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Tall, Dark & Hungry

Tall, Dark & Hungry By Lynsay Sands Tall Dark Hungry It bites New York hotels cost an arm and a leg and Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin s wedding The new in laws offered lodging But they were a weird bunch There was the sometimes c

  • Title: Tall, Dark & Hungry
  • Author: Lynsay Sands
  • ISBN: 9780505525833
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tall, Dark & Hungry By Lynsay Sands It bites New York hotels cost an arm and a leg, and Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin s wedding The new in laws offered lodging But they were a weird bunch There was the sometimes chipper sometimes brooding Lucern, and the wacky stage actor, Vincent She couldn t imagine Broadway casting a hungrier singing and dancing Dracula And then there was BaIt bites New York hotels cost an arm and a leg, and Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin s wedding The new in laws offered lodging But they were a weird bunch There was the sometimes chipper sometimes brooding Lucern, and the wacky stage actor, Vincent She couldn t imagine Broadway casting a hungrier singing and dancing Dracula And then there was Bastien Just looking into his eyes, Terri had to admit she was falling for him someone even taller, darker and hungrier than the other two She was feeling a mite peckish herself And if she stayed with him, those blood sucking hotel owners wouldn t get to her
    Tall, Dark & Hungry By Lynsay Sands

    • Unlimited Tall, Dark & Hungry - by Lynsay Sands
      337 Lynsay Sands

    One thought on “Tall, Dark & Hungry

    1. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession on said:

      3 only for Bastien StarsOMG The last part of this book just pissed me off I was loving this book Bastien was so charming Then Terri pulls some coward ass bs towards the end and bam I am throwing my paperback across the room like a 3 year old in the middle of a melt down I was so mad I almost 1 stared it out of spite, but I did really really love Bastien soooo All 3 of my stars are for sexy Bastien Terri just pissed me off She was a total coward ass baby That makes two heroines in a row now that [...]

    2. Jilly on said:

      Funny vampire fluff Who could ask for It s almost as good as a Cotton Candy Dance Party.You know you want to be invited.Our couple is Terri and Bastian Terri is a professor at the University of Leeds in England I may have gotten a bit excited over this because my hubs is from Leeds And, some of her friends used Yorkshire slang, like when the husband called the wife flower as a term of endearment My hubs used to use that one Now, he s all American, calling me baby or babe He picked it up from me [...]

    3. Ezinwanyi on said:

      This book continues from where the last book ended with Kate and Lucern planning their wedding Kate invites her cousin Terri to help her but slickly pawns her off on Bastien Argeneau, Lucern s older brother.It was a cute match as Terri and Bastien fit well together If you dislike insta love, then you would probably not enjoy this one It was okay because a lot of the couples in this series fall in love in a week or so Despite that, this book was humorous, light and fluffy I may listen to book 5 i [...]

    4. Anna's Herding Cats on said:

      Reviewed for herding cats burning soup amzn 2lZ1w92So First off This series Totally can read out of order I started with book 19 Then came to book 4 Totally fine No worries The Story I had a lot of fun with Tall, Dark Hungry It s a bit madcap with the hero and heroine trying to save a wedding of their family friend and dealing with blunder after blunder after disaster From wedding favor disasters to finding a new caterer and flowers and on and on It s rather silly but quite entertaining As was w [...]

    5. Umaiya ⚡A Far Off Memory⚡ on said:

      I think I liked this one best of the four Lol, it s entirely possible I said this about the last one too PAnyway, I liked Terri and I loved how this had real life moments from Sands own life, seemed personal Here s something that s been bugging me throughout the series First, the insta I m an insta fan but it s getting on my nerves I want them to put some actual work into it I get all the MCs especially the Argeneau s are supposed to be gorgeous but there s to love than a pretty face.Second, t [...]

    6. Leah on said:

      I m giving this book two stars, because while it was good, it was not one of the best things I ve ever read It didn t get interesting for me until after the first couple hundred pages And, that being said, it only seemed to get interesting because they had sex and finally things were starting to get exciting I didn t really like everything that happened in the last couple chapters it kinda pissed me off I just didn t like this book as much as I was expecting to When I read the back of it in the [...]

