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Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island By Thor Heyerdahl Aku Aku The Secret of Easter Island Aku Aku the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl s research at Rano Raraku Anakena on their many giant stone statues The book later film made a major contribution to awareness outside an

  • Title: Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island
  • Author: Thor Heyerdahl
  • ISBN: 9780528818103
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island By Thor Heyerdahl Aku Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl s research at Rano Raraku Anakena on their many giant stone statues The book later film made a major contribution to awareness, outside anthropological archeological communities, of both the island the statues Much of his evidence has now been refuted by archeologists His methods haveAku Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl s research at Rano Raraku Anakena on their many giant stone statues The book later film made a major contribution to awareness, outside anthropological archeological communities, of both the island the statues Much of his evidence has now been refuted by archeologists His methods have been criticised Paul Bahn wrote he relied on the selective use of evidence, which resulted in a misleading conclusion Heyerdahl is most controversially associated with an attempt to revive the theory that the islanders stone carving technology came from S America He argued that as well as being settled by Polynesians, Easter Island was settled by people from Peru, an area described as culturally developed Aku aku refers to moving a tall, flat bottomed object by swiveling it alternatively on its corners in a walking fashion Heyerdahl theorised the Easter Island Moai statues were moved in this fashion, tested this on a small Moai tho the test was abandoned after the Moai s base was damaged He also asserts that for the islanders, Aku Aku means a spiritual guide Heyerdahl compared the highest quality stonework on the island to pre Columbian Amerindian stonework such as at Tihuanaco Seemingly unaware of Polynesian stoneworking traditions such as the Marae he said of Ahu Vinapu s retaining wall No Polynesian fisherman would have been capable of conceiving, much less building such a wall However
    Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island By Thor Heyerdahl

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    One thought on “Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

    1. Brian Bruns on said:

      Thor Heyerdahl is an excellent story teller Yes, he s a stud man adventurer who happens to do incredibly varied and interesting things around the globe, speaking multiple languages and engaging with and even living with indigenous peoples of numerous continents That doesn t mean he s not an excellent story teller, too Aku Aku is about his year living and researching Easter Island and its enigmatic statues Thus there is a lot of archeology in this book, and not necessarily the Indiana Jones type [...]

    2. Heidi on said:

      I first read this book when I was about 25.Somewhat obviously, if you are at all interested in Easter Island, this is really the place to start.Even though it is very factual and scientific, it is still very interesting and very riveting.It really verges into the paranormal and the occult in a way.I know a lot of people don t like non fiction books, but if you ever want one, this is the place to start For any men who like adventure stories which is most men , this would be a great book.This book [...]

    3. Charles Kos on said:

      Simply sensational Endless adventure, archaeology Good reasoning In one of his books, the famous UFO researcher Dr Jacques Vallee, described this book as extraordinary It is At the start of the book, Heyerdahl finds himself stuck inside what is essentially an Eastern Island cave booby trap, designed to lock him to the buried ancestors forever One of the best bits is when he is collecting artefacts from Easter Islanders families tombs Of course he must convince their families of his good intentio [...]

    4. Ints Brunenieks on said:

      Krimin lrom nu un fantastikas virkn jum sagrib j s palas t k du re l ku un mier g ku gr matu gr matu par ce ojumiem Un tie i tad ar sa mu T.Heijerd la gr matu balv radiosp l Lieliskais piecinieks.Zin m m r gr mata attaisnoja uz to likt s cer bas Diem l darvas pilienu medus muc iepilin ja tulkojums un LV redaktoru nekvalitat vais darbs Bet tik un t gr mata savu pievienoto v rt bu nezaud ja Ko m s zinam par par Lieldienu sal m Visapk rt salai ir simtiem Maoi milz g s statujas, kuru izcelsmi un iem [...]

    5. Charlie on said:

      A gem Norwegian archeologist sociologist Thor Heyerdahl recounts his fascinating 1959 trip to Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to uncover the origins of the island s mysterious history The book reads like a true adventure story Heyerdahl is equally interested in the island s people as he is with the infamous moai statues As a result, book is filled with colorful characters, exciting excursions to uncover hidden caves, and the unearthing of hidden statues He and his team are prima [...]

    6. Sicofonia on said:

      The first quarter of the book is actually OK Heyerdahl talks about the preparations he made for his archaeological expedition to Easter Island and also gives the reader a good introduction about the island history The best part for me was to learn how many Moais had to be literally dug out of the soil, and the theory Heyerdahl presented to explain how the Moais could be build Moais bodies were carved in stone inside one quarry, but their red caps were carved out in another quarry several kilomet [...]

