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Nana By Émile Zola Gerhard Krüger Nana Wenn die ppige blonde Nana auf der B hne des Pariser Variet theaters steht sp rt jeder sie hat keinen Funken Talent Doch das macht nichts denn sie hat etwas anderes Nana das Kind aus der Gosse Toc

  • Title: Nana
  • Author: Émile Zola Gerhard Krüger
  • ISBN: 9783746611099
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nana By Émile Zola Gerhard Krüger Wenn die ppige blonde Nana auf der B hne des Pariser Variet theaters steht, sp rt jeder sie hat keinen Funken Talent Doch das macht nichts, denn sie hat etwas anderes Nana, das Kind aus der Gosse, Tochter einer W scherin, ausgestattet mit gro en sinnlichen Reizen, steigt auf zur begehrtesten Kurtisane der Pariser Gesellschaft Sie wird zum Idol, dem sich die M nnerWenn die ppige blonde Nana auf der B hne des Pariser Variet theaters steht, sp rt jeder sie hat keinen Funken Talent Doch das macht nichts, denn sie hat etwas anderes Nana, das Kind aus der Gosse, Tochter einer W scherin, ausgestattet mit gro en sinnlichen Reizen, steigt auf zur begehrtesten Kurtisane der Pariser Gesellschaft Sie wird zum Idol, dem sich die M nner zu F en werfen Bankiers bringen ihr ein ganzes Verm gen zum Opfer, Aristokraten ihre W rde, J nglinge nehmen sich ihretwegen das Leben Nana in ihrer grenzenlosen Gier und Verschwendungssucht schreitet unger hrt ber sie hinweg, sch n wie eine Sumpfbl te, Sinnbild einer untergehenden ra.
    Nana By Émile Zola Gerhard Krüger

    • Nana Best Read || [Émile Zola Gerhard Krüger]
      120 Émile Zola Gerhard Krüger

    One thought on “Nana

    1. Lisa on said:

      Everything in the world is about sex except sex Sex is about power Oscar Wilde Had Nana been a child of today, forced to grow up in the social circumstances of her parents poverty, violence and alcoholism in the depressing Parisian Goutte d Or, she would have been moved to a foster family, and sent to family therapy with her brothers But Nana was born in 1851, according to the plot of L Assommoir The Dram Shop which covers her mother s story And she learned how to play the underworld game early, [...]

    2. David on said:

      Here s why Nana should never be made into a movie Too late It already has been Four times Emile Zola has created a character so preposterous that casting agents in every corner of the globe would be hard pressed to locate an actress capable of making her believable Now I am not claiming that a woman like Nana could not exist because our world is certainly chock full of the preposterous but she would necessarily be so exceptional such an astounding confluence of so many unlikely variables that he [...]

    3. Henry Avila on said:

      In the year of the fabulous Paris World s Fair, of 1867, when the glamorous city is crowded, with thrill seeking foreign and domestic visitors, Nana Coupeau, a prostitute, makes her unlikely debut also, on stage, in The Blonde Venus , a spectacular but mediocre operetta That she can t dance, sing or act, and has a horrible voice, doesn t matter, what is important, Nana is quite beautiful and has charisma, Monsieur Bordenave, the nervous owner of the shabby Opera House, Varietes , isn t worried h [...]

    4. Traveller on said:

      Disclaimer Whereas I usually try to be objective with my ratings and reviews, with this specific one, I allowed my gut to lead me.I hated this novel for it s sanctimonious preaching and its rank offensively aggressive misogynism or perhaps, as has been remarked, it is misanthropy, plain and simple.nce both men and women are ripped to shreds by the sharp lash of Zola stongue pen.The general milieu in the period of history that this novel is set in, was very unkind to the poor, so good luck, I say [...]

    5. Manny on said:

      You ve heard of The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold Well, this is the other kind.

    6. Edward on said:

      IntroductionSelect BibliographyA Chronology of mile Zola NanaExplanatory Notes

    7. MJ Nicholls on said:

      Zola s ninth instalment in the Rougon Macquart cycle tells the tale of steely hearted coquette Nana part time actress, part time prostitute, full time booty shaking Venus mantrap The first quarter of the novel is a bacchanalian romp through the Th tre des Vari t s demimonde, introducing Nana s rolling revue of sexual partners and sugar daddies After her semi nude debut where she shows off her corncrake singing voice , she has all Paris s men drooling at her calves First she settles down with the [...]

