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Tales of Ordinary Madness

Tales of Ordinary Madness By Charles Bukowski Tales of Ordinary Madness Inspired by D H Lawrence Chekhov and Hemingway Bukowski s writing is passionate extreme and has attracted a cult following while his life was as weird and wild as the tales he wrote This collectio

  • Title: Tales of Ordinary Madness
  • Author: Charles Bukowski
  • ISBN: 9780872861558
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tales of Ordinary Madness By Charles Bukowski Inspired by D.H Lawrence, Chekhov and Hemingway, Bukowski s writing is passionate, extreme and has attracted a cult following, while his life was as weird and wild as the tales he wrote This collection of short stories gives an insight into the dark, dangerous lowlife of Los Angeles that Bukowski inhabited.From prostitutes to classical music, Bukowski ingeniously mixes hInspired by D.H Lawrence, Chekhov and Hemingway, Bukowski s writing is passionate, extreme and has attracted a cult following, while his life was as weird and wild as the tales he wrote This collection of short stories gives an insight into the dark, dangerous lowlife of Los Angeles that Bukowski inhabited.From prostitutes to classical music, Bukowski ingeniously mixes high and low culture in his tales of ordinary madness These are angry yet tender, humorous and haunting portrayals of life in the underbelly of Los Angeles.
    Tales of Ordinary Madness By Charles Bukowski

    • [PDF] Tales of Ordinary Madness | by ☆ Charles Bukowski
      382 Charles Bukowski

    One thought on “Tales of Ordinary Madness

    1. Autumn on said:

      i was first introduced to this book in the bathroom of a one night stand s house i tried to delay the sex part, because i was actually interested in the book than the guy but i was eventually overtaken nonetheless, i went and bought the book the following week.

    2. Cbj on said:

      Bukowski is in the form of his life here Every single story hits you hard Most of them aren t than 5 pages long But the impact is tremendous Basically Bukowski has just one story That of the down and out, hard drinking and alienated vagabond who spews out some incredible social commentary There are some gems like the one about guys with clean kitchens And this wonderful line.ldrums of mechanical people in a mechanical act, trying to tickle their cement souls back into life with a spurt of come [...]

    3. Kyriakos Sorokkou on said:

      This was one of those rare books that made me laugh out loud, with my heart and yet behind these funny moments a grim reality was lurking underneath The first time I saw Bukowski s photo, for a moment I thought he was the prolific Greek poet Yannis Ritsos and then I realised he was not But beside the beard and the long wavy hair and their prolific writing careers they don t seem to share anything else.Ritsos is lyrical benign in his writing.Bukowski is straightforward, with an in yer face raw [...]

    4. Indra Mangule on said:

      I simply love Bukowski He belonged to a world I dont quite understand and he disliked people on such a high level it confuses me He describes a universe, where all things are wrong and where meaning of going on seems as dubious as the claim that one can come out of this life still being sane.And yet, there are too many familiarities in what Bukowski says I can sympathise to what he is saying or rather, what he seems to be feeling Though the source of his impressions is different from mine, I thi [...]

    5. StevenGodin on said:

      Even though I am a big fan of Bukowski s novels I think his Strength was definitely in short stories and this collection has got everything you would come to expect from the master of low life literature, from the booze, women, cheap cigars and poetry reading to the drunken outbursts, lewd behaviour, betting on the horses and dead end jobs it s all there, and if I could choose any drinking buddy dead or alive there is no contest I can almost picture the scene now with me probably waking up in th [...]

    6. LW on said:

      Forse un genio , forse un barbone Difficile a dirsi.Di sicuro uno che scrive di se stesso e beve sempre troppo.Una scrittura diretta , rude , sgrammaticata o la traduzione boh a volte sconcia , che riesce a farti respirare a fondo il tanfo dell alcool e dello squallore e dell emarginazione e della solitudine.e se non mancano sprazzi di poesia.Il libro inizia con questo racconto La pi bella donna della citt Cass era la pi giovane e la pi bella di 5 sorelle Cass era la pi bella ragazza di tutta la [...]

    7. Víctor Blanco on said:

      Como antolog a de relatos, los hay mejores y los hay peores Pero los buenos brillan mucho.

    8. Ray on said:

      I couldn t get into this book I really liked Post Office but this one left me cold I felt that the quality was patchy a few of the stories I really liked, but some appeared to me to be dashed off at speed or written just to shock.

    9. FrancoSantos on said:

      Muy pocos relatos me gustaron de este libro No obstante, volver a intentarlo con este autor.

