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K is for Killer

K is for Killer By Sue Grafton K is for Killer When Kinsey Millhone answers her office door late one night she lets in darkness than she realizes Janice Kepler is a grieving mother who can t let the death of her beautiful daughter Lorna alone The

  • Title: K is for Killer
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: 9780449000663
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • K is for Killer By Sue Grafton When Kinsey Millhone answers her office door late one night, she lets in darkness than she realizes Janice Kepler is a grieving mother who can t let the death of her beautiful daughter Lorna alone The police agree that Lorna was murdered, but a suspect was never apprehended and the trail is now ten months cold Kinsey pieces together Lorna s young life a dull day jWhen Kinsey Millhone answers her office door late one night, she lets in darkness than she realizes Janice Kepler is a grieving mother who can t let the death of her beautiful daughter Lorna alone The police agree that Lorna was murdered, but a suspect was never apprehended and the trail is now ten months cold Kinsey pieces together Lorna s young life a dull day job a the local water treatment plant spiced by sidelines in prostitution and pornography She tangles with Lorna s friends a local late night DJ a sweet, funny teenaged hooker Lorna s sloppy landlord and his exotic wife But to find out which one, if any, turned killer, Kinsey will have to inhabit a netherworld from which she may never return.From the Paperback edition.
    K is for Killer By Sue Grafton

    • K is for Killer Best Read || [Sue Grafton]
      253 Sue Grafton

    One thought on “K is for Killer

    1. James on said:

      Book Review3.5 out of 5 stars to K is for Killer, the 11th book in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series, written in 1994 by Sue Grafton In this one, Kinsey s life is relatively calm, which she is enjoying until someone shows up begging for help in solving the death of her daughter Kinsey doesn t think she can do much, given the police haven t found anything in the months old trail But the woman is convincing and Kinsey needs the money Unfortunately, the case turns out to be brutal and the dead gir [...]

    2. Jenn on said:

      Maybe it s pointless to jump into reviewing this series midway through, but K is the first book in Grafton s alphabet so far that s seemed much different than the others I ve thoroughly enjoyed the highly devourable mysteries A I J is for Judgment left a sour taste in my mouth only insomuch as it trespassed into non mystery territory at the end, when spoiler protagonist detective Kinsey Millhone discovers, basically out of nowhere, that she has family living not too far away Her reaction to find [...]

    3. Darinda on said:

      Kinsey Millhone is looking for who killed a young woman The death occurred 10 months prior, but the grieving mother shows up at Kinsey s office because the police haven t found the killer The young woman led a much seedier life than she led some to believe, and Kinsey gets a look into this life during the course of her investigation.The 11th book in the Kinsey Millhone mystery series This one was a little different than some of the earlier books, mainly because Kinsey no longer worked as an inve [...]

    4. Dana on said:

      As soon as I read Sue Grafton s earlier Alphabet Series books, Grafton became one of my favorite writers of light chick lit detective fiction She can be a terrific storyteller After being badly disappointed by the skimpy, disorganized G and H stories, and buoyed by the substantial I and to a lesser extent J book, I was looking forward to K When picking up K, you have to wonder where the story can go, as Millhone herself admits how in the world after all of this time is she going to be able to g [...]

    5. Lisa on said:

      Plot was weak the reason for killing Lorna wasn t fully developed and left a lot of holes Who was Lorna s fiance How did the sisters get the tape in the first place How did Danielle eventually die was it murder, or complications And who attacked her her pimp or the murderer Just lots of holes.I didn t like the way the reader read some of the characters The sisters, especially, didn t jive These women were supposed to be in their late 20s and they sounded like pre teens Danielle fluctuated from v [...]

    6. Ed on said:

      Except for the a little puzzling ending, this was a corker of another read The procedural parts to the homicide investigation were in depth and added to the appeal Kinsey a tough minded private eye with a sardonic wit makes for a sturdy protagonist throughout the alphabet series.

    7. Gina on said:

      I would have given this book 3 stars based on the whole book but I gave it two for the ending It was the worst ending for any of these Sue Grafton books I have read It was very anti climatic.

