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A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It By Norman Maclean Barry Moser A River Runs Through It Maclean writes in my family there is no clear line between religion and fly fishing Nor is there a clear line between family and fly fishing It is the one activity where brother can connect with brot

  • Title: A River Runs Through It
  • Author: Norman Maclean Barry Moser
  • ISBN: 9780226500607
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A River Runs Through It By Norman Maclean Barry Moser Maclean writes in my family, there is no clear line between religion and fly fishing Nor is there a clear line between family and fly fishing It is the one activity where brother can connect with brother and father with son In Maclean s autobiographical novella, it is the river that makes them realize that life continues and all things are related.
    A River Runs Through It By Norman Maclean Barry Moser

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      417 Norman Maclean Barry Moser

    One thought on “A River Runs Through It

    1. TK421 on said:

      My younger brother and I had a conversation growing up that went something like this Him I can t wait to get out of here I m never coming back when I leave What about you Here I would always put on the most innocent of grins and reply Oh, I ll never leave South Dakota, brother It needs me here, like I need it At that we would both start laughing because he knew I had just done a poor impression of Norman talking to his own brother, Paul, the mysterious brother who has wanderlust and dark secrets [...]

    2. Sean Sullivan on said:

      This book is so good I have trouble telling people about it This might be because it is so easy to start off with, Well, it s this book about fly fishing The truth is the book IS about fly fishing but than that it is about life, family, love, brotherhood, and growing up It is the first novel the University of Chicago Press published, and if you read it, you ll understand why The lyricism of the words, the eloquence of the imagery, and the poignancy of the story combine to make this what really [...]

    3. Tiffany on said:

      Why does The Catcher in the Rye hold such fascination for Americans Was it because of all the swear words in it The fantastically awful narrator When I think about American literature that deserves to be read and lauded this book shoves up to first place It is truly an American book, full of marvel and wonder and space A River Runs Through It is only one of the stories in the book each better than that last Better still is USFS 1919 The Ranger, the Cook, and a Hole in the Sky Unbearably beautifu [...]

    4. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly on said:

      Something one really has a passion doing he often sees the entirety of human existence in it Many chess grandmasters, for instance, have written their auto biographies with titles like Chess is Life or How Chess Imitates Life or some such Golfers, basketball players or martial arts practitioners like Bruce Lee see patterns, principles and lessons in the sports they indulge in which they claim teach us about life in general and how to properly live it And so is it here fly fishing in the great ri [...]

    5. Linda on said:

      In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing We lived at the junction of great trout rivers in western Montana, and our father was a Presbyterian minister and a fly fisherman who tied his own flies and taught others I am haunted by rivers And so begins master storyteller Norman Maclean s tale of his family in early 20th century Montana The book is a classic.

    6. Michael on said:

      I read this book for a third time on assignment from a class I m auditing at the University of Colorado, a class taught by Patricia Limerick of the Center of the American West The story is iconic western literature.Here we read in novella format the essentially autobiographical story of the author s painful memories of his relationship with his beloved brother, who lives on in his consciousness as the Michelangelo of fly fishing.The retelling of the story, written when the author was in his seve [...]

    7. Christopher on said:

      Every word of this story fits precisely with the one before and after it The result is a seamless whole that carries the reader through time and place into the soul of the River itself The book IS a River And I am haunted by its waters.

    8. Lavinia Ludlow on said:

      Beautiful writing Actual conversation I m reading Norman Maclean s A River Runs Through It Me Through what my friend

    9. Howard McEwen on said:

      There s not much I can write about this novella that would do it justice but I ll try.It s lyrical and poetic and simple and beautiful The prose is elegant and direct and there s a grace to every moment of it even when the subject matter is a drinking,fighting or whores Norman Maclean writes like Hemingway, if Hemingway had gained a bit of wisdom and dropped the over arching need to prove something to his readers or himself.It is, a great read It s also a page turner I find it hard to read curre [...]

    10. Van on said:

      3.5 5M t c u chuy n p D c su t truy n l mi u t sinh ng v nh ng d ng s ng, kinh nghi m c u c l ng gh p trong t nh y u th ng d nh cho ng i em trai v t nh c m gia nh truy n th ng T nh ti t truy n kh ng qu gay c n, c s c nh ng v n l i n t ng v i nh ng c u v n p n say l ng ng i, d l v i nh ng ng i kh ng h bi t c u Gi ng v n r t tr m l ng, nh tr i xu i theo d ng k c c ng nh theo d ng ch y m m c a nh ng con s ng, tr i m i, tr i m i v o v t n

    11. Otis Chandler on said:

      I read this after I went fly fishing for the first time, and it was pure gold A fantastic story.

    12. Paul on said:

      Got problems Fly fishing IS the answer.This is one of the best stories I have read in a very long time It can be as shallow or deep as you want it to be no pun intended I think I ll be re reading it many times.Norman Maclean was a Professor of English at the University of Chicago, uniquely qualified to be a writer but strangely, wrote this, his first book, at the age of 73 Sadly, Maclean only managed to write a few other books besides A River Runs Through It It s such a masterpiece, I have no ch [...]

    13. Camille on said:

      I finally read this little book because my big brother, Russ, has often mentioned it as a favorite of his, and he is a voracious reader my goodness, where have I been It is easily one of the best books I have ever read I usually wait to read until my little ones are in bed, but I had to finish this one this morning, and I found a quiet place in my house to read those last few pages a couple of times and have a good cry Norman Maclean is an artist Oh to be able to write like this I know I will no [...]

