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Warlock By Wilbur Smith Warlock One of the world s most acclaimed adventure writers returns to the world of ancient Egypt with the stunning sequel to the New York Times bestselling River God In the wake of a sixty year war over the

  • Title: Warlock
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9780312980382
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Warlock By Wilbur Smith One of the world s most acclaimed adventure writers returns to the world of ancient Egypt with the stunning sequel to the New York Times bestselling River God In the wake of a sixty year war over the reign of the kingdoms of Egypt, two young pharaohs have risen to claim power, but only one can succeed, deciding the fate of his empire foreverThe mission of Prince Nefer,One of the world s most acclaimed adventure writers returns to the world of ancient Egypt with the stunning sequel to the New York Times bestselling River God In the wake of a sixty year war over the reign of the kingdoms of Egypt, two young pharaohs have risen to claim power, but only one can succeed, deciding the fate of his empire foreverThe mission of Prince Nefer, rightful heir to the throne, is to rebuild a magnificent kingdom in the stark and tumbled ruins of the embattled city of Gallala The desire of Lord Naja is to destroy his rival and rule the land with unholy supremacy But Nefer has on his side the warlock Taita, a matchless ally and legendary priest of notorious powersTo see their dream come true, Nefer and Taita must stay one step ahead of the depraved assassin, survive the tortuous shadow of her ever pursuing armies, and outwit the shocking betrayals of is own flesh and blood As Nefer s courage increases, and as Taita s magic grows beguiling, so grows stronger the power of their tireless enemies.Now, with the threat of tyranny and blood thundering closer and closer toward the vulnerable gates of Gallala, the ultimate battle for Egypt will begin
    Warlock By Wilbur Smith

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    One thought on “Warlock

    1. Dorothy on said:

      This book is a cross between an ancient Egyptian bodice ripper and The Return of the Jedi, with a little Marquis de Sade thrown in for good measure I had read the first two books in the series, River God and The Seventh Scroll, and had found them interesting enough to carry on to the third, but as far as I am concerned Smith went completely off the track with this one.Taita, the eunuch slave, was an enormously talented MAN in the first book He used his knowledge in the service of his beloved mis [...]

    2. Allie Cross on said:

      My God, this is hilariously bad writing How do I loathe thee Let me count the ways.Obi wan Taita is so ridiculously overpowered I never felt like the Good Guys could fail Yes, he did do the These are not the droids you re looking for scene He also managed to call up a sandstorm, fake someone s death, and communicate telepathically Since he can also control people as well, I view the whole story as his fucking about with the world for a sense of amusement It certainly explains away a lot to me DT [...]

    3. Bettie☯ on said:

      If my memory serves me right, this return to ancient Egypt is rather a let down after the adventure of The Seventh Scroll We shall seeLater yes, Taita is just too capable to bear Solid 3 adventuring though, and so onto the 4th bookSummer 2013 Egyptian Encounters Cleopatra 1963 3 The Mummy Curse2 Alexandria The Last Nights of Cleopatra4 The Complete Valley of the Kings1 Ancient Egypt by George Rawlinson4 Tutankhamen Life and death of a Pharoah2 The Luxor Museum3 Tutankhamen s Treasure3 The Black [...]

    4. Bex on said:

      The third in a series of books about ancient Egypt, WARLOCK returns to Taita, an eunuch slave who has served several pharaohs Readers who met Taita in the first books of this series will love being able to read about him again in his latest mission After getting a vision from the deceased Lostris, the queen Taita faithfully served and loved, he returns from his solitary life in the desert to help her grandson, Nefer Seti Taita protects Nefer as he is thrust into a dangerous position at the young [...]

    5. Charmaine Lloyd on said:

      I love Wilbur Smith He manages to write a book that espouses adventure, history, friendship and romance all at once The central character Taita though a eunuch, is a dashing romantic lead with his on going love for Queen Lostris In this world and time, it is refreshing to read of love beyond the physical The story of ancient Egypt unfolds colourfully and the other lead characters are so relatable in their contrasts Light and dark, love and hate, arrogance and compassion and the character develop [...]

