I ve been using it a lot I didn t know this was going to have some magical realism Apparently that bothers some people, but you don t even notice it for most of the book Anyway, once you get pass the baseball stuff in Bailey s first chapter, it s very readable The stories of these women and Miss Maple, who is a cis man are very dark though, so some people might want to avoid this book Or take it in slowly, I dunno.One thing I liked [...]

    6. Joe on said:

      Naylor is wonderful writer and her prose is fluid and drags you along its tidal pull She does veer off into symbolic metaphor land every once in awhile however unlike Toni Morrison, it isn t overbearingly pretentious or bogs you down With that said, Bailey s Cafe is an entertaining novel but it s less of a novel and of a collection of short stories All of characters end up at the cafe at some point, which is a waystation in limbo for people who are at a crossroads in their lives A place to deci [...]

    7. Alan on said:

      my third New York Harlem Brooklyn novel in a row, after Daddy was a Number Runner , and The Tenants Malamud And all concerned with race and racism Pure coincidence.Actually not set in New York, but rather in limbo Bailey s Caf is where people wash up half way through life and tell their stories, mostly of deprivation and prejudice, from Harlem to the deep south, from Chicago and San Francisco, rural and urban The stories of fighting racism, and maintaining dignity are told in zestful prose, with [...]

    8. Jenny Yates on said:

      I didn t like this book at first, and that s mainly because there s too much baseball in the first chapter It s a language I don t speak It s also a little obscure in the beginning Even though there was some beautiful writing, I thought about laying the book aside The second chapter was breathtaking I put it down just because it was too intense to read immediately And the next day, I picked it up again And no, there s no baseball after the first chapter It s a very surrealistic novel Bailey s [...]

    9. Apryl Lewis on said:

      Once again, Gloria Naylor delivered another beautifully written novel In similar fashion to The Women of Brewster Place, Bailey s Cafe follows various individuals whose heartbreaking and traumatic journeys lead them to the cafe or to Eve s boardinghouse In some ways, this novel highlights the underbelly of society, or those who are seemingly voiceless Naylor not only provides a unique story for every character, but also a unique voice to each character One cannot help but find themselves wanting [...]

    10. Kristi on said:

      A truly well crafted cast of characters that took turns breaking my heart and inspiring me Naylor s writing is sometimes subtle, but so strong Every character has such a distinct voice, and a captivating story to tell The constant themes of suffering, compassion and strength left me feeling all kinds of emotions MISS MAPLE FOREVER.

    11. Gabriella on said:

      Bailey s Place is a beautiful novel that read like a collection of interconnected stories As many have said, there is so much to enjoy in Gloria Naylor s amazing lyricism and odd menagerie of characters Personally, I most enjoyed her knack for showing the progression of these characters lives through peephole glimpses into their worlds Naylor knows how to zoom in on the precise moments where children lose their innocence, and then flashes through all the right scenes of their adulthood Despite [...]

    12. Kit on said:

      I read Gloria Naylor s The Women of Brewster Place when it was first published in 1983 and loved it I remember reading reviews of Bailey s Caf when it was released ten years later What I don t know is why it took me so long to finally read it Bailey s Caf can be loosely described as a collection of stories about the regulars at an imaginary caf in 1940 s Brooklyn where lost souls gather but that really doesn t capture it It s Naylor s use of language and imagery that makes this book special The [...]

    13. Toli Tate on said:

      Bailey s Cafe isn t your typical novel about a sweet cafe and the customers that are there The cafe isn t sweet, and the customers are beyond unusual Many are current or former prostitutes, social outcasts, pimps, and a nun Each chapter is devoted to telling the story of one of the customers, many of whom bored at Eve s House, a place down the street for homeless women The stories of the women and several men are not happy ones, and they don t end happier than they began Naylor leaves us to hope [...]

    14. Liz on said:

      What a dismal, depressing book Could not even get through the entire book I read for pleasure and there was not pleasure in reading this book Other books can be unpleasant but the unpleasantness adds to the plot As far as I could see, nothing would be resolved until the end of this book and I could not stand another 100 pages to find out how the author was going to tie this together At times I was lost who is talking especially in the case of the character who spoke with two different personalit [...]

    15. East Bay J on said:

      After finishing Bailey s Caf , I ve put off writing a review because I m not really sure what to say This is the story of a caf that exists in some kind of limbo and can only be found by those in need Interesting concept, good writing, well drawn characters Getting started with the book, I thought this was going to be a somewhat typical story about a guy and his wife who run a caf Instead, it s an exploration of the horrors people inflict on one another and on themselves There are significantly [...]

