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Casino By Nicholas Pileggi Casino From the author of the best selling Mafia expos Wiseguy comes this inside story of the billion dollar gambling industry and the secretive dangerous men who run it At the heart of this true tale of

  • Title: Casino
  • Author: Nicholas Pileggi
  • ISBN: 9780671665708
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Casino By Nicholas Pileggi From the author of the best selling Mafia expos , Wiseguy, comes this inside story of the billion dollar gambling industry and the secretive, dangerous men who run it At the heart of this true tale of love, revenge, and murder Mafia style are some of the most memorable characters in mob lore Lefty, the brains of the mob s Vegas casinos Tony Spilotro, the mob s muscle From the author of the best selling Mafia expos , Wiseguy, comes this inside story of the billion dollar gambling industry and the secretive, dangerous men who run it At the heart of this true tale of love, revenge, and murder Mafia style are some of the most memorable characters in mob lore Lefty, the brains of the mob s Vegas casinos Tony Spilotro, the mob s muscle and Geri, Lefty s adulterous show girl wife.
    Casino By Nicholas Pileggi

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      209 Nicholas Pileggi

    One thought on “Casino

    1. Jason on said:

      The true story behind the movie Casino , this book of the same title goes into far detail about the rise and fall of Frank Lefty Rosenthal As you read it, you notice that the movie changed certain details than likely to translate better to film The reality is far brutal and fascinating than the movie however Anyone who has any interest in the inner workings of casinos or old Las Vegas should read this

    2. George K. on said:

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    3. Nemo Erehwon on said:

      Fast reading and entertaining book on organized crime in the Las Vegas casino system.Would be excellent, except that it suffers from AES A hole Encouragement Syndrome This is where the author overlooks certain warning signs about his main subject Since the subject is either a murderer, a con man, a thugs, and or a thief, it is quite possible the subject is also a liar out to impress the author, interested prosecutorial figures, and other suckers who read the book AES is a common ailment of books [...]

    4. Deyth Banger on said:

      The fun is over now what has been left from the old days is nothing people are just not serious.Notes February 13, 2017 90.0% YOu got everything No, you got only my ass just to smell it nothing else February 13, 2017 70.0% That all are the cleaners as you called it SPOTLESS February 13, 2017 70.0% The fun is over people just reaveled everything February 13, 2017 70.0% Hahahahaa, all shit is put in one place the game is over somebody else has taken the chess pieces somebody else now owns this che [...]

    5. Walt on said:

      One of the best books about the mob in Las Vegas It so happens that the complex web surrounding Frank Rosenthal in Las Vegas was one of the most difficult organized crime related operations in Vegas Pileggi clearly describes the power struggles between the various players in great detail.

    6. P.e. lolo on said:

      Here is a book that the movie with the same title was based on Of course the book goes into detail about the life of Lefty Rosenthal Starting from his childhood through his time in Vegas Overall this is a good book with the parts of Vegas bring back memories of the old casinos that are no longer there It was also amazing how at one time he was running the book for four casinos This book has a lot of details and history that was interesting to read I also remember reading about the framer who fo [...]

    7. Steve on said:

      Another case of the book being better than the movie Sometimes movies just don t have the time to really explain the characters and their situations For example, although it is said that Geri Rosenthal habitually used alcohol and drugs in the movie although they didn t use her real name, of course , they never mentioned that she was also helping out some of her family members, like her 11 year old daughter, her sister, and her mother.What I thought was amazing was how much money was moving throu [...]

    8. Armin Hennig on said:

      Wer den gleichnamigen, ziemlich bildstarken Film kennt, wird berrascht sein, im Guten wie im schlechten Der Roman besteht aus Zeugenaussagen und Protokollen, ist wie eine Sammlung von Dokumenten angelegt Dank der Kenntnis der Vorlage, die ohne den Film und die M glichkeit der Quellen die Stars zu treffen, nie entstanden w re, lassen sich die Zusammenh nge leichter nachvollziehen Viele Informanten ist gleichbedeutend mit st ndigen Perspektivwechseln, das erschwert die Identifikation mit den Prota [...]

    9. Jane Davis on said:

      If you saw the movie based on this book it is a must read The town was simpler then No stop lights on L V Blvd, ah, the good old days how I miss them, and nothing much beyond Tropicana This is the Las Vegas when the mob was there and the police were none too polite if you showed a shady side To this day public employees are fingerprinted After seeing the movie my sister remarked, The book wasn t that violent, was it Of course not It takes this book to give you the real names, actions and outcome [...]

    10. Johnny Moscato on said:

      After reading and loving Wiseguy, Casino was a huge disappointment The movie was a million times better I m not even sure how the movie is based on this book Even setting the movie aside the book is boring and overflowing with names The only way to keep all the names straight would be to write them all down to reference as you read The writing skips from one person s perspective to another s so quickly and often that it s confusing and you have to keep going back to figure out who s being quoted [...]

    11. Andy Cooper on said:

      This is an overrated book But don t worry, all is not lost It just needs to be re purposed and moved into a different genre.I am putting in a recommendation to officially change the title to The Encyclopedia of Mafia Run Casinos If you are looking for a well told story, then go somewhere else Preferably back into Mario Puzo novels On the other hand if you want to read a hastily put together story built by stacking facts and miscellaneous information on top of one another, then look no further.It [...]

