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The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

The Long Hard Road Out of Hell By Marilyn Manson Neil Strauss The Long Hard Road Out of Hell The copy national bestselling autobiography of Marilyn Manson America s most controversial celebrity icon is offered with a bonus chapter not included in the hardcover By turns moving funny

  • Title: The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
  • Author: Marilyn Manson Neil Strauss
  • ISBN: 9780060987466
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Long Hard Road Out of Hell By Marilyn Manson Neil Strauss The 150,000 copy national bestselling autobiography of Marilyn Manson, America s most controversial celebrity icon, is offered with a bonus chapter not included in the hardcover By turns moving, funny, appalling, disturbing There has never been anything like it Rolling Stone 80 bw photos 16 page color insert.In his twenty nine years, rock idol Manson hThe 150,000 copy national bestselling autobiography of Marilyn Manson, America s most controversial celebrity icon, is offered with a bonus chapter not included in the hardcover By turns moving, funny, appalling, disturbing There has never been anything like it Rolling Stone 80 bw photos 16 page color insert.In his twenty nine years, rock idol Manson has experienced than most people have or would want to in a lifetime Now, in his shocking and candid memoir, he takes readers from backstage to gaol cells, from recording studios to emergency rooms, from the pit of despair to the top of the charts, and recounts his metamorphosis from a frightened Christian schoolboy into the most feared and revered music superstar in the country.
    The Long Hard Road Out of Hell By Marilyn Manson Neil Strauss

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    • [PDF] The Long Hard Road Out of Hell | by ¸ Marilyn Manson Neil Strauss
      333 Marilyn Manson Neil Strauss

    One thought on “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

    1. Kate on said:

      I have a fascination with Marilyn Manson which has been stirred up by recent news about his deformed skeleton collection and nazi tiles in his library Although I couldn t put the book down, it was actually much disturbing than I could have imagined He is a total misogynist and all around creep who gets his kicks abusing vulnerable people His philosophy of satanism elitism makes him think he is much intelligent than everyone else, but his writing even with a co author suggests otherwise The lyr [...]

    2. Michael on said:

      Over the years, Manson has said some intelligent things, and every now and then I think he s probably a pretty cool guy.But, whenever I start thinking that, I flashback to the scene in this book where the whole band is gangbanging a deaf groupie who is covered in lunch meat No, really Lunch meat while screaming insults at her I mean, really If you re going to shag a lunch meat covered groupie while insulting her, have the balls to do it to a girl who can HEAR you I really don t care about his ho [...]

    3. Jonathan Ashleigh on said:

      I decided to dive into this book because, while I never really liked Marilyn Manson s music or his band s style, I have always thought he is an intelligent person and I have always taken a look when he has appeared on talk shows Recently, he was featured on Bret Easton Ellis podcast and his take on humanity, American consumerism and the media have never been relevant The beginning of the memoir started slow and used clich s please don t describe a scene by saying it was like a poorly made scary [...]

    4. Beth Beth on said:

      this book was epic.every single part of itrilyn manson is definitely the most interesting character that has ever existed on the face of this green planetis book was stocked full of the crazy things he s experienced and done throughout his life it was amazing.but this book is not for the people who are weak of heart or weak to their stomach there s plenty of sad and heart sinking moments but also grotesque, wacky parts that could scar the most fragile of minds.3 i loved it best book ever.

    5. Purple on said:

      Yawn.I read this merely out of curiosity a morbid one at that and was probably most surprised by the fact that I was surprised at how tedious I found it The Long Dull Road Out of Hell is a precise title.I don t know what I really expected to find behind Manson s character, but it turns out that no, I won t spoil it for you It s unlikely that you care.

    6. Lady on said:

      This was probably one of the most self absorbed pieces of crap I have ever read by a musician And I read this the year it came out, after we met him and my friends swoon over him I disliked it then, when most would have listened to this BS I know you re smart MM, but you re stupid with women and sold out after that first albumwhich wasn t even that good This guy is NOT goth and his stupid religion is one of the major reasons Christianity still has power Shithead.

    7. Structure on said:

      This book was banned from my home for about ten yearsI picked it up mostly to remember a time I held dear and to remember the icon that was before all the bullshit self indulgency.It s built like a fan book of sorts, with candid and professional photos, interviews, early writings of Brian Warner sprinkled in and out of his personal narrative I didn t treat as much of an insight into the man as opposed to the being he created.His style of writing doesn t flow, but I apreciate his voice I found my [...]

