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The Tiger Rising

The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo The Tiger Rising The National Book Award finalist from the best selling author of BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE now in paperback Walking through the misty Florida woods one morning twelve year old Rob Horton is stunned to en

  • Title: The Tiger Rising
  • Author: Kate DiCamillo
  • ISBN: 9780763618988
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo The National Book Award finalist from the best selling author of BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE now in paperback Walking through the misty Florida woods one morning, twelve year old Rob Horton is stunned to encounter a tiger a real life, very large tiger pacing back and forth in a cage What s , on the same extraordinary day, he meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who shows herThe National Book Award finalist from the best selling author of BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE now in paperback Walking through the misty Florida woods one morning, twelve year old Rob Horton is stunned to encounter a tiger a real life, very large tiger pacing back and forth in a cage What s , on the same extraordinary day, he meets Sistine Bailey, a girl who shows her feelings as readily as Rob hides his As they learn to trust each other, and ultimately, to be friends, Rob and Sistine prove that some things like memories, and heartaches, and tigers can t be locked up forever.
    The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo

    The Tiger Rising DiCamillo, Kate The Tiger Rising is a book about a young boy named Rob Horton Whose life s off track because his mom just passed away and is stuck in a godawful hotel with his cantankerous father But one day he encounters a lonely tiger The Tiger Rising This is the film adaption of the popular kids novel The Tiger Rising It follows the story of Rob who meets troublesome Sistine and they find a tiger together. The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo The National Book Award finalist from the best selling author of Because of Winn Dixie now in paperback Walking through the misty Florida woods one morning, twelve year old Rob Horton is stunned to encounter a tiger a real life The Tiger Rising The Tiger Rising Kindle edition by DiCamillo, Kate The Tiger Rising is a book about friendship, growth, and trust The story contains two unemotional misfits with problems in their social lives that end up meeting and overcoming their problems They end up finding a tiger who brings them together on their journey to help free the tiger. The Tiger Rising Summary and Study Guide SuperSummary The Tiger Rising is a children s novel by two time Newbery Award medalist, Kate DiCamillo Published in , The Tiger Rising is DiCamillo s second book and was a National Book Award Finalist.

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    One thought on “The Tiger Rising

    1. Megan on said:

      Sometimes when I pick a read aloud for my students I have one student in mind who I hope it touches I was surprised by who connected to this short sad story Beatriz is not my class star She is not a trouble maker or time taker either She loved this book and today as I finished it and we spent sometime reflecting on it she surprised me by being the one student who really got that this story isn t really about a tiger They key word in the title is actually rising This book is the first really sad [...]

    2. karen on said:

      this author probably gives out prunes to kids on halloween this is the second of her books i have read, and it s another depressing one it s true, both of them end on sortof upbeat themes like the redemptive power of love once you are so broken and disfigured it s almost not even worth it or the liberating feeling of overcoming grief after so much death and senseless destruction that no one really cares about your tiny feelings so yeah little happy afterthoughts but they are hardly a balm the la [...]

    3. The Rusty Key on said:

      Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer Jordan B NielsenRecommended for EVERYONE aged twelve and up, both boys and girls There are some adult themes, and mild, but poignant violence, which will probably be affecting to those over twenty than the younger set, who might not feel its full force.One Word Summary RadiantOh Kate, you ve done it again The words Kate DiCamillo are becoming than just a name, but a state of being If you re feeling a little Kate DiCamillo , chances are you re a bit weepy and nostal [...]

    4. Kyra on said:

      I read this book while at camp It wasn t very exciting, or with much of a climax Let me give you a plot summary There is a tiger in town, this girl likes it, and so does this boy They want to let it out, but the boy s father works for the man who is holding the tiger captive SO they finally let the tiger go, and guess what, the dad shoots it He claims a loose tiger would ve been dangerous The ending leaves you with a so what effect, leaving you to wonder what you gained from the book I didn t ga [...]

    5. Cathy Costello on said:

      I ve read several of Kate DiCamillo s novels, and I use two of them with my students I was hoping that The Rising Tiger would be one that I could add to my repertoire, but I m afraid that I really didn t care for it I found the characters to be underdeveloped I know that Rob and his father have suffered through a tragedy, but I didn t learn much about them beyond that As a result, I didn t really bond with them I felt the same way about Sistine She s a flashy character in the way she dresses an [...]

