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A Stolen Tongue

A Stolen Tongue By Sheri Holman A Stolen Tongue It is Father Felix Fabri has set sail from Germany to Mount Sinai on a pilgrimage to venerate the relics of the spiritual bride he took when he first swore his vows the martyr Saint Katherine of

  • Title: A Stolen Tongue
  • Author: Sheri Holman
  • ISBN: 9780385491242
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Stolen Tongue By Sheri Holman It is 1483 Father Felix Fabri has set sail from Germany to Mount Sinai on a pilgrimage to venerate the relics of the spiritual bride he took when he first swore his vows, the martyr Saint Katherine of Alexandria Joined by a disturbed young woman who claims that Saint Katherine speaks through her, and her older brother whose intentions are never clear, Felix soon finds hiIt is 1483 Father Felix Fabri has set sail from Germany to Mount Sinai on a pilgrimage to venerate the relics of the spiritual bride he took when he first swore his vows, the martyr Saint Katherine of Alexandria Joined by a disturbed young woman who claims that Saint Katherine speaks through her, and her older brother whose intentions are never clear, Felix soon finds his expectations for a pure and holy journey crushed.Following a tempestuous sea voyage, Felix s group comes ashore to pay homage and celebrate Katherine s life in Greece and Palestine Each time they come to worship, though, they find that the remains of Katherine s body are being stolen in bits and pieces her hand, her ear, and then her tongue are missing from their holy resting places.Desperate to discover the thief and save his saint from such a brutal fate, Felix is thrust into a deep and strange mystery that takes him across the desert and plumbs the depths of his soul Based on the historical Wanderings of Friar Felix Fabri, this suspenseful and thrilling novel is an irresistible look at how history resonates in the present landscape, and how heaven, through the follies and passions of men, constantly reinvents itself.
    A Stolen Tongue By Sheri Holman

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    One thought on “A Stolen Tongue

    1. Terence on said:

      Review forthcoming maybe w pictures, if I can find a good one of Saint Catherine._____________________________________I have now read Sheri Holman s entire oeuvre as of June 2011 and can say that she remains one of my favorite authors This, her first novel, is also my favorite among the four she s written so far I suspect that s because of its medieval milieu by interest and education, the Middle Ages is my historical era.The narrator, Felix Fabri, is a historical figure a German monk from Ulm w [...]

    2. Rachel on said:

      This book, with its fascinating and unexpected subject matter, and its gorgeous, evocative writing style, creates and strong emotional impact, building up to a climax and conclusion of startling intensity It chronicles the pilgrimage of Friar Felix Fabri, who has been spiritually wed to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, and, writing through his eyes, author Sheri Holman skillfully describes the intricacies of Felix, his incredibly interesting fellow travellers, their very humans emotions and decisi [...]

    3. Logophile on said:

      I don t know anyone to whom I could recommend this book, but it has stayed with me years after reading it It s possibly the most repellent book on my all time favorites list It s grotesque, compelling, and quite unlike anything I ve ever read The plot involves a monk devoted to St Catherine of Alexandria, his patron, a sinister translator, a young woman who is either a lunatic or a saint, a medieval pilgrimage, and holy relics including the titular tongue.

    4. Jamie Collins on said:

      I bought this because I loved Holman s novel The Dress Lodger The prose here is just as beautiful and vivid and not for the squeamish and I enjoyed some parts of the book, but I did not like the actual plot very much It was too surreal for my taste.This is a fictional account of the pilgrimage of a 15th century German friar, Felix Fabri I enjoyed the details of his voyage to the Holy Land, especially the excerpts which the author took directly from a translation of his account, such as the Rule [...]

    5. Jennifer Sigman on said:

      The idea of the monk marrying the saint was so odd, and so different from anything else I had ever seen, that after 100 pages of the narrating character acting like an idiot about it I did a quick bit of research In nothing I found, and in nothing I ve read before, did the Dominican monks marry like the nuns did At which point I stopped reading.

    6. Venetia Green on said:

      Flicking through previous reviews, it seems readers either love this book or loathe it, with a constant see saw between the extremes of 2 and 5 stars I m on the love it end, although not unconditionally Holman manages to borrow Felix Fabri s tongue fantastically well She creates an utterly unique narrator, one capable of translating us readers uncomfortably back into the mentality of late medieval saint veneration Ever seen a relic, boys and girls A brownish, crumbling bone housed in gorgeous cr [...]

