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One Deadly Summer

One Deadly Summer By Sébastien Japrisot Alan Sheridan One Deadly Summer Her name is Elaine but the people in her small town know her simply as Elle As a voluptuous as the photo of Marilyn Monroe she treasures Elle is a dream of sex in the flesh a dream she is willing to

  • Title: One Deadly Summer
  • Author: Sébastien Japrisot Alan Sheridan
  • ISBN: 9780452277809
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Deadly Summer By Sébastien Japrisot Alan Sheridan Her name is Elaine, but the people in her small town know her simply as Elle As a voluptuous as the photo of Marilyn Monroe she treasures, Elle is a dream of sex in the flesh a dream she is willing to make come true for the men who adore her and the women who fear her But Elle s path of sensual seduction leads not to the final act of love, but to the devastating strokeHer name is Elaine, but the people in her small town know her simply as Elle As a voluptuous as the photo of Marilyn Monroe she treasures, Elle is a dream of sex in the flesh a dream she is willing to make come true for the men who adore her and the women who fear her But Elle s path of sensual seduction leads not to the final act of love, but to the devastating stroke of revenge And its targets are the men in her lover s family Oblivious to the memory of a forgotten crime, they ll soon learn that retribution haunts them in the body and mind of the woman they cherish most Told in four interacting and overlapping voices, this shattering noir thriller from the master of the genre weaves a chilling tale of passion, destruction, crime, and punishment.
    One Deadly Summer By Sébastien Japrisot Alan Sheridan

    One Deadly Summer May , One Deadly Summer Videos Photos Cast Michel Galabru A P.I is obsessed with a cute woman, who seduces and kills rich men around W Europe Storyline Oozing sensuality, the seductively alluring, Eliane Wieck, arrives with her demure German mother and her Frequently Asked Questions One Deadly Summer Japrisot, Sebastien, Sheridan, Alan One Deadly Summer concerns Elle, a mysterious, beautiful woman who comes into a man s life and turns his world upside down Unbeknownst to him, Elle is bent on revenge against his family for something that happened many years before The reader knows that Elle is drawing the man to his doom, but feels powerless to help him. One Deadly Summer One Deadly Summer VHS Isabelle Adjani Consider One Deadly Summer L et meurtrier, published in , one of Japrisot s most accomplished and popular crime novels about a rural town in the south of France that falls under the mesmeric spell of a strange and manipulative woman. One Deadly Summer by Sbastien Japrisot One Deadly Summer book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers A master of psychological suspense New York Times Beautiful Watch One Deadly Summer Online Vimeo On Demand Her acting talent and staggering sensual beauty both reaching a career defining high in Becker s ONE DEADLY SUMMER L ETE MEURTRIER , which became the highest grossing French film of the year and the prototype for the erotic thrillers which Hollywood made in its wake.

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      268 Sébastien Japrisot Alan Sheridan

    One thought on “One Deadly Summer

    1. Andy on said:

      Chilly tale about a promiscuous, inarticulate, amoral, drop dead gorgeous girl who doesn t flinch at the prospect of fucking and killing every man she meets, all held under the phony guise of vindicating a terrible injustice done to her mother Needless to say she s also schizo and throws fits periodically, just like Megan Fox on a bad day Nobody does erotic noir noirotica better than the French, and this is as sexy and deadly as it gets.

    2. Naksed on said:

      Ayant lu ce livre il ya au moins vingt ans, je ne sais pas si j aurais les m mes sentiments sa lecture aujourd hui Je me souviens l poque d avoir vraiment aim ce roman, ainsi que le film avec Isabelle Adjani Les rebondissements de cette histoire m avait compl tement choqu et captiv Je me rappelle aussi que le style de l crivain m avait bien plu Mes go ts ont bien s r beaucoup chang depuis Je laisse une valuation positive bas e sur ma m moire et mon souvenir d avoir pass quelques heures agr ables [...]

    3. John King on said:

      I ve been rereading all of Japrisot again and L ete meurtrier is my favorite The narrative is layered, being told by four different characters, each one adding their own different perspective For first time readers it takes nearly half the book understand exactly where it s going but it s sure fun and suspenseful getting there The ending has many surprises for both the main characters, Elle and Pin Pon, and of course for the reader A great book which also gives a taste village life in 1976 Prove [...]

    4. Tony on said:

      ONE DEADLY SUMMER 1977 Sebastien Japrisot 1 2.Just to get a few things out of the way the name Sebastien Japrisot is an anagram of the author s real name, Jean Baptiste Rossi I don t know why he did that He was a Frenchman, and, in his day, was one of the most popular writers around Aside from writing several very successful novels, he was active in the world of film All of his books were turned into feature films My favorite was, The Lady in the Car With Glasses and a Gun This novel was a littl [...]

