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The Many-Coloured Land

The Many-Coloured Land By Julian May The Many Coloured Land When a one way time tunnel to Earth s distant past specifically six million B C was discovered by folks on the Galactic Milieu every misfit for light years around hurried to pass through it Each sou

  • Title: The Many-Coloured Land
  • Author: Julian May
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Many-Coloured Land By Julian May When a one way time tunnel to Earth s distant past, specifically six million B.C was discovered by folks on the Galactic Milieu, every misfit for light years around hurried to pass through it Each sought his own brand of happiness But none could have guessed what awaited them Not even in a million years.
    The Many-Coloured Land By Julian May

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      430 Julian May

    One thought on “The Many-Coloured Land

    1. Clouds on said:

      Christmas 2010 I realised that I had got stuck in a rut I was re reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works Something had to be done.On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci Fi award That s 35 books, 6 of which I d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.While working through this reading list I got married, went on my honeymoon, switched career and became a fat [...]

    2. Mark Lawrence on said:

      According to the publisher Angry Robot, Julian May has died, age 86 The sad news has motivated to review this book, which I haven t read in 30 years.I think it was Julian May who gave me the taste for mixing fantasy and science fiction This, excellent, series is set mainly in the Pliocene era of Earth, where miscreants from our distant future are exiled via a time portal Back in this past, several million years before our time, these futuristic exiles try to make a life for themselves with the h [...]

    3. Bradley on said:

      This was a surprisingly good read, but I suppose I shouldn t have been that surprised It won the Locus and was nominated for both the 82 Hugo and 81 Nebula, after all.I had this odd assumption that it was all fantasy from the bookcovers I d known and from the comments I d heard, and that s true as far as most of the story elements are concerned, but at its core, it s Hard SF with a huge dash of space opera, a truly epic amount of world building in both the future and 6 million years in the past, [...]

    4. Jon on said:

      I read this back in the mid 80 s, soon after I had finished all ofJ.R.R Tolkien s novels andStephen R Donaldson s Covenant series It so intrigued me that I read the entire four book series in a week or two I eventually read the rest ofJulian May s works, but with less enthusiasm The Pliocene Epic was intriguing because it was a time travel science fiction story with psi powers thrown on top It sometimes felt like fantasy, with what seemed like magic, but you knew it was really science and mind p [...]

    5. Wanda on said:

      A re read as a refresher before tackling the rest of the series I remember reading it while on vacation a number of years ago at a friend s cabin and staying up far too late in order to finish the book I originally gave it 5 excited stars from that reading and I think I will leave that score intact to reflect my first excitement about the work Despite my initial enthusiasm, I am amazed at how many details were completely wiped from my memory banks as a result, I enjoyed my second read almost as [...]

    6. KatHooper on said:

      ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.The Many Colored Land, a classic 1981 science fantasy novel by Julian May, wasn t too high on my TBR list until I noticed that Blackstone Audio released it last month I like science fantasy, so I gave it shot, and I sure am glad I did I loved every moment of The Many Colored Land and my only disappointment is that the rest of The Saga of Pliocene Exile is not available on audio.The story begins on Earth and the rest of the Galactic Milieu in our 22nd centu [...]

    7. Robert on said:

      For me and, I suspect, many others, one of the things that makes SF uniquely fun is being dumped into a world that is far future or otherwise alien and having to figure out how it all works and maybe how we got there from here having culture future shock and coming to terms with it as the book progresses In this book, May treats us to a prolonged description of the galaxy spanning culture that humans have joined it reminds me of Harrison s Stainless Steel Rat books, without the humour and with a [...]

    8. Karen Brooks on said:

      Once I picked up an old favorite to see if it still resonated This time, the inspiration was the trailer for Stephen Spielberg s new series, Terra Nova which, as I watched, reminded me of May s series and I wonder if there is a relationship there The show hasn t screened in Australia yet and I am looking forward to it starting In the meantime, however, I found my copy of TMCL it was marvelous revisiting and once again being captivated by such a powerful novel and idea that a mixed group of huma [...]