    8. Quenya on said:

      I admit I have a soft spot for cold case mysteries and this book did not disappoint From the first meeting Kinsey has with the victim s mother, I was completely enad with the case and couldn t wait to see Kinsey get into it Kinsey delves into this world of the night and it has a definite impact on her both emotionally and physically She seems almost manic with times of extreme energy to times of extreme exhaustion but the big impact is on her emotions and her trip into the darkness There isn t a [...]

    9. Ashley FL on said:

      This one was four stars for me all the way to the end and then it just ended No explanation for why the murder had been committed Many of the plot threads were left hanging, and they weren t things that will come up again in later books So I m going with three stars would definitely have been four if there had been a few pages that explained rather than just naming one of the characters as the killer.

    10. Dianne on said:

      One of the Alphabet series in which Kinsey Milhone is asked to investigate a cold case, the death of beautiful Lorna Kepler I have read most of the series, and find them light relaxing reading There is a little too much of Kinsey s life style at the expense of the plot, which can become repetitive Is there an element of autobiography in her novels

    11. Rishi Prakash on said:

      After finishing my last book over a month, I had picked this book with one simple hope expectation the story pace should be fast and furious It turned out exactly that so full marks to it on that account for bringing me out of boredom The language is fluid and eye for details in every thing is very impressive all through the book The various characters developed leaves a mark for sure in their own way The book has all the elements to keep us engaged and build the excitement as it progresses and [...]

    12. Elyse on said:

      I listened to this over 2 days and fell asleep at one point when Danielle got beat up I lost about 20 minutes and decided not to go back I didn t like this one as much The subject matter wasn t really a big deal but I just didn t want to pay attention to it I didn t like a lot of the characters and I also didn t like the deceased And it ended VERY abruptly It was just a weird kind of story Dietz is briefly mentioned I would like him to come back Next book won t be for 6 weeks unless I Audible it [...]

    13. PepperP0t on said:

      Janice Keppler can t believe her daughter Lorna met such an end and can t rest without getting to the bottom of what caused Lorna s death Kinsey s heart goes out to Janice and soon she is off to end one mothers suffering The series itself is rather by the numbers with no real surprises to the format This entry however starts with a film noirish quality in how the case comes to Kinsey It seems as if this is going to be a great twisty read but it seems there is where we parted ways and it actually [...]

    14. Rosabelle Purnama on said:

      This is my first Sue Grafton book that I read Her book starts with the alphabet A, but I wasn t able to get my hands on the first book, so I started with this one, to get a feel of whether I like her books or not The story is about a private detective, Kinsey Milhone In this book, Kinsey was approached by a mother whose daughter was found dead and would like to hire a private investigator to find her daughter s murderer The book started out okay I quite enjoy it actually It s kind of different f [...]

    15. Jaret on said:

      Another good episode in the Kinsey Millhone series The storyline was interesting and didn t have a lot of distractions taking away from it I enjoyed following the cold case clues along with Kinsey and Grafton did a great job of sticking to the point The ending was not what I expected, but gave a great view into Kinsey s developing character and I really liked it My only complaint was that the motive behind the murder was not crystal clear and if you blinked you missed it Not good when your liste [...]

    16. Judy on said:

      K was a fun mystery, maybe the only one so far that left me feeling like I needed another chapter at the end It did not detract from the story at all, but there were so many characters, suspects, and unknowns in this book, and I wanted to see a few pieces of info, that s all A really good read, and Kinsey definitely got involved with some characters in this tale of the nighttime world SPOILER ALERT I had wondered whether something might happen between Kinsey and Cheney

    17. Alondra on said:

      4 StarsAnother satisfying mystery with our favorite busy body, nosey, wise ass Kinsey Milhone.I must say, this ending was most satisfying Nice twists and turns throughout the story, with most of the characters being less than desirable and unrelatable at least to me I like tidy endings, especially when murder is involved.

    18. Jennifer on said:

      The 11th book with Kinsey Millhone This one has a lot of classic crime detective elements to it A mother comes to Kinsey s office and begs her to take the case of her dead daughter Dead daughter had a secret life where she was a prostitute Kinsey has to submerge herself in the night life of said prostitute in order to find out what happened.