    5. Keith Currie on said:

      What a superb novel this is Set in Alpes Maritimes in France in the 1970s it is a story of lust and revenge which leads the reader through a gamut of thoughts and emotions and fools him or her at every turn Japrisot allows his story to be told through the mouths of the protagonists and signposts them as Executioner , Victim , Witness etc He tells no lies but allows us to fall into the same traps as the participants of the events which follow This is really the story of two deadly summers, not on [...]

    6. Anna on said:

      While reading the book, I didn t really know what to feel It was so complicated at times, and the perspective switches made it very hard to move on However, they were necessary to understand the entire story At times, I ve held my breath, thinking NO, that can t be it Horrible things happened, strange people were represented, which made it rather hard to empathise with them, especially with Elle.If it wasn t for school, I would ve never read this book, but it is one of the better works we ve had [...]

    7. anne on said:

      Une criture incroyable La voix d Elle notamment est un tour de force Je vais d sormais utiliser des m taphores de dur e sorties tout droit de ce livre.J ai malheureusement un petit probl me avec le view spoiler serre billets, dont on ne sait finalement pas comment la m re a pu le voir, vu que hide spoiler , et a me chiffonne vraiment Mais d s que quelqu un m explique, ce livre aura 5 toiles Je suis comme a.

    8. Jacqueline on said:

      J ai d vor ce livre L histoire est haletante du d but la fin Les personnages tr s bien tudi s Le d nouement laisse sans voix Comme un bon film bon oui c est dur de ne pas penser Isabelle Adjani quand on le lit Bref, j ai ador.

    9. Hélène on said:

      Tr s bon suspense.Lu le roman apr s avoir vu le film.Rien redire ni sur l un, ni sur l autre.

    10. Frumenty on said:

      I ve read quite a few novels in French this will be the 24th review of a book in French that I ve done for , and I don t think I ve read one yet that I ve found as engaging as L t meurtrier It s the sort of book that occupies your mind when you re not reading it, so the appetite to read is constantly renewed The novel is set in the 1970s The characters are salty, self reliant, small town people of the Alpes Maritime region the hinterland of Nice and Marseille The entire novel is written in the [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      This is one of Sebastian Japrisot s books that I had never read before While I enjoyed the book, it s definitely not one of his strongest The mystery is intriguing and I really wanted to find out what was going to happen, and there was a very good twist in the end, but I felt like it dragged a bit in places.I liked the different perspectives that you got to read throughout the book and it was interesting to see the events unfold from each person s point of view I liked that Japrisot made Elle sl [...]

    12. william on said:

      My first French Mystery writer actually knowing it and I was surprised feelings,not looking for overkill,not running from reading fatigue,only looking for another good journalistic soul,while having a little enjoyment reading hopefully a good worthwhile mystery a pleasant surprise this is my first of his books so I ll reserve further comment until further books need I say ref.Patricia Cornwell Jonathen Kellerman

    13. Lil' Grogan on said:

      Damn, that s some good story weaving Clueless boy gets roped in by femme fatale but what an interesting situation to plop them in Liked the use of multiple first person narrators and the change of focus each brought I think that allowed me to appreciate the timing of Rossi s story telling Close to an awesome book except Elle was a tad bit over developed in the lurid zone for me.

    14. Lavinia on said:

      Very nicely built, the story unveils itself gradually only to the beauty of the grand finale surprise Well defined and mesmerizing characters I was lucky enough to read it in French, the language is a pleasure to read, especially for Elle at least to the degree to which me, as a non native speaker, I can catch it Great recommendation, very happy I got to read it.

    15. Amina Bradley on said:

      Grabs your attention from the start A bit confusing for several pages, but the you read the you are getting involved in a story The characters are so realistic Sad, dark story, excellent in my opinion.

    16. Sacapsie on said:

      This took me way longer to read than it should have, considering how vapid the book is It buries you in an endless torrent of irrelevant detail, and all the characters are neither likeable nor intelligent enough to care about No reason to waste your time on this one.

    17. Heather on said:

      A fascinating and compelling tale of attraction, deception, sex and revenge.

    18. Ivan on said:

      J ai voulu le lire, car j ai d abord vu le film.Impressionnant, un grand classique des polars et des romans de vengeance, inspir de Pagnol et bien d autres passionn s de la Provence avant eux

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