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On Her Majesty's Secret Service

On Her Majesty's Secret Service By Ian Fleming On Her Majesty s Secret Service A Lancia Spyder with its hood down tore past him cut in cheekily across his bonnet and pulled away the sexy boom of its twin exhausts echoing back at him It was a girl driving a girl with a shockin

  • Title: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • Author: Ian Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780142003251
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service By Ian Fleming A Lancia Spyder with its hood down tore past him, cut in cheekily across his bonnet and pulled away, the sexy boom of its twin exhausts echoing back at him It was a girl driving, a girl with a shocking pink scarf tied round her hair And if there was one thing that set James Bond really moving, it was being passed at speed by a pretty girl.When Bond rescues a beautiful, rA Lancia Spyder with its hood down tore past him, cut in cheekily across his bonnet and pulled away, the sexy boom of its twin exhausts echoing back at him It was a girl driving, a girl with a shocking pink scarf tied round her hair And if there was one thing that set James Bond really moving, it was being passed at speed by a pretty girl.When Bond rescues a beautiful, reckless girl from self destruction, he finds himself with a lead on one of the most dangerous men in the world Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE In the snow bound fastness of his Alpine base, Blofeld is conducting research that could threaten the safety of the world To thwart the evil genius, Bond must get himself and the vital information he has gathered out of the base and keep away from SPECTRE s agents.
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service By Ian Fleming

    • Unlimited On Her Majesty's Secret Service - by Ian Fleming
      410 Ian Fleming

    One thought on “On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    1. Carmen on said:

      All he remembered, before sleep took him, was that she had said when it was all over, That was heaven, James Will you please come back when you wake up I must have it once Then she had turned over on her side away from him and, without answering his last endearments, had gone to sleep but not before he had heard that she was crying.What the hell All cats are grey in the dark.True or false ALL CATS ARE GREY IN THE DARKJames Bond is driving through France, where he goes every year Why To visit Ve [...]

    2. Richard Derus on said:

      Rating 4.5 of fiveAgain a reminder that this is a review of the 1969 film, not Fleming s novel I found I wasn t able to get past the outdated attitudes in the novels I think because books are important to me, enduring documents of their times, and films are slight and insubstantial entertainments, I judge films much less harshly After all, I take them so much less seriously.This is only a 4.5 star experience because Lazenby s only outing as Bond was stylish and cool It earned bad reviews for Laz [...]

    3. F.R. on said:

      I guess if you write a number of books concerning the same character it s almost inevitable that you d get bored Arthur Conan Doyle did it, as did Agatha Christie and here is Ian Fleming doing the same The Spy Who Loved Me was a not overly successful attempt to fiddle around with the Bond formula however On Her Majesty s Secret Service is an altogether convincing step in a different direction Whereas the previous book tore everything up to give a very different kind of Bond tale, this novel mer [...]

    4. Juli on said:

      Because I recently listened to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Ian Fleming s only children s book on audio, I decided to listen to some classic Fleming while I was at it James Bond I love love love this series Years ago how many I shall not admit to I actually got in trouble for having this paperback at school James Bond and the Secret Service was considered inappropriate reading material to have at school Other classmates were carrying around Stephen King and other authors whose books included sex and [...]

    5. Mark on said:

      This book written by Ian Fleming is the 2nd installment of the Blofeld trilogy, the 1st being Thunderball and the 3rd being You Only Live twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the leader of SPECTRE the criminal organisation that has targeted the NATO and Great Britain on two occasions The first attempt was stopped by 007 and the second attempt is written about in this novel OHMSS.James Bond in the beginning of this novel is thinking about his future with the secret service after spending too much time c [...]

    6. notgettingenough on said:

      What I want to know is does James Bond have to go through airport security Geneva airport, our plane is boarding We have just got to the top of the security check queue which is so long today that they have extended it into the airport pathway That, after a ten minute wait in the fast track of Easy Jet luggage checkin And today, of all days, is the first time our Easy Jet flight has been on time for years That d be right.But we were okay now, through the thing where you might beep but don t Hand [...]

    7. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      There will be some spoilers here so if you don t want to see them don t read beyond this paragraph I liked this book, it s well written and stands up well to most any thriller or drama out there view spoiler Now, for the rest of us I know I commented that I didn t care for soap opera, that usually means too heavy a dependence in a story on personal touchy feely emotionally soaked storyline This however gives us James personal life without soaping it up.James is ready to resign in the opening of [...]