    19. Mike Mcnamara on said:

      I m addicted to these books lately, having read a couple when I worked as a summer librarian years ago and picked up E is for Evidence at a used book sale a few years back, and starting again at G once I got my Kindle Though they re easy readers and I ve been mainly reading them as my airplane relaxation fiction , there s something about Grafton s style that puts her than a cut above other popular genre authors I can t quite nail what it is, but if I could, maybe I d be the successful published [...]

    20. Martha on said:

      A friend recommended Sue Grafton for easy, relaxing, mystery reads She knew I liked Nancy Drew as a kid, and she said these mysteries are Nancy Drew all grown up Sue Grafton writes the A to Z mysteries A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, etc Her last novel to date is V is for Vengeance I must say, I picked K is for Killer, 11, first because it had 4 stars or higher on As I picked it up to read, the murdered victim s name popped right out at me Lorna Kepler Oh, my my maiden name is Heppler Not a co [...]

    21. Connie N. on said:

      I ve started at the beginning of the alphabet and so far this is my favorite story in this series It caught my interest right away and didn t slow down for me at all.7 20 7 27 16 Reread 4 stars I ve started at the beginning of the alphabet again and am listening to the entire series Mary Peiffer does an OK job of narrating I ve come to recognize her voice as Kinsey in my head, although she s terrible with any male voices Since most of the books are told in the first person, this really isn t too [...]

    22. Debra Kaitschuck on said:

      This one was harder for me to get into and less enjoyable than the others SPOILER ALERTI was excited when Kinsey appeared to make a friend, wondering how that friend might play into future books, only to have her killed off I could see the death as being investigated in the next novel, but I don t know yet if that s the case.Kinsey also has a new detective friend I m not sure what to think about At first, I thought he might be a potential love interest, but all of a sudden he talked about being [...]

    23. Francie on said:

      I ve been slowly making my way through Sue Grafton s alphabet mysteries, which I initially read as I cared for my infant daughter through middle of the night feedings almost three decades ago Since I don t remember anything other than how much I enjoyed Kinsey Millhone, I ve returned to this series to reacquaint myself with the delightful and determined PI and follow her through to the end of the alphabet K is for Killer is a deeper, darker book than its predecessors As Kinsey wrestles with unta [...]

    24. Em on said:

      The ending leaves questions than answers, but it was a great read until those last few pages Kinsey was right on the money with who was behind the murder she was asked to investigate and the recent accidental death But it s not tied up in a neat little bow, which is the way of life The interesting thing was seeing how working on this case changed Kinsey s life Hired by the mother of a girl found dead who was convinced she was murdered, although the police haven t found any evidence of foul pla [...]

    25. Randee Baty on said:

      Another home run for Sue Grafton I loved this book but I almost hate to gush over it because that feels like it would go against the atmosphere of the book Kinsey has been asked to by a mother to investigate the death of her daughter on which the police have not been able to make much headway From there Kinsey gets sucked into the life of the night people in Santa Teresa She meets hookers, night djs, nurses that work the night shift and waitresses that work at night Her own life gets turned upsi [...]

    26. Kaykay Obi on said:

      This is my first Sue Grafton read, an interesting one I liked the story, however, I wasn t much drawn into the book Somehow it lacked the kind of suspense I expected from a detective book The pacing wasn t too fast it felt like the recounting of an event, like reading a diary rather than a story If anything disappointed me in the book, it was the end Maybe I expected too much, maybe I expected action, but I wasn t satisfied by the end Questions were left unanswered Like the reason for killing L [...]

    27. Helen on said:

      I haven t read one of this series for a long time, but all the back stories were just waiting to be triggered and judging from the fact that Rosie and William are due to be married I must have read the J novel These are straight forward narratives told in the first person Everything Kinsey knows she tells the reader so the only way you re surprised is if she is I like the way you see how frustrating it is to find no hint of where to look next, no thread to pull, no clue She just worries away at [...]

    28. Petula Darling on said:

      I still had a lot of questions at the end of this It s one of the few times that I ve actually longed for the classic bad guy soliloquy that s the one that ends with d I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren t for you meddling kids.

    29. Emily on said:

      Whirlwind of a mystery thriller truly did not know who our culprit was and am still trying to puzzle out all the intricies of everyone involved and the motive I ve enjoyed J and K than I remember enjoying the precious books, I felt the side characters were better fleshed out.

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