    14. Banner on said:

      Having seen and enjoyed the movie some years ago, I was surprised to see that this was a novella It seemed bigger somehow This was a powerful story regardless of it s length There exists in man an innate spirituality that both struggles with and embraces the world wherein he lives Living so close to the world and guided by the faith of the father, this family in Montana illustrates this dichotomy in a beautifully told story The language pulls you into their world you feel their joy and their pai [...]

    15. Andrew on said:

      The simple prose of this book can be deceiving, but there s a depth of story here The depth comes from the trueness of it It as if Maclean were sitting down with us and telling us his thoughts on fly fishing with a few family anecdotes thrown in Each sentence still manages to carry the force of the higher philosophical implications To paraphrase a Gary Snyder poem who was probably paraphrasing some Eastern wisdom if you think too much about the rocks in the riverbed, it ruins the magic of the ri [...]

    16. Mary on said:

      Absolutely spell binding I don t have words for how good it is Read it at once Ok It s set in early twentieth century Montana, mountains, rivers and a small town.Two novellas and a short story All three are autobiographical coming of age stories We really do write best about what we know and maybe I especially liked it because my father taught me fly fishing when I was quite young.

    17. Steve on said:

      I read this book every few years and have for the past 20 or 25 years Every time it makes me cry, every though I know the book almost without reading it If you ve seen the movie, you know it is great, but you owe it to yourself to hear this book Not only it the first novella wonderful, but the entire books is just great As Norman s father would say, it is beautiful.

    18. Bayneeta on said:

      A long time favorite in all its many formatsok, audio, and film The writing is lovely, the story of two brothers is hauntingly real, the many secondary characters are interesting, and I even enjoyed the fly fishing instructions.Whenever I run out of audio material, Ivan Doig s reading of this classic is what I inevitably turn to I ve probably listened to it dozens of times over the the years This time I listened to an audio version read by Joel Fabiani that also included two additional stories L [...]

    19. Ran on said:

      I ve definitely experienced this story before, I thought as I read I just can t remember when After a quick Google search, I realize I had, once upon a time, watched this movie about fly fishing with Brad Pitt in it So, there we go As a bait fisher and obvious scum of the sea , I cannot tell you why I m drawn to reading about fishing, particularly fly fishing when I definitely am terrible at it Look it, ocean fishes like bait, hmm So do those nasty spider crabs And that s all I ever catch Also, [...]

    20. Dave Schumacher on said:

      For a book focused on fishing to be entrancing to a non fisherman, it has to be special

    21. Juliana on said:

      A beautiful book about family, men, their relationships, and fly fishing.

    22. Ian Anderson on said:

      It s a book about fly fishing and the movements of the fisherman, the motions of the water, and the sights and sounds of the mountains surrounding them It s a book about brotherly love and the beauty of life Little happens but it s so simple and subtle and filled with depth and I love it.

    23. Drew Gagnon on said:

      Drew Gagnon book review 9 18I personaly think that the book, A River Runs Through It , was a great book to read.This book was writem by Norman Maclean, an author of many books including, The NormanMaclean Reader and Men And Fire Norman Maclean is a very good author that uses good Good details and uses words to make the text come alive, making you feel as if you are in The text The two main characters, Norman and Paul, and their family are fly fishermen, and They are very skilled at it They live [...]

    24. Adam Tallmadge on said:

      The book A River Runs Through It is a great book and a great true story It is set in Montana about a family with two grown boys, one who after high school goes on to pursue further education And the other who stays in Montana, there names are Norman and Paul Norman goes off to school and later comes back home to spend time with his family, while at home him and Paul go fishing on the Blackfoot river They spend a great deal of time together fly fishing Norman falls in love with a girl named Jessi [...]

    25. Jill on said:

      Lots of fishing going on However the poetic writing, descriptions of the river as an allegory to life itself makes the multiple fishing trips a joy to read through My husband would ask me what is the book aboutI would reply fishing, but there is really much to the story that is subtly told A beautiful memoir to his brother I love how his brother remains a mystery That is so true to family members or co workers You only know them trough the facet that you interact with them You rarely get to see [...]

    26. Emma on said:

      At first I was really annoyed by this book It was set up in such a weird way Instead of chapters this novel was one continuous story This continued to annoy me until I read the following found towards the end of the novel As the heat mirages on the river in front of me danced with and through each other, I could feel patterns from my own life joining with them It was here, while waiting for my brother, that I started this story, although, of course, at the time I did not know that stories of lif [...]

    27. Deirdre Keating on said:

      First read in a college class, 1989 Fell hard, as it spoke to biggest issue in my life at the time, am I my brother s keeper Read again and again, loved the movie despite feeling Norman was miscast Read again most recently in January 2016 when I found none of the books I thought I should be reading even the ones I want to be reading could keep my attention Consumed it in one day while taking down the Christmas decorations and making a pot roast dinner.The conversation between Norman and his fath [...]

    28. Helen on said:

      What a beautifully written little book Even though a lot of it is about fly fishing and I have no interest in fishing of any kind, I found it to be a very moving story about life and relationships It is a largely autobiographical short novel Norman Maclean wrote about growing up in Montana with his brother, Paul Maclean was the dutiful son and Paul the good time son given to drinking, gambling and brawling Maclean wanted deeply to help his brother, but never could I think this story resonates wi [...]

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