    10. Aaron Maddox on said:

      i learned that even the most obstruct, vile, deepest tretches of a mans soul based on views of things you and i avoid yet confront reluctantly in our evryday lifes can be depicted as art.i began eating away at this book as a way to pass time while sittingg in a texas county jail i had no idea what i was getting my self into, let alone who the fuck charles bukowski was but it opened my eyes to the true beauty some beat poets have to offere way he includes himself into his stories of other men tha [...]

    11. Anatoly on said:

      Never really read anything like that It s dark although usually, humorously and pessimistic, with Bukowski or his fictional alter egos always making sure to hit rock bottom There is no real connection between the stories which are not all equal in quality, with some being better than others except for the main motives drinking, swearing, sex and the occasional law breaking or in other words, the life of a drunk and a dirty old man This is not for the faint of heart

    12. Henry Martin on said:

      Bukowski the man, the myth, the legend I ve been reading Bukowski s works on and off for the past 25 years, and I have yet to find it boring Tales of Ordinary Madness is a collection of 34 short stories, some fictional, some less so, and some downright out of his own, unique life Unlike his other, pseudo autobiographical works, or his other short story collections, this one was harder to read than most Not because of the subject matter after 25 years I know what to expect from him but because of [...]

    13. Rafal on said:

      Bukowskiego wol zdecydowanie w d ugich formach powie ciowych Jego opowiadania to cz sto bardziej felietony, takie lekko be kotliwe obserwacje zdegenerowanego ycia przez zdegenerowanego cz owieka I to ma sw j urok, ale czasem jest m cz ce a czasem po prostu nudne Takie mia em uczucie czytaj c niekt re opowiadania z tego tomu Ale jednocze nie co jaki czas zdarzaj si absolutne pere ki surrealistycznego, dosadnego humoru, kt re czyta si z wielk przyjemno ci W tym wypadku by y to Odsiadka z wrogiem , [...]

    14. Emily on said:

      This was my introduction to Bukowski A friend loaned me this book after reading a short story I wrote, telling me that I would probably enjoy it.As I read it, a strange feeling came over me It was the feeling of excitement knowing that I was reading something brilliant mixed with the feeling that I got when I saw Hustler Magazine for the first time I think it describes Bukowski s work perfectly His words are both beautiful and debauched at the same time Still one of my favorite books.

    15. Víctor on said:

      Aunque estoy convencido de que hay lecturas positivas que te ayudan ha vivir, y hay lecturas negativas que te oscurecen el acto existencial, creo que es necesario mirar en ambos sentidos Hay que ser higi nicos y hay que embarrarse en lodo de vez en cuando Bukowski es chapotear en fango divertido, sarc stico, ir nico, deprimente, destructivo, nada para tomarse en serio La receta es la misma pobreza, alcoholisimo, mujeres carne, el hero smo en el vac o existencial.

    16. Valentin Gheonea on said:

      Eterna poveste a inculturii traducatorilor In cazul nostru o traducatoare care nu a auzit de Elixirul dragostei de Donizetti si il traduce prin Elixirul iubirii, la fel, in loc de Rapsodia albastra Rapsodia in albastru Ma indispun cumplit genul asta de rateuri Editura este Polirom, banuiesc ca e aceeasi traducere.

    17. Ginny_1807 on said:

      difficile valutare dal punto di vista letterario questi racconti, nei quali vengono sovvertiti tutti i canoni compositivi e grafici tradizionali, in una ripetizione ossessiva di temi, situazioni ed eccessi che talora si sospetta volti soprattutto a stupire, provocare e scandalizzare ma soprattutto difficile scindere il giudizio qualitativo dell opera da quello personale sull autore, poich ad essere oggetto del giudizio del lettore essenzialmente lui, Charles Bukowski Persona o personaggio che si [...]

    18. Roberto on said:

      Il libro costituito da racconti che descrivono, con una scrittura forzatamente volgare, la vita di Charles Bukowski Dai racconti emerge uno scrittore sempre senza soldi, che pensa solamente ad andare all ippodromo, ad ubriacarsi e al sesso in tutte le sue forme Questi argomenti sono esposti in modo ripetitivo, prevedibile ed anche, talvolta, disgustoso Bukowski non si fa scrupoli nel raccontarci come fa sesso in tutti i modi ed in ogni momento , come si ubriaca sempre , come si svuota l intestin [...]

