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Jazz By Toni Morrison Jazz In the winter of when everybody everywhere sees nothing but good things ahead Joe Trace middle aged door to door salesman of Cleopatra beauty products shoots his teenage lover to death At the

  • Title: Jazz
  • Author: Toni Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780452269651
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jazz By Toni Morrison In the winter of 1926, when everybody everywhere sees nothing but good things ahead, Joe Trace, middle aged door to door salesman of Cleopatra beauty products, shoots his teenage lover to death At the funeral, Joe s wife, Violet, attacks the girl s corpse This passionate, profound story of love and obsession brings us back and forth in time, as a narrative is assembled fIn the winter of 1926, when everybody everywhere sees nothing but good things ahead, Joe Trace, middle aged door to door salesman of Cleopatra beauty products, shoots his teenage lover to death At the funeral, Joe s wife, Violet, attacks the girl s corpse This passionate, profound story of love and obsession brings us back and forth in time, as a narrative is assembled from the emotions, hopes, fears, and deep realities of black urban life.
    Jazz By Toni Morrison

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    One thought on “Jazz

    1. Candi on said:

      2 stars I m crazy about this City Daylight slants like a razor cutting the buildings in half In the top half I see looking faces and it s not easy to tell which are people, which the work of stonemasons Below is a shadow where any blas thing takes place clarinets and lovemaking, fists and the voices of sorrowful women A city like this one makes me dream tall and feel in on things Oh, how I adore the lyricism of Toni Morrison I have had Jazz on my shelf for quite some time now, and following my a [...]

    2. mark monday on said:

      got lost in all the lovely words, loved getting lost minor note but major emotions narrative glides down perfect prose pathways and through poetic passages to different destinations, into one mind and out of another, into many minds, past future past future, man who knows where the next road goes, probably somewhere bad, tragedy and bloodshed and murder and all kinds of fucked up and twisted emotions, but it all reads so pretty can I understand such things I don t know but I can try this is a hi [...]

    3. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      155 Jazz, Toni MorrisonJazz is a 1992 historical novel by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning American author Toni Morrison The majority of the narrative takes place in Harlem during the 1920s however, as the pasts of the various characters are explored, the narrative extends back to the mid 19th century American South The novel forms the second part of Morrison s Dantesque trilogy on African American history, beginning with Beloved 1987 and ending with Paradise 1997 2002 1379 240 9646191444 20

    4. Rowena on said:

      I m crazy about this City Daylight slants like a razor cutting the buildings in half In the top half I see looking faces and it s not easy to tell which are people, which the work of stonemasons Below is shadow were any blas thing takes place clarinets and lovemaking, fists and the voices of sorrowful women A city like this one makes me dream tall and feel in on things Hep It s the bright steel rocking above the shade below that does it Toni Morrison, JazzWynston Marsalis said, Jazz is a convers [...]

    5. Zanna on said:

      The music happens in the background while the folks are front and centre, every blemish inside and out on view, though modestly shaded and wrapped in gentlest understanding Part of that understanding is history, not excavated, but unfurled or traced carefully with one finger, because it is still alive and hurting Kinship structures the story, which curls around time, helical, branching it is a sinewy vine, hacked at in places yet blossoming out, covering itself with fresh, lush, resurgent life A [...]

    6. brian on said:

      jazz the 3rd morrison in my plan to knock em all out over the next month or so significantly weaker than the other two i ve read, but still it s almost a shame that morrison writes about such incendiary and zeitgeisty stuff as you pull back much of the mostly nonsensical cultural criticism that surrounds her, her work, and her readers and she s just a first class storyteller just a great, great writer amongst all the tragedy and despair, there s a joyfulness in the work and, for me, one that ove [...]

    7. Ems Dawson on said:

      One of my favorite books of all time I was lucky enough to study this book during 6th form college with a good teacher Instead of butchering its beauty she illuminated it leading us through the complex prose their beauty all appreciated due to a deeper level of understanding and highlighting some of the obscure elements that might have gone unnoticed or perhaps not understood.At 16, though not niave, I was perhaps unaware of the many elements and angles of understanding related to racism, esp [...]