    8. Christos on said:

      I am a huge fan, really enjoyed reading about the man before the star I would have rated 5 stars, however, I feel the timeline was too soon As other reviewers have pointed out all the really interesting stuff from MM came after this book was published.This book is about him, his journey, not so much about being a rockstar He is not a typical rockstar Similar, yes, and he is an entertainer, but he is not the garden variety rocker that is all about sex and drugs and booze, etc At least in the begi [...]

    9. Sarah on said:

      Once upon a time, I dated a goth boy And that goth boy had an unhealthy obsession with Marilyn Manson I was constantly subjected to his CDs and creepy videos and even had to deal when the goth boy started wearing smudged eyeliner and dying his hair black.Of course, he bought this book the day it came out and since I had a bit of a morbid interest in the guy my boyfriend fell in love with, I gave it a read.The two things I got from this book 1 Brian Warner is an intelligent man 2 Brian Warner is [...]

    10. David Ravikoff on said:

      really interesting portrait of a dysfunctional youth growing up to become America s most hated rock n roll star not only a fun book if you are fan of Manson or rock n roll in general but the book connects the pyschological dots in such a way that even in 2007 the man, or so, the character of Marilyn Manson is less of an idea, but an accumalation of events, traumas, and incredibly evil encounters My only complaint was this book was written at the end of Marilyn Manson s Anti Christ Superstar pha [...]

    11. Christian on said:

      Simply one of the best autobiographies I ve read, purely for its brutal honesty Could almost be classified as philosophy in the way Manson puts forward his ideas Ideas that challenge the average reader to think outside the square To quote the book The devil doesn t exist Satanism is about worshipping yourself, because you are responsible for your own good and evil Christianity s war against the devil has always been a fight against man s most natural instincts for sex, for violence, for self gra [...]

    12. Athena on said:

      I read this book because I thought it would be interesting the fact that Marilyn Manson cuts himself with broken glass onstage, dresses with morbid determination, uses medieval apparatus in videos to dramatize his self destruction, and titled his biography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell I was greatly disappointed to find that Marilyn Manson is basically just Brian Warner who abused drugs and alcohol and acted on fake sociopathic tendencies like something out of a haunted house at an amusement pa [...]

    13. Dani Cree on said:

      I loved this book.I love Marilyn Manson in general.He is very intricate and the people who don t understand him are just too obsorbed in thier own perfect lives to consider the scary but amazing expericences he s had.He s been through than most people on this planet, and is still an interesting and genuine guy.Anyways, the book is a detailed description is his early career and how he got to be who he is.I found, for a man with no previous experience as an author, his writing was exceptional.Of [...]

    14. Angela on said:

      I have a strange fascination with this man who is full of contradictions I love some of his songs I hate others I m abhorred by some of his imagery, but I m amazed with his thoughtfulness and eloquence when explaining their meaning I truly respect him as an artist But how much of what he does is art He s pure evil He s surprisingly compassionate.But one thing is for sure This guy is messed up.Neil Strauss coauthors this one, and I ve enjoyed his journalism He does well transitioning from article [...]

    15. Mari on said:

      I will start by saying that I m not big on autobiographies at all In my mind those are for uninteresting people who s made no impact on the world what so ever and who wants to read about them Still, for many years I ve been a fan of Marilyn Manson s music and as an ignorant 15 year old I considered Brian Warner a person I had things in common with and respected very much.This book shows exactly why some people should never write books about themselves The idea of reading Marilyn Manson s biograp [...]

    16. Sean de la Rosa on said:

      I m not a fan of his music at all but WOW, what a roller coaster of a read this autobiography was Don t be fooled, Manson is uber intelligent The levels of depravity he reaches is simply shocking What did surprise me though in the last few chapters dealing with personal confessions is that this satanist is frightened by nightmares and still fears the dark.2 quotes I liked A thing worse than a lie is an exposed lie As a bipedal animal, man by nature gravitates towards his evil side, which may be [...]

    17. Roxy Smith on said:

      Even if you don t like Marilyn Manson as a musician or person, you have to give him respect for being able to write an autobiography that goes into many personal issues that has made him who he is Manson talks a great deal about his childhood which many would find the facts disturbing to read, but Manson doesn t leave out any details Understanding his childhood I think will help people understand him and I think that is his intention He talks about everything from rape and molestation to drugs a [...]

    18. Trisha on said:

      I thought I d give this a try when I saw it deeply discounted on bn I ve enjoyed Strauss writing previously and Manson s soundbites that I ve heard in the past seemed intelligent The book does not lend itself to either of those things The material was initially eccentric enough to be interesting but as my senses dulled the book became increasingly boring Manson is never able to overcome the powerful angst that he feels as a youth Instead of trying to develop his character, he fuels his angst wit [...]

