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Until Tomorrow

Until Tomorrow By Robin Jones Gunn Until Tomorrow Christy Miller is now an independent nineteen year old college student living in Switzerland where she s been attending an international university After being on her own for nearly a year Christy i

  • Title: Until Tomorrow
  • Author: Robin Jones Gunn
  • ISBN: 9780764222726
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Until Tomorrow By Robin Jones Gunn Christy Miller is now an independent nineteen year old college student living in Switzerland, where she s been attending an international university After being on her own for nearly a year, Christy is surprised and delighted when her two closest friends, Todd and Katie, come to Switzerland to spend the summer break traveling around Europe The three of them have very difChristy Miller is now an independent nineteen year old college student living in Switzerland, where she s been attending an international university After being on her own for nearly a year, Christy is surprised and delighted when her two closest friends, Todd and Katie, come to Switzerland to spend the summer break traveling around Europe The three of them have very different expectations for the trip that threaten to make the time together much less pleasant than it could be The tension increases when time runs short, and Christy is overwhelmed with the realization that she will soon have to say good bye to Todd all over again Do they have the kind of love that will last until tomorrow
    Until Tomorrow By Robin Jones Gunn

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      112 Robin Jones Gunn
    Until Tomorrow

    One thought on “Until Tomorrow

    1. Carmen on said:

      Is kissing sinful Christy is now 20 She s been working in a Swiss orphanage, wondering why working there instead of making her feel happy and fulfilled is draining her She s also studying to get her degree in childhood education.It s vacation Christy, Todd and Katie have 3 weeks off They decide to use this time to travel randomly all over Europe.As usual, relationship drama takes the front seat, with God and born again Christianity a close second.Todd, Christy s boyfriend of five years, is still [...]

    2. Katieeoh Lacanlale on said:

      One word to describe this book SWEET.This book is such an amazing combination of romance and reality It pertains to love that you can last for forever Putting God at the center of relationships is the best way possible to survive a love you ll ever want until the end I was so fascinated by the love story of Christy and Todd They re very simple and adventurous, even though they aren t always together the love they carry on within their lives is so strong that they always have Christ in their cent [...]

    3. Emilee (Fantastical Paper Realm) on said:

      I love Todd I will honestly tell you that he is the reason I decided to read the college series Well, that and my horrible curiosity that makes it almost impossible for me to stop in the center of a book and or series But Mrs Gunn did a lovely job of growing up Christy, she was much less annoying 12 year old ish This book is about them backpacking across Europe, which is a really big dream of mine, so I found that fascinating It s a super fast read and has all those emotional struggles that are [...]

    4. Jeni Enjaian on said:

      I set my expectations low for this book after the disaster that was Secrets Mrs Gunn successfully met those low expectations which results in a meh 3 star average from me On the plus side, the actions of the three main characters Christy, Todd and Katie all characters from her successful young adult series which I adored as a high schooler seem to fit what could be expected of Christian college students travelling around Europe While Christy comes off as a bit whiny at times, always wondering wh [...]

    5. Cindy on said:

      I think I m too old for these books I m married with kids I thought a good clean romance would be great Well, it is clean But it s boring and annoying too Christy whines too much She s always feeling sorry for herself about the slightest thing She just seems so young and immature I don t understand her attraction to Todd either He doesn t treat her very well at all She should have dumped him Being a good Christian does not mean being a doormat.I see that everyone else just loved this book This m [...]

    6. Chris on said:

      I actually felt like I could somewhat relate to this book, and it s been the most enjoyable in the series for me, because I, too have been a penniless, exhausted college student touring my way around Europe, trying to keep my sanity It felt to me like all the things about the characters that annoy me were just magnified Christy was exrta whiny, insecure and prissy Katie louder and obnoxious than usual Todd, even self centered and passive Can someone please explain to me why this guy is conside [...]

    7. Marklessgirl on said:

      This series is so real life, godly and great There was a bit to much kissing for me but not done in a bad way, so I did still like the book, it was really fun to read them going to all the fun places overseas 4.5

    8. Tabitha on said:

      Being a Christian is hard to find books that are appropriate I m 12 years old and really enjoyed this book I think it s acceptable for readers 12 and older It IS a romance book so they re some kisses here and there, but no sexuality I try to find really clean books and this was just my type

    9. Hayleyjones on said:

      In Robin Jones Gunn s book series Christy Miller, she talks about Christianity and what it is like growing up Most authors won t write about Christianity because most teenagers aren t really into the church kind of stuff A lot of Teenagers these days are into the action books than the religion and romance books There is something about teenagers not wanting people to know they are religious and they don t like reading about it either Christy Miller is one of the not popular girls at her school [...]

    10. Marian on said:

      I really wanted to like this book because I ve heard such good things about the Christy Miller series But I couldn t Granted, this is the first book that I ve read in the series, but I don t see how Christy is a likable character at all.Where to begin I didn t like that Christy made so many assumptions about her relationship with Todd in the beginning I thought it was weird how she was acting so jealous of Katie, who had been her best friend for countless years It rubbed me the wrong way how she [...]

    11. Carolyn Casada on said:

      This book is such a welcome return to Christy Miller s world After several years of seeing glimpses of Christy s life through the eyes of her new friend, Sierra Jensen, it is a treat to come back and journey right along with Christy What a journey it was She, Todd, and Katie are in Europe and have quite the adventure They travel around Europe, hitting many major sites, make new friends, and share their faith Christy and Todd even define their relationship , making it official that they are each [...]