    16. Phil Lawless on said:

      This is a very interesting book In some ways it reminds me of some fantasy scifi that I have read The base of the story is a cafe on a side street in Pittsburgh The first chapter got my attention with the owner reminiscing about Negro baseball The remainder of the book introduces people who come through the cafe to stay for a while Each person has a long troubled past, but ones that most are working through.It probably says something about me that all the characters except the Jewish pawn broker [...]

    17. Rashida on said:

      The book had soaring highs and depressed lows, so I have to split the baby and give it three stars I was moved to actual tears while reading, so there is no denying that the woman can make an emotional connection with her words and make you feel the lives of her ink and paper protagonists But in the middle of the book, I started to feel like Naylor was less interested in exposing the evils of racism and misogyny, and interested in torturing as many women as possible And, it seemed rather odd to [...]

    18. Lanier on said:

      Like reading similiar books by the same author, usually the first one you read is the benchmark.Terry McMillan s Waiting to Exhale overshadows her second effort, Disappearing Acts, but the latter has its highs and strengths Naylor s Cafe was better in many ways that Brewster s Place can t compare However, Brewster s metaphysical beats out Cafe s mysticism Both have realism and should be taken as vignettes of Americana the plights and triumphs of women.

    19. Ashley on said:

      I was not able to finish the book because it was extremely hard to get through I dont mind rough subjects and hard to deal with topics but this book was just a lot to handle Im not sure if the book gets better as the story goes but It was extremely hard for me to get through so i eventually put it down.

    20. Shaun on said:

      A heart wrenching work of staggering genius The music of this novel is absolutely engrossing, and, even though there doesn t seem to be a discernable narrative it is a gorgeous song of suffering Truly a terrific read.

    21. Nicole Falls on said:

      gloria naylor is queen hate that i took so long to read beyond brewster place

    22. Lulu on said:

      Interesting series of short stories I would love to see this developed into a movie or mini series.

    23. Jenny on said:

      This was a fascinating book It s full of things to analyze and discuss.

    24. Theresa on said:

      My old man used to say, Always finish what you start It s a sound principle, but it can t work in this cafe If life is truly a song, then what we ve got here is just snatches of a few melodies All these folks are in transition they come in midway in their stories and go on If this was like that sappy violin music on Make Believe Ballroom, we could wrap it all up with a lot of happy endings to leave you feeling real good that you took the time to listen But I don t believe that life is supposed t [...]

    25. Miriam on said:

      forgot the read dates alreadyinteresting book though some parts were too explicit for my personal liking though my professor did remark that the point of the book, was somewhat to confront the reader with things they might be uncomfortable about I enjoyed the peppered in bits of humour from bailey s perspective, as that made some scenes easier to stomache and balanced out the book well Would be a 3 star book, but i did enjoy some parts of it enough that i ll give it a 4.edit i forgot to add that [...]

    26. Ace McGee on said:

      Bailey s Cafe is there, if you really need it Hope you never do because it is literally one small step from oblivion This book contains the stories of the men and women whose tragic lives have reached a crossroad, or is it a dead end , on the street where houses seem to come and go and final decisions are truly made Very impressed Especially enjoyed the conversational narrative, but than I always do Once the story got rolling, I quickly read it to the end Bit difficult sometimes to tell just who [...]

    27. Dawn Nesean on said:

      Closer to 3 1 2 but still a good read The characters remind me of family members and friends from my past The writer has a way of drawing the reader in with touching stories about love, disappointment, and rising from painful circumstances At times, certain stories seemed to go on and on, but I m still interested in reading it all over again This is a great book for anyone interested in stories about black families and with a touch of historical context both real and fabrication intermingled in [...]

    28. Jess Gronbek on said:

      I really struggled with this book The beginning starts off with baseball and that was a challenge to get into but I gave the book a chance It did get better but some chapters seemed very disjointed to me and left me feeling a bit lost I couldn t gain any better understanding by going back and re reading so just moved on Some of the stories, of the characters, were hard to read because it was upsetting and plain heartbreaking Overall this book was ok.

    29. Stacy on said:

      Set in a diner where the food isn t very good and the ambience veers between heaven and hell, this bestselling novel from the author of Mama Day and The Women of Brewster Place is a feast for the senses and the spirit That s it That s all the description you get If you read the blurb on the book, you ll recognize that it s verbatim So I had no idea what I was getting into Bailey s Cafe is set in a magical plane and yet in the heart of New York Or Chicago, Detroit, St Paul or Memphis It s there i [...]

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