    6. Siomha on said:

      Well, damnAll of you guys are saying you read the first two books, and that this one was horrible, basically But i haven t read the other two book, this is my first time reading a book by Wilbur Smith, and i LOVED it As far as I m concerned, this was a well written thought out book, couldn t have been better.I realize you might not agree with me, and in order to see where you guys are coming from, I ll go read his other books.

    7. Stef on said:

      I really enjoyed the first book, River God uldn t put it down, and and was excited to read the next book which I think is Warlock which I can tell you in hindsight you should skip fact you can go straight to what I think is book three Warlock is the sequel to River God that details the later life of Taita 60 years on from the death of Lostris Taita drops all scientific ways and becomes supernatural Don t get me wrongI m all over the supernatural, but Taita in this book is a totally different ch [...]

    8. Art Tirrell on said:

      THE WONDERFUL TAITA HAS LOST HIS CHARM I ve read Wilbur Smith s novels, River God and The Seventh Scroll , and although I thought both went on too long and tried to do too much, I loved them for their originality and the excellent drawing of the principal character and narrator, the eunuch Taita In Warlock, as in the two Taita novels mentioned above, Smith again tries to bite off a smidge too much scope but where the earlier stories were so strong I found myself able to overlook this flaw, now t [...]

    9. Alex Telander on said:

      There is a new magician to be added to the pantheon where the likes of Merlin and Gandalf reside his name is Taita, a former eunuch slave, who is now the mighty and much feared warlock of ancient Egypt.Wilbur Smith, bestselling author from South Africa, brings us his compelling sequel to River God, a novel of Egypt s past, where a pharaoh and her eunuch slave evaded capture to fight against an evil conspiracy The premise originally arose from a papyrus scroll that was brought to Smith, where the [...]

    10. Christian, Kelanth, Scala on said:

      Figli del Nilo, in originale Warlock un romanzo d avventura di Wilbur Smith pubblicato in Italia nel 2001 per le Edizioni Longanesi Questo il terzo di cinque romanzi che lo scrittore ha ambientato in Egitto nella terra dei faraoni Gli altri romanzi della serie sono Il settimo papiroIl dio del fiumeAlle fonti del NiloIl dio del desertoLa trama presto scritta Morto il glorioso faraone Tamose, il paese senza guida e il trono vacante Se lo contendono il crudele reggente Naja e Trok, comandante dei t [...]

    11. Rithun Regi on said:

      Warlocks have held great sway in ancient civilizations and this book shows why The show of miracle and authority as displayed by a slave turned magus Taita is simply astounding In the first installation of this book, Taita is seen as an underwhelming character and he has transformed into a legend who invokes awe and respect among the ancient kingdoms of lower and upper Eygpt As the story plot turns, Taita is known to be than 200 years old and is a master adept at magic The two warring kingdoms [...]

    12. Christina Maxfield on said:

      Third installment of the ancient Egyptian series by this author I really liked this book Mr Smith writes with the depth and attention to detail that I think other authors should take into consideration The continuing tale of the warlock Taita and his life through yet another Egyptian dynasty is just as attention holding as the first book River God Didn t want it to end but there is out there to read.

    13. M.M. Strawberry Reviews on said:

      This was a truly enjoyable novel, and despite the elements of magic in it, this book still felt real, as far as descriptions of clothing, food, surroundings, etc went in this time and place of the ancient world The author really managed to illustrate various settings, from the harsh clime of the desert to the lavish living of the royal courts, as well as how people of various classes were treated Although this is written well, I m just glad I didn t live in such a time and place where my life co [...]

    14. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      This book is the third book in Wilbur Smith s ancient Egyptian series although, chronologically, it is a direct follow up to the first book, River God which ranks among my all time favorite historical novels The second book of the series, The Seventh Scroll actually takes place in the present day and concerns some archeologists anthroplogists that become embroiled in a mysterious adventure dealing with the events of the first novel So now, here in the third novel, the author returns to the era o [...]