    12. John on said:

      In this book, Pileggi relates the story of the last days of mob control of Las Vegas casinos, specifically the Stardust If you have seen the movie Casino, you know the general story but the names and many facts were changed.Pileggi does not let his writing get in the way of a good story The book is made up primarily of interviews and long stretches of story telling by Lefty Rosenthal himself, various mob informants, and an assortment of federal and state law enforcement agents Although the last [...]

    13. Kris on said:

      I knew the minute Sharon Stone threw those chips in the air in the movie Casino that I was going to love this movie That love affair has never ended and then the book popped up on Bookbub and I was thoroughly excited So much so that I bought the book, watched the movie, read the book and then watched the movie again.One main difference is that the book actually uses all the real names of the individuals This allows the reader to set off exploring about the real people online and pull up picture [...]

    14. Craig Williams on said:

      Nicholas Pileggi uses first hand accounts to cobble together a chronicle of the rise and fall of mob influence in Las Vegas, centered around an expert gambler named Frank Lefty Rosenthal, who oversaw the casino skimming operations, and his childhood friend Tony Spilotro, who acted as an enforcer for the mob The Scorcesi film CASINO was based on this book.Being that Casino is one of my favorite Scorsesi films, I was interested in reading about the real life figures the characters were based on Wh [...]

    15. Johnathon on said:

      Solid true crime novel that nicely explains how the mob lost Las Vegas through the tale of Lefty Rosenthal Tony Spilotro, but is too straight forward to be truly great Pileggi does a great job getting interviews and stories from his subjects, from Lefty, the FBI and various other mobsters, and let s them tell the story It is a story so crazy it has to be true Lefty at one point had a popular talk show where he interviewed O.J Simpson Frank Sinatra to cover he wasn t licensed to work in a casino [...]

    16. Steven on said:

      An excellent story about the mobs influence in Las Vegas, centering around two characters, Frank Lefty Rosenthal, professional gambler and casino manager, and Anthony Spilotro, Chicago mobster The story recounts the teamster financing of casinos, the business fronts, the mobster bosses, the murders, the skim, the thievery, the corruptions, and how it all fell apart with multiple players going to jail, or being murdered by their own associates The book was a good read, and the movie rendition ref [...]

    17. Sonia on said:

      What an insane book It s crazy thinking how the Mafia was operating there Made me think a lot about Vegasl about appearances, then and now, take away all the big buildings and marquee signs and there s nothing but sand and dirty pavement Anyone wanting to know some Mafia history about Vegas would find this book a must read This is one of those times when I m not sure which is better the book or the movie because they are both sensational.

    18. Ian Martin on said:

      EnjoyableAs a fan of the movie, I bought this to read while having some down time, a little escapism I found it quite enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading the type of books that you can verify on or Google.

    19. Straker on said:

      Good enough for what it is About 80% of the book is just direct quotes from the people Pileggi interviewed The central figure, Frank Rosenthal, is interesting although hardly the reticent gentleman portrayed by Robert DeNiro in the movie Recommended if you can get it cheap.

    20. Paul on said:

      Pretty engrossing read that kept me coming back to finish This is the true tale behind the casino movie with real names and real events It diverges from the movie in lots of areas, which made it interesting for me also made me appreciate the movie anew.

    21. David Smith on said:

      I didn t find this as interesting as Wiseguy.I watched both Goodfellas Casino movies before i read the books but i found that reading Wiseguy gave a greater depth to the movie I was expecting the same with the Casino book but didn t really get that same depth.A good read but not great.

    22. B. Echols on said:

      Donated by B EcholsPeriod 2 H SpencerPeriod 3 A RiversPeriod 6 N Glass

    23. Neil on said:

      I wouldn t normally read this kind of book not from a snobbish point of view as such, but just because I ve always had this list in my head of things I want to get through and books about the mafia don t really factor onto that list since I read The Godfather many years ago.I enjoyed learning about the world of gambling as it existed in the fifties and sixties in the U.S.A and I found the twisted, multi faceted world of dummy corporations and invisible owners that allowed the mafia to control so [...]

    24. Janet on said:

      This is a fascinating look behind the scenes at the role of organized crime in Las Vegas during the 1960s 1980s It s told from the perspective of both organized crime and law enforcement Although it is very informative, it is quite absorbing and hard to put downThis true story follows the main character, Lefty Rosenthal, from his beginnings as a precocious teenager, making money providing information to people betting on sports His success at this wins him a reputation and the appreciation of va [...]

    25. Lex on said:

      I read this after having seen the movie, and, after having visited Las Vegas And, I m really glad that I did in that order The book touches upon much than a movie possibly could, even from the great Martin Scorsese.I read this while I was still quite interested in true crime stories For some reason, earlier in my life, I found the whole gangster phenomenon captivating Just that someone would take such risks for quick money, to me, was mind blowing.Back to the book itself Two things that I rathe [...]

    26. Teddy Chao on said:

      Re read this based on a friend s recommendation I loved Wiseguy so much, and the movie it later inspired, Goodfellas They were such a deep part of my high school memories, really being fascinated with the psychopathic, super violent men involved in organized crime, and the subsequent narrative of how it all comes together Goodfellas, to me, was one of the few movies that was much better than the original book, just in terms of the cultural richness of the film and the technical prowess of Scorse [...]

    27. Neil Crossan on said:

      The mob is a terrible industry It s like a car dealership Owned by one family with crazy turnover of non college educated employees that are mostly dudes And when the owner dies there s huge fight and the owner s idiot kids run the business into the ground until another family steps in Nobody wants to deal with them but you kind of have to every once in a while and all the children are just plain awful The book is a demolition derby of absolute jerks And it s fun to read about because as long as [...]

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