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Ruslan and Ludmila

Ruslan and Ludmila By Alexander Pushkin Ruslan and Ludmila Description Written in when Pushkin was very young Ruslan and Ludmila was his first major work Its appearance signaled the birth of genius who was soon to make all of Russia resound with his na

  • Title: Ruslan and Ludmila
  • Author: Alexander Pushkin
  • ISBN: 9785050047731
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ruslan and Ludmila By Alexander Pushkin Description Written in 1820, when Pushkin was very young, Ruslan and Ludmila was his first major work Its appearance signaled the birth of genius who was soon to make all of Russia resound with his name The Sun of Russian poetry, as the poet came later to be called, was rising.
    Ruslan and Ludmila By Alexander Pushkin

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      118 Alexander Pushkin

    One thought on “Ruslan and Ludmila

    1. Çağdaş T on said:

      inde b y c lerin, cad lar n, Yunan ve Rus Mitlerinin bulundu u destans bir masal lirik bir poema ya d n t rm Pu kin ark lar aras nda kopukluk acelecilik hissettim ben Grimm masallar ndaki tad dahi alamad m Neyse ki bir solukta bitiyor.

    2. Magdalen on said:

      All in all a nice fairy tale, written in a poem form BUT the vocabulary killed me I didn t expect it to find it so hard.

    3. Sash Chiesa on said:

      Had I been 15, I would ve certainly fallen in love with or say fantasized about Ruslan and though I m not, this poetical work has been successful in charming me Pushkin s dedication, Queens of my heart, you lovely girls, they re meant for you and only you was something I felt throughout He weaves Russian mythology and folklore in a vibrant manner With beautiful and warm rhythms, mesmerizing narrative, Ruslan and Lyudmila is a delightful read In Pushkin s own words, he, covet s no one s complimen [...]

    4. rosshalde on said:

      Ruslan ve Ludmila Pu kin in yazd ilk nemli poemalar ndan say l yor Yazar ya ad d nemde ortaya kan farkl bir siyasi d ncenin etkisi alt nda oldu u i in yazd klar n zellikle manzum bi iminde yazd klar n okurken az ok Rus k lt r tarihini bilmek gerekiyormu Bug ne kadar 19 yy Rus edebiyat ndan pek haz etmedim, ama arka plan hakk nda fikir sahibi olunca eserlere bak a m de i ti ve g rmedi im eyleri g rmeye ba lad m Bu a dan bakt mda Pu kin in bu eseri ger ekten yenilik i y n ile a da lar n n verdi i [...]

    5. Jonathan Widell on said:

      I read the English translation while listening to a Russian reader read it aloud on an audiobook Pushkin s verse continues to astound me with its easy flow Listening to a Russian read the original turns the experience into nothing short of magic As a Finn, I found it amusing that the Finnish wizard plays such a crucial role in the story and saves the beleaguered Kiev from the barbaric Pechenegs by bringing the protagonist Ruslan back to life at the end of the story The Finnish wizard is to Rusla [...]

    6. Alp Turgut on said:

      Pu kin in eski ve epik bir Rus masal n konu ald Ruslan i Lyudmila Ruslan and Ludmila Ruslan ve Ludmila , cesur valye Ruslan n ka r lan prenses Ludmila y eytani b y c ernomor dan kurtar n anlatan harika bir destans iir rne i ve Pu kin in en nl iki iirinden biri Destans iir olmas ve fantastik havas sebebiyle Homeros un lyada ve Odysseia ba yap tlar n n izinden giden eserde Pu kin in iir diline hayran kal yorsunuz S r kleyici ve zevkli bir okuma keyfi sunmas n n yan nda ilgin bir halk hikayesini ok [...]

    7. Anna Kļaviņa on said:

      On seashore far a green oak towers,And to it with a gold chain bound,A learned cat whiles away the hoursBy walking slowly round and round.To right he walks, and sings a ditty To left he walks, and tells a tale , .Masterpiece I grow up listening to this poem and watching movie youtube movie v 2UoO2t with English subtitles

    8. Jessica on said:

      Part Odyssey, part 1,001 Nights, part Russian folktale all awesome Seriously, Pushkin is a genius I will now add him to my list of favorite authors and commence the digital stalking.

    9. Irina Paley on said:

      I used to think that this was a lovely fairy tale, but then I met a Pushkin scholar who told me that this is actually a story of sexual perversion with major homo erotic undertones I like it much better now.

