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Love in a Cold Climate

Love in a Cold Climate By Nancy Mitford Love in a Cold Climate Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereOne of Nancy Mitford s most beloved novels Love in a Cold Climate is a sparkling romantic comedy that vividly evokes the lost glamour of a

  • Title: Love in a Cold Climate
  • Author: Nancy Mitford
  • ISBN: 9780140009842
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love in a Cold Climate By Nancy Mitford Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereOne of Nancy Mitford s most beloved novels, Love in a Cold Climate is a sparkling romantic comedy that vividly evokes the lost glamour of aristocratic life in England between the wars.Polly Hampton has long been groomed for the perfect marriage by her mother, the fearsome and ambitious Lady Montdore But Polly,Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereOne of Nancy Mitford s most beloved novels, Love in a Cold Climate is a sparkling romantic comedy that vividly evokes the lost glamour of aristocratic life in England between the wars.Polly Hampton has long been groomed for the perfect marriage by her mother, the fearsome and ambitious Lady Montdore But Polly, with her stunning good looks and impeccable connections, is bored by the monotony of her glittering debut season in London Having just come from India, where her father served as Viceroy, she claims to have hoped that society in a colder climate would be less obsessed with love affairs The apparently aloof and indifferent Polly has a long held secret, however, one that leads to the shattering of her mother s dreams and her own disinheritance When an elderly duke begins pursuing the disgraced Polly and a callow potential heir curries favor with her parents, nothing goes as expected, but in the end all find happiness in their own unconventional ways.
    Love in a Cold Climate By Nancy Mitford

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      216 Nancy Mitford

    One thought on “Love in a Cold Climate

    1. Duane on said:

      This 1949 farcical tale by Mitford is a riot This group of wealthy British aristocrats who view themselves as the pinnacle of society, who have everything they could possible want, except maybe some common sense, or any sense at all for that matter, live only to gossip about their set, their affairs, their balls, etc Even Fanny, the narrator, whom the reader comes to rely on as the only somewhat normal character, seems totally invested in the daily events of these silly people I can see how this [...]

    2. Donald on said:

      When the loo paper gets thicker and the writing paper gets thinner, it s always a bad sign at home Nancy Mitford, Love in a Cold Climate, Hamish Hamilton, 1949 It is pretty standard, nowadays, to denigrate her as frivolous and out of touch, but I ve always had a sneaking liking for Nancy Mitford, easily the loveliest of the Mitford sisters Conventional modern Britain has obviously lost sight of a lot of the values that underly her books and are no longer valued in a country where Mr Blair and th [...]

    3. Algernon on said:

      7 10 In the introduction to the novel, Alan Cummings remarks on the fascination exercited by Nancy Mitford writing, as she is throwing open the door at the zoo and letting us watch the animals She is an insider in the exclusive circles of Britain s high society, she knows all the dirty little secrets and she has the wit, the talent to make us laugh out loud at their antics What attracted me most though about her first book in this Radlett Montdore setting is the human frailty and the limitations [...]

    4. Beejay on said:

      Why have I waited so long in my life to read this wonderful little gem It s just so delicious, a pure delight A comment on the back cover says it is a wickedly funny satire, brilliantly lampooning upper class society They don t mention that you will laugh out loud on public transport while reading it, or that you are torn between racing through this confection at high speed it or devouring it slowly to savour and enjoy every little morsel Highly recommended reading, and I look forward to follow [...]

    5. Ailsa on said:

      Preferred The Pursuit of Love Will continue with Don t Tell Alfred and The Blessing It was a favourite superstition of Uncle Matthew s that if you wrote somebody s name on a piece of paper and put it in a drawer, that person would die within a year The drawers at Alconleigh were full of little slips bearing the names of those whom my uncle wanted out of the way, private hates of his and various public figures such as Bernard Shaw, de Valera, Gandhi, Lloyd George, and the Kaiser, while every sing [...]

    6. Kirsten on said:

      A wonderful book full of completely eccentric characters I just love it Years ago, I watched a Masterpiece Theater adaptation of this book and just loved it But, it was years ago and all I remember was I laughed and laughed.This book was full of the wonderfully eccentric characters that you found in the aristocratic, British upper class in pre , during, and post war England I really have to read all the rest of Nancy Mitford s books It s a wonderfully, delightful book and a lot of fun to read.