    8. Teresa on said:

      I can imagine the outrage this novel probably one of those racy French novels kept out of the hands of proper Victorian ladies provoked at the time of publication with its explicit portrait of a actress cum prostitute Zola didn t write to titillate he himself was outraged as usual at a society that was bored, wasteful and decadent, caring only for its own pleasure, thinking nothing of the future, its own excesses causing its collapse I went back and forth wondering whether Zola was blaming Nana [...]

    9. Carmo on said:

      N o vale a pena p r paninhos quentes e procurar raz es que justifiquem o comportamento desta rapariga, estouvada e ego sta, cujo nico trunfo era uma beleza estonteante e uma sexualidade pujante.Nasceu pobre, viveu na mis ria e deve ter sofrido toda a esp cie de abusos, inclusive por parte do pai N o chega H caracter sticas que s o intr nsecas a cada ser humano independentemente da sua origem e estrato social.Apesar de a obra n o revelar pormenores sobre os seus primeiros anos de vida, percebe se [...]

    10. Abailart on said:

      Joy unlimited A long, long time ago my kindly Headmaster recommended I broaden my reading prior to university, and gave me Germinal I read it somewhat dutifully and marked as done, a knowledge of Zola Now, man years later, I can read at last And this book that has been staring from my shelf for years has bombed me out Nana is a carbonated torrent of the most high speed and energetic writing I have come across Decay, decadence, death, power, class, cruelty, the brilliant equation of the muscular [...]

    11. Shane on said:

      A stunning indictment of the excesses of the Second Empire in France which implodes on greed and human weakness Nana is both the cause and the reflection of that greed, as are her countless lovers Zola is truly the master of the crowd scene and many of the chapters in this book involve a crowd of people albeit the same people be it a behind the scenes visit to a theatre during a performance, a party at an aristocratic residence, a party at a prostitute s residence, a horse race, a wake The omnis [...]

    12. Jason on said:

      I get it Nana rose from a fetid pile of garbage and alighted arbitrarily on the upper crust of Parisian society, staining it.I get it Nana exposed the myriad faces of man s desires, disgracing them.I get it Nana digested men wholly and selfishly, wildly prostituting herself.I get it, but only in the last couple hundred pages I m an ardent fan of Emile Zola, especially the 20 part Les Rougan Macquart series His writing is powerful However, the first 200 pages of Nana was downright boring There wa [...]

    13. Sandra on said:

      Il romanzo una sequenza di quadri impressionisti, potrebbero essere opere di Manet o di Toulouse Latrec, deliziosi affreschi della ottocentesca vita parigina di teatranti, giornalisti, affaristi e nobili dediti al divertimento e alla depravazione, una specie di corte dei miracoli intorno al suo centro, la bellissima, lussuriosa, perversa Nan , di cui viene narrata la parabola, dall ascesa a stella del teatro a prostituta d alto bordo, circondata da uomini di ogni estrazione sociale, dai quali es [...]

    14. BAM The Bibliomaniac on said:

      What an enlightening look at the backstage of the Parisian stage It s as busy as a city sidewalk Speaking of busy, Nana is a mistress of musical bedrooms The art of the courtesan is new to her, having been a street walker in a previous novel, but she s taken well to it But the life of a kept woman has numerous restrictions she s never really a free spirit There are constant schedule mishaps because of course, there must be than one man unless he s royalty , there may be a child to nurture, and [...]

    15. Poncho on said:

      It might be weird that I begin by the end of the story, but it was indeed what I liked the most in this novel Well, actually, the last two chapters, for me, are just magnificent from the literary style to the story itself I was amazed by Zola s way to describe decadence and how this man eater stops having just little bites and starts devouring her preys What thrilled me the most of this book was the fact that I knew the characters were not likeable at all, which is true that there isn t any way [...]

    16. James on said:

      An amazing febrile whopper of a book Nana, an actress and courtesan, is a one woman wrecking ball, the flame upon which a host of moths blinded by desire hurl themselves Zola really does not pull his punches at any stage and the book rockets through to ever increasing lurid madness conjuring up the image of the Empire of the 1870s as a boat careening around a whirlpool as anchor after anchor snaps away The ending in the particular uses a symbolism so pungent and gothic that one forgives the lack [...]

    17. Chrissie on said:

      Now I have listened to 5 hours, and do not like this at all I have decided to dump it I find the book boring and the characters unintelligent, with despicable behavior I don t feel pity or empathy for any of them Couldn t Zola have thrown in some humor OK, Zola was a naturalist, but is it realistic to collect together such a bunch of loosers Are people really this bad And I am sick to death of the soir es, one after another filled with empty talk and drunkenness Those at the soir es are falling [...]

