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The Wheel of Darkness

The Wheel of Darkness By Douglas Preston Lincoln Child The Wheel of Darkness At a remote monastery in Tibet a rare and dangerous artifact mysteriously disappears Aloysius Pendergast agrees to take up the search that leads him and Constance to the maiden voyage of the Britanni

  • Title: The Wheel of Darkness
  • Author: Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
  • ISBN: 9780446580281
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Wheel of Darkness By Douglas Preston Lincoln Child At a remote monastery in Tibet, a rare and dangerous artifact mysteriously disappears Aloysius Pendergast agrees to take up the search that leads him and Constance to the maiden voyage of the Britannia and to an Atlantic crossing fraught with terror.
    The Wheel of Darkness By Douglas Preston Lincoln Child

    • Unlimited The Wheel of Darkness - by Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
      444 Douglas Preston Lincoln Child

    One thought on “The Wheel of Darkness

    1. Matthew on said:

      Well, if you thought Pendergast went odd adventures before you haven t seen anything yet This is a book that as I try to review I fear that anything I say will be a spoiler When that is the case, I find a bullet point review lets me share my thoughts without giving too much away The book has a slightly different feel than any of the previous ones You can read this one as a stand alone However there are a few points that tie it back into the rest of the books that will be spoilers if you want to [...]

    2. Juli on said:

      Following the horrors of their last adventure, Special Agent Pendergast knows his ward, Constance Greene, needs a breather, a trip to renew her physically and psychologically What better place to renew and become mentally stronger than a Tibetan monastery Although the monks don t normally admit women, Constance is special She learns much from them during her time there Then the monks discover that a dangerous artifact that has been in their keeping for centuries has been stolen They ask Penderga [...]

    3. Tom Kouhsari on said:

      There are two types of people who rate this book highly Those that have never read the rest of the Pendergast series and those whose understanding of the rest of the Pendergast series is skin deep.This book is an insult to the rest of the series I wonder if Preston and Child just got to the point where they said I bet we can write any piece of garbage and put our names on it and put the name Pendergast in it and people will still love it Anyway, you could easily have written this book and replac [...]

    4. Steven Turek on said:

      After a leaving their last book soaked with uncertainty, Preston and Child return with a very disappointing conclusion Many a thread are left untied with the conclusion of this book In their past books they have treated the unknown with science and explanation, but here they delve way too deeply into the supernatural The ending is remenicent of the deus ex machina endings of ancient Greek theatre The authors build up the suspense, but then take the easy way out by having very improbable things h [...]

    5. Joel on said:

      This is the latest book in the Pendergast series from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child It s their superhero FBI agent at it once again, saving lost pieces of art, relics and outwitting everyone all while making you, the reader, feel like you need to go out and start buying Hugo Boss suits and driving around in vintage luxury cars Actually, this book is a departure from the usual behavior of Agent Pendergast He actually becomes a victim of sorts in this book and it s interesting to see Preston a [...]

    6. kartik narayanan on said:

      After the disappointing Diogenes trilogy, Agent Pendergast is back in a much better book The story is set in Tibet on an ocean liner which brings back the feeling of claustrophobia that existed in The Relic In addition, Constance is now a much involved character which brings that extra oomph that was missing Not everything is great though The ending is a deus ex machina Plus, the plot point used here is quite similar to the plot point in The Book of the Dead.So, The Wheel of Darkness is a decen [...]

    7. J.S. Bailey on said:

      I have a hard time getting into Preston Child novels Their plots are interesting but we never really get to know the characters Just who is Pendergast, and who is Constance What are their motivations Their hopes Their dreams Their fears I gather from reading that Constance is immeasurably old but still looks very young, but I don t know what led to her longevity These characters, as well as the supporting cast, seem paper thin to me because they re really just a name and a face and not much else [...]

    8. ScottK on said:

      I love most of what these guys Douglass Preston and Lincoln Child write together But I esecially love the story line of FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast and his ward Constance Greene.Yeah the books are a bit over the top and Agent Pendergast gets away with ALOT of stuff no Real FBI agent would, but the books are great Always some end of the world Crazy person with a venetta to destroy everything plot , and yet always different and fresh This one takes place on a brand new Ocean Liner called Britani [...]

    9. Abby on said:

      When you look at this book individually, it s not entirely bad Mystery novels are supposed to be a fun romp with a whodunit But when you look at this book as compared to the rest of the series it belongs to, it becomes a bit worse Nothing about The Wheel of Darkness added to the series The plots drew from Titanic and Sherlock Holmes And dare I say, the characters seemed to have different personalities I just hope this book was a fluke and the rest of the series will shine.

    10. Carol on said:

      Constance and Pendergast take on spiritual studies at a remote monastery in Tibet While there a monk informs them of an object that has been stolen Something powerful that is enclosed in a box but no one knows what is inside Pendergast must find it Constance and Pendergast trace the stolen box to the ocean liner, Britannia and end up on a cruise from hell, literally This book also gives a bit of insight into the Pendergast in future books as he is altered in a way that will change him forever No [...]

    11. Irrlicht on said:

      Okay, this was a tough one From what I ve read so far and in my own personal opinion, within Preston Child s series about FBI agent extraordinaire Aloysius Pendergast the books are either very good like, for example, Still Life With Crows or not good at all Relic Interestingly enough, The Wheel of Darkness was a bit in between Maybe I should mention that I haven t read Brimstone , Dance of Death or The Book of the Dead up until now, so Constance was a new character for me, but I liked her well e [...]