    6. Stacey on said:

      The Tiger Rising is the story of two very sad and broken children, and how they are saved by a tiger, but not at all in the way you would expect This story broke my heart There s something about the way DiCamillo writes that touches my deepest emotions I don t know if I can explain how or why, but it s as if I feel the stories, instead of reading them It s some strange retro childhood cathartic experience that makes me want to cry myself clean, as if my child tears could wash away all the stains [...]

    7. Alexis Steven on said:

      2.5Estuvo bien, sin embargo, el libro claramente, desde un principio, busca conmover al lector y tratar de tocar su coraz n, no est mal que lo haga, pero la intenci n es tan clara que resulta forzada Tiene un inicio r pido y un final precipitado Creo que la autora se inclina por este tipo de libros, cortos pero con peso, y est bien, solo que no siempre resulta adecuado, como en este caso Toca un tema fuerte de una manera nerviosa y r pida, lo cual no permite que el lector conecte con la fuerza d [...]

    8. Nathan Helton on said:

      The tiger rising is a great book that shows how rob goes through all of these events with a tiger.He meets a girl named Sistine.Rob keeps all of his emotions down and feelings down ,but Sistine puts them out their for the whole entire world to see.When rob has to make a decision to let the tiger go or just to let it be.And if he does let it go what will happen to it

    9. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance on said:

      Kate DiCamillo could be my favorite or second favorite children s book author I love her deeply flawed yet lovable characters Tiger Rising has two children, both with troubles, who against the odds become friends.

    10. melmarian on said:

      Pernahkah kau merasa seperti menyimpan seekor harimau di dalam hatimu Mungkin ada beberapa dari kita yang pernah atau masih menyimpan harimau di dalam hatinya Harimau itu bisa berupa kesedihan, kemarahan, kepahitan, pemberontakan, dan berbagai macam lagi yang terus dipendam dalam hati sampai berkarat, dan akhirnya menyedot sisa kehidupan yang kita miliki.The Tiger Rising mengisahkan seorang anak lelaki, Rob Horton, yang berjuang melawan kesedihannya karena ditinggal ibunda tercinta Rob sampai pa [...]

    11. Waffle...♥ on said:

      Wow I m quite speechless This book is simply such an amazing book Although the storyline particularly for me was a bit boring, but the meaning and the metaphors from this book were extraordinary I didn t like how the author killed the tiger at the end but I understand why she did, it made it powerful I for one, did not clearly understand this meaning a bit confusing for me Another thing that I thought would happen was if the rash did go away after he let out his sadness The book didn t mention [...]

    12. Leah Jay on said:

      WOOHOO SPOILER FREEOf course I am going to give this five stars, it s by my favorite author But if I could, I might have given it a 4 8, just because it might have been my least favorite of her books What I really like about this story is that there is a lot of character development in this book, with very important life lessons I also related to Rob in away I ve never related to a character before his itchy legs My entire life I have never been able to stop the scratching No medicine, no pep ta [...]

    13. Bunga Mawar on said:

      Moral cerita 1 Jadilah penyayang binatang yang tahu kalau ada seekor harimau dilepas di daerah pemukiman di mana masyarakatnya jarang melihat hewan ini berkeliaran bebas, harimau itu pasti akan mengejutkan banyak orang Dan akan ada yang terluka saat berhadapan dengannya Sebaiknya hubungi nomor kebun binatang atau BKSDA terdekat biar mereka yang mengurusnya Atau panggil pedagang hewan langka profesional Serahkan pada ahlinya Jangan sok tahu.2 Melampiaskan perasaan marah, benci, atau cinta itu bol [...]

    14. Frances on said:

      spoilers I should preface this by saying that I usually love Kate DiCamillo Although the book was very short, the characters were well developed Here s the kicker for me it read like a school book Let s all talk about the tiger s death and whether it had to happen Should Rob have done anything differently etc The setting is a little strange, almost like the book is set in a bubble I don t mind this it gives it a timeless quality that many classic children s books have but it makes the characters [...]