    7. Francene Carroll on said:

      I don t remember what I expected from this book but it definitely wasn t the biting social satire of upper class England in the 1930s that I found This book is hilarious and so well written There is a large cast of characters but they are each perfectly delineated and the wit is sparkling I love the narrator s snarky voice especially in the first half and they way the author makes you share Fanny s cynicism about everything she observes while at the same time understanding her fondness for the a [...]

    8. Sarah on said:

      Four and a half.Love, attraction and ageing are themes which Mitford explores with style and skill Eccentric behaviour and entitlement along with thoughtful and sensitive writing makes this a wonderfully engrossing read Thank you Mary for sending me this book which is full of sparkling, sharp wit

    9. Margaret on said:

      I have many times already sung the praises of Nancy Mitford She really is a gift to 20th century English writing, and I love her snarky, gossipy biographies Her novels are lightly fictionalized versions of her own life, and Love in a Cold Climate is no different Paralleling the events of The Pursuit of Love, Fanny narrates the life of her cousin Polly, lately returned from India where her father was Viceroy , who hopes that the cold climate of Britain will help her avoid tedious love affairs Cle [...]

    10. Luís C. on said:

      Love in a cold country is a curtain lifted on the large theater that was the world of the happy few of English high society of the 1930s.The female narrator Fanny, is a sort of poor relation, leading lady, who always had one foot in the world of the very select Hampton clan, family of very old stock, with all its noble districts, is that the main figure Lady Mondore , imperious woman, gossipy, tongue and to selfish monster Worldly salons, parties, bridges, searching for the right party courtesy [...]

    11. Cris Díaz on said:

      En algunos momentos el humor pasa de la iron a a la crueldad en segundos, pero no puedes evitar adorar esas l neas Mitford retrata una sociedad fr vola que afronta las cosas a su manera.Tan delicioso como el anterior Tocar ir a por el tercero

    12. Rebecca Foster on said:

      3.5 I didn t realize this 1949 novel is a sequel to The Pursuit of Love, so it took a while to figure out who all the characters were Fanny Logan is a cousin orbiting around Lord and Lady Montdore and their daughter Polly Hampton, all recently returned from some years in India Fanny marries an Oxford don, while Polly shocks everyone by eloping with her uncle by marriage, Boy Dougdale, a recent widower once known as the Lecherous Lecturer for interfering with little girls This hint of pedophilia [...]

    13. Jennifer on said:

      The first half of this book bored me nearly to tears, then I roared through the much enjoyable second half It is hilariously British, if you enjoy British wit and parlance Overall a charming, light read.

    14. Siria on said:

      Trashily enjoyable, Love in a Cold Climate casts a delightfully cold and acerbic eye over aristocratic English society in the 1930s, aided by Mitford s deft and often malicious way with characterisation I don t know that I would read much of her work Mitford is very much of her time with regards to certain, uh, social assumptions and stereotypes, and this is almost ridiculously frothy but as a once off read, it is a lot of fun.

    15. Lucrezia on said:

      L arte della ripicca non sempre va a buon fine.Di sicuro non in questo libro dove la debuttante Polly cerca di metterla cordialmente in quel posto a sua madre ma in realt quella che poi si ritrova fregata lei.Totalmente scalzata dal Cugino Cedric che pur non essendo bello come lei ha qualcosa che a lei manca totalmente come la Personalit.Non mi sento di dire altro se non che gli inglesi hanno una maniera di scrivere che mi fa sentire a casa.

    16. Bettie☯ on said:

      a fluff, a something of nothing, that is so very dated and non funny.

    17. J. on said:

      Once you invest the fifteen minutes that it takes to get through the setup for this book, Mitford s Pursuit Of Love, you ll have certain expectations for what is to follow in this episode Almost certainly in Love In A Cold Climate we ll see the mockingly entitled young set getting their comeuppances, and as it happens, things go fairly cold, fairly quickly Like those Sunday buffet breakfasts in the Morning Room, once the paraffin warmers are used up.I was hanging about, as one does at house part [...]

    18. Donna LaValley on said:

      This funny book had a slow start but soon had me laughing and looking for someone to read the good lines to However, that someone has to like wry or oblique British humor, and pick up on the tatters of British aristocratic snobbery.As in many humorous stories, there are stereotypes as well as full characters, all to the good.On the second page, narrator Fanny states that the Hampton family is of stupendous antiquity, a beautiful choice of words with which to lead off the satire In this tale, Pol [...]