    12. Lee Miller on said:

      The language is arch to the point of smugness, the situations are ridiculous, and the characters are absurd, but I couldn t put it down It s as if two writers got together and said let s take a junior high boys James Bond fantasy and see how far we can stretch it before it breaks And, for some odd, reptilian brain reason, it worked, at least for me A major theme involved Tibetan mysticism, which added a fun, exotic feel I also enjoyed the fact that much of the action took place on an ocean liner [...]

    13. Annah on said:

      Kind of like an old boyfriend who I m tired of but keep hanging out with out of guilt This book had it s moments of fun, and Pendergast is always great to read about Problem is, he didn t really DO much in this book It had a really good premise, but just got lazy and ended with a fizzle Did I love it No Will I read the next Lincoln Child bit of fluff that comes out You betcha.

    14. John Inman on said:

      Excellent On to 9, Cemetery Dance I guess I have to say this is my most favorite series of all time Nine books in and I m not the least bit bored Not sure how many Pendergast books there are, but I know I ll read them all And probably than once.

    15. Lobstergirl on said:

      I m not sure what was ridiculous, a clammy, smoky, malevolent, many armed world destroying demon released from a Tibetan painting, or this Quickly, he arrayed in his mind the thousand greatest paintings of the Western tradition On the other hand, you have to tip your hat to the authors mastery of the terminology of ocean liners, nauticalness, and general shippery There was a pleasing casino scene, and there was a certain Agatha Christieness to this hybrid of locked room mystery aboard an ocean [...]

    16. Steffi on said:

      2.5Zu Beginn hat mir das Buch eigentlich ganz gut gefallen Das gestohlene Artefakt aus Tibet und das setting auf dem Kreuzfahrtschiff versprachen absolute Spannung Die verschiendenen Perspektiven der Passagiere haben einen interessanten Einblick in die Geschehnisse an Bord gegeben und es wurde so schnell Spannung aufgebaut.Im letzten Drittel hat mich das Buch dann allerdings verloren Es wurde immer wirrer, konfuser und abgedrehter Das war dann leider so gar nicht mehr nach meinem Geschmack und a [...]

    17. Martin Gibbs on said:

      I m sorry, no I loved the Relic and the Reliquary there really are folks who live in the undergound subway tunnels, and it is a fascniating study There was a possibility of truth to both, because there possibly are plant chemicals that could warp your brain and turn you into a monster.But this I have never thrown out a book, until I read this For long and long, it seemed Preston and Child wrote things that bordered on paranormal, but still had a logical explanation They still held my interest be [...]

    18. Rebecca (agirlirlblog, bekkilyn) on said:

      This book is one of the standalone books in the Pendergast series, though of course one will have a deeper understanding of some of the characters by having read the earlier books, particularly when it comes to Constance, Pendergast s ward, who takes a much prominent role than Pendergast in much of the book.One of the most interesting parts of this book is an event that shows that Pendergast is not infallible and cannot always keep himself from from harmful influence I was uncomfortable through [...]

    19. RavenclawReadingRoom on said:

      This was I was expecting a typical jet around the world type of an adventure thriller book Instead, I got an adventure on the high seas There were some great moments in here, full of sassiness from Pendergast and Constance But there was also a lot of stuff I didn t especially care about I mean, honestly The paranormal aspects were kind of unnecessary and I think I would have preferred the story without them Yes, I skipped like 6 Pendergast books, but the author s note at the back says that this [...]

    20. Jānis on said:

      Nu b t b ir t , ka pirm puse ir t ds diezgan labs krimi is, bet otraj gr matas pus par d s mistika r gi utt Man noteikti b tu patikusi gr mata daudz vair k, ja t mistika b tu ielikta jau s kum vai neb tu visp r Cit di bija saj ta, ka no viena anra p riet otr.V l man kaut k lik s diezgan stulba t izgl b an s Tik liels ku is un tik tri pagrieza Bullshit k teiktu rnijs.

    21. John Bastin on said:

      Pendergast and Constance encounter a rare and dangerous artifact in a Tibetan monastery and when it is stolen, are led on a dangerous search to find the thief murderer responsible They follow the item onto an ocean liner, the largest in the world, and are sucked into a maelstrom of danger with possible horrible consequences.When I began this book, I thought that somehow a story thread from the previous one had been inexplicably dropped from the tale At the very end of this one, though, I discove [...]

    22. ashley c on said:

      Read this when I was a young teen, way before Can t remember how it went but I remembered the sleepless nights I bought this evening time and wouldn t stop reading it until I was done late into the night Ah, memories.

    23. Jeremy Hurd-McKenney on said:

      I do like these one off books in this series, and this had a fun, Murder on the Orient Express type vibe with a Pendergast twist I did feel that the characters were a little wooden in this one outside of Pendergast and Constance, they seemed stock than usual.

    24. Janice on said:

      This adventure on an ocean liner in the Atlantic kept me turning the pages into the wee hours I liked that Constance had a bigger role in this book.

    25. Diana Long on said:

      Pendergast 8th book in the series One thing is certainere are an over abundance of skeletons in this characters closetd I am enjoying all of these adventures.

    26. Andrea Wright on said:

      This one took me longer to get into for some reason and I did not enjoy it as much as the others I m thinking it was because of the setting being on a large ocean liner Pendergast was a little different also and it was just not as enjoyable as usual, although it ended well and I m still glad I read it.

    27. Patricia Kurz on said:

      The beauty of this series is AXP s interest in and contribution to the story in this one he opened and he closed the story, but the plot was so fragmented that it was hard to decide if this book was about Constance or Pendergast At the end, even though Constance s role is revealed as being key, I found this episode weak and not believable.But the story itself is what lacks the ability to hold interest There is a monastery, there are monks There are trusts made and broken AXP takes off and leaves [...]

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