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Theater Shoes

Theater Shoes By Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode Theater Shoes Three orphans are forced to enter a theater school by their grandmother a famous actress Unable to pay the tuition they are given scholarships from the now grown orphans from Ballet Shoes Will they

  • Title: Theater Shoes
  • Author: Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode
  • ISBN: 9780679854340
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Theater Shoes By Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode Three orphans are forced to enter a theater school by their grandmother, a famous actress Unable to pay the tuition, they are given scholarships from the now grown orphans from Ballet Shoes Will they be able to live up to their patrons legacies The children are ready to run away until they discover their hidden talents Originally published in 1945.
    Theater Shoes By Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode

    Theater Shoes The Shoe Books Streatfeild, Noel Theater Shoes es la segunda parte de Ballet Shoes,toda la serie es muy recomendable para nias a partir de aos A pesar de haberse escrito hace mas de aos ha envejecido muy bien A mi Theater Shoes Shoes, by Noel Streatfeild Theater Shoes takes place in the same school as Ballet Shoes Some time has passed and the characters are different I enjoyed the idea of the main characters and their situation. Theater Shoes by Noel Streatfeild About Theater Shoes A beautiful gift edition of the beloved classic about three orphan siblings and their love of music, theater, and dance. theater shoes, theater shoes Suppliers and Manufacturers musical theater,adult tap shoes,ballet and jazz shoes Musical Theater Chorus Shoes Musical theater is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance The story and emotional content of a musical humor,

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      492 Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode

    One thought on “Theater Shoes

    1. Anne on said:

      The premise of Theater Shoes reminds me a little bit of Harry Potter, oddly enough After their grandfather dies, somebody comes to the the Forbes children and is like, Guess what Your grandmother is a famous actress and your uncle is a film star, and you have aunts and uncles and cousins that you never knew existed because your grandmother disowned your mother for eloping YOU RE A WIZARD, HARRY I thoroughly enjoy this book It s about discovering talent you never knew you had because nobody ever [...]

    2. Alice on said:

      This is my favorite of the Shoes books, probably because I read it over and over when I was a kid While reading this copy, however, I was somewhat dismayed to realize that the copy I had was either edited down to make it shorter, or to make it comprehensible to 1980s American children Meaning I read an abridged version the horror It was both nice to read all the missing parts and very odd, because the book seemed clunkier and like it dragged with all the extraneous detail added.Anyway, I m giv [...]

    3. Bethany on said:

      Confession As a child and young teen I read Theater Shoes often than I read Ballet Shoes I would even say I loved Theater Shoes a tiny bit , though I really am not sure why.For some reason I feel strange admitting this, perhaps because Ballet Shoes is undeniably of a higher calibre But there you have it

    4. Elizabeth on said:

      Theatre Shoes is a charming tale about three children who come to live with their famous, impoverished, eccentric grandmother in London during WWII, and end up attending a performing arts academy.When I was younger, I totally thought that I was Sorrel, the eldest of the siblings, who feels a great deal of responsibility for her younger brother and sister, but who also has ambitions of being an actress Sorrel is pretty good, but she has a lot to live up to her late mother was a beloved actress wh [...]

    5. Katie on said:

      My favorite part of this one, the thing that s stuck with me through the years is view spoiler when Sorrel and her teacher are talking about Miranda s acting and her teacher says, But you wouldn t want to be the kind of actress anyway That is such a valuable lesson That realization that you don t quite want exactly what the person you ve been slightly jealous of has hide spoiler One thing that struck me this time is how great Streatfeild is at writing kids in that the kids who are kind of jerks [...]

    6. Maria Thomas on said:

      So my local library does not have all of the Shoes series books so I went straight from Ballet Shoes to Theater Shoes I wonder if I would have enjoyed it if I d read the two that come between because Theater Shoes just seemed to be so much like Ballet Shoes, just with different kids So while it is still a good Tween read, I didn t enjoy it as much as Ballet Shoes even though I liked some of the characters better in Theater I enjoyed Miriam s dancing character than Posy for example Still I m gl [...]

    7. CLM on said:

      When their father is lost at sea, Sorrel, Mark, and Holly are forced to move to London to live with their previously unknown actress grandmother She s determined to have them follow in the family s theatrical footsteps no matter how much they protest Do they have the talent to perform on the stage Will they be able to adjust to this glamorous but difficult family perfectretort 200

    8. Sarah on said:

      I caught the theatre bug early on so this one was a particular favorite of mine Theatre Shoes includes characters from Ballet Shoes I always like it when I recognize people from other novels, i feel so important, as though I know someone famous and now have bragging rights.

    9. Linden on said:

      Somewhat of a follow up to Ballet Shoes as it features Pauline, Petrova, and Posy as grown up recurring characters Follows the proven formula orphans and money trouble

    10. Susann on said:

      My Dell Yearling edition is in tatters As a child, I was barely aware that the Forbes children were living through a war Now, of course, it s fascinating to think about Streatfeild writing and publishing this during WWII With this read, I was finally struck by the fact that the children had been living on the Channel Islands That s a story right there And their mother s side shunning them for so long Another saga Even when the children do finally end up in London, it s almost unbelievable that t [...]

    11. Pamela Huxtable on said:

      A charming period piece The three Forbes siblings are sent to live with their grandmother, who is an actress in London in 1943 She sends them to the Academy for schooling, where they discover their talents and ambition.

    12. Kathi Organa Sattler on said:

      To me the weakest of the shoe books I read so far however it has been some time since I read the last one It feels like it s a reboot of Ballet shoes, just changed in the details There are the orphans well, sort of , the meanie and the same academy While I love the fact that the Fossils are included because all of them, but especially Petrova, are so wonderful , I feel like this story mainly serves to purpose of catering to those who loved the story and want to read it again, but not re read it [...]