    19. Courtney on said:

      I m not even sure what this was An elaborate performance piece 300 odd pages of bollocks Thinking it s legit is just too sickening really Again It s been twenty years since this was publishedIn fact, twenty years ago was when I discovered The Dope Show I was a pretty isolated kid in a musical sense My mum wasn t into music and I didn t have an older sibling to introduce me into anything or any friends really But during my first year of high school the older kids on the bus used to give tapes to [...]

    20. Stephen on said:

      Chances are, regardless if you ve heard his music or not, you ve at least heard of Marilyn Manson Though he s lost some of his notoriety over the years, he was Public Enemy 1 for religious leaders and politicians in the mid to late 90 s Now, whereas I don t consider myself a fan of his music, I ve always been fascinated by Brian Warner, the man behind the alter ego of Marilyn Manson In interviews, Manson has always come across as intelligent and articulate, so I was curious to see the man behind [...]

    21. Jennifer on said:

      Words cannot express how awful this book was Antichrist Superstar More like pretentious, hypocritical, immature douchebag Superstar.I remember kids in middle high school passing this book around like it was their new Bible, and speaking in hushed, reverential tones about certain passages Ah, the 1990s Those kids were obviously dumber than dog shit My imaginary conversation with the author while reading this book You had to take the Long Hard Road Out of Hell, huh Tell me, what was so hellish You [...]

    22. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      This book wasn t bad it debunks several allegations that Manson or Brian Warner is the devil, the cause of the Columbine shooting or a teen suicide influence, and proves that without the stage makeup, this guy is pretty normal though rather a jerk and a bully at times and very full of himself, convinced he has all the answers.What I didn t like was that much of it was ranting about his childhood, trying to evoke a pity party with disturbing memories, much like the notorious Running with Scissors [...]

    23. Olga on said:

      Manson is the man and I ve been listening to him for the good half of my life Don t know if it makes me sound young or old After reading this book, many burning questions were satisfied with needed knowledge So, all the rumors about Manson s relationship with his band mates or changing his skeletal anatomy to perform specific acts are well, just rumors Along with numerous public affidavits of his immoral behavior Of course, there were moments that made me cringe and not everything he did I fully [...]

    24. Zuky the BookBum on said:

      Not sure if you knew this already, but I m absolute Manson trash

    25. Vanessa on said:

      I don t remember what exactly encouraged me to read this book But when I finally obtain this book in my hands, I was excited and thrilled to learn about Marilyn Manson Brian Warner life and how he came to be I m not a huge fan of ebooks, but since the Los Angeles Public Library has free ebooks to check out and read for 21 days, it s definitely worth it I realized when I read the first chapter, that I was entering a very deep dark explicit world that I was not necessarily comfortable with At the [...]

    26. Anna on said:

      MARILYN MANSON HAS MORE THAN 450 SCARS, NOT COUNTING EMOTIONAL ONES.This is a great insight into Mariyn s messed up brain It s a funny, twisted read I found at times I felt overwhelmingly sympathetic towards him although reading the disgusting bits and outrageous things he did SMOKING BONES FROM A GRAVEYARD THE POOR RABBIT I hadn t realised how sensitive he was underneath how seemingly heartless he seemed at times.The depression and anger Manson feels in which he writes about can only come from [...]

    27. Myss-Syckness on said:

      I think this is the first biography I ever fully read.I read it two or three times actually.And there was a point in time where I carried it in my bag EVERYWHERE I went, now it extremely worn out lol.I hate when people critisize or ridicule Manson because he actually is a very intellegent person.I love this book so much, it gives you a real in depth look at his life from childhood to where he is today with A LOT of twisted details and stories along the way.Some of it is serious, some of it is pr [...]

    28. Ashley on said:

      If you want to read something that could be summed up in less than thousands of words as I had lots of depraved sex, and did lots of cocaine, then this is the book for you However, if you were expecting something scintillating, or that Marilyn Manson is behind the man on stage, you will be disappointed Seriously I always found him as an intellectual, however, watching a deaf girl being rammed while covered in lunch meat isn t exactly intellectually stimulating In fact, this book made me look at [...]

    29. Christina Wilder on said:

      VERY well written, often sad, sometimes grostesque MM is a fascinating guy, no doubt And yes, I m a fan of his music, I saw him at Ozzfest years ago and it was EPIC Born entertainer, that s for damn sure.

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