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Beyond the Blue Event Horizon

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon By Frederik Pohl Beyond the Blue Event Horizon In Book Two of the Heechee Saga Robinette Broadhead is on his way to making a fortune by bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory a Heechee spaceship that can graze the cometary cloud and transf

  • Title: Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
  • Author: Frederik Pohl
  • ISBN: 9780345446671
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond the Blue Event Horizon By Frederik Pohl In Book Two of the Heechee Saga, Robinette Broadhead is on his way to making a fortune by bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory a Heechee spaceship that can graze the cometary cloud and transfor the basic elements of the universe into untold quantities of food But even as he gambles on the breakthrough technology, he is wracked with the guilt of losing his wife,In Book Two of the Heechee Saga, Robinette Broadhead is on his way to making a fortune by bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory a Heechee spaceship that can graze the cometary cloud and transfor the basic elements of the universe into untold quantities of food But even as he gambles on the breakthrough technology, he is wracked with the guilt of losing his wife, poised forever at the event horizon of a black hole where Robin had abaondoned her As and information comes back from the expedition, Robin grows ever hopeful that he can rescue his beloved Gelle Klara Moynlin After three and a years, the factory is discovered to work, and a human is found aboard Robin s suffering may be just about overE HEECHEE SAGABook One GatewayBook Two Beyond the Blue Event HorizonBook Three Heechee RendezvousBook Four The Annals of the HeecheeFrom the Paperback edition.
    Beyond the Blue Event Horizon By Frederik Pohl

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    • [PDF] Beyond the Blue Event Horizon | by Õ Frederik Pohl
      283 Frederik Pohl

    One thought on “Beyond the Blue Event Horizon

    1. Gavin on said:

      Beyond the Blue Event Horizon was a solid sequel to Gateway Frederik Pohl s engaging writing style makes it easy for the reader to get caught up in the stories of his characters even when those characters themselves are not the most likeable Robinette Broadhead struck it rich in his time as a Gateway prospector but is still suffering from the feelings of guilt at how his last mission ended He no longer goes on Gateway missions himself but has sponsored many other adventurers One such group is a [...]

    2. Sub_zero on said:

      En P rtico, aprendimos que la humanidad ha dado un salto tecnol gico tan espectacular como fortuito gracias a los artefactos que una antigua y ya desaparecida civilizaci n alien gena los Heechee ha dejado a su paso por nuestro sistema solar El nico inconveniente es que la utilidad de estos hallazgos escapa por completo a nuestra comprensi n y su empleo conlleva una serie de riesgos que resultan letales en la mayor a de casos No obstante, empujadas por las precarias condiciones en que se halla la [...]

    3. Wanda on said:

      The story begins when the hero of Gateway finances an expedition to a distant alien spaceship that may end famine forever On the ship, the explorers find a human boy, and evidence that reveals a powerful alien civilization is thriving on a transport ship headed right for Earth Beyond the blue horizonWaits a beautiful day.Goodbye to things that bore me.Joy is waiting for me.I see a new horizon.My life has only begun.Beyond the blue horizon lies a rising sun Beyond the Blue Horizon, Jeanette MacDo [...]

    4. Alina on said:

      Totally loved it Lots of questions from Gateway are answered here, but in the end you have a lot a brand new ones I m looking forward to find out about Heechee.P.S Glad to see that Rob has become a much likeable and mature character.

    5. Marvin on said:

      Not nearly the equivalent of Gateway but that would be like asking Ken Jennings to win 74 Jeopardy games in a row Oh Yeah He did that.Speaking of Jeopardy, back in the 80 s I was browsing through the credits of the TV game show and noticed that one of the show writers was Frederik Pohl OMG I thought, I didn t actually think OMG The internet was still in its infantry and so was internet speak He s writing questions on a game show now I knew Sci fi writers didn t make much money but Damn A year la [...]

    6. César Bustíos on said:

      Ha sido casi tan bueno como P rtico, los ltimos cap tulos del libro se vuelven emocionantes y termin d ndole un 4 Robin, ahora millonario por los eventos ocurridos en el primer libro, financia una expedici n a una nave Heechee que funciona como una Factor a Alimentaria En este segundo libro se dan a conocer nuevas cosas sobre los Heechees y tambi n sobre los motivos por los que Robin inici la expedici n en primera instancia Es, sin duda, un gran libro Pohl es un maestro de la ciencia ficci n Est [...]

    7. Tobin Elliott on said:

      If the whole book had been written like the last couple of chapters, this would have been a five star rating.Unfortunately, the first three quarters, while having the odd flash of entertainment, was reasonably boring Even if Pohl had gone for of a Ringworld type feel, with uncertain explorers discovering new and exciting things Yes There was a bit of that, including the revelation of the Heechee prayer fans, but overall, it felt mostly stilted and dull.And there was, like Gateway before it, an [...]

