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When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart By Janette Oke When Calls the Heart Nothing in her cultured East Coast upbringing prepared Elizabeth for a teaching position on the Canadian frontier Yet despite the constant hardships she loves the children in her care Determined to

  • Title: When Calls the Heart
  • Author: Janette Oke
  • ISBN: 9780764200113
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Calls the Heart By Janette Oke Nothing in her cultured East Coast upbringing prepared Elizabeth for a teaching position on the Canadian frontier Yet, despite the constant hardships, she loves the children in her care Determined to do the best job she can and fighting to survive the harsh land, Elizabeth is surprised to find her heart softening towards a certain member of the Royal Canadian Mounted PolNothing in her cultured East Coast upbringing prepared Elizabeth for a teaching position on the Canadian frontier Yet, despite the constant hardships, she loves the children in her care Determined to do the best job she can and fighting to survive the harsh land, Elizabeth is surprised to find her heart softening towards a certain member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Book 1 of the bestselling Canadian West series.
    When Calls the Heart By Janette Oke

    • When Calls the Heart Best Read || [Janette Oke]
      483 Janette Oke

    One thought on “When Calls the Heart

    1. Celeste on said:

      I have a confession to make I absolutely love When Calls the Heart You know, the Hallmark show The Christian historical romance that borders on cheesy where everything always turns out okay Yeah, that s the one It s one of my favorites In this show, community is about celebrating together in the good times and supporting each other through the hard times Faith in God is the norm, and that faith actually means something And love always finds a way The show idyllic and wholesome and just makes me [...]

    2. AlixJamie on said:

      This book started out in a promising way, despite that fact that the plot was crystal clear and there were spatterings of formal language interspersed in and around the casual setting, which made for an uneven read This is a typical Christian romance The gorgeous heroine, the gorgeous hero, the cliche emotions and phrases, and the unoriginal conversations about God and faith For a while, I thought I would like it, because Elizabeth had some spirit and she wasn t perfect But as soon as she fell [...]

    3. Ashley Marie on said:

      These books aren t anywhere near as amazing and profound as SGW s Prairie Winds trilogy, but I love them anyway Its been years since I ve read these, but I have definitely read them a few times These are easy, adorable quick reads The first oneIts probably closer to 4.25 in my rating, but I round up I know they get better as they progress, and that is all that matters The good stuff didn t really happen until about 3 4 of the way through the book.I love this series I grew up with Oke s Love Come [...]

    4. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) on said:

      About this book Nothing in her cultured East Coast upbringing prepared Elizabeth for a teaching position on the Canadian frontier Yet, despite the constant hardships, she loves the children in her care Determined to do the best job she can and fighting to survive the harsh land, Elizabeth is surprised to find her heart softening towards a certain member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Series Book 1 of the Canadian West series There is a movie based on this book of the same name, plus a TV s [...]

    5. Kellyn Roth on said:

      I ve watched most of the Hallmark TV show of the same title which is amazing, by the way , so I decided to give the book a try Well, it was nothing like the TV show but it was amazing Once I got started, I couldn t put it down Elizabeth was a great character though sometimes this country girl thought she was being silly, such as with the wolves and I love Wynn He wasn t Jack or Gil but he was still a great hero I loved that last scene at the train depot Originally posted on my March 2017 Mini Re [...]

    6. Beth on said:

      I can see why this series is much loved by many readers It is a shorter read, and while nothing is unpredictable, the setting and characters hold a lot of charm I was surprised happy to see that it was written in first person because that is not done very often inspirational fiction The plot flowed well, and I appreciated the look into such a secluded and wild place I ve always found the life of teachers during this time period fascinating, and Elizabeth was a kindred spirit of sorts, with her t [...]

    7. Hannah on said:

      I d never been very attracted by Oke s books just because I wasn t drawn by the synopses But a friend Beth gave a good review while I was in the midst of a Westerns challenge, so I decided to try it out, and was not disappointed It s the tale of a young woman who goes out to Alaska to teach school, and through turn of circumstances ends up in a remote location as the community s first teacher She learns to face mice and coyotes with fortitudewell, maybe the coyotes mice doubtful I loved it that [...]

    8. Staci on said:

      Such a sweet story set in the Canadian frontier.Main character Elizabeth Thatcher is a teacher from the east that ventures to the wild frontier to live with her brother and his family and be a teacher there Her experiences in travel and getting established as a teacher are entertaining and touching Her experience wasn t what she planned, but in the end her heart was overjoyed with gladness.This novel was a great introduction to Janette Oke I look forward to continuing the series.