    8. Daniel on said:

      On Her Majesty s Secret Service was my first James Bond book, and it was exactly what I had wanted it to be fast paced, reasonably well written, and enjoyable overall Bond, as a character, was a bit introspective than I had expected he d be, and while the book was a touch misogynistic, it wasn t as terribly so as I had feared going in While the book met my expectations, it never really went beyond them, thus the three star rating I ll probably read Bond books, as this one was fun, but can t se [...]

    9. Sandy on said:

      Ian Fleming s 11th James Bond book, On Her Majesty s Secret Service, was written, as was the author s wont, while on vacation at his Goldeneye retreat on the north shore of Jamaica, at Oracabessa, in the winter of 1962.cidentally, not far from where filming for the original 007 movie, Dr No, was taking place at that same time OHMSS is the middle segment of what has come to be known as the Blofeld trilogy, which began with 1961 s Thunderball in which Bond and Blofeld do not meet and concluded wit [...]

    10. El on said:

      This is that one Bond movie that featured George Lazenby, some guy no one had heard of before and has never heard of since My childhood memory of the movie was that this was a real snooze and I ve always possibly unfairly blamed Lazenby for that Sean Connery was never boring, was my reasoning Also not true In any case, because my childhood memories can be somewhat persuasive in spite of being highly illogical or unreliable , I wasn t particularly looking forward to seeing this one again.I was pl [...]

    11. James on said:

      I think this one is my favourite of the Bond novels Espionage, romance, action etc Bond is still on the hunt for Blofeld and SPECTRE, but instead he finds Tracy and even love and marriage Bond is at his most human in this novel.

    12. Brian on said:

      The eleventh Bond book Second appearance of Blofeld Strangely enough, if I were going to read only one of Fleming s Bond books, this probably wouldn t be it, yet it is my favorite in the complete series No, it s really not so odd after seeing Bond tortured by love in so many other novels, it s a pleasure to see him finally find a future in it But there s also plenty of action, a worthy adversary, great detail, humor, and pathos Because of Tracy, though, it all works best on top of a solid founda [...]

    13. Vishy on said:

      After watching the James Bond movie On Her Majesty s Secret Service last week, I thought I will read the book and compare Finished reading it today The basic story goes like this Bond is driving through some exotic mountain road in Europe A beautiful woman driving a fast car passes him Bond tries to catch up with her but he can t Later he discovers that she is trying to commit suicide He saves her But she doesn t thank him She seems to be a troubled soul Then Bond is kidnapped by some bad guys I [...]

    14. Howard Olsen on said:

      One of the great Bond books, this is the one famous for ending with Bond being married to Tracy, one of his conquests it s also famous as the only Bond film starring the immortal George Lazenby It also has a typically epic adventure as Bond travels to the Swiss Alps to stop Blofeld from attacking British agriculture with biological weapons Of all the Bond books, this is probably the one that works best as a piece of literature We learn a lot about Bond s character what motivates him to be an age [...]

    15. Douglas Engle on said:

      So I m going to start out by saying that I was dead wrong about this book, and that I m not beyond admitting it Well, maybe that s too much I was right, for the reasons I cited, but when I gave the book a chance after those reasons came to light, I found that Fleming had really kicked over into another gear to write this book I couldn t put it down after that, and I grew as a person and a reader Here s the original review As I m winding my way closer to finishing the original Bond novels, I am f [...]

    16. Josiah Hawkins on said:

      This is perhaps one of the most surprising Bond books out of the five that I ve now read I wont explain all of why its surprising because I think its better to be just as shocked as I was when you read it rather than know going in On Her Majesty s Secret Service is the second entry into the infamous Blofeld trilogy where Bond finally meets his match in a dastardly villain.After the events of Thunderball and The Spy Who Loved Me we find 007 back where it all started, The Casino Royale This choice [...]

    17. Lachlan Smith on said:

      James Bond has been put on the back burner in this novel, assigned to observe Ernst Stavro Blofeld the work of an undercover detective, according to Bond His protests at this assignment are ignored, and he plans to leave the secret service However, he soon meets Teresa di Vicenzo a suicidal and seemingly heartless young girl who, despite her young age, has had a tragic life Bond saves her from suicide, only for both of them to be captured and taken to Teresa s father, Marc Ange a member of the c [...]

    18. Rob Thompson on said:

      You Have All The Time in The WorldOn Her Majesty s Secret Service is the tenth novel in Ian Fleming s James Bond series It was first published in 1963 It is the second book in what is known as the Blofeld trilogy This begins with Thunderball and concludes with You Only Live Twice Fleming wrote the book in Jamaica whilst the first film in the Eon Productions series of films, Dr No, was being filmed nearby.After The Spy Who Loved Me On Her Majesty s Secret Service is a return to form In some ways [...]