    8. Oscar on said:

      La historia, continuaci n de esa obra maestra que es P rtico , tiene dos escenarios Por un lado tenemos a Robin Broadhead, el que fuera protagonista de P rtico , que financia una expedici n hacia un artefacto Heechee, la F brica Alimentaria, que se encuentra en la nube de Oort, capaz de transformar ciertos elementos del universo en alimentos Su intenci n es utilizarla para acabar con el hambre en la Tierra Y por otro lado, est la propia expedici n y sus miembros, que llevan viajando tres a os y [...]

    9. Jeraviz on said:

      Es muy dif cil hacer una continuaci n de una gran libro como es P rtico, pero Frederik Pohl hace un digno trabajo en esta segunda parte Contin a con las tesis principales que plantea en el primer tomo y gracias a que el punto de vista va cambiando nos permite conocer m s detalles de los Heechee y de su tecnolog a Tambi n sabemos m s sobre el protagonista, quien tiene una evoluci n del primer al segundo libro muy interesante.Y el elemento estrella vuelve a ser los programas inform ticos que ayuda [...]

    10. Kevin on said:

      This is re read for me I first read the novel when it came out and I was barely an adult At the time I thought it was the middle book of a trilogy and that the story suffered a bit for it, but now we know there were to be five books in this series and I have no idea why I ever thought it had middle volume syndrome It s quite immersive The character motivations make a good deal sense reading it now from a mature perspective The novel is far upbeat than Gateway, thus far enjoyable to me, but I [...]

    11. Tomislav on said:

      This book is part of a series Gateway 1977 Beyond the Blue Event Horizon 1980 Heechee Rendezvous 1984 The Annals of the Heechee 1987 The Boy Who Would Live Forever A Novel of Gateway 2004 The Gateway Trip 1990 collection of short storiesI ve read this now for the second time after about 33 years Other than the very memorable Wan, a boy raised alone on board the Heechee Food Factory in the Oort Cloud, I had forgotten nearly everything about this sequel to Pohl s Gateway.This is concept driven sci [...]

    12. Rob on said:

      I guess you could say Pohl took a bit conventional approach in writing Beyond the Blue Events Horizon It makes the book less groundbreaking than Gateway was and probably is part of the reason why it didn t win any of the awards it was nominated for The scope of it is obviously much wider too, and the many switches in point of view makes it appear a bit less structured than its predecessor If you view the story as the unveiling of part of a mystery, it makes than enough sense to me In the end I [...]

    13. Olethros on said:

      P rtico no deber a haber tenido secuelas para pasar a la historia como una novela todav a m s grande de lo que ya es G nero Ciencia Ficci n Lo que nos cuenta Robinette Broadhead es un hombre potentado con unas inversiones muy s lidas pero sigue abierto a enriquecer su fortuna y, en el fondo, sigue amando a Klara y su recuerdo no le abandona Cuando decide financiar una expedici n a la Factor a Alimentaria heechee situada en la nube de Oort, desencadena una serie de acontecimientos de consecuencia [...]

    14. tENTATIVELY, cONVENIENCE on said:

      review of Frederik Pohl s Beyond the Blue Event Horizon by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE July 6, 2015 I read Pohl s Gateway 1st in this Heechee Saga My review s here book show 15 I m somewhat surprised to see that I read it 3 yrs ago That s one of those time flies when you re not having fun just getting older thingies Skimming over my Gateway review I think I was impressed by that one than I was by this sequel wch isn t to say that I thought this was bad , it just didn t seem quite as inspired One [...]

    15. Alx_zero on said:

      Si P rtico funcionaba muy bien apelando al sentido de la maravilla con esa civilizaci n del todo desconocida, esta segunda parte parece aportar algo de luz a los misterios Continuamos con nuestro protagonista y a adimo unos nuevos que nos ayudan a profundizar en la misteriosa civilizaci n Heeche Si algo se le da bien a Frederik Pohl en esta saga es su capacidad de hacernos elucubrar e imaginar Porque realmente, si hay alguna respuesta, esta apenas se esboza y casi se deja para el siguiente libro [...]

    16. Elar on said:

      A little bit slower paced and philosophical than first book in the series Fortunately readers learn many new details about ancient Heechees.

    17. Rafal Jasinski on said:

      Drugi tom cyklu Gateway zaczyna si r wnie smakowicie, jak wst p do pierwszego odcinka drugiego sezonu serialu LOST a co najwa niejsze ma podobn struktur i impakt W pierwszej cz ci serii postawiono mas pyta , tu ju na samym pocz tku poznajemy trzymaj c si lostowej analogii mieszka ca bunkra , czyli mamy typowo hitchcockowskie t pni cie, nast pnie poznajemy kilku nowych, jak e interesuj cych bohater w, po czym akcja licznie zaz bia si z wydarzeniami z pierwszego Gateway i na scen powraca ten sam a [...]