    9. Alan Denham on said:

      The Many Coloured LandThis is one of the possible starting points in an enormously complex epic covering four thick volumes set mostly in the Pliocene and four set in something recognisably parallel to our present and near future Thick volumes The paperbacks on my shelves are mostly around 500 pages, and all eight together take up just over a foot of shelf space The Many Coloured Land begins in our near future Earth has been accepted into a galaxy including half a dozen alien races, all highly [...]

    10. Amy on said:

      This book became an instant favorite within a few short chapters as I started to meet all the characters I regret terribly that the author of this series doesn t want it to go to television or film, but I do understand her fear that it would not be true to the world that she created They re all cast and mini series ready in my head if she changes her mind and ever wants my input.The book starts in the future when humans have populated various planets in the universe and come to peaceful understa [...]

    11. Reed on said:

      Sometimes nostalgia takes over and I am tempted to re read something from my past Knowing there are so many books I ll never get to, I don t typically read books again, but I like to allow myself one book a year or so to indulge the urge to go back.Ever since the ill fated TV show Terra Nova hit the air, I have been bitterly reminded of Julian May s enjoyable Pliocene Exile series Aspects of Terra Nova, ie people being exiled into the distant past, reminded me of May and her excellent books Thou [...]

    12. Andreas on said:

      The scope of this saga spanning eight novels is staggering A gate is opened to the past, specifically the Pliocene era But it is a one way trip Adventurous souls travel back, and find a world unlike any they could imagine Epic conflict rages between ancient races, and the future destiny of man is decided The initial four books make up The Saga of Pliocene Exile The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc The Nonborn King The AdversaryThese can be read as a standalone series, but who would want to sto [...]

    13. Michael R. on said:

      Wow What a concept When a time wormhole is discovered to 6,000,000 BC, bored adventurers looking for excitement and having nothing on earth let to explore, take the one way trip into the unknownSounds fun Except unbeknowst to the wary time travelers an exotic race already exists in 6M B.C is well aware of the time tunnel, and posts guards to enslave everyone coming through What a shocker This first book in the series sets up for much intrigue to come, as we follow eight of the time travelers all [...]

    14. Reinhold on said:

      Grandioser Einstieg in eine gro artige TetralogieDas vielfarbene Land ist der erste von vier eng verbundenen B nden aus dem sogenannten Plioz n Zyklus von Julian May Die Romane hei en 1 Das vielfarbene Land 2 Der goldene Ring 3 Kein K nig von Geburt 4 Der Widersacher.Bei dem Zyklus handelt es sich um eine Zeitreisegeschichte ganz besonderen Ausma es Den Ausgang nimmt die Saga im 22 Jahrhundert wo es einem Wissenschafter gelingt ein Zeitfenster ins Plioz n Erdzeitalter vor rd 7 Mio Jahren zu ffne [...]

    15. * kyrat on said:

      I picked up this book after having it recommended to me by friends who are also scifi fantasy fans I struggled through the first third of the book bored out of my mind as she introduces too many characters, seemingly unrelated and goes into their background story which I don t care about and just confuses me,plus 1 set of aliens seemingly unconnected with the rest of the story and finally 1 set of preshistoric humans who also seem unrelated My boyfriend noticed I was reading it and said he d onc [...]

    16. Bill on said:

      A while ago I stopped into a used book store and was astounded to discover all four volumes of this series I had had this recommended to me by a visitor to my site several years ago.The story started off with a great premise People who have become disenchanted with life in 2030 elect to start a new life in 6000 B.C thanks to a newly discovered portal Actually, the portal is built bysome scientist based on a newly discovered phenomenon of magnetic conduits through the earth s crust.Or something l [...]

    17. Casey Hampton on said:

      If I never encounter the word milieu again it ll be too damn soon Seriously, someone please do a word count on how many times milieu comes up in this book Here s the short of it, a great idea that was bungled The author is far too heavy handed and melodramatic for any of the characters to be than predictable archetypal cutouts.The first little bit is good but trust me, it s all downhill after that What does it say when the best part of this book was when they got their Pleistocene equivalent to [...]

    18. Marvin on said:

      This first book of a trilogy starts out as a rollicking adventure of time travel and displaced worlds When I read it back in 1982 I got the same sense of thrill I received when I first read Phillip Jose Farmer s To Your Scattered Bodies Go that I was beginning a journey to somewhere I never been Unfortunately it just didn t happen May is no Farmer While starting out beautifully, the novel gets bogged down with too many characters and too little development It is like the author knows he need to [...]