    13. Maria Antonia on said:

      Basic plot Sorrel, Mark, and Holly Forbes must go live with their grandmother when their father is found to be missing in action during World War II They discover that their grandmother is not only a famous actor, but that she expects them to be actors as well The children are sent to a performing arts academy where they have to navigate their acting lessons and auditions On top of that, they also discover that they are living with a grandmother who is not as rich as she thinks she is.WHAT S COO [...]

    14. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) on said:

      WW2 is the background to the fourth Shoe book, originally entitled Curtain Up the whole Shoe thing was an American publisher s idea but for this story it actually works, because it s basically a recycling of Ballet Shoes The Fossil girls are minor characters in this riches to rags story each one adopts one of the three new MCs, though none of them appears beyond letters which is odd, because at least Petrova is still in England, but old enough now to be collaborating in the war effort with her f [...]

    15. Deirdre on said:

      I loved the wartime detail in this book, and the stage school setting But the story doesn t hang together very well The Fossils seem to have been shoehorned in, and I think it would have been better if they were just mentioned now and again as past pupils The letter writing to the Forbes children didn t really add anything and just seemed to be a sop to children who had enjoyed Ballet Shoes.I also found the pacing very strange There was quite a big lead up to the children meeting their grandmoth [...]

    16. Joanne Roberts on said:

      Maybe my assessment of this book is the measure of how long it took to finish it I apologize if this has gotten fewer stars than it deserves Theater Shoes takes place in the same school as Ballet Shoes Some time has passed and the characters are different I enjoyed the idea of the main characters and their situation Unfortunately, I thought they were a bit dull They had little individual voice and their actions and thoughts were very similar It was their talents or their ages which distinguishe [...]

    17. Anniina on said:

      I think that this book was very similar to Ballet Shoes, but there were few things which made me like this book than Ballet Shoes First of all, timewise this book lasted a lot shorter time The events took place in oly a bit over a year This made the plot clear and the story wasn t just a list of things that happened to the children.Secondly, this book didn t have very much dancing in it either, but in this book I wasn t even expecting it Since the book was called Theatre Shoes, I started it wi [...]

    18. Jeanne on said:

      My impression is that Noel Streatfeild was depressed when she wrote this book The writing is not as charming or light hearted as other books I ve read It seems to be incomplete as it ends very abruptly and we never find out what happens to the three children, even though their futures are hinted at The children are intensely serious and characters which could have been whimsical and delightful are flat Will have to reread in a few months to see if this all changes, but I doubt it.

    19. Ysabelle Laxamana on said:

      This was a really good and fun read I admit that it took 3 whole months to read this and maybe it s because I haven t been really committed in reading it and I only read it when I m bored or when I feel like it I really loved the writing style, I felt really attached to the characters especially Sorrel This is such a fun children book and I would definitely read this to my future child, maybe.

    20. Jennifer on said:

      It s hard to think of clever or heartwarming books than the Shoes series Streatfeild is so funny and observant and tender towards her characters, and her descriptions of the London theater scene in the 1940s are fascinating I think this series is perfect for everybody, both children and adults.

    21. Wendy Ledger on said:

      I first read these books when I was a child At the time, I thought they were written by a man, one with a very glamorous name When I reread this story now, I fell in love again Streatfield writes wonderfully about creative life, the hard work and discipline involved, the sense of a calling I plan to read all of these books again.

    22. Kyra on said:

      I have 4 books in the Shoes series and I read and reread them all the time.

    23. Carmen on said:

      I tend to watch You ve Got Mail during the holiday season just to watch adorable Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly in the most wonderful whimsical children s bookshop in NYC After the big bad box bookstore, FOX Books opens and effectively puts her shop out of business, Kathleen Kelly ambles over to check out FOX Books While she is lamenting the loss of her shop, she overhears a customer looking for the Shoes books She interrupts the sales clerk to say that they were wonderful, but most were sadly out o [...]

    24. Rapunzel2015 on said:

      I loved how it followed the characters from Ballet Shoes as that s my favourite Streatfeild book

    25. Elizabeth Schwertfuehrer on said:

      Another great audio book we thoroughly enjoyed with the girls The book is beautiful and the narrator has a lovely voice.

    26. Brianna on said:

      A childhood favorite I d forgotten how much I loved It was so weird I haven t read it in years, and yet in almost every single scene I knew exactly what was coming next, dialogue and everything.

    27. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.Theater Shoes is Noel Streatfeild s fifth book for children, and it was originally published with the title Curtain Up in 1944 Though it came out eight years after Ballet Shoes, it is essentially a sequel, focusing on the same dance academy at which Pauline, Petrova, and Posy Fossil studied in the 1930s The main characters of this story, Sorrel, Mark, and Holly Forbes, are the grandchildren of a famous actress and also the beneficiaries of sc [...]

    28. Jimmy Lee on said:

      I loved Ballet Shoes, which made me snatch this book off the shelf Purchasers should be cautious, however It s often sold abridged, and if you see it as Curtain Up, that s the original version It s not centered around the Fossil family of the Ballet Shoes fame, although they play a role.Having said that, Theater Shoes Theatre Shoes, is charming The three Forbes children, after the death of their grandfather with whom they are staying during WWII in England, are sent to live with their financiall [...]

    29. Irene on said:

      Warning This review contains spoilers I liked how nicely this book tied in with Ballet Shoes It s not exactly a sequel, as Pauline, Petrova, and Posy are not central characters It s like a spin off, with the Fossil girls now grown up having cameos None of them live in London any, so they don t make literal appearances, but they are mentioned quite a bit This time, instead of being outright orphans, the three siblings Sorrel, Mark, and Holly are only temporarily under the guardianship of their m [...]

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