    7. Joe on said:

      I have yet to read a book that so skillfully matches up history to fiction The soul on fire mentality of the 15th century Christians is captured superbly here I almost wish that I could find a burning passion to match that of Father Felix The supreme anguish that the monk feels is transfered expertly

    8. Davis on said:

      Holman put me under a spell with this mystery about Catholic saint relics going missing in the 15th century The unique voice of Father Felix Fabri a Dominican monk of Germany who is obsessed with his spiritual wife, Saint Katherine, than he is devout in the religion he represents and his pilgrimage to the Holy Land kept me reading into the evening, a time when most other books put me to sleep.The real fun in this book is how Holman hovers on the line between curious happenstance and true, mirac [...]

    9. Monica on said:

      So far so very good If you know me, I suppose the fact that a book about Christian pilgrims in the 15th century as told from the perspective of a priest with a hardcore obsession with relics of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, all trying to get to Sinai by boat and then land, combined with a whodunnit kind of page turner mystery attracted me is not a surprise The author has a sly kind of writing, and knows how to turn a phrase Trying to read slow to savor it, but having trouble putting it down Den [...]

    10. Judy on said:

      Very good for a first novel well written but sort of a weird story in 1483, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and then on to Mt Sinai too many deaths due to hardship and murder a crazy woman and her brother, popping up in various places maybe the brother is crazy relics of Saint Katherine, her bones missing and turning up again one relic is her tongue one was her ear much superstition, many saracens and arabs good and bad people i know it s not one that I will read again.

    11. Pascale on said:

      For the first few chapters, I was quite taken with the unusual setting a ship full of pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land , but once the novelty effect wears off, this book becomes unutterably boring A small set of bizarre characters chase each other like maniacs through Jerusalem and the Sinai, all in the name of reclaiming the bones of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, but each episode is just of the same, and it turns out there is no method to the madness, and in fact, no semblance of a plot [...]

    12. Amy on said:

      I really liked this book It is a fictional story about Friar Felix Fabri, who was a real person in the 1400s This story about a brutal religious pilgrimage that ends up severely testing his faith He is obsessed with Saint Katherine and is visiting the remnants of her body which are spread throughout the world, and finds that someone has been stealing the relics of St Katherine I like the way it s written like a diary, and a lot of the action seems slow, but it stays interesting and kept me readi [...]

    13. Cat on said:

      I just re read this and it s still a wild, funny and twisted caper With lines such as, Like a fart in the chapel, Ursus follows Ursus is a character s name, p 74 , Holman s brilliance shines It s a 15th century pilgrimage to the Holy Land told from the POV of a monk obsessed with his spiritual wife, St Katherine of Alexandria His love, faith, life, and sense of self is put through the wood chipper Lots of unexpected plot twists and insightful gems.

    14. bup on said:

      Just finished this one it s intense, and a little dense well, dense for my exercise reading , but has a great surreal, satisfying ending.Plus, apparently the narrator, Friar Felix Fabri, was a real guy, so I feel edified.Besides historical fiction, this author has also written a novel set in her own breeding ground of Virginia The Mammoth Cheese , which I need to read I know from Virginia, and I miss it too.

    15. Debby on said:

      I just couldn t get into this book, after the first 100 pages I decided to move on But here are a few sentences I appreciated My brother often spoke of his fellow students this way as men kindled by books but never ignited by them These converted scholars are as indistinguishable from one another as fifty popped mustard seeds.

    16. Carolyn Rose on said:

      Well written, great sense of place and time, plenty of who can you trust moments, but Perhaps because it was set on a religious pilgrimage in 1483, I felt too removed from the characters and uncertain about whether Holman intended me to find humor in places.

    17. Annalisa on said:

      An engaging historical drama mystery One is drawn into the lives and thought processes of martyrs and relic hunters from the early centuries of the Christian religion There is a shocking ending.

    18. Janie Harrison on said:

      A man true life character takes a wild fevered trip to the Holy Land and his life will never be the same One of my favorite books of all time It changed my life in some ways For I finally understood the nature of the modern world through the madness of the medieval Don t ask.

    19. Lisa on said:

      Brother Felix, a not very reliable narrator, goes on pilgrimage to venerate his favorite saint Katherine of Alexandria The saint s relics are being stolen bit by bit and Felix is compelled to find the thief Interesting plot, not exceptionally well executed.

    20. Linda on said:

      A medieval monk treks on pilgrimage to Mt Sinai, for a relic of St Catherine.

    21. Bonnie on said:

      Great story Everytime I see a relic when traveling, I think of this book.

    22. Candis on said:

      This author is brilliant, but this book didn t hang together as well as The Dress Lodger.

    23. Valerie on said:

      I read this because I enjoyed The Dress Lodger, it was very interesting.

    24. Abe Frank on said:

      The narrator wears thin at times, but if you re looking for a depiction of what it means to be a monk on pilgrimage in the 15th century, then it s hard to imagine a fun evocation.

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