    10. Svetlana on said:

      A nice short story in verse filled with magic, heroes, battles and love Whats not to love about it

    11. Marc Gerstein on said:

      I ve heard this characterized as a fairy tale or a children s story and I can see where it has a ton of appeal on that basis And, we know, Glinka thought it had enough adult reach to have written an opera based on it and movie adaptations followed But beyond all that, I think this is an incredible and important literary work in and of itself.It can always be debated whether a work of literature is best appreciated by focusing entirely on the work standing on its own, versus reading it with a ful [...]

    12. Mike on said:

      I ve never been had as much enthusiasm for epic poetry as I have for prose, but Pushkin s narrative poetry is simply a joy to read This is the poem that sparked modern Russian literature, much in the same way Goethe s Werther did for German literature The tale is enchanting, the language is gorgeous, and allusions to both Russian folklore and classic hero myth provide a perfect fusion makes this poem feel both ancient and new To think that Pushkin wrote this in his late teens is remarkable.

    13. B on said:

      Amazing publication of a foundational title in Russian literature Side by side English and Russian text, which is tremendously helpful for bilingual readers Bizarrely, there were two sets of endnotes not quite sure why they couldn t have been combined or presented better to be helpful.

    14. Luzbeth De Lenfent on said:

      La verdad es que esperaba otro final, pero est bastante bien y en general supero mis expectativas Lo recomiendo para leer en un momento libre a quienes gusten de los cuentos y la fantas a pica.

    15. Gijs Grob on said:

      Ironisch episch gedicht waarin in zes zangen het sprookje verteld wordt van de mooie Ljoedmila die op haar bruiloft met Roeslan ontvoerd wordt door de tovenaar dwerg Tsjernomor Roeslan trekt er met drie rivalen op uit om haar te gaan zoekenRoeslan en Ljoedmila is een sprookje in de beste Russische traditie, maar Poesjkin lijkt weinig serieus in zijn eigen vertelling Hij kan levendig schrijven en zijn po zie swingt Poesjkin schrijft in de tegenwoordige tijd, waarmee hij de lezer soms goed een sce [...]

    16. Kienie on said:

      Didn t really do it for me It meanders too much, but at the same time some scenes just don t get enough attention So they just forgive Fralf Is he at least banished And what about Naina the witch Presumably she still hates the Finn wizard She probably doesn t really care about Ruslan, but if he s the Finn s chosen, wouldn t she want some revenge As for Chernoy just let him live in the castle Beards do grow backunless that s part of the magic of the sword, and it won t grow back Even without his [...]

    17. Luna de Selene on said:

      La primera vez que conoc el nombre de Pushkin fue en una de las obras de Dostoievsky, Crimem y Castigo Me intrig conocer sus obras pero al tiempo se me olvid buscarlas Y resulta ser que de casualidad estaba leyendo este libro y al mirar el nombre del autor result ser el mism simo Pushkin Como dir a kiko, qu cosas, no Me gust mucho el ingenio que aplic al redactar esta historia sobre Liudmila, la hermosa princesa y su prometido, Rusl n Sin embargo, me qued con las ganas de encontrarme con ese gat [...]

    18. Milan Grujić on said:

      Od svih Pu kinovih dela, ova poemi ica me je jedina razo arala U pore enju sa ostatkom njegovog stvarala tva, deluje mi na naivnu pri icu dobra i zla Jedna zvezdica je mo da stroga ocena sa moje strane, ali svakako treba uzeti kao olak avaju u okolnost to da je ovu poemu Pu kin pisao dok je bio tinejd er.

    19. Zoya on said:

      I love Kochergin s illustrations, specially black and white ones the colour ones seem to be a tiny bit blurry , but that could be because the edition I had in my childhood was illustrated by him as well.

    20. Anna on said:

      This is absolutely fantastic on all levels.All I wanna know is who still can recite the entire laundry list of fables that is the opening piece comeon, you know you hadda memorize it in 2nd grade

    21. Brittany on said:

      Really 2.5 stars The work wanders off topic several times to the detriment of the story though, according to the information available about Pushkin, the piece provides great insight to his life at the time and at the time of the republication.

    22. Truman Bullard on said:

      Mainly important to me as the source of Glinka sintricate and colorful opera.

    23. Nandini Pradeep J on said:

      There s a reason why Pushkin is one of my beloved poets This explicates it

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