    7. Conrad on said:

      Opening any book by Thor Heyerdahl is a ticket to a world of adventure Aku Aku is no exception The expedition to Easter Island and then on to other islands in the vicinity, uncovered not only startling relics that had been buried by the dust of time but also a verbal history passed on from generation to generation Pulling it all together with a personal narrative, the author gives the reader a fascinating picture of the history of migration of a mysterious race of tall fair skinned, red haired p [...]

    8. Mukikamu on said:

      If you ever wondered what could possibly be exciting at an excavation, please read Thor Heyerdahl s thrilling book about the secrets of Easter Island You will never think digging earth is dull ever again He is irresistably readable and brings out your curious and enthusiastic inner child His storytelling is so exciting, you hardly believe it s non fiction You are captivated and truly feel that you yourself are pushing through the impossibly narrow underground cave passages and negotiating with t [...]

    9. Ilze on said:

      Interesanti, tom r tas k Heijerd ls cent s izm n t no iezemie iem dzimtas statujas un tabu alu atra an s vietas nebija diez ko tiski.

    10. Todd Stockslager on said:

      Review title Thor lets the story get in the way of his scienceEaster Island has always been a fascinating mystery, and with Heyerdahl s writing ability I was expecting from this account of his archeological expedition to the island in 1955 Instead he gets too absorbed in his story about the expedition and forgets to put the science at the forefront It s still a good story, but not what it could have been Heyerdahl s Kon tiki raft trip was taken to prove his theory that South American raft build [...]

    11. T on said:

      Like Kon Tiki, this is also a true adventure story, but much longer and scientific in regard to the culture of the people on Easter Island, the theories of how they got there, and how the famous Moai aka tiki heads were manufactured and moved about the island This was given to me by another friend who knows I enjoyed Kon Tiki so much Interesting, but for me it dragged on a bit too long However it s still a must read if you re interested in Heyerdahl s work.

    12. Geruffen on said:

      Thor Heyerdahl var ikke helt almindelig heldigvis P ske ens beboere og deres aku aku overtro modarbejdede effektivt ekspeditionen, men forfatterens positive tilgang til beboerne i kombination med lidt snilde gjorde, at hemmelighederne gradvist kom frem Denne l ser blev dog lidt tr t af at l se om klaustrofobiske huler

    13. Teresa on said:

      Thor Heyerdahl tells excellent adventure stories He adds just enough technical info to be informative but does not bog you down with it If you haven t read Kon Tiki you really should add it to the top of your list.

    14. Knut EB on said:

      While Heyerdahl s theories have later been debunked, the book works well as an adventure anthropological work.

    15. Jonathan Roberts on said:

      Thor Heyerdahl s Aku Aku is occasionally verbose but never uninteresting This is a great place to start for anyone who wants to learn the fascinating story of Easter Island, its people and its legendary megaliths.

    16. Janet Eshenroder on said:

      I vacillated between two and three stars The author is a talented story teller so that, even though this was about a scientific exploration, Aku Aku The Secret of Easter Island read like a novel I hate to admit that before reading this book the only thing I knew of Easter Island was the iconic heads sticking out of the earth I m grateful to have filled in and corrected my impression of the islanders, their culture, and lifestyle This part was fascinating.My problem started half way through Thor [...]

    17. Carol Buchter on said:

      Since I read this on my way to Easter Island I found it to be a fascinating description of ancient and modern life on this most isolated island in the world Although it is fast paced and well written I am not sure how interesting it will be to the casual reader.

    18. Ronald Wise on said:

      This non fiction book of adventure and exploration was a exciting mystery story than most fiction books I ve read of that genre Through Heyerdahl s eyes the reader get s to travel to probably the most isolated inhabited place on earth, and the place often portrayed as the epitome of the unexplained.Over the years I ve seen so many passing references to the mysterious giant statues of Easter Island, but never had the opportunity to hear many details I didn t even think the place was inhabited Bu [...]

    19. Orgon Solo on said:

      Thor Heyerdahl, one of those people with a huge need to sate his curiosity, and the determination to see through any project he set forth to undertake As he writes at the beginning of the book crossing the ocean in a balsa fleet was one thing The Kon Tiki mission , sailing over in a fully fledged ship is a whole other deal altogether, liscenes must be obtained, permissions, contracts, paperwork and whatnot all must be diligently filled out nd as he adds, plus the fact, that noen of his crew had [...]