    12. Sydney Elaine on said:

      This series is absolutely amazing I read the first collection of books Christy Miller Collection, Vol 1 and couldn t put them down Anyways here s my review for Until Tomorrow These books touch on Christian subjects without seeming too preachy Some might disagree, but I ve read my fair share of preachy books and to me, this is nothing compared to them I like how you can start the series here and still not be completely lost, but it s a little annoying if you have read the whole series up to this [...]

    13. emma grace on said:

      When I first started this book I did not like Christy, the main character, at all She was a wet blanket, a whimp, a worrier and a whiner The four w s I seriously considered ditching the book, but now, I am glad that I stuck with it, because I really enjoyed how the story turned out Christy kind of grows on you, though I still find her slightly annoying I didn t find out until I had started reading that this was like the tenth or something in a series So now I am going to try out the first one an [...]

    14. Laura on said:

      While I found this book interesting and sometimes amusing, I didn t click with the main character, Christy Sometimes I was annoyed with her doubts and insecurities and other times I really appreciated her honest portrayal of her feelings I wanted to bang Todd upside the top of the head a couple of times for being so lackadaisical I thought this book was entertaining and if you are already a fan of the Christy Miller series I d recommend Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2009

    15. Sarah on said:

      I was so happy I read this and got back to the world of Christy and Todd I m so happy with how their relationship is progressing and how much they ve changed developed since they were 14 and 16 Seriously can t wait to read As You Wish AND TODD SAID THE THING HE SAID THE THING.

    16. Morpheus Reads on said:

      Until Tomorrow by Robin Jones Gunn 1 Christy Todd College YearsAudio narrated by Christina Moore2 1 2 YA Christian squeaky clean romance Recommended for middle school readers The extra 1 2 star is strictly for those younger readers benefit It looks like this picks up after a series about this couple which took place when they were in high school Christy and Todd have been dating for five years and are now 19 20 years old and getting together with their mutual friend, Katie, for a three week vaca [...]

    17. Michele Minor on said:

      I liked reading about the different countries that Christy and her friends visit while traveling in Europe Christy in this book is insecure about her relationship with Todd, since he is spending a lot of time with Christy This is the first time she starts to doubt if she is really meant to marry Todd or if God has another husband picked out for her Her best friend Katie feels left out sometimes on this trip because she doesn t have a boyfriend and Christy and Todd are together as a couple The fe [...]

    18. Ashley Carmichael on said:

      Throughout the course of the 12 high school original books Christy grew and learned to rely on God and trust Toad and their relationship All of a sudden in this book she is 14 again She and Katie both have an opportunity of a lifetime and spend most of it bickering and crying over boys I will admit this is realistic to some degree but it doesn t stay true to the characters growth The Christian themes are not as developed and there is little to no heart in the narrative itself It was disappointin [...]

    19. Hannah on said:

      I enjoyed this book partly because I was already reading the Christy Miller series previously, so I was already hooked I loved hearing about Europe and all the places they went to I really want to travel, so this book sparked even interest I also loved how well I could relate to the characters feelings and their struggles Gunn does a wonderful job weaving in spiritual truths, its seamless.

    20. Claire on said:

      A story about 3 friends traveling through Europe to see the sights Sign me up A story that shoves religion and propriety down your throat disguised as a story about 3 friends traveling through Europe to see the sights Pass And this book was definitely the latter I tried to give it a chance I skimmed through the parts preaching on and on, but it got to a point where that was all this book was about I think I ve gotten to the end of my tolerance for free books on my nook No .

    21. Candace on said:

      This is such a throwback to my tween years I love seeing how they have grown up and progressed in their relationship I enjoyed seeing how Christy eventually gave her insecurities and doubts about their relationship to God and determined to keep Him first no matter what happened with her and Todd.

    22. Crystal Bernard on said:

      This book is sooooooo good.It s a romance novel and it has to do with two lovers who are in college They go through alot of hardships and downfalls, but they go through it together which is the awesome part It s so touching that it made me cry If you love romance novels, you need to read this book

    23. Shalom Lanphear on said:

      this is christy and Todd in the college years there are lots of up in downs.Christy ,Katie,and Todd got to Europe for three weeks , Christy wonders if her relationship with Todd is still something or is it another mistake like Doug was,In these three weeks Christy learns what her furture holds in front of her ,and that some times to get what she wants she has to wait until tomorrow.

    24. Chelsea Yell on said:

      I love how Robin Jones Gunn writes about Christy It has been such a delight and comfort to grow up with these characters and know that some struggles happen to others This book is an easy read and just a fun extension of Christy s life and I can t wait to read the rest.

    25. Yuverina on said:

      What i loved about this book was the different settings I felt like I got to experience different countries with old friends I hadn t seen in ages It has even inspired me to go see the Blue Grotto Just like the original Christy Miller series it did not dissapoint.

    26. Brittany on said:

      Best christain books I have ever read A cute christian love story Clean, fun, and captivating I read some of these books in a single day All of my friends have loved the Christy Miller series and I STRONGLY recomend this book to any teenage girl.

    27. Emily on said:

      The first in the Christy Miller College Years series just 3 total and probably my favorite mainly because it takes place in Europe Perfect taste of romance, travel, laughs, etc and the perfect beginning to the end of a really cute series.

    28. Arabianhorse Watt on said:

      You can t put down any of Robin s books What I learned from this one is that you have to learn to plan ahead and kinda go with the flow if friends or you changes it I also really want to travel Europe like her.ough we can skip the beginning.

    29. Camille 11-12 on said:

      The book Until Tomorrow by Robin Jones Gunn was amazing it was a book that you can realate to your life.It s always keeping you wanting to keep on reading.Another reason I loved it was because it was always telling you what was going on.

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