    7. t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog on said:

      Finally, a story I can get my teeth into Description It bites New York hotels cost an arm and a leg, and Terri has flown from England to help plan her cousin s wedding The new in laws offered lodging But they re a weird bunch and it isn t just that they re Canadian There is the sometimes chipper sometimes silent Lucern, and the wacky stage actor Vincent she can t imagine Broadway casting a hungrier singing and dancing Dracula And then there is Bastien Just looking into his eyes, Terri has to adm [...]

    8. Viri on said:

      3.5 Bastien stars Nunca he sido de esas que se derriten por los protagonistas masculinos casi perfectos Pero admito que Bastien me conquist TOTAL y COMPLETAMENTE no estoy segura que se pueda conquistar a uno parcialmente pero bueno, es la idea jaja y es que era tan alsdka ldkasl d que me encant.Y es que era tan suspiros que estoy sin palabras Terri me encant tambi n, con su luz y vivacidad, su espontaneidad y toda ella En realidad ser a casi un 4 estrellas porque me gust mucho Pero no s , hay al [...]

    9. Kitty Felone on said:

      It s a good book I m not raving about it, though But at the end, I wanted to slap Bastien so badly for assuming something so stupid to be the reason behind Terri s Urghn men they can be SO dense

    10. Francais Parker on said:

      World building AMythology BSuspense BPlot Twists BGirl Power BGuy Hero A Love Interests AFeels B For you clean readers this one DOES have mature content Some scene skipping self editing will be needed to read this one.

    11. DarienMoya on said:

      TALL,DARK AND MEDIOCRE The fourth book in the Argeneau series is one fun ride While not being able to live up to the genius that is Single White Vampire, the book is still able to capture your attention and manages to introduce some fun characters Plus you get tabs on old characters and that in it self is just awesome Recap this series is about a family of Canadian vampires and their search for love.Bastien is the second oldest of Argeneau children and the most take charge He is in charge of the [...]

    12. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      I m a bit disappointed I really like Bastien, and I was hoping his book would be so sexy and he would get the perfect heroine to shake him up But that s not exactly how I feel after reading this book.First of all, I felt a lack of the humor that was always present in the past books in this series I don t think I can recall one moment where I was really laughing like in Single White Vampire Yes, there s some moments you could consider funny, but it wasn t the same.In this book, Bastien is left to [...]

    13. Blodeuedd Finland on said:

      What I missed most in this book was the humour The other one had me giggling This one, well the humour missed its mark, if it was supposed to be humour It was still good cos it was light, and not PNR serious So for that it still gets a good mark, even if it was bordering ok sometimes I just missed the giggling Bastien meets Terri A cousin of Kate who is marrying Bastien s brother Most of the book takes place during 2 weeks Terri is helping with the wedding and Bastien is falling for her And of c [...]

    14. Mary Abshire on said:

      Never read about so many problems for a wedding Sheesh This was a good read Lots of trouble for Bastian and Terri Love the conflict.I m curious to see if Vincent will now find a mate.Looking forward to the next one.

    15. Rexanna Ipock-Brown on said:

      Another fascinating read by Ms Sands Bastein finds himself out of his element when helping to plan a wedding Good thing the maid of honor is there to help and tempt this four hundred year old vampire.

    16. Clarice on said:

      Great Love story for Terri and Bastien, with Vincent as comic release.

    17. Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews on said:

      Another cute story Love this series D.

    18. Jessica on said:

      ive been going back and rereading books i read when i was much younger many of them are quite awful unlike what i remembered and i am so happy to say that this series is not on of them you can clearly see the writers talent growwith each novel pros the characterss, were great with solid backstories and understandable realistic motives and emotions terri osnt as feisty as i normally like my heroines but her directness is lile mine and made up for that bastien is a workholic after a failed relatio [...]

    19. Brandi Salazar on said:

      This book revolves around a romance between Bastien Argeneau and Terri insert forgotten last name here the best man and maid of honor in Lucern Bastien s brother and Kate s Terri s best friend wedding Upon her unexpected early arrival, Terri is pushed on Bastien who is forced to give her room and board in his penthouse not that it was any inconvenience , and they have an immediate attraction to one another I found the story quite funny, especially with Vincent s another Argeneau brother antics a [...]