    20. Shannon on said:

      I read this book a year after taking a trip to Easter Island and was blown away by Thor Heyerdahl s ability to tell an enthralling story that conveys one of the greatest mysteries of our time His descriptions of the landscape the sharp lava rocks encircling the coast, the barren, grassy hills, the soft sands at Anakena, even the eeriness of the moai at night paint a picture of this tiny island that is astoundingly accurate to how the island actually is Sure, the island now has modern convenience [...]

    21. Justin on said:

      It does not come so natural for just anybody to make for the nearest mountain side with a stone in his hand, and set about quarrying the solid rock No one has ever seen a Polynesian do anything of the kind, even in the coldest parts of New Zealand Generations of experience in stone carving are normally required for such projects And experience alone is not enough People with a fanatical urge to work and create are needed, people of the type of the mayor of Easter Island He was certainly not a Po [...]

    22. Inga on said:

      WHAT A BOOK Wow Absolute long time favorite Full of colonialist bravado, the author goes to a remote island to study it, convinces the locals he is a powerful wizard, with trickery and schemes, robs the locals blind of long term inherited stone statues they hid in the island s miles and miles of volcanic caves, gains access to those ancestral grave and treasure caves, and hauls them back to his home country Amazing asshole author from the era where research and archaeological theft were intertwi [...]

    23. Mario MJ Perron on said:

      Back I the days when libraries were the only source of getting information, I found a ragged and abused copy of this book in my high school s library As I was deep in my Jules Verne Arthur Conan Doyle phase, this adventure was exciting than anything I read in National Geographic It is written very vividly, which made it easy to dispel reality and become part of the adventures I ve always been fascinated by Easter Island and this story fuels that fascination It might be time to reread it.I wish [...]

    24. Cortney R on said:

      Another great adventure from Heyerdahl The history that he and his team uncover on Easter Island is truly remarkable One negative about the book is the author s relentless quest to obtain stone carvings from the natives hidden family caves He justifies it by supposing that they will eventually sell the carvings to private collectors for money or they will be lost forever, as the caves are well hidden and only one family member at a time knows the location It seems he uses his influence and the n [...]

    25. John on said:

      As I understand it, much of the anthropological theory in this book has since been disproven However, to be honest, those aren t really the legs this book stands on The book itself makes this clear, referring to Heyerdahl s scientific publications for the nitty gritty.What this is is a great series of adventures about an explorer s time in an exotic place, and with an unfamiliar people Heyerdahl s writing is full of character, and makes it easy to imagine being there with his crew It would be al [...]

    26. Tom Schulte on said:

      Thor strikes me as the closest thing we have had to an Indiana Jones adventurer scholar, like Harry Houdini strikes me as the closest thing to a superhero These chronicles of exploring the truth behind mysterious Easter Island, or Rapa Nui meaning Great Rapa, read as much like adventure as they do scholarship Secret caves, superstition, and wizardry read with as much drama and tension as there is in enlightenment coming from the archaeology, rongo rong, and top knots and burial spaces of the lon [...]

    27. Erik Graff on said:

      Having read Heyerdahl s Kon Tiki prior to visiting the Norwegian side of our family in sixty two, I read Aku Aku sometime after returning and having seen the Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo Unlike Kon Tiki, which is primarily a travel adventure book Heyerdahl saved the serious stuff for journal articles , Aku Aku is an archaeological work written for the general public Like Kon Tiki, however, the underlying thesis is that there was prehistoric intercourse between South America and Polynesia and the arc [...]

    28. Anna Dragula on said:

      This book seemed endless I m not keen on non fiction adventure stories and the book found me accidently If I didn t respect the person who gave me it, I wouldn t read it up till the end I fell asleep all the time reading it.I won t say that Thor Heyerdahl is a great story teller and this is a main reason why I gave the book 3 , but in general it was interesting to learn the origin of Easter s island statues and methods of setting them, and, to my mind, it seems convincing, although by now, there [...]

    29. Maria on said:

      A must read if you plan to visit Easter Island You may not agree with his theory about the origin of the original Easter Islanders, but it s a fascinating read and superbly captures the mystery that surrounds the Island The conjectures about the beginning of the Island s civilisation s it s subsequent destruction and decline is very absorbing He also captures very well the recent history of the Island and it s native inhabitants Reading it will give you a fantastic appreciation for the enigma t [...]

    30. Dru on said:

      Really a brilliant work for anyone with the sort of life long fascination with Easter Island that I have had A visit there is on my bucket list, so there s my bias Truly the most fascinating part of this work has to be how Thor Heyerdahl eventually gains the trust and confidence of the islanders and is shown many of the secrets, such as their caves and their method of putting the topknots on top of the Moai.It is a wonderful read, and just really one of the cornerstones of knowledge of this litt [...]

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