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The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour By David Benioff The th Hour Originally published New York Carroll Graf Pub

  • Title: The 25th Hour
  • Author: David Benioff
  • ISBN: 9780452284197
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 25th Hour By David Benioff Originally published New York Carroll Graf Pub 2000.
    The 25th Hour By David Benioff

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      298 David Benioff

    One thought on “The 25th Hour

    1. notgettingenough on said:

      David Benioff is perfect I know, I know, he can t be For a start his books are really popular, so he can t be good, right I mean not really good, not if he s making a living out of it.And honestly, his novels they start at the start and end at the end, they have a story to them and fantastic characters I mean, how pass can you get Hang on a tick I think this is what I meant to say I started this yesterday, began it again at breakfast and couldn t do a thing until it was finished.Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy [...]

    2. Richard on said:

      This life came so close to never happening This is the real deal Taut, engaging writing, themes that aren t shoved down your throat, and great characters that stick with you Pretty boy drug dealer Monty gets pinched and is about to get sent upstate for 7 years, so he decides to spend his last free day saying goodbye to his friends and family, including Wall Street hustler Frank, school teacher Jacob, who fantasizes about his sexy high school student, and Monty s girlfriend Naturelle, whom he thi [...]

    3. Liz on said:

      Two stars completely defines how I felt about this book It was ok It kind of pains me to say this because his other book, City of Thieves, is a marvelous five star read The good well drawn characters that are introduced to us as individuals and then shown in a whole new context when these three friends all come together The ok I couldn t summon much interest for the story or for those well drawn characters and I found that I didn t much care what happened to any of them There were a couple revea [...]

    4. Joshua Allen on said:

      I really like this movie so figured I should check out the source material turns out it s exactly like the movie Or, you know, vice versa But it almost feels like it was written with a movie in mind, what with its shortness and visual descriptions and whatnot The fact that the author went on to be a screenwriter surprises me not a whit.Also can I say the author is WAY too handsome to be a writer It s SICKENING But it does lend some authenticity to his descriptions of Monty, the protagonist here, [...]

    5. Ashley on said:

      I holy shit loved David Benioff s second book, City of Thieves, back when I read it in 2009, and I ve been book pushing it to friends ever since FYI, they ve all loved it, too But I never got around to reading his first book until now partly because it s kind of hard to track down also, I ve never seen the film, which is apparently pretty great.Ultimately, The 25th Hour was kind of a let down for me, but I say kind of because, a it was really well written, and b really short So even though I did [...]

    6. Ron on said:

      I picked up The 25th Hour because of my initial interest in Benioff s other book, City of Thieves, but I often prefer to read an author s work in order of release, especially with one I have no experience I wasn t disappointed in The 25th Hour, but I do believe that City of Thieves will be the better book.This one is a small book encompassing like its title hints to one day in the life of four main characters Three of these people are friends, the other being the main character s girlfriend At t [...]

    7. Heather on said:

      Another tough one to rate 3.5 5, rounded down I ve wanted to read a David Benioff book for a while now I don t know why it took me this long to do that, but I finally did While my rating for this book isn t as high as I expected, I did enjoy several things about it I really loved the writing style I loved it a lot Benioff s words pack a punch he says a lot in so few words.This book was not as action packed as I suspected it would be, but the prose kept me engaged and interested the entire time T [...]

    8. ☮Karen on said:

      City of Thieves is one of my all time favorites so I ve had The 25th Hour on my shelf with hopes of getting to it much earlier than now When I learned that the movie was currently playing on cable, I read the book and then immediately watched the movie They are almost exactly alike Not so strange, I guess, considering David Benioff also penned the screenplay Wasn t thrilled with the choice of Edward Norton playing Monty, the guy counting down the 24 hours until he has to report to prison for a 7 [...]

    9. Asghar Abbas on said:

      One of those hip New York books by a young waspy guy that is supposed to be chic In this case, it actually was very, very, good work with fleshed out and thoughtful characters.Benioff incidentally is one of the show runners of Game of Thrones.