    8. Oscar Calva on said:

      Before my review, some random thoughts on some jazz albums in my collection I love sixties jazz and I m undecided if Blue Train or A Love Supreme is my favorite Coltrane album he s definitely my favorite jazz musician , and I m not going to enter the tired discussion if the latter or Miles Kind of Blue is the greatest jazz album ever recorded However there are two very dear gems in my collection that usually are not mentioned when discussing the top 10 albums of all time One of them Monk s Dream [...]

    9. Momina Masood on said:

      We born around the same time, me and you, said Violet We women, me and you Tell me something real Don t just say I m grown and ought to know I don t I m fifty and I don t know nothing What about it Do I stay with him I want to, I think I want well, I didn t always now I want I want some fat in this life Wake up Fat or lean, you got just one This is it You don t know either, do you I know enough to know how to behave Is that it Is that all it is Perhaps, someone can help me with this, but despite [...]

    10. Sandi on said:

      I like Toni Morrison Beloved is one of my top 10 favorite books of all time My first Morrison, The Bluest Eye, took me by surprise with it s power I appreciated the rhythm of Jazz, but couldn t connect to the story.

    11. Inderjit Sanghera on said:

      An unmistakable musical cadence echoes through the voices of the various narrators of Jazz the ebb and flow of the narration reverberating with the tempo and intonation of the inner lives of the characters, from the violent romanticism of Joe, the vituperation of Violet or the hopeful lyricism of Dorcas, Morrison imbues the characters with their own inner voice, as each of them tells the story of Joe Crace and his affair with Dorcas and his eventual murder of her.Morrison explores the post slave [...]

    12. Robert Case on said:

      Jazz is a historical novel told in many voices It is set in Harlem during the Jazz Age and tells the story of a long term relationship between a husband and wife that is in deep trouble In lyrical prose the reader learns that the husband s young lover is already dead Violet, his wife narrates She explains how indifferent they are towards each other, her love for the City, her disdain for the dead woman, and how it was that she came to disfigure the young woman s corpse with a knife at the funera [...]

    13. Tim on said:

      Anyone who has been through adversity knows the view It s that view of life stripped down to nothing but the basic All you re left with is your breath, and sometimes that feels like it s slipping away But you still have something, even if it s ugly, even if it has no map, even if no one cares What happens next is a choice You can choose to take the basics of life that are left and build around them What you weave becomes something on your terms Why else does adversity create some of the best art [...]

    14. Maggie Campbell on said:

      d when she got back to her apartment she took the birds from their cages and set them out the windows to freeze or fly, including the parrot that said, I love you Maybe she thought she could solve the mystery of love that way Good luck and let me know you have to be clever to figure out how to be welcoming and defensive at the same time When to love something and when to quit If you don t know how, you can end up out of control or controlled by some outside thing You are there, it says, because [...]

    15. Daniel Clausen on said:

      It s a mature book in every way Perhaps older and less ambitious than Beloved or other of Toni Morrison s books The maturity really shines in the later chapters where we get to know the narrator and the relationship between Joe and Violent in depth We don t need an explosive end, only to know that life moves on in rhythms and rhymes we as authors and readers don t completely understand I was convinced that the narrator was another personality of Violet that the narrator lived in That other Viol [...]

    16. Joni Schers on said:

      Synopsis Joe shoots his 18 year old girlfriend Dorcas in the shoulder at a party because she is dancing with another man after she has told him she is not interested in him any The latter refuses help and bleeds to death Joe s wife, Violet, goes to the funeral and mutilates the corpse with a knife after which she is nicknamed Violent.Violet starts visiting Dorcas s aunt Alice, and surprisingly, the two women become friends, bonding over a shared tragedy The reader learns about both Joe and Viol [...]

    17. Trudy on said:

      Audio version I listened to this book once and then immediately began again I loved Toni s voice and the good jazz music infused through the novel, however that is only part of my reason for rereading I needed to listen twice to even begin to comprehend the depth of the issues presented here I read this book as a young woman , but did not understand it at all and as a result found it very difficult to read Even now, it is not an easy read, an extremely beautiful read, but not easy.The theme of J [...]

    18. Alex on said:

      Toni Morrison wrote a trilogy exploring African American history through three crucial periods The brilliant Beloved was in slavery times The third book, Paradise, I don t know about 50s I haven t read it yet And Jazz tackles the Harlem Renaissance, which is very exciting to me because that was an awesome time and place.My issue is that it doesn t actually spend very much time in Harlem in the 20s Morrison is interested in the Great Migration the process by which all these black people ended up [...]