    19. Contrarius on said:

      This story has just about every idea under the sun time travel, alien invaders, prehistoric elves and leprechauns, mind control, magic , shape shifters, everyday citizens becoming heroes you name it, it s in there And there were a lot of elements that made me roll my eyes three convenient love matches, an insta domesticated prehistoric jungle cat, repeatedly conflating true shape shifting with shape shifting illusions for instance if a short person creates an illusion of being a huge monster and [...]

    20. Alexander on said:

      This is one of the great science fiction series And sadly, it appears to have been cannibalized by Terra Nova In any case, I loved this novel and I think the other three after it are just as fantastic, in different ways May is one of the few writers who can take you into the minds of so many different characters and keep the story going across several subplots and plots I absolutely loved this from the first time I read it, and I re read it about once a year They hold up, these novels May will, [...]

    21. Timothy Boyd on said:

      Good solid SiFi read Lots of interesting concepts for story plot The first book seemed a little slow to me, almost as if it was setting up the series I am looking forward to the rest of the series to see where the writer takes things Recommended

    22. Catsalive on said:

      3.5 sI have had this set on MtTBR for longer than I can remember I enjoyed this first book in the series very much look forward to re visiting the rest of the Green Team in the next book.

    23. Isabella Macotte on said:

      Wonderful sci fi series These books just get better as the world building grows Many characters and facts to keep track of, but if you are a true sci fi story fan, this series is a must read.

    24. Sable on said:

      Read for the 12 Awards in 12 Months Challenge, the LGBTQ Speculative Fiction Challenge, and the Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge This novel won the Locus Award and was nominated for a bunch of others.My first acquaintance with the work of Julian May has come rather late Just about every other sci fi fantasy fan I know read this years ago Perhaps the concept of a science fictional universe being the basis for a myth was newer then and it was regarded as especially innovative, but it s old [...]

    25. WyrmbergSabrina on said:

      I ve finally read the book that hubby keeps going on about, and it s not a disappointment.People would describe this as a Game of Thrones in prehistory, but it s better than that For starters, it s written well before GoT , has a huge dollop of hope in its plot, and a point to its story I m sorry, seeing which person gets to sit on an iron throne after killing off everyone else, and maybe surviving some supernatural beings, is not much of a calling to me This starts the tale of the Exiles, those [...]

    26. Alain on said:

      Es un libro muy entretenido y con una premisa inicial muy interesante Sin embargo, creo que la autora desaprovecha completamente el potencial de la historia y se limita a ofrecer una obra de mero entretenimiento sin complicarse en entrar en debates como el tipo de sociedad que se podr a construir en el nuevo mundo, las paradojas temporales, el desarrollo de otro tipo de tecnolog as, etc Es recomendable para pasar un buen rato pero nada m s.

    27. Christaaay - Christy Luis Reviews on said:

      Premise When life is complicated by technology and intergalactic relations, time travel is, ironically, the only refuge for the anachronistic personality Eight characters with various motives travel back in time to the Pliocene era to start afresh But none of them expected to find that others already had the same idea 1981 Sci Fi Fantasy Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel 1982 , Nebula Award Nominee for Best Novel 1981 , Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1982 Why I Read It A long time re [...]

    28. Amanda on said:

      This is a creative, action packed book that truly encompasses both scifi and fantasy in a beautiful way.Since this is the first book of the series, it takes a bit to set the plot up and get to know the characters People are sent through the time travel portal in groups, so we get to know everyone in one group prior to going through the time portal so we can follow them all after they go through it May spends the perfect amount of time familiarizing the reader with the future world, as well as th [...]

    29. Josiah on said:

      The amount of research that Julian May put forth for this book is simply incredible She knowledgeably speaks about everything from geology and paleontology to sailing to astronomy everything except, perhaps, genetics Because lets get this out of the way now this is an aliens came to earth to impregnate your women book Now, I m hoping that Julian has something up her sleeve that will excuse the fact that aliens from the other side of the galaxy can interbreed with humans with no genetic modificat [...]

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