    9. Lana Jackson on said:

      I read this after enjoying the Hallmark Channel series When Calls The Heart This book is the original that inspired the Hallmark Channel movie by the same name The movie incorporated a few changes that made the story better The series books and T.V show has a different location and some of the characters are different.Eastern born Elizabeth travels West to teach in a wilderness school in Canada She finds difficulties in the surroundings, but adapts quickly and forms strong bonds to the people of [...]

    10. Ashley Perham on said:

      Definitely exceeded my expectations It s a good 3 stars It s kind of a bunch of vignettes, and I enjoy that style However, I didn t really like Elizabeth s moping around about Wynn, even thought I really liked him I get that stuff like that happens, but I don t really enjoy reading about it Idk, it just wasn t a stand out book to me, although I did enjoy it I ll probably get around to reading the others in the series at some point.

    11. Haley S on said:

      Have you ever loved a book SO much that you could read it over and over again and never get tired of it Seriously I am not joking Because I know that that has happened to me When Calls the Heart is my favorite book ever That is why I reread this book to fulfill Reading Resolution 38 Reread your favorite book When by It Starts with a Book and I were creating this list, we both thought that rereading your favorite book would be a fun idea At the beginning of the year, I wasn t sure what book I wou [...]

    12. Micaiah on said:

      When Calls the HeartBy Janette OkeRating 4 starsAges 13 and up for mild romance I adore the Hallmark Channel series, When Calls the Heart Who wouldn t It is wonderful It was inspired loosely on the first book in the Canadian West series, When Calls the Heart I have heard great things about Janette Oke, so I decided to give her Canadian West a try Here are my thoughts When Calls the Heart was intriguing and humorous I started the book and really enjoyed the beginning, when Elizabeth first gets th [...]

    13. Sandy on said:

      I had to read this book for our week on Christian fiction for my grown up books class And the reason why I didn t like this book wasn t because it was Christian fiction, as I had expected I actually thought that the spiritual religious part was pretty tastefull and not overly preachy Cheesy at parts, but tolerable Not that I have a problem with religion or anything I don t at all , but I just don t like being preached to and feeling like fictional characters are morally superior to me because th [...]

    14. Rachel Melton on said:

      I ve never read than a couple Janette Oke books, so when I picked this title up, it sat around for a while before I decided to read it Unfortunately, I started reading at a time when I probably should have been busy doing something else So much for finishing what I should have been doing I couldn t put the book down and read on through the next few hours, that night and the next day till I finished Janette Oke masterfully weaves the tale of a schoolteacher coming west to take a position near he [...]

    15. Melanie Kilsby on said:

      4.95 Stars To me, this book is a classic Pure and simple.Yes, compared to modern day writing, the plot is a little less riveting But the love story is all the same endearing However, her clear craft of writing, to me, is a staple on any shelf and hones the likeliness of Jane Austen Therefore, lending to me, the Jane Austen status for Christian Lit Yes, it s that good A lovely story with a strong female character now embarking out on her own and trying to battle life on the West with her head hel [...]

    16. steph on said:

      Thanks to the power of Netflix, I binged watched this show in the last week and a half I knew the show was loosely based on a book, so I decided to try it out This book was okay I liked Elizabeth being assertive and independent and I liked how much she cared about her students Wynn was alright too, but I didn t believe that he and Elizabeth were truly in love because they only interacted a handful of times and during most of those interactions Elizabeth mistakenly believed he was a married man G [...]

    17. Gwen on said:

      And here I was, thinking it was just the TV show that was naive and lacking depth, and that surely the book was better And yet did I binge watch both seasons on Netflix Yes, yes I did To my horror, I found the show to be significantly better than the book actual character development, some semblance of frontier grittiness but not much , and a romance that develops instead of coming out of nowhere This book reads like a diary than a novel, which in and of itself isn t a problem it s Oke s underd [...]

    18. Kaye on said:

      1983 Rating 4.5 stars2014 Rating 3 starsThis is the first time I ve re read this book since it came out thirty years ago As a YA reader, I absolutely adored it and the first two or three sequels I think I read four books in this series as they came out it went quite well with the Sunfire romances from that I was reading at the time I do remember that I enjoyed them much than the Love Comes Softly series that I was reading around the same time I went to a very small, very conservative Christian [...]

