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Hitchcock By François Truffaut Alfred Hitchcock Hitchcock Any book length interview with Alfred Hitchcock is valuable but considering that this volume s interlocutor is Fran ois Truffaut the conversation is remarkable indeed Here is a rare opportunity to e

  • Title: Hitchcock
  • Author: François Truffaut Alfred Hitchcock
  • ISBN: 9780671604295
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hitchcock By François Truffaut Alfred Hitchcock Any book length interview with Alfred Hitchcock is valuable, but considering that this volume s interlocutor is Fran ois Truffaut, the conversation is remarkable indeed Here is a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on two cinematic masters from very different backgrounds as they cover each of Hitch s films in succession Though this book was initially published in 1967 when HitAny book length interview with Alfred Hitchcock is valuable, but considering that this volume s interlocutor is Fran ois Truffaut, the conversation is remarkable indeed Here is a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on two cinematic masters from very different backgrounds as they cover each of Hitch s films in succession Though this book was initially published in 1967 when Hitchcock was still active, Truffaut later prepared a revised edition that covered the final stages of his career It s difficult to think of a informative or entertaining introduction to Hitchcock s art, interests, and peculiar sense of humor The book is a storehouse of insight and witticism, including the master s impressions of a classic like Rear Window I was feeling very creative at the time, the batteries were well charged , his technical insight into Psycho s shower scene the knife never touched the body it was all done in the editing , and his ruminations on flops such as Under Capricorn If I were to make another picture in Australia today, I d have a policeman hop into the pocket of a kangaroo and yell Follow that car This is one of the most delightful film books in print Raphael Shargel
    Hitchcock By François Truffaut Alfred Hitchcock

    • ë Hitchcock ☆ François Truffaut Alfred Hitchcock
      298 François Truffaut Alfred Hitchcock

    One thought on “Hitchcock

    1. Jeffrey Keeten on said:

      To reproach Hitchcock for specializing in suspense is to accuse him of being the least boring of film makers it is also tantamount to blaming a lover who instead of concentrating on his own pleasure insists on sharing it with his partner The nature of Hitchcock s cinema is to absorb the audience so completely that the Arab viewer will forget to shell his peanuts, the Frenchman will ignore the girl in the next seat, the Italian will suspend his chain smoking, the compulsive cougher will refrain f [...]

    2. Orsodimondo on said:

      SOGNI AL BUIOQuando Hitch morto lo ricordo bene.E non avevo ancora letto questo libro.Il giorno che morto era un marted Marted 29 aprile 1980 Io vivevo a Palo Alto da qualche mese e stavo lavorando alla ristrutturazione di una casa attaccata dalle termiti Quello che dovevo fare ricordava molto quello che nella pubblicit della Plasmon faceva l uomo che scolpiva la scritta con un martellone data la mia scarsa esperienza in materia, continuavo a sbagliare la mira, e la mano che reggeva lo scalpello [...]

    3. Jaksen on said:

      Loved this.I didn t know this book existed It s actually a transcript of a fifty hour interview done over several days which Truffaut conducted with Hitchcock The historical appeal alone was enough to make me WANT the thing, let alone read it Some critics of this book have indicated that Truffaut was too kind to Hitchcock, that he agreed too readily with his opinions, that he couched his questions gently, but what the heck I disagree Because they two often DO disagree on certain points of film m [...]

    4. Shawn Nuzzo on said:

      This book will teach you about the art of film making than 4 years and 200,000 at NYU will.

    5. Lynne King on said:

      This book is about the two film directors Hitchcock and Truffaut It is a wonderful book and Jeffrey has written a superb review today on this.So my advice is to read Jeffrey s review and then purchase this book It is an historical document of the film world.A gem to have.

    6. Ste Pic on said:

      La finestra sul cinema rewind Ripropongo il commento su questo splendido testo perch ieri sera ho visto al cinema il documentario proprio ispirato alla famosa serie di interviste che Truffaut fece nel 62 negli studi della Universal a L.A a un Hitchcock famosissimo e per poco considerato dai critici americani, mentre era adorato dagli europei Truffaut, che aveva allora 30 anni, ma era gi un apprezzato e premiato autore della nouvelle vague , nonch critico e animatore, assieme a tanti altri colleg [...]

    7. Kyle Sullivan on said:

      I just reread this book, because it shifted my focus from being an artist to being a filmmaker and now writer , and I m not overstating I was making a living designing and building backdrops for visual merchandising and doing display windows in San Antonio, as well as commissioned works of art, when I found an early edition of Truffaut s interview with Hitchcock and got my first idea of how films were made In fact, this book should be a primer for all film classes once you ve read it, you ve got [...]

    8. Víctor Galán on said:

      Una de las biograf as imprescindibles para entender el cine cl sico y su evoluci n en la forma y en el fondo que ha tenido este arte durante la segunda mitad del siglo pasado El cine seg n Hitchcock es la recopilaci n de una serie de entrevistas que el famoso director y actor franc s Fran ois Truffaut le hizo al genio brit nico durante catorce a os En esta obra se expone con una claridad muy agradecida todo hay que decirlo la metodolog a y t cnicas que Hitchcock utiliz durante el medio siglo que [...]