    19. Julie Rylie on said:

      Bukowski, Bukowski even though this guy uses mostly the same topics on his books there is something about it that draws me again and again and again to it like I m addicted And I have to say in terms of exposing his mind and philosophizing about various topics this book for me it s the one that is most well written among the ones I have read so far of course I ve underlined some quotes and lines of thought that I want to add to the quotes here later There is a lot of talk about the race track of [...]

    20. Patve on said:

      Ufff este libro ha sido una pasada.Bukowski puede golpearte, asquearte, emocionarte, deprimirte y hacerte re r , todo de una vez ha de ser por eso que un escritor malditoHay algunos relatos muy flojos pero hay otros que son notablesY uno en particular, que fue muy dif cil de digerir pedofilia es un tema complicad simo para m.y no puedo con l

    21. Chris on said:

      once upon a time, in a shitshack bookstore not unlike so many other shitshack bookstores, a life long love was forged employed at this store was a strapping young lad named chris bright eyed bushy tailed boneheaded and enad with the wealth of books surrounding him he was perplexed as where to even begin looking for the good stuff, and he d often scour the place after business hours labyrinthine shelves stocked endcaps free standing or pop up displays a pile of books here and there some moron set [...]

    22. Jovi Ene on said:

      Povestirile lui Bukowski nu l mai au n prim plan pe Chinaski, ci cu totul alte personaje, inclusiv pe unul Bukowski, dar cu acela i tipic b utur anti droguri , femei, arta de a scrie, singur tate i dorin a de a reu i oriunde, chiar i la cursele de cai.Este clar c Bukowski nu poate pl cea oricui, pentru c ascunde i mult mizerie, i singur tate, i misoginism, i duritate sau violen Dar talentul s u este ne ndoielnic i ve i ie i schimba i din aceast experien n plus, nu e de citit pe plaj c nu tii c n [...]

    23. Craig Stone on said:

      I lost this book when I was about 50 pages from the end I think I might have left it in the gym which is probably some sort of Bukowskian sin I ll read those last pages one day, but I knew from half way in that this was a five star book I love Bukowski I love his tales of ordinary madness Though, of course, the madness isn t ordinary because Bukowski wasn t like most people.He drinks his way through the book, offending the world around him, offending himself reads like a bewildered kid trying to [...]

    24. Bausertron on said:

      This wasn t an amazing, blow you away book, but is that what you would really expect going into it I ve read a handful of Bukowski novels before and I ve liked them even though some of their honesty makes me cringe now and again.This is a selection of short stories, mostly autobiographical, and I found them delightful and easy to digest I ve never read any of Bukowski s poetry, but he does a good job at truncated writing Little blurbs of thought and ponderings of things instead of forcing a long [...]

    25. Tfitoby on said:

      He writes well, this much is obvious, but I really just didn t care about reading what felt like the same story over and over again.I enjoyed his writerly voice, the tone of the prose, the attitude of it all, it was so dirty and real as you would expect of somebody influence so obviously by Ernest Hemingway but, and maybe it is because of these expectations that I didn t love it, I was expecting , something to make me want to keep turning the pages, plot maybe And if that s so then I guess I lea [...]

    26. Ryan on said:

      I was looking for something new to me in the early 90 s and some dweeb in a Brentano s recommended this to me because Bukowski has died months before I hate discovering something great just after the author has died I also hate people saying how great some author or artist was after they die, but they never had much to say while the author was still alive Anyway, this is one of his two greatest novels.

    27. PinkCoffee on said:

      Turiu pripa inti, kad tikrai u trukau, kol i knyg baigiau Jei ne u klupusi nesiliaujanti nemiga, kuri prilygta lengvam ,,beprotyb s jausmui, ios Bukio k rini kolekcijos gal ir apskritai neb iau daugiau rankas pa musi Nesutinku, kad b tent ioje knygoje atsiskleid ia visas autoriaus talentas Daugyb apsakym gan tinai kartojasi, tad galiausiai pasidaro nuobodoka, per daug nusp jama, o jei vis tik u sikabini, netrukus istorija baigiasi Kaip visada, ra ytojo stilius nepriekai tingai mai tingas, lau an [...]

    28. Frahorus on said:

      Charles Bukowski un autore che spiazza o piace o si odia Io lo conobbi per caso in biblioteca scegliendo casualmente Panino al prosciutto, una sorta di biografia della sua vita Ecco, se ancora non conoscete questo autore particolare e sopra le righe, vi consiglio di partire leggendo proprio Panino al prosciutto Ho piacevolmente ritrovato un autore che mi mancava, del quale ti affezioni, nonostante il suo stile forte e brusco Questa raccolta di racconti scritti tra il 1967 e il 1972 ci mostra tut [...]

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