    19. Elinor on said:

      Since my own novel Wildwood relates to pioneer history in Alberta, I wanted to check out another historical novel by this extremely popular author who has written 75 books, sold 23 million copies, and has seen a TV series based on her books Janette Oke is considered a Christian author but references to God were infrequent in this novel, about a young woman from Toronto who takes up a teaching position in a rural Alberta school Many of her experiences were amusing huddled inside her cabin, fearin [...]

    20. TJ on said:

      Average, just average This book is the perfect example of a three star read It s nice, nothing to really recommend it but then again, nothing to really disparage The romance aspect is absent until the last page, leaving it a story of the day to day life of a rather quiet school teacher in the Canadian West It just kind of puddles along to the end.

    21. Melanie on said:

      I ve heard good things about this series, so I expected it to be a good read and it was I liked the characters, setting, and story It was interesting and held my attention.

    22. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      This Canada set historical novel has echoes of films like The Bay Boy and Love Comes Softly Written in an evocative, lyrical style, it s a truly unforgettable book.

    23. Caitlin on said:

      I ve promised my bff to mostly reserve my judgement on this until I read book 2 A lot about this book felt underdeveloped It had a very tell not show writing style BUT, I loved that it was as much, if not , about Elizabeth s teaching as about any romance I LOVED that Elizabeth was level headed and reasonable I loved the way faith and God were woven into the book.I also maybe made fun of how, much like the Call the Midwife show and the NHS, this book and presumably series sometimes seemed to be o [...]

    24. Elizabeth on said:

      Ok so let me explain myself first I first heard about this book from the tv show that my mother dragged me into watching I had been putting it off and so we would watch something else because I m not a huge fan of Hallmark shows movies because I find them to be too corny cliche for me Well I finally gave in and still thought it was cheesy corny cliche eye rolling but I found myself wanting to watch and of the tv show which then made me curious about the book series To my surprise the book seri [...]

    25. Melissa on said:

      This was a wonderful little book I have read some of Janette Oke s books before and enjoyed them, so when I spotted this series I was excited to start reading it.When Calls the Heart is the first book in Oke s Canadian West Series It follows a main character of Elizabeth and is written in the first person from her perspective.A school teacher back East, she travels to the West to begin a new school teaching job at the advice of her brother Jon Before she learns of her assignment, the superintend [...]

    26. Jessica on said:

      This was probably one of the best Christian Fiction books I ve ever read The story was so wonderful I loved how realistic everything was The plotline flowed naturally as did the romance It wasn t forced It wasn t clich or cheesy It was just right.Elizabeth s story was great I loved how her teaching so far from home came about Having seen the series on Hallmark first, I decided to read the books after my mom said they were better She was right, they are better For starters, you learn a lot about [...]

    27. Sarah Beth on said:

      Janette Oke and I go way back In the waning days of my total obsession with Oregon Trail books as a child, I came across her books in middle school and became obsessed with them for their innocent love stories my mother was thankful for this too and their historical fiction settings I m a pretty voracious reader, but Janette Oke is a very prolific writer, so I think her Canadian West series are the only ones I never read And this is terrible, but the copies my library had had hideous ugly, plast [...]

    28. Jessica on said:

      The first 3 4th s of the book were the funniest, most realistic fiction I may have read before The troubles that Elizabeth faces are small everyday issues about learning new customs, how to live on your own for the first time, and dealing with animal pests It might sound very boring, but Elizabeth s thoughts are so well written I felt like I really was reading a real person s diary from the time I could relate to many of her troubles from when I first moved out on my own.If that had been all the [...]

    29. Janet Nitsick on said:

      This was a very excellent book The details, such as her description about her invading mice into her abode, were amazing The end keeps you captivated although I had suspicions on how it would come out, but it did keep me going I like her writing voice I would highly recommend it However, I would have liked to have gotten a better physical description of Wynn This is one problem I have with some Christian literature even though I am a writer of same But it was a great read and I will read other b [...]

    30. Trisha on said:

      This was a cute love story But it was also a really fascinating story about a girl surviving in the West Trying to start schools, rally support for struggling families and fighting off the men who just want to wed her because she can t possibly want to work and be independent I like her strength and I liked her loyalty and sweet shyness.

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