    9. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Alfred Joseph Hitchcock 1899 1980 , Fran ois Truffaut 1932 1984 1365 288 9644351886 9789643769369

    10. David Rain on said:

      There s a brilliant moment in Truffaut s introduction in which he explains why suspense, far from being a mere trick or incidental effect, is in fact of the essence of cinema, indeed, of narrative itself Suspense is simply the dramatisation of a film s narrative material, or, if you will, the most intense presentation possible of dramatic situations Which is one reason, perhaps, why Hitchcock, the wonderfully perverse genius behind Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds and a host of other clas [...]

    11. Raquel on said:

      Alfred Hitchcock is considered to be one of the best directors of all time but that wasn t always the case At the height of his career, many critics saw Hitchcock as a commercial director whose films thrilled audiences with their suspense but weren t meant to be taken seriously All that changed when French director Fran ois Truffaut drastically altered the narrative of how we discussed Hitchcock s work and he did so with this book.This is film school in book form Never have I read a book so full [...]

    12. Joshua on said:

      Like Lynch on Lynch I did not read the entirety of this book so my review should be taken with a grain of salt I enjoyed these interviews, because the exchange between Hitchcock and Truffaut really allowed for an interesting examination of cinema as an art form and how the artist crafts their style and voice through their work Hitchcock as a director was a man who seemed far concerned with the medium than he was about critical concern or even whether or not his actors were happy He was wanted t [...]

    13. James on said:

      Always heralded as one of THE great books on cinema and the best, supposedly, on Hitchcock, these documented interview sessions with the great French director Francois Truffaut and Alfred Hitchcock is as good as reported This was a revised edition that includes an addendum by Truffaut after Hitchcock s death in 1979 It is full of insights both by Truffaut and Hitchcock and has a great amount of photographs At times Truffaut gets a bit stuffy and opinionated and corrective of the choices Hitchcoc [...]

    14. Ben on said:

      Good evening, students of the macabre Hitchcock is a comprehensive study of the films of the great British American director Alfred Hitchcock, which explores every one of his films from the beginning of his career up to Torn Curtain 1966 After Hitch s death, Truffaut apparently updated the work to include Hitchcock s final films The book, like Objects of Desire Conversations with Luis Bu uel or such works as Godard on Godard or Fellini on Fellini, is a collection of interviews What makes it uniq [...]

    15. Kevin Coaker on said:

      The definitive examination of the definitive movie career Plus a beautiful book in its own right, with glorious photographs and stills A wonderful birthday present that i devoured from beginning to end.Truffaut is an amazing author He worships AH, but doesn t let that get in the way or ruin it It s amazing to witness Ah let his guard down, and thus enable both to critically examine every film he made A master in full flow shares with the Sorcerer s apprentice Pleased to see the respect for Rear [...]

    16. Bran Gustafson on said:

      This is a fantastic book if you re a Hitchcock fan, or if you re interested in storytelling or in the art of filmmaking In a series of interviews by Francois Truffaut, Hitch is completely candid about his process, his intentions and what he perceives are his successes and mistakes A word of warning, however, if you d like to preserve in your mind some of the magic of filmmaking, as Hitch is basically revealing his tricks.

    17. Deni Ciubotaru on said:

      I will always love him and I really hope I will get to watch all of his movies.

    18. Noah on said:

      igual si digo que lo he terminado leyendo en diagonal me echan de la carrera

    19. Varniit Nigam on said:

      Hitchcock Truffaut by Fran ois Truffaut REVIEW by Varniit NigamI sometimes go befuddled and emancipated by what Fran ois Truffaut once said, I demand that a film express either the joy of making cinema or the agony of making cinema I am not at all interested in anything in between And, with this book called Hitchcock Truffaut by Fran ois Truffaut , it all becomes crystal clear and absolutely important.This book actually deserves no review but there are some books that need the attention, dedicat [...]

    20. Pau Guillén on said:

      Nunca un reportaje sobre un acontecimiento cualquiera en un peri dico cualquiera causar tanto impacto como una pel cula Las cat strofes s lo les ocurren a los otros, a gente que uno no conoce Una pantalla hace entrar en contacto inmediatamente con el asesino, con su v ctima, por la que uno pasa miedo, ya que se ha convertido en alguien a ojos de esa persona Accidentes de autom vil hay miles todos los d as Si su hermano es la v ctima, entonces comienza a interesarle Un h roe de cine debe converti [...]

    21. Tristram on said:

      Hitch as Hitch CanMeine erste Bekanntschaft mit den Filmen Alfred Hitchcocks machte ich im Alter von 12 oder 13 Jahren, als ich an einem Samstagabend im Haus meiner Gro eltern einem betr gerischen Medium dabei zusah, wie es einer alten Dame dabei half, ihren zur Adoption freigegebenen Neffen wieder ausfindig zu machen Damals konnte ich nat rlich mit dem Namen eines Regisseurs wenig anfangen und war deshalb auch kaum geneigt, ber das F r und Wider der Auteur Theorie nachzudenken Ich f rchte sogar [...]

    22. Vale76 on said:

      La bibbia del cinema misteryHo iniziato a leggere questo libro in aprile, e l ho terminato in ottobre, con la conseguenza che questi due meravigliosi personaggi, Hitchcock e Truffaut, mi hanno tenuto compagnia per diverso tempo.Del grande cineasta francese conoscevo a grandi linee quel poco che pi o meno sanno tutti mentre riguardo a Hitch, personaggio strepitoso che ammiro da sempre, il discorso ben diverso Ho una passione sterminata per il Maestro del Brivido da tantissimi anni, e ho visto qua [...]

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