    19. Hollis on said:

      Just as Beloved dealt with maternal love, in this work Morrison turns to jealousy and romantic love and produces another brilliant novel poetic, vivid, sensual Looking at the negative comments that some of the reviewers have given I think they mainly boil down to the effect that Morrison is difficult to read If you re not willing to put in some effort and to actually use your imagination, then you had better return this to the book store and swap it for that Stephen King novel you had your eyes [...]

    20. Benjamin Rathbone on said:

      A whole world is born in the first paragraph of Jazz It breathes in and breathes out, rippling the edges of you with a gust of unrelenting force, and then you re there.

    21. El on said:

      Here we have a rather twisted love triangle consisting of Joe and Joe s wife, Violet often referred to as Violent due to some of her actions , and Joe s young lover, Dorcas The narrative has to do with jazz than the actual story, in that it flows musically yet discordantly at times , reminiscent of jazz blues music Jumping from 1920s Harlem to the antebellum South, there is an exceptional amount of history in this rather small book.I felt rather disconnected from the story itself, never feeling [...]

    22. Holly on said:

      SPOILERSOverview Joe Trace is a middle aged married man Violet, wife who has an affair with an 18 year old Dorkas and shoots her over anguish of her breaking up with him Characters The first half of the book looked at Violet and touched on the affair and general growing up aspects in what I would call a simple to read type writing However, the second half of the book was almost written by a different author I actually had to read 10% of the book again because I had difficulty understanding Trueb [...]

    23. Iffat on said:

      If the written word was a religion, reading Toni Morrison would be right up there as an experience in Divinity Not a lightning flashing thunder booming experience but a sit up straight and question your own humanity experience And Jazz is another one of those experiences Makes you question your stance on relationships, especially romantic ones Through a series of mistakes that inter connected characters make, it s hard not to draw parallels with your own life, with that girl next door s life And [...]

    24. Ivana Books Are Magic on said:

      Jazz by Toni Morrisson is an amazingly profound novel, beautifully written and masterfully constructedIt is full of mystery, meaning and perplexity It is just as haunting, sad, powerful and tragic as Beloved was It is a magical and unique as the genre of music it was named after What an amazing novel it truly is This novel had me at its foreword in edition I read there was this fascinating foreword written by Morrison herself in which she compared novel with jazz music.Think of this Who could ma [...]

    25. Scott on said:

      My 18 year old son asked me what my favorite book is I responded as I have to this question when put to me for the past 20 years Jazz, by Toni Morrison His is The Great Gatsby I told him that I really did not like Gatsby This got me thinking I read Gatsby in high school, over 30 years ago Would my impressions stay the same over time I have never reread a book life is too short and there is too much to read as it is Since they are short books, I reread both First, Gatsby My impressions were exact [...]

    26. Anne on said:

      Jazz is one of the books I can t leave alone long enough to forget it before I must read it again the only way I can break the habit is to give it away to someone and then not buy a copy until I just can t wait any For my money the peak of Morrison s fiction to date,Jazz is in large part about unlikely human relationships and the unexpected ways we touch and are touched by others Middle aged salesman Joe Trace s affair with teen Dorcas ends in him murdering her, but this is only the beginning of [...]

    27. Guille on said:

      Desde el primer momento not que a la novela le deb a de estar cayendo muy bien porque era digno de encomio el esfuerzo que estaba realizando por gustarme y mantenerme a su lado Yo me dejaba querer intentando que no se me notara mucho lo encantado que estaba de haberla conocido, no fuera a ser que bajara su solicitud hacia mi persona Paseamos mucho por esa ciudad suya me present a negros y a negras de interesantes a muy interesantes me cont muchas historias tristes, alguna alegre y tambi n brutal [...]

    28. Roger DeBlanck on said:

      Jazz is perhaps Morrison s most unique and elusive novel Nearly five years after winning the Pulitzer for Beloved and a year before she received the Nobel Prize, Jazz was published in 1992 The novel solidified Morrison s reputation as a writer whose daring has no bounds In this story, she offers readers a maze of narratives that branch out, but always remain connected like a tree Alternating between the country and the city and between the past and the present, Jazz tells the story of Joe and Vi [...]

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