    19. Bill on said:

      On Her Majesty s Secret Service is the 10th James Bond book by Ian Fleming The movie version was George Lazenby s one and only stab at the role of 007 As I read the book, it was interesting to see how faithful the movie was to the story It brought back memories of the movie for me.Basically, Bond continues to hunt Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of SPECTRE He is tired of this mission and considers retirement from the Secret Service While travelling through France, he meets Tracy, a troubled woman, da [...]

    20. Carson on said:

      Having first and last read this novel years ago and in the meantime reading every other Bond novel written after Fleming, it was important to re visit this one which is so vital to the character and story of 007.James Bond, bored from chasing a presumed dead Blofeld in the wake of Thunderball inadvertently finds his soul mate, important connections and the whereabouts of the re formed SPECTRE.It is difficult at this point to separate the novel from the film, the latter of which is pointedly diff [...]

    21. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      This Bond title is probably best known for the movie version because it is the only one to star George Lazenby While the movie is not often listed among the best of Bond lists, the novel itself is one of the better Bond novels That s a little strange, because unlike most Bond movies, this one mirrors the novel quite closely.After the events of Thunderball, James Bond is questioning his future with the Secret Service and has, in fact, mentally prepared a letter of resignation His future plans are [...]

    22. Leslie on said:

      3 stars.This 11th entry in the original James Bond series has Bond once again facing Blofeld from Thunderball and SPECTRE, this time in Switzerland.I was disappointed with Bond during the first third of this novel his character was similar to the movie Bond perhaps Fleming felt some pressure to write like the successful movies Specifically he was of a ladies man and had less of the interior dialogue revealing emotional vulnerability This aspect of his character does return though towards the [...]

    23. Rick Brindle on said:

      The first time I read the Bond books I was a teenager, and at that tender age I have to confess that I thought Fleming actually knew what women were all about, which probably explains my spectacular lack of success with them in my younger years On reading them a second time around, I have to say and it seems I m not the first , the guy had no idea about women.So, if we accept that Fleming was a social neanderthal, we can concentrate on the story 007 is hunting Blofled, gets a tip from a mafia bo [...]

    24. Jen on said:

      Let me preface this by saying that I read the James Bond books because of the adventures, not for the love Because the love in these stories is apparently the male fantasy Why anyone would want a woman to act like these women do is beyond me And sorry to say Ian Fleming has no idea what women are really like He can t honestly believe that most women have rape fantasies Being man handled yes but raped I don t freakin think so.I know, I know Why do I read these books when they irritate me so Becau [...]

    25. Jim on said:

      So far this is the best of the James Bond novels I have read 007 goes to Switzerland after Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his SPECTRE minions disguised as a member of the College of Heralds to back up Blofeld s false claim to be of noble birth There is a great ski chase down a closed slope complete with hand grenades, avalanches, and a grisly death by a locomorive s snow blower Also, 007 falls in love in the course of On Her Majesty s Secret Service and actually gets married I won t say what happens, [...]

    26. Helen Stanton on said:

      Ran out of things to read on a rainy trip to N Wales ht in Oxfam for 1.50A unexpected delight and will def read Yes it is a little dated.d don t look for 3 dimensional women characters But Bond is an engaging character, touched by tragedy with a dark past hinted at Fleming is the master of suspense and I even shouted out loud at one bit Fortunately I was at home and not on the train

    27. Scott Lyson on said:

      A Lancia Spyder with its hood down tore past him, cut in cheekily across his bonnet and pulled away, the sexy boom of its twin exhausts echoing back at him It was a girl driving, a girl with a shocking pink scarf tied round her hair And if there was one thing that set James Bond really moving, it was being passed at speed by a pretty girl.

    28. Heather Macdermott on said:

      Read by David Tennant, need I say Oh yes, brilliant Fleming has a way of writing that I have not come across before, packing a lot of info into a sentence or paragraph without being laborious, tedious or obvious while at the same time perfectly moving the story along while keeping you fully engaged The language Is perfectly suited to being read by David Tennant.

    29. Jeff Miller on said:

      So Bond is going to get married Totally shocked by the ending and by shocked I mean totally expected it from the minute Bond was going to get married.

    30. Shaun on said:

      On Her Majesty s Secret Service I haven t seen the movie in ages, so I barely knew what to expect for this one, especially as the films are known to take only the title of Ian Fleming s books and occasionally just whispers of the premises, so I ll compare it mostly with Thunderball , the first Fleming book I read.A problem I had with Thunderball was over description, and in a large way, On Her Majesty s Secret Service OHMSS is better in that regard, but where it fails to me is a sort of over inc [...]

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