    15. Ricardo on said:

      2 5Es bastante claro que esta peque a novela esperaba entrar profundamente en mi coraz n Pero por desgracia no llegu a conectar con lo que pretend a hacerme sentir O darme a entender.

    16. Aaron Wallace on said:

      I thought this was a awsome book and it was very well written.It was a little hard to figure out that they were in florida.But over all great book.This is one of the best books i have ever read

    17. Isabella Cuevas on said:

      I liked it because the book was very described by that i mean you can really picture what was going on.

    18. Maile Adams on said:

      I thought this book was very interesting It had a lot of unexpected things in the book that I would not have expected For me, this book was kind of hard to understand One thing would lead to the next and sometimes I would just get lost in the book I would recommend this book to anyone interested in action books This book was about a boy named Rob who was wandering along in the forest one day and spotted a tiger in a cage That same day he met this girl who happened to be in the forest as well The [...]

    19. Kris Patrick on said:

      A book that gets better with each reading.Now that I know Kate DiCamillo s process, I appreciate her work that much She rewrites each draft from memory

    20. ~ Cheryl ~ on said:

      You ve probably had the experience of looking at a body of water so clear, that the bottom appears like it s a couple of feet away You re sure you could reach down and touch it You could stand in the water up to your hips But then you wade in, and find that you lose your footing, and begin to swim or float or tread water, being surprised by the depth.That s what Kate DiCamillo books have been like for me They appear on the surface to be simple children s tales As an adult, you wade in casually, [...]

    21. Leslie Smith on said:

      Kate DiCamillo is a talented writer I have at least four of her books, and always manage to find myself sucked into her stories all of them except for this one I debated writing this review for a few reasons One was that as a 20 year old adult I do not feel that I should have much input on children s novels They aren t geared towards me, and any book that encourages a child to read is a good book However, here I am, weighing in on this book and a few of the troupes I found within.The story itsel [...]

    22. Alyssa on said:

      After the death of his mother, Rob Horton and his father, Robert moved from Jacksonville to a small town in Florida to get a fresh start Unfortunately for them Lester, FL is not very kind to newcomers Sistine Bailey, also new to town reluctantly befriends Rob despite her great desire to get back to Philadelphia with her father When Rob is asked to stay home from school due to the rash on his legs, he happily takes to assisting his father with work at the hotel they are temporarily living in In h [...]

    23. Jaden Nelson on said:

      I read this as a sort of fill in book waiting for a book I ordered and I thought it was ok, but quite bland and a little unimpressive with the symbolism I was expecting, but of course I have to keep in mind this is a children s s book Overall, not one of the best children s books I ve read, but would recommend younger kids read it just to try it.

    24. Megan Davis on said:

      I enjoyed this book for what it was A quiet, melancholy look at life, love, and grief from the perspective of a child Some complain that it s too sad, but it s meant to be sad Get over it Life is sad Sometimes we learn to love for having been hurt And some people relate best to the entire world from the standpoint of sadness If you don t, and you don t understand it, go read Mary Poppins I liked the two children who were thrown together I liked how Sistine was not polite to Rob, she simply was [...]

    25. Liza on said:

      DiCamillo, K 2001 The Tiger Rising Massachusetts Candlewick Press.Gr 4 6 Rob and his father are starting a new life in Florida One day, walking in the forest behind the motel they live in, Rob discovers a caged tiger he tries to keep it a secret, but just can t keep it to himself When he meets Sistine, the two become friends and devise a plan for freeing the tiger after all, nothing that beautiful can stay caged forever.Curriculum This is a good book to use to talk about symbolism The tiger in t [...]

    26. Baylee Burton on said:

      I was really surprised how much the story grabbed me in the beginning I could connect and feel the emotions, with the main character Rob Horton The story line kept me wanting me to read This book would be good for readers who like mysteries It keeps you guessing.The story takes place in Florida Rob the main character is dealing with issues with his mother dying, and Sistene, who has problems dealing with people Rob and Sistene get to know each other at the motel Both of them wanted to let a tig [...]

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