    19. Courtney on said:

      Didn t care for this very much Fanny s amusing, eccentric relatives leavened the whole, reminding me of the characters of Shaw s Heartbreak House or Kaufman Hart s You Can t Take it With You, but as the focus of the novel is on Lord and Lady Montdore s family, they aren t enough to rescue it entirely Polly is no better than a cardboard cutout during the first part of the book she only begins to have any depth by becoming an embittered shrew towards the novel s end Lady Montdore has the same snob [...]

    20. Carol Storm on said:

      Such a disappointment I had been hearing about the glamorous, scandalous, sexy Mitford sisters for years Jessica the fiery and sexy Communist, Unity the glamorous and sexy she Nazi, Diana the sleek and sexy fascist, Debo the demure and sexy duchess, and last but not least Nancy the sly and sexy writer of satirical novels So when I got the chance at last to read LOVE IN A COLD CLIMATE I was expecting something like the sisters themselves were supposed to be sly and sexy, elegant and aristocratic. [...]

    21. Ruth on said:

      This is may favourite Nancy Mitord novel I may have only read two including this one but that is beside the point It is just funny I continue to love the eccentric Uncle Matthew He is wonderful It was a favourite superstition of Uncle Matthew s that if you wrote somebody s name on a piece of paper and put it in a drawer, that person would die within a year The drawers at Alconleigh were full of little slips bearing the names of those whom my uncle wanted out of the way, private hates of his and [...]

    22. Barksdale Penick on said:

      For years this book sat on the bookshelf in my house, and for some reason thought it was probably a better book than The Pursuit of Love, the predecessor to Love in a Cold Climate But it isn t The charming wackiness of the first book wears a little thin, and the Montfords just aren t very interesting Polly is boring, and her marriage is pointless except as a poison dart shot at her mother Cedric, the distant cousin who will inherit all, appears late in the book and while he charms everyone he me [...]

    23. Paul Gaya Ochieng Simeon Juma on said:

      Love in a Cold War by Nancy Mitford is a narrated by Fanny She is the closest friend to Polly Montford It is based at a time when the society cared for nothing but marriage Women were never trained in anything other than marriage Unfortunately, the people are so cynical about love They are quick to criticize the matches that are joined together in holy matrimony The most criticized is Polly s match to Boy Dougdale, a lecturer at Oxford University But she defies the odds, and even going against [...]

    24. NobilisGughy on said:

      Freddo s , ma british.Commedia traboccante di sottile ironia, squisitamente pungente e cinica, alla maniera inglese Uno sguardo sugli intrighi e i pettegolezzi del bel mondo, inconsapevole del suo tramonto e, per questo, irresistibile.

    25. Liina Bachmann on said:

      Fluffy and light like a Victoria sponge cake First part was rather a page turner, second not so much dragged and no plot twists Overall, did not disappoint, though I enjoyed The Pursut Of Love .

    26. Lisa on said:

      I had mixed feelings about this book Although I enjoyed the minor characters of Davey and the Radcliffe s, I found the central characters dull plodding The plot felt thin predictable I kept waiting for something of substance.

    27. Lea on said:

      This is really so dark, and yet Nancy Mitford makes it all sound like a frothy comedy, I don t know how she does it Quite genius I ve only read 3 Nancy Mitford books so far, but I can already say that she is one of my favourite authors.

    28. Courtney on said:

      FINALLY I felt like I was at the cusp of finishing this book forever because I kept being interrupted First of all I ve only just realised this is a companion novel to The Pursuit of Love, which makes me look a bit dumb but hey I only added this to my to read list because I liked the review of it on ABC s The Book Club and have some sort of misguided idea that I need to read classics Anyway, I m not sure that affected my reading experience at all Secondly, I feel like I have to say that I m rea [...]

    29. Jon on said:

      I normaly get really peeved when English books films of a certain period have to have everyone either talking with frightfully posh BBC plummy diologue or sterotypical cor blimey Guvnor Dick Van Dyke style fake cockney.The frightfully frightfully posh Aristocracy in the novel are really what makes it what it is though, and completely acceptable as a its written by an insider who was a Toff herself and daughter of a Baron so you can imagine she grew up in just such circumstances, b because its ta [...]

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