    18. Ali Berk Çetinbudaklar on said:

      4,5 5Pohl un klasik Hi i serisinin 2 kitab 1 kitaptan farkl olarak bu kitab daha iyi buldum denebilir 1 kitaptaki az biraz Uzayda ge en Uzayda Piknik hissini al yordunuz Asl nda 2tab okuyunca 1 kitab n biraz daha giri b l m oldu u, bu ilham k sm n nda temelleri olu tururken fazlaca kullan ld anla l yor 2 kitaba gelindi inde art k bunu kabullenmi oluyor ve bunun st ne as l hikayeye girmeye ba l yoruz Ama o da ne Pohl bizi bu kitapta a rtarak 1 kitaptan beri gizemlerinin z lmesini iple ekti imiz H [...]

    19. Matthew on said:

      Frederik Pohl delves deeper into his world of the Heechee as the humans come closer to making first contact He expands upon futuristic notions of advanced artificial intelligence and technologies we have discovered but are yet to fully understand He begins to reveal explanations for some of the mysteries first introduced in Gateway, though obviously bordering on fantasy as much as any sci fi does.He further explores the human condition through our protagonist Robin Broadhead, torn between love p [...]

    20. Coyle on said:

      The sequel to Gateway, I think Pohl has done a much better job with this one Of course, I have issues with books that leave all kinds of questions unanswered anyway, which Gateway did In this book many of the questions left dangling are answered in the first book, even if only in summary form and in ways that raise all new questions So, I guess I ll have to read the third book Sigh Overall there s a solid plot with interesting themes and characters, well worth a look to those who like Sci Fi.

    21. Bob Kenobi on said:

      The Heechee setting keeps being fascinating All the technology and contacts with the lost civilization are extraordinary and highly immaginative The background story with Robinette and the Herber family keeps being repetitive and a bit boring sometimes, but it is a nice counterpart of the exciting discoveries from the Heechee.And having Albert Einstein as a scientific adviser is genius Will keep reading the saga for sure.

    22. Shannon on said:

      There s plenty of drama and action in this sequel, though it s not done as subtly and elegantly as the story in Gateway There are a lot of answers about the mysterious Heechee civilization in this novel, though there are almost as many questions by the end Great second installment of the series it should be fun to continue the story in the next book.

    23. Oliver Wilson on said:

      Given the riotous success of Gateway, I was surprised at how difficult it was to get a copy of this, the sequel it s basically out of print.Having found a second hand copy, the reason became clear this book is a feeble shadow of its predecessor Terribly disappointing, avoid.

    24. Sadie on said:

      Ah, yes, this book is terrible in a very good and cheesey way I had to read it Gateway was my gateway and I just wanted to know what on earth Pohl would do next.This story would probably blow the mind of a 15 year old boy, but alas, it just seemed a wee bit overdone Go Heechees

    25. Brent Ecenbarger on said:

      This is the sequel to Gateway a book that I thought had some really interesting ideas about some uninteresting and unlikable characters That book ended spoiler alert with Robinette Broadhead being the lone survivor of a mission of ten people with the other nine being sucked into a black hole and Broadhead feeling guilty over the loss of his lover most of all Beyond the Blue Event Horizon picks up several years later, with Broadhead being very wealthy and no longer going on Heechee missions himse [...]

    26. Stephen Dorneman on said:

      Although this second book in the Heechee Saga is well written as you might expect from an SF Grandmaster , and chock full of revelations about the mysterious alien Heechee and their technology, human struggles to learn that information and to survive, man machine relationships, and a whole lot , it may be overly full, and because of that, I m not sure I ll continue reading the rest of the series Perhaps there were too many alien advances and their technology too easily deciphered by mankind for [...]

    27. Florin Constantinescu on said:

      This is a loose sequel to Gateway , in that the plot does not necessarily follow the mostly solved events of previous book, but rather starts something new.The something new is not something that good or interesting, but the return of Gateway s main character and his computer albeit in secondary roles this time are worthy read.What really saves this book though is the revelation towards the end about the possible fate of the Heechee That surely kept me interested in the series and went on readin [...]

    28. Andy Goldman on said:

      This has always been a frustrating read for me, and this latest read through was no different It drags and most of the characters are not likable The best bits for me are anything involving S Ya, Robin, and the Albert Einstein program, and these are the sections that move the greater Heechee story forward and deal with the biggest sci fi what ifs IIRC from my many years ago last reading, this book is important as a stepping stone to book 3, but next time I re read, I might skip this one.

    29. Gfec on said:

      3 hard stars as a sci fi a little out of date PC technologies programming in context of their using in future, controversal overdone but impressing themes about Heeches and universe, also merchandise aspects typical for Pohl books , 4 pale stars for concept, ideas with love, sex in space exploration expedition parts, resum 3,75 4 in time of editing,comparing to these days hard sci fi books leaning to 3

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