    10. Adam Floridia on said:

      Pre reading This has long been one of my top ten favorite movies Top ten may not sound like much, but this is coming from someone with a dvd collection topping 600 You see, I used to work in a store that sold used albums ironic since I don t know shit about music as well as a few movies and video games My corpocratic tyrant of a boss typically paid me not in cash, but in movies, and that is the story of how my collection began Aside that entire aside was simply so I could take a jab at Geoff ah, [...]

    11. Lisa Rathbun on said:

      I am amazed that a book with such a simple plot in which very little happens could be so very compelling The reason is that the author created realistic and interesting characters It is the last day before Monty goes to federal prison for seven years for drug dealing You experience his thoughts and the thoughts of his two best friends, Jakob and Frank The latter two, as well as Jakob s mentor , an older teacher, seem to illustrate the statement that most men lead lives of quiet desperation Monty [...]

    12. Carol on said:

      Taking place during a 25 hour period, the novel presents the story of Monty Brogan, all around good looking bad boy who s managed to get himself arrested for drug dealing And he s headed to jail after one night of celebration During the course of the story, we re introduced to his girlfriend and his two best friends In 210 pages, I felt like I knew these characters, truly understood them This is no small accomplishment for any writer The characters are all tragically flawed, especially Monty Bu [...]

    13. Albert on said:

      Monty Montgomery has screwed up his life He is 26 years old, is handsome, has a beautiful girlfriend and a great apartment Monty had a scholarship to attend a private high school, but messed that up He started dealing drugs in high school and ended up getting tossed out of school Monty says he was just six months away from having enough money to quit, but he got caught by the Feds, and in 24 hours he must report for a seven year sentence The best he will get is a reduction in his sentence of 82 [...]

    14. Devon on said:

      Monty Brogan is a handsome guy, he s got a beautiful girlfriend, he owns a gorgeous Corvette and an attractive apartment He s got two best friends that he s had by his side his entire life and a dog named Doyle that he loves then anything But in 24 hours, it ll all be out of his hands and he ll be on a bus to Ottsville Prison You see, Monty didn t get his Corvette by playing by the rules and paying taxes For the majority of his life, he s been making his money by selling drugs on the streets No [...]

    15. Paula on said:

      I read this entire book yesterday afternoon evening It s by the same author who wrote City of Thieves, which I read last week In the movie vs book debate, I always prefer to read the book first before seeing the movie Haven t seen this movie yet, but it can t be as good as the book Marty Brogan is a unique character one really wants to feel sorry for him, but as the laws of karma go, he got what he deserved I most liked the character of Jake, who reminded me of the character played by Tom Bereng [...]

    16. Jeannette on said:

      I loved the City of Thieves and willing to read anything the author put out But this almost silly book about a juvenile, pompous little drug dealer who considers sway the all important goal in life is really a disappointment What a jerk The other characters arent much better and the whole plot sways away under the tedious tide of words Hard to get through Best parts are the portrayal of the relationship between buddies , fathers and girl friend but even these ties are loose and seem rusty or fra [...]

    17. Larry on said:

      HAPPY NEW YEAR Brilliant gritty first novel by Benihoff and a great way to start off the new year with a 5

    18. Michael Cannell on said:

      I could list the cliches the tough guy who nurses an abandoned pit bull back to health, the Wall Street trader who makes a fortune but it still unfulfilled, the shy teacher who regrets his failure to assert himself with women But I will only say that this book, a slim volume, was so suspenseful that I literally felt sick to my stomack in its final chapter After its unusual and poetic ending, I immediately wen to the library to look for the next book by David Benioff.

    19. Laura on said:

      I wish David Benioff would write novels I really liked City of Thieves and I finally got around to reading the 25th Hour and liked it, too I was a little master s thesis y but he does such a great job with characters and making them compelling although not particularly likeable which after 40 years as a reader, I m realizing is one of the skills really GOOD writers have I ll refrain from mentioning all the writers without this skill who have helped me learn this invaluable lesson Ahem David, I [...]

    20. Erika on said:

      I so wanted to fall in love with this book as the way I did with City of Thieves Not a bad book at all, I really enjoy this author s writing style, but I felt the story just fell flat with the what if scenario at the end Oh well3.5 stars from me

    21. Michele on said:

      Yeah, I really liked this story just my style too, short and to the point I ve heard and read good things about the movie, but probably won t see it again, not after having read the book Hard to envision Edward Norton in the lead role so I didn t as I read the book And, I loved the way the story ended so I can now say I don t always need my stories wrapped up in a neat bow

    22. K on said:

      Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh My well meaning husband deleted my review by mistake Sorry, just had to get that out And let you know that I may not be doing the book justice because it s hard to put your heart and soul into it the second time around.Anyway, this is not a book for people who like happy books about happy people in happy situations This is the story of Monty Brogan, a charismatic and wildly successful drug dealer who has finally been caught and has 24 hours before he needs to report to fed [...]

    23. Christian, Kelanth, Scala on said:

      Ho conosciuto questo autore con il suo ultimo romanzo La citt dei ladri , libro che mi piaciuto tantissimo e che se volete potete cercare e leggere la mia recensione, poi ho letto la venticinquesima ora Ho trovato questa storia molto bella e molto intensa e al pi presto recuperer anche il film di Spike Lee considerato da tutti un capolavoro Rispetto al suo secondo libro ho trovato questa storia un po pi densa e dunque a scorrimento lento, ma con delle chicche di bellezza che esaltano tutti i per [...]

    24. GONZA on said:

      There are films that make you want to read the book, and The 25th Hour by Spike Lee is one of those, thankfully I would add, considering that this novel is a masterpiece Written by an author whom I had already appreciated for The City of Thieves and that I found to be also one of the writers of the screenplay of Games of Thrones , this book is just perfect never a word that is too much, never granted even if the plot in itself does not leave much room for maneuver and a cast of characters starti [...]

    25. Peter on said:

      When I first started reading Benioff s debut novel I found the characters unique and interesting But the I read I found their intrigue coming from the fact that they seem to be a reflection of emotions and feelings that everyone has This book requires that you do not judge its characters but instead think about the cards that they are dealt and wonder how you would play the hand It showcases to me just how paper thin a person s sense of right and wrong can be in a complex world This book will [...]

    26. Ali Murphy on said:

      What a tight little nugget of a story this is Benioff is talented I read City of Thieves earlier this year and it will definitely be in my top ten reads of 2016 The 25th Hour is good, but it doesn t reach the heights of Thieves The characters in this book are well drawn and there is an arc to the story it ends, really in the only way it can, but you have to read to the end to be sure There was a strong pull to get to the end, to see what Monty would do What would his friends do Even though the c [...]

    27. Michelle on said:

      I first read this book in about nine years ago, and I loved it then Second time round, it s even better.Without being overly dramatic, or explicit in its descriptions of emotions, places, and people, this book manages to be evocative, and haunting I feel Monty s sadness, and the spectrum of pain and regret experienced by all of the characters Indeed, the whole book is tinged with regret, that feeling of, What if I hadn t done that what if I had taken a different path that we all go through in ou [...]

    28. Jonestw4 on said:

      I didn t enjoy this story, though I got through it hoping something interesting would eventually happen It didn t The story traces the final 24 hours of a drug dealer s life before he s to report to prison for seven years for his dealing It s impossible for me to have any sympathy for a drug dealer, although Benioff does his best to pull it off There are also too many charaters here, and for a thin book one that s barely over 200 pages there s not enough space given to developing them beyond 2 d [...]

    29. Vivian Herrera on said:

      Me gust , el hecho que mostraba todo lo que este personaje y su entorno sent a con respecto a sus sentencia es interesante para mi, claro que todas las emociones serian diferentes y similares al mismo tiempo No es que el iba a morir pero iba a estar encerrado por 7 largos a os, si a veces con un solo a o de vida cambiamos tanto imaginar 7 donde el iba a estar en el peor entorno, que lo quiera o no lo va a cambiar como persona, me hace entender que relacionarse con sus amigos y pareja no iba a se [...]

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