    18. Andrew on said:

      This is Nana Watch Nana fuck Fuck, Nana, fuck.That is the plot of Emile Zola s Nana It is a 19th Century French novel, which means it s this big messy melodramatic soap opera But it s so much fun Nana is a man eater to make anyone on Days of Our Lives blush, tangled up not only in prostitution, but in gambling, gluttony, promiscuity, lesbian kidnappings , sadomasochism, suicide, murder, and, most importantly for Zola, economic catastrophe Not only can she burn down the lives of those around her, [...]

    19. Judith on said:

      I don t know if I gave this book a fair shake because it was so annoying I had to stop reading it after 50 pages or so All the women were described as sluts and whores All the men were drooling bores And the author s tone seemed to be one of a madly gesticulating Frenchman flippantly dismissing various sexual escapades as if to say, ah yes, sex is so boring but what else is there to talk about

    20. Dolceluna on said:

      Zola non uno scrittore, Zola LO scrittore, il romanziare per eccellenza, di quelli che oggi si fatica a trovare, di quelli che in due pagine ti aprono un mondo, con descrizioni che, per quanto possano risultare un po pesanti al lettore moderno, sono di una minuziosit e di un realismo straordinari Nei suoi romanzi si respira a pieni polmoni l aria della Parigi ottocentesca, qui dipinta nei suoi colorati boulevards, tra caf s, hotels e teatri di variet meta della borgesia di nicchiaed in uno di qu [...]

    21. Alex on said:

      For those who like time travel, not to a virtual time someone makes up, but to a real one such as Paris in the 1870 s, those who want vivid, detailed, and realistic imagery, minimal moralization, or those who want to sample naturalist or scientific literature, Nana is a perfect specimen Here we follow a first rate Parisian courtesan into her home, every room, including the bathroom, to see her clients, what they do, talk about, eat, and how much money changes hands, what her room maid, cook, coa [...]

    22. Hugo Emanuel on said:

      Nana devoradora de homens e de fortunas Nana animalidade lasciva capaz de transformar libidinosa atrac o na mais abjecta servid o Nana cortes elevada personifica o m tica da f ria vingativa da mis ria, vicio e corrup o sobre as falsas pretens es de moralidade e rectitude com que se trajavam os escal es mais altos da sociedade do Sec XIX Nana um dos instrumentos utilizados por Zola para expor e revelar algum do excesso e gan ncia que transbordou do primeiro capitalismo liberal Sim, Nana tudo isto [...]

    23. Joana Marta on said:

      A cr nica do Fauchery, intitulada a Mosca de Oiro, era a hist ria de uma rapariga descendente de quatro ou cinco gera es de b bados, o sangue estragado por uma hereditariedade de mis ria e de bebedeira, que nela se transformava num desequil brio nervoso do seu sexo de mulher Brotara num bairro, nas ruelas parisienses e alta, bela, de carnes soberbas, tal qual uma planta de estrumeira, vingava os vadios e os abandonados de que era produto Com ela, a podrid o que deixavam fermentar no povo, tornar [...]

    24. Linda Leven on said:

      I must disagree with all the previous reviews I found this book to be one of Zola s most tedious and tiresome Of course I am a Trollope lover, and maybe that is what accounts for my dissenting opinion I will not go through the story That has been told I found the book crammed with scenes of large crowds at the dinners and salons, at the theatre, at the racetrack dozens of miscellaneous characters chattering away, frivolous conversations of meaningless nonsense And most of these characters were i [...]

    25. Elizabeth (Alaska) on said:

      Nana is the daughter of Gervaise from L Assommoir The Dram Shop Nana is a prostitute, hedonist, and narcissist She has enormous sex appeal, able to attract men of enormous wealth with the crook of her finger.It was very interesting reading this practically on the heels of Balzac s Cousin Bette, which had a similar theme Balzac is told from the view of the men, while Zola told from the female viewpoint Nana s character is very well developed one is both fascinated and repelled The primary male, [...]

    26. Leah Bayer on said:

      Once upon a time, at the age of 13, I stumbled upon this book in the basement The edition my mom owned had Nana scantily clad on the cover, in a white negligee if I recall correctly And I thought, aha A scandalous book not for children I m gonna read it Well you got me good, Zola and also my mom who had planted it as a trap That scantily clad lady got me to read actual literature And I loved it.

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