    20. Natasha GJ Nanny Nakia on said:

      Rese ado en mi blog Nanny BooksLo mejor de este libro fue la protagonista a diferencia de los anteriores que les coment Ella es m s bien rellenita y eso hace que muchas escenas tengan un significado diferente que si hubiera estado protagonizado por la t pica chica perfecta.Adem s, Bastien se luce como gal n y me ha subido al autoestima con sus comentarios Jajaja, oh, vamos, que es mi favorito No, no he abandonado a Luc, pero ste tambi n est muy bien Hay grandes frases que tengo marcadas y me gus [...]

    21. 1000 + on said:

      Kate s from previous book Single White Vampire cousin and best friend Terri is flying into town to help out with Kates wedding Kate and Lucern ask Lucerns brother Bastien to put Terri up in the penthouse owned by the family and suddenly Terri finds her self stranded with Bastien and his unplanned house guests His cousin Vincent and Kate s co editor Chris when Kate is assigned to an out of town writing conference.A lot of laugh out loud scenes in the book almost from the very begining when Terri [...]

    22. Samantha on said:

      Really all my feelings on this book can be summed up in one large groan I had been looking forward to reading about Bastien too Bastien really could ve been an interesting character, but Sands made him out to be a soft snuggle bunny with fangs And Terri was unbelievably sweet She has no backbone, except for once in the story and that didn t last too long I have a very strong feeling that if I hadn t been familiar with the characters I would ve given up on this book long before hitting page 100 T [...]

    23. Alyssa on said:

      Loved this one like I love the others before it It was a cute, happy little read for me.I love the Argeneau family I m soo glad it was finally Bastien s turn to get a little lovin.Terri is cute, and she cracks me up sometimes Terri comes to New York to help her cousin Kate with her wedding to Lucern While there, she ends up staying with Luc s brother Bastien, and the sparks immediately start flying.This was a light, funny read like the others before it I totally need to remember to grab another [...]

    24. Theresa on said:

      I just stumbled across this book at the grocery store and it looked decent I didn t realize it was a part of a series nor the fourth book The good thing is that you can t tell that you re in the middle of a series This book is written as if it is its own.As for a paranormal romance book, it s mediocre The characters are somewhat entertaining but I never really felt a connection to any of them The plot is basic and at times I wanted to speed read to the next interesting event The romance in the b [...]

    25. Inara on said:

      This is the story of Bastien Argeneau and how he found his mate Take a tough business vampire, his brother who marries, said brother s bride and his bride s maid of honor, add the bride s injured coworker and a vampire cousin who has to feed from the living object , put them together in the business vampire s penthouse, than mix, shake and the outcome is an amusing, easy flowing and light hearted book No earth shattering events, no world to save, no mysteries to solve and after THE BIG MISUNDERS [...]

    26. Jennifer on said:

      I enjoyed this but I am kind of feeling a little like the plots are pretty similar here from book to book Vampire is very lonely Mate appears Obstacle gets in the way of the romance Vampire family steps in to help resolve situation Communication finally happens Obstacle is resolved Happily ever after It s not that I don t enjoy the stories I do like them very much But I find myself hoping that the next book will break out of the mold a little bit Is this just going to be book after book of intro [...]

    27. Jodi on said:

      This is third Argeneau book that I got years ago It was amusing but it was also nearly identical to the two prior books Bastien is Lucerne s next younger brother and he falls for Kate s cousin Terri who comes in two weeks before the wedding to help Kate and Lucerne meanwhile must rush off to a conference so aren t there for the flower disaster, the tissue flower destruction and the catering suicide But Terry handles it all like a pro Bastion finds himself enjoying life again The narrator does a [...]

    28. Andrea on said:

      I usually love LS Argeneau novels but I have to say this one did not live up to my expectations at all There was no thrill, no hang on every word because I might miss something major This was a filler, a sad sappy love love thing without any substance at all It was NOTHING like the other novel s I ve read and if this is an example of future novels I m dropping the series I have to have something that draws me and keeps me there This one I had to make myself pick up and actually finish it just to [...]

    29. Georgina on said:

      One and a half This book was tedious bored the pants off me but for some reason I felt compelled to finish it.Lots of boring detail about nothing in particular I reached my limit when Sands felt it necessary to explain how Terri went to the toilet.Plenty of unnecessary dialogue that went nowhere, and supposed comedy that just fell flat for me and halted the story when actually it had a chance to go somewhere as I ve said previously about Sands humour, I guess you had to be there.I think I m done [...]

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