    15. Riobhcah on said:

      What a wonderful mystical adventure set in Ancient Egypt This is one series of which I will be sad to reach the end The wonderful Taita makes this book Without him, it probably would not be as interesting He has grown as a person until becoming one who lives in the spiritual dimension as well as the physical, as humans were meant to do according to Ancient Egyptian philosophy So sad that many of us have lost this in so called modern times But there is some hope that it is being discovered again [...]

    16. Neil Hanson on said:

      I almost didn t read this book I loved River God, but this one got disappointing reviews from others who loved River God I will say that while I don t think it was nearly as good as River God, it s still a very good story, and well worth the time reading it.I liked the first person voice of Taita better in River God, but using this narrative form allowed the author to easily be telling several different lines of narration at the same time, which was perfect for this story.It got a bit slow for [...]

    17. Will Hogarth on said:

      There is no getting away with the fact that Wilbur Smith is a great wordsmith and story teller, but this book fell short of the mark for me.The characters are all well formed to a point where you cheer the heroes on and the plot is woven well to maintain pace, in what is a lengthy novel over 500 pages and at times the imagery conjured up by smith is second to none, but it still left me feeling underwhelmed For me smith at times seemed to go too far with areas of gratuitous and sexual violence, s [...]

    18. Elishua Loh on said:

      Reread because I simply don t remember most of the story I would strongly advise people to read this serial now in reverse order so that you can still enjoy this book without comparing this with the first or second book This book is like the second season of Spartacus, blood, gore, sex and with another guy playing Spartacus I watched the first season and fell in love with the first Spartacus and was most grieved when I realised towards the end of season one that the actor died I tried to watc [...]

    19. Patience on said:

      Took me 2 years to get through this book.It was slow to start Rather dull Then when things finally got a bit exciting, it took a turn for the worse Disturbing to read how one sister kills another by stabbing a knife into her private parts.Sure, things like that may have happened at one time or another, by some sick individual, but it is uncomfortable to read it And seemingly perverse to write it.Not a book I felt comfortable keeping, donating, or selling to anyone else I destroyed my copy.I won [...]

    20. Maxi Shelton on said:

      Wilbur Smith is one of my favourite authors to listen to on audio book He is not for the faint hearted or weak stomached He doesn t hold back with any of the descriptions on anything, truly He will take you on a journey thats full of riches to just basically disgusting You can almost hear, see and smell each scene he describes, you want to reach out and touch the riches and shrink away from the filth It s something we all need to experience, great listen read

    21. Pat Anderson on said:

      As usual, Smith makes you feel as if you are right there along with the characters I ve read some reviews saying that he strays too much into the supernatural but he has done this before the Umlimo in the Ballantyne books, for example I have read this book three times now and still found it a page turner every time Taita has developed as a character in this book he is still as wise as ever but has added magic to his repertoire Ignore the sneerers this is a great adventure story.

    22. Heather on said:

      Im almost halfway through this third book of the series and IM LOVING IT I SO Love the way Taita has spirited Pharaoh away under the illusion that is dead I can not WAIT to find out how he comes back and gets revenge Was really wishing he had gotten his God Bird right then too just as he was healed

    23. Lizzy B on said:

      Once again, Wilber Smith shows great skill and craftman ship in tying together storyline with historical context and human inter relations Seemless A long read but well worth it The tension is raised in all the right places and the characters come alive You are drawn into this ancient way of life and so colourful is Smiths writing that you can t help but get emotionally involved Stunning

    24. Sandy on said:

      On 20 CDs and narrated by Stephen Thorne this book takes on a whole new life and made even better the second time around Heroic, heart rending,romantic, barbaric, magical indeed, the stuff of legend.Although the third book in the series built around Taita it is still a tale unto itself and I loved it

    25. Michael on said:

      Ancient Egypt Historical fiction More fiction since the history of this time is short on detail, and the author filled in the blanks with great imagination The character Taita, the warlock of the title, is one of my favorites from any story This is second of a series that starts with River God , and finishes with The Quest I love these books, and recommend them to anyone.

    26. Lyn on said:

      Another re read, again from close to the publishing date Parts toward the end were a bit gory, but no one ever said ancient times was a walk in a theme park I like this author s style and while I thoroughly enjoyed his group of Egyptian novels, I